294 Kitty and her James Bond.

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294 Kitty and her James Bond.294 Kitty and her James Bond.Brady, the man in the tuxedo took his place at the bar, the barman did not need telling and within seconds the tall glass appeared, looking like something dell boy would have ordered.The man sat quietly waiting, he was the only one in the big bar and the silence was broken only by the tick of the bulkhead clock the barman keeping a discrete distance from the yachts owner, he knowing his place, and the wrath of the owner was well known.They were tied to a pier that once had been a birth for banana carriers, long disused; it was quiet enough not to be too obvious to authority for the owner`s purposes.The tiny phone at the hand of the bar tender, clicked and a few brief words passed before to the owner he respectfully said that “the guest is aboard, and the captain would like permission to cast off and catch the tide.”Permission was given with just a nod and the within seconds the throb of distant engines starting way below them vibrated through the whole yacht, a glance through the porthole soon saw the warfe slipping away, as the woman was brought into the bar by Finny the security officer, she did not seem happy.Her name was Kitty, Kitty Heavigo, a shortish redhead, of about 35 summers, plump but tidy, hairstyle neat and obviously the work of some high-class salon, perfectly dressed in a gold shimmering dress, high heels and matching handbag straight from some Oxford street store.Her usually happy face was red with rage, as she faced the owner defiantly her mouth opened but before she could speak he raised his hand as if to silence her.In a voice full of quiet and sinister foreboding the Brady said, “Your here because you are going to tell my friend what he wishes to know, if your sensible you will be dropped off at a southern port, having enjoyed a day or two`s cruise if you are not what`s left will be dropped off at sea, so think carefully before you speak Kitty.” His finger waved threateningly before her face as if to enforce the message and he repeated, “think before you speak.”The girl was stunned by the blunt statement, her mouth slammed shut as she thought better of the verbal assault she had planned ever since her a*****ion.He snapped his finger at the barman, “get her a brandy Pete she`s had a shock. “then he went on “Now you missy; are an escort and croupier at the royal casino, you’re on a month`s holiday you are not married, your partner is seldom in touch with the world being a drunk, and so you ain`t gonna be missed immediately, so you being on my yacht is not going to be the first place that anyone will look, so you missy at best are to all intense purposes, the vanishing lady!” He continued “You being an escort and working at that casino are no virgin, I happen to know they have a hygiene check each week. That being so you are going to keep my bed warm till we meet Moray, he`s the one that needs your information and he enjoys all that, pain and the like, I warn you he`s the one to ask questions,She shuddered; she was not frightened of sleeping with the owner, she had had men enough in her lifetime, rich, poor, drunk, sober, kind and not so kind, but this moray, now he sounded pretty frightening.The owners arm pulled her to him, she knew to be `nice’ to him, call it, self preservation, or instinctive, she allowed herself to mould to him like a second skin.The `security man’ Finny, quietly slid through the bar door, knowing when to withdraw tactfully, the barman had no such available withdrawal tactic and stood polishing a glass or two, his back discretely to the action as the hand slid over her body like a snake on an oiled tile floor.Despite her worries Mrs Heavigo `s daughter acted like the trooper she was, giving the impression that this was her first time, giving all the right signs, and purring like a kitten at a cream bowl.His long fingers reached into her dress, caressing her soft breasts, fingering her nipples and generally finding the contours of her upper body the dress being one fitted with platformed cups she didn’t need a bra, which enhanced the effect as she had known it would when she bought it.Finny the security man had “collected her” from a night club so other than the dress, her thong, that was now beginning to dampen, a pair of silky hold up stockings her tiny purse and her shoes she had no luggage. With no proof of even who she was, she felt very vulnerable as she allowed this smooth, well dressed James Bond look alike explore her charms, especially as he had promised her pain or death if she had not given him, or at least his oppo` the information they required and as she had no idea what that information was, or even if she knew it at all, she was a very worried lady, though she knew she must not show it.He got to his feet, uttered the single word she both expected and dreaded, “come” then strode to the door, holding it open in a most gentlemanly fashion for her.He led her down the companionway, to a set of stairs, at the bottom of which he took her hand and steered her forward to the master cabin, an opulent well appointed modern style sitting room, with its own small bar and a separate bedroom with a huge king size bed, en suite, shower room and she noted, a mirrored ceiling.She faced him, and he kissed her lightly on the lips, then regarded her from arms length, and quietly said “Look, I understand your worried, I can feel you trembling, now let`s get tuzla escort things straight Miss kitty, for the next 12 hours you are my guest, nothing can or will harm you, and if you like it or not, we are going to play together.”She returned his gaze, her jaw slowly dropping as he continued that his friends in Holland had asked him to collect her for `interrogation by Moray’ this mysterious `Friend’ he did not have a clue what she knew or what it was about, nor yet did he care, and was sure that if she was open and honest with `Moray’ nothing would happen to her, they would enjoy another 12 hour trip homeward and she would be back in England before she knew it.She began to say she did not know what it was the mysterious folk from Holland could possibly want from her, she was a croupier and part time escort, not a spy, and that she came from a Cheshire village not MI5, but he shrugged, said he had no idea, and sank onto the huge soft bed pulling her with him. She knew that the conversation was over. She was slowly divested of her dress, he had had more, tall willowy women that he could not deny, but this shorter lady he reasoned must have something about her that was her speciality or that particular casino would not have entertained employing her. He was determined to find out what it was, and began working on her breasts with his tongue, her nipples reacting stiffly and automatically, giving away her arousal.Knowing that the next 12 hours were going to be a long waiting game, she decided to go with the flow as they say, at worse it would pass away the hours, and she was as he had pointed out no virgin, and as he was as hansom as they come, well… things could be worse.She began to remove his clothes, as they knelt facing one another. First his tie, then the sports jacket, which as she expected revealed a shoulder holster, the black outline of an automatic menacing in the soft light as it fell away to the heavily carpeted floor. The shirt slid away, his fit body rippling as she ran her hand across his very hard six packs, a stark counter to the usual paunchy but rich businessmen that was off late her normal fair.A flashback of `Gerry’ her only regular, a transport area manager who cycled a lot to fight the flab, he would be perhaps the only man who would miss her other than her drunk of a partner… The cold fingers of James Bond here, easing her G string from her hips snapped her back to the present with a jolt and she pushed him gently back onto the pillows, while working on his belt. He allowed her to remove his trousers and underclothes, raising his hips to aid her labours and revealing a very standard 7” cock, un-circumcised but crowning a pair of balls such as she had never before seen on a human being.They would have looked more in place on a pony both in size and colour, being larger than normal and of a grey hue. Her eyes fixed on these appendages, and there was a moment of silence as she surveyed his pride and joy, before she bent to take his cockhead into her mouth.He soon learnt the reason for her employment by the casino, as she gave the finest head in London. Time and agin over the next half hour he was brought to the brink of a climax, each time to be allowed to just not quite have the release he so craved.Never had he spent time with a woman so accomplished in her trade as this lady, kneeling at his side her chubby body his to fondle as she worked on his still rigid tool.He began to beg, not now the masterful, Bond of the films, but a small boy begging for release “please, please finish it please”, she knew he was hers and this time allowed him the release he so needed, those balls flooding her mouth, swelling her cheeks and overflowing from her lips in a way she had never before experienced.They lay back in the afterglow, his balls never before so totally drained, her belly full of whatever she had managed to swallow, her cheeks and chin dripping with the remainder and her face flushed. For long moments they lay perhaps even dozed.Finally, she rose, staggered a little, the uneven deck reminding her that they were at sea, and went to shower, in the en-suite, dimly aware of him calling someone on the bulkhead phone and ordering a meal.By the time she returned the steward had delivered a salad, oysters, and two huge bottles of champagne.Her dress was hung on the door-back swaying gently with the motion of the sea, and of his clothes, his shoes or his gun there was no signThey sat together against the headboard sipping the first magnum, and slithering oysters into each other’s throats, her knowing that however temporary this tryst would be she would never forget those balls however long she lived.She asked him what she should call him, smiling as she reminded herself that she had shared his body and his bed, but she had no idea of his name.“Brady” he grunted, “just Brady” plying her with another of the oysters which luckily, she had always enjoyed.“Do you like champagne?” He asked suddenly, she affirmed her love of the stuff, and he surprised her by next asking if he could “tie her up?” she was hardly in a position to refuse and could hardly run off being god knows where in the English-channel and in all intentional purposes his prisoner she could hardly say no, so she said, “if that`s what you want to do it`s your party!”He led her into the sitting room, by her hand, sat her on a dining chair, a carver decorated with guilt.Next, he produced tuzla escort bayan soft ropes then secured her first wrists then her elbows, then lastly her ankles, if before she had felt vulnerable, she now felt helpless as well and it was a feeling that she did not find herself disliking, in fact she was finding her body stirred not shaken at the effect of her bondage. That feeling intensified as he placed a blindfold over her eyes, whispering as he tied it off that “she had made him beg and now it was to be her turn!”Her treacherous body nearly came on the spot, her heart raced, her breathing became a near pant, and her nipples stiffened, as her mind flitted through the possibilities.She sensed he had left, his bare feet silent on the carpeted floor, a short pause then she heard the clink of a wire against glass, Then the positive feel of his tongue lapping at her now rewetted sex, she began to moan, as she neared her climax, abruptly the lapping stopped, and she heard a plop as the cork flew from the shaken magnum of Frances finest bubbles.Some splashed onto her leg as the neck of that bottle was thrust in one move deep into her sex, if she thought he had filled her face this was oh so much more, her cervix received the fizzing neck of that bottle the body jammed its shoulders against the soft labia, sealing the exit and ensuring the gas filled foam would seek out and expand in her very womb, he began to laugh, as her belly bloated his strong hands holding the bottle hard against the lips. She thought her guts would explode, as she began to climax from the strange and wonderful feelings of pain and excitement of this strange invasion of the bubbles, praying now from her sex, her body unable to contain more, his eager tongue lapping at the run-off, though he still held the bottle hard against her. Her climax at its height, her cry of joy, pain, lust and excitement mixed high and loud, as she lost her senses to the fantastic feelings, allowing her whole body to float on a carpet of joyful darkness as her mind hit overload.In seconds she returned to this world, to find the bottle discarded now his hands under her backside pulling her butt towards his eager lips and his mouth draining her of her juices and the champagne, mixed in a glorious cocktail that he was devouring avidly with every drop he could reach.The man sent her off yet again her climax again reaching the overload button, as her body shook, gasped and reacted to the feelings. Never had she been as overwhelmed as she again returned to this world crying “enough, enough”, but the assault went on, gentle lapping at her clit now, before untouched it had become his target and she began again with her cries of “enough, please enough.” The assault ceased, and he removed her blindfold, her eyes blinking at the unaccustomed light, as he kissed her nipples, then her lips.His tool slid into her bound body deep as it would go, together the rocked their hips making that age-old movement those giant orbs hitting her inner legs rhythmically, with each thrust of his body till suddenly with a groan those huge balls spent their lust deep into her body the hot gysm filling the newly washed chasm scalding and splashing as it sending her back into that crazy climactic world of darkness. He released her from her bonds, and then led her on wobbly legs to the shower once again.The touch of his gentle hands as well as the balmy warmth of the water restoring her to something more wet and womanly than the wreck that had arrived under the shower-head, some ten minutes before. Together hand in hand undried, they climbed back onto the gently rocking bed, knowing that their entwined bodies would soon overtaken by sleep. Dawn broke the sea flat calm; gulls wheeled and cried overhead, the prospects of a fine day as the motor yacht made fine progress.Breakfast served on bed trays by a male steward, who`s expression remained unchanged, despite them sitting naked to the waist against the headboard her breasts in full sight. Brady nodded at the departing mans back and muttered that “the man must be gay!” they laughed, ate, then both dressed in two of his track suits they went on deck. She had time to look around, the motor yacht an obvious rich man`s toy, long and sleek, he explained it had a crew of six, a master, A deck hand, an engineer, a cook, a steward who doubled as a barman and valet and of course Finney the security man, who was his minder, and secretary. He called up to the bridge “how long?” and was told by the lone man up at the wheel she took to be the captain, “about an hour if the other`s are on time sir” the reply of “very good” smacked of a service upbringing. She was ushered to the seats on the aft well, all sumptuous white leather and crome, attended by the steward, pouring coffee, still with an unmoving face of stone.“Briggs… tell cook there will be an extra mouth or two for meals today” the face still unmoving answered “aye sir”Then like a silently withdrew, as they together waiting arrival of the mysterious `Moray.’Her nerves were getting the better of her, as the hour past.A voice from above called “launch in sight sir” and they watched as the small speed boat rapidly gained size as it approached instinctively she knew `Moray’ was coming.A youngish deck hand appeared swung out a small deck from behind the seats of the after well, and stood with a boat hook ready to hold the other craft to the deck escort tuzla the engines of the larger vessel idled and the small craft was soon alongside, the little man she took was her nemesis nimbly hopping aboard with a small suitcase, and the speed boat being towed on a short rope astern after its operator had joined the deckhand first on the short deck and then following him below. After a wave to the bridge, the vessels began a leisurely circuit, our captain not wanting to stray into Dutch territorial waters and the smaller vessel not wishing to be too far away from home.Brady and Moray shook hands then the little man turned to her introducing himself in a slight accent as “Moray, madam” dipping his head and snapping his heals together in a very Germanic way. A more apt name for a slippery little man with the looks and movements of an eel she could not think of. He went on “I suspect you were expecting me” smiling sardonically.She shuddered, “yes but I don’t know why”“Ah we will explain, let us go below”The three made their way into a small cabin painted a very stark white; the door proclaimed `surgery’, and in the centre was a table of stainless steel, shining menacingly in the overhead light.Moray placed his small case on a counter beside the door, Brady left as Finny arrived. Kitty her nerves jangling now said “she wanted to know what this was all about” and carefully ignoring her, Moray opened his case, its back to her so she couldn’t see inside, taking out a tape recorder which he took his time spinning back to the start of the spool and setting the thing in recording faze.He turned to her and hissed “do you know Simon Glowlight, the diamond merchant; she said she did “but only as an escort he tended to use the casino occasionally.” “And did you go back to his place?” “Just once, normally we went to a hotel” she felt rather than saw the hands of Finny taking hold of her arms from behind, she knew she had said the wrong thing admitting she had been to the house. “We are interested in that house,” the eel said, “so you are about to tell us everything you have in that tiny mind of yours about him and his home” her feet left the floor and she was bodily lifted onto the table, the top striking cold on her back and the breath being driven from her body by the cold shock. The eel with a deft movement had her feet secured in seconds and aided by Finny the arms were soon secured as well. She began wriggling, desperate to release herself, but the bonds were better than she expected. The great bulk of Finny unzipped the track suit; he opened the front and feasted his eyes on her now naked breasts.The eel slithered his fingers over the nipples, stiffening the little brown nubs. I am going to slice this nipple in two if you tell me any lies miss, so be warned. He twisted a scalpel blade under the light then began with his first question.She told of the address, its position in the street, to each question a rapid answer, until they came to the one about the safe, she stuck at that never having seen the thing.The tip of the blade stabbed at the tender nub, causing her to scream and gabble that the safe was behind a painting but she had never seen the thing open. The painting a daub of bright yellow and reds on a purple background.The blade with-drew, he asked about the garage, the garden, even the gates to the forecourt, each, question answered in milliseconds remembering that scalpel, and his deep joy in the wielding of it.The list of questions exhausted, Brady was called.He stepped into the cabin taking in the prone girl the ropes and the scalpel in one swift glance, Finny was dismissed, and the eel like `Moray’ quietly requested that he could enjoy then dismember the girl as he had what he wanted, and now wanted to enjoy playing with the delightful body which he reckoned “would scream well” they could dispose of her over the trip home, and no one would ever know.Brady asked if the little eel had got all the information, again the little man said he had all he would get, so Brady took the scalpel told him to screw her if he must but that she would be released as he had given his word. Disgusted the Dutchman said he was “sorry that Brady felt that way, and he could get just a screw anywhere,” picked up the tape recorder, placed it into the case and swept out.He was followed by Brady who escorted him to his own boat, now hastily re-manned by his boat-man, and said his goodbye’s then re boarded the little craft which was soon falling from sight as they turned for the open sea.Brady returned to the surgery, released the now cold girl and returned to the deck the sun now high, they took their seats again, the little steward still granite faced appeared with brandy, which they downed. Not a word had been said.Kitty turned to Brady and thanked him for his intervention, he smiled, and as she said would that slippery little man really have dismembered me and fed me to the sea? Brady assured her that he would, and it would have been in the most painful way, he believed that the man was deranged, but he was good at his job.She did not comment, but Brady went on to say he would like her to stay on here with him, would she stay as his escort, travelling with him and sleeping with him as they travelled the world, he would guarantee her safety, forever. Her mind reeled, no more drunks, no more casino, and no fat men or thin for that matter, pawing at her no casual blow jobs, no feeling less than clean.She nodded, “yes please” then remembering the eel she shivered, and he smiled at her, hugged her, wrapped his arms round her and then quietly asked if she wanted more champagne!,

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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