341 a day in the life of…J.A.M. Tart,

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341 a day in the life of…J.A.M. Tart,341 a day in the life of…J.A.M. Tart, Fellow of the school of skiversIt was a Wednesday, James, Albion, Martin, Tart, (one of the Yorkshire branch of the Tart family,) known to every silly bugger as ‘Jammy’, hated Wednesdays, well it was neither fish nor fowl, it was a long way from the coming weekend and a drag from the last and Jammy lived for weekends. The rest of the weekdays was a drag for him, and Wednesdays were the worse. He was waiting for the post, out of work he had tried (at least he had gone through the motions of trying, he knew better than get a job, and sweat for a living), no matey he was bright enough to at least fain dimness, and play along as a prize come weekend for the raffle and did it to appease aunty) so as I said he had outwardly tried everything for a job, with help, he had written, applied, walked the streets desperately pretending to try to get a job but with his qualifications it was not easy. Mainly as Sadly he had failed his entrance exam for junior school, was exempt the 11 plus on account of his being too dim and he left school at 15, with an O level in holding a broom and origami but he had a secret weapon, and weapon was the right word, the damned thing was 6” at age 7 and 8” by the time the first young lady found it lurking in his trousers at 12, he was now 22 and the bloody thing was 11inches and about as thick as a baby`s arm. It was the only thing in the house that worked, other than his aunt and had been doing so since Ethel the girl he had enjoyed back in his Formative year, had told the rest of the girls at high school about his deformity.Weekends were the best as he had found himself inundated by a fresh women, each week, every-one of them being after his massive todger and each at pains not to let their piers know they were sleeping with the village dimwit. The weekdays were a dead loss as the women all worked, so Jammy, had time on his hands. One of the said ladies, as it happened a secretary, had suggested that as he was so good at the one thing he did, mayhap he should advertise in, a shall we say a glossy magazine! Nothing major just a little advert showing the thing and saying he was available as a stud. Aunty seeing `£’ signs, said it seemed like a plan, and as they regularly read the magazine, (oh yeh he could read, but it was that writing bit that rather defeated him, which end was the sharp bit that sort of thing or at least to save him problems that is the front he presented…) she helped, especially with the long words, [anything over but, and, an why, were in Jammy`s imaginary world, long, so together aunty and the woman made up an advert and the woman posted it on her bandy legged way home. it was because of that advert that he was now sitting on the step awaiting the postie. (I would have said post-woman, but she had been shifted from this round because of “passing the time” with jammy. She being 5 hours late getting back from the round and not able to walk for a few days!).The postie hove into sight, and red of face at that, he humped the sack onto the step and gruffly said, “give us, this sack back tomorrow the bloody lots yours!” and off he went taking yesterday`s empty sack with him, it had been like it since the advert came out on Monday last, the mail arriving by Tuesday in a stream!Never had Jammy been so popular especially midweek, so he dragged the sack indoors, and began sorting the missives into piles, there were about a hundred that were obviously crud. then there were fifty or more that had a little interest but seemed not quite right, 27 were abusive, one was from the gas board but was a bill for aunty, but 5 were couples that wanted the use of a stud and were willing to pay! That being more like it, these he put to one side and used the rest on his fire it being cold these winter afternoons and he knew if he didn’t his aunt would answer all of them and he would be worn out… so perhaps he was not so daft after all.Jammy lay on his couch, his aunt would be in in a while, he lived with her since mum died, he did the mowing and swept up for her each day. She was in her own words a “big old girl that was past all that sex stuff” having been ****d years ago and put off men for life, especially randy nephews … so Jammy`s usual games didn’t wash with Aunty and anyway she had a girlfriend!!Aunty of course, she being the instigator, knew of his games at weekends well the whole mill knew in reality, it canlı bahis şirketleri was the place they all worked and talked, … (well talked is perhaps a misnomer, the noise was tremendous, so they lip read, but oh they were good at it!) the female population of the place conversed that way, the chosen lady (chosen! Aunty ran a secret raffle for the chance of an evening with Jammy either Friday or Saturday night!) the “winner” would appear when the menfolk were at the pub, either Friday Saturday and occasionally Sundays or bank holidays, She, the winner, would slip in at the backdoor, via the woods at the rear, it was a well-trodden path! And why the weekends, well that’s easy the men kept their intake down to the basic ten pints a session during the week and were more likely to notice if the wife had been “opened out” shall we say by that bloody auger of Jammy`s than they were at weekends when they let themselves go!Anyway, Aunty managed Jammy`s affairs and the side-line of that Raffle was all part and parcel, so when the old girl lumbered into the house, chip tea in hand, it was to her he gave the selected 5 letters, oh and that gas bill too. Playing the innocent about the rejected 100 her saying she thought he would be more popular than just 5 letters!After a brew, (an old Yorkshire tradition, immediate tea on arrival anywhere) she having a Yorkshire up-bringing she sat and read the selected five, over the cooling chips, three strangely were all from local townships, to save her cash on bus-fares, (they are not all in Glasgow or Palestine!). she dismissed as too far away, unless they were willing to come to the pub, and stay the night, or pay out for hotels etc. Replying after they had eaten fully to the two, she had left and the one selected from yesterday`s crop, and just sending a postcard to the ones she thought too far off her thinking being they may be interested still, it was worth a try. They knew it would be a day or two till they got a reply, and that this scenario would be acted again for a while yet, Jammy trotting off to the post box as soon as his beloved aunty had stuck on the stamps!Thursday came, then Friday Jammy`s routine was followed to the letter, take in the post, sieve out the obvious crap and any bills, pick out the likely few, for aunty, boil the kettle for her coming home, and have a bath ready for whoever the lucky lady would be.This he did and sat in his dressing gown as he waited Aunty coming home and feeding him, pies tonight it being Friday!The meal over he knew a lady would come and he must make love to her, ever so gently, up in the back bedroom, helping her off with her clothes and finding that wet bit he fitted his willy into, some of the ladies screamed a bit, some even cried, and were noisy old things shaking their heads wildly and so on when he had that funny feeling as his willy pumped them full. Aunty had told him it was like putting grease into bits of machinery, and most women needed a top up now and again, though he didn’t quite understand the reason some women came back more frequently than others… and Aunty had never needed oiling, except after the other woman had had some it was strange…It was dark, when the back door tapped, they would be expecting it, the lady would come into the kitchen, aunty seeing her in, Jammy was introduced and they were sent up to the back room as was usual for the lad. The housewife this time had her hair in a hair-securing scarf hiding her long and lovely tresses, and a tidy but working style housecoat hiding her body, this time her name was Mavis, he had known her since school, when she was in the upper 5th, he had wanted her of course, but it was beneath her dignity then, was she not going to be a model! So, his chat up line had failed miserably back then! But now here she was miss I want to be a model, now an ordinary mill girl, two k**s, and a beer-swilling hubby with a pot belly and a limp dick, buying lottery tickets for him, it maybe the village joke, but it was the energetic dick that shagged away the hours…!Mavis expected she would be in charge from the start, but he soon put her right… he just kissed her, simple as that, and he was good at kissing, and she melted into his arms, he picked at the scarf and the long mid brown hair cascaded over his hands and her shoulders, her face though of a careworn but homely mother, suddenly lit up, just as he had remembered it at school, so he kissed her again, and for canlı kaçak iddaa a moment he was not just the village idiot, the prize in a mill girls raffle, a walking dick ,he was someone who cared , not used her as a commodity. He wanted to make love to her, not as a Saturday night duty as her Phil did it, but to love her for herself. he was someone special.Fingers found her buttons, the housecoat fell about her feet, her best undies, black lacy wisp`s she had bought to entice hubby, the reason she had two c***dren now, not just the one that forced her marriage to her miserable hubby. She had a few pounds more now, but a poor diet and two k**s had kept her from spreading badly, her belly had stretch marks, her breasts sagged just a little and her backside was less pert, but he could appreciate her body, if you saw some of the old bags that had ‘won him’ she was beautiful beyond words.The floor managers little secretary had till now been the best, young pert, and flighty, she had screamed loudly, grabbing her clothes and run away in tears before he got well in… and her tits were small, not his style at all, he liked something soft to doze on afterwards, not pimples. Then there had been Bessy, the tea lady, fat 50 and a widow, slack as a bag of hot knackers and with cough that made it worthwhile, it was TB but the effect on his tool from the vibrations of that cough were amazing, she had him last May, she passed away in the July and they do say she smiled from May till she went! Some of the girls…girls that’s a laugh… some of them were sad old cases, some, came just to see if they could take it, the full thick 11” monster others were lonely, a few cos they hadn’t won a raffle of any kind for years and they were not going to miss their prize. So, it had been a long hard year here with Aunty, but fun.Mavis though, now she was different, as I said he had fancied Mavis and she had been sorry for him, but due to her peers it just never happened back then, but here she was. And just beginning to allow him free reign with her body, this was just too good. Now outwardly, a bit of a dozy bugger he might be, but he knew what he liked, and Mavis unveiling herself… he very much liked. His gentle hands caressed the woman, slid across her arse, played with her bra, no problems of course to a man that had tackled full length corsets and multi hooked girdles, 3 hooks were nothing and the bra fell away showing the most magnificent pair of rounded breasts, and areolas a good 2 ½ inches across, with nipples that begged to be sucked. He kissed her, on the lips, something he had wanted to do at school, to his joy she returned the kiss with a passion not all of the prize-winners managed. His lips slid down to the stiff nub of her nipples her head falling back with a sigh as she allowed the magic feelings to wash over her, his hands caressed her soft if ample backside, the lace covering soon discarded, he lay her on the big old bed, kissing her lips once more then moving his tongue to her hidden treasures, his nose buried into her pubic bush, her hands clasping his head, urging his tongue to places few men had ever reached.Her back arched and he knew she was loving every lick, and every kiss, she began a mini orgasm his jowls wet now with her lubrication, his own hair trailing across her hips, adding to the sensation and her body involuntarily beginning its spasm.He moved himself forward meaning to place a condom on the thing. Then mount her, but she stopped him, saying she “wanted to see it, handle it and kiss it first, then if it tore her up, then she could remember it!” He grinned and they swapped positions, he now laying down the bed on his back she kneeling, her eager hands and amazed eyes reaching out for this log of a stiff tool, her eyes sparkling as she explained that “she had never seen one as big, six inches yes, her own hubby had nearly six, but this…” she tailed off bending to take the tip between her eager lips nibbling and kissing her way down the thing, savouring the flavour of his slipperiness fingers lifting and weighing his balls, comparing these giants to her hubbies tiny stones. She knew that she must have their contents, she needed to enjoy the flood, deciding, no condoms tonight, she wanted a son, one with a dick like this, a real man, something to savour and perhaps one day… He was about ready he reached for the box, but she stopped him, “No, I want it bareback, I want to feel it and I want your canlı kaçak bahis seed deep in my body, right up in my belly!” he shrugged, most of the ladies knew what they wanted, some were past k**s, some on the pill, some scared stiff of pregnancy demanding a rubber or pull out, each had been different, but it was her choice!In a lower voice she muttered “I missed out at school my lad, so I`m not doing it twice!” he grinned then waited for her to raise her body and guide him into the slot of life, which she did just nestling the head inside her then counting down 3…2…1 and with that she rammed the thing into her like some sacrificial sword. The scream was enough to wake aunty, waiting her turn and slumbering in front of her fire downstairs, who smiled, knowing she had heard it all before… Mavis, her head thrown back was sitting deeply impaled giving her body time to come to terms with this stretching, and massive invader. Her sex felt burnt and torn from the tearing and unfeeling skin covered shaft that even with her own slipperiness had pushed apart her floppy cunt-lips and the channel behind it that had grown so used to infrequent and smaller use all these years.The pain of c***dbirth had not caused her this much pain so fast, the last had been eight hours, not like this tremendous shaft banging its head on her cervix in seconds. Slowly oh so slowly she raised herself as if to ease his tool from her, then just as suddenly it was down again with a thrust that got his mons against hers, it was accompanied by another scream of pain and joy mixed!The process was repeated, each impaling less of an ordeal, quieter, more joy than pain, till about the tenth time she began just snuffling her joy and the speed began to rise.Aunty, below, had a broad grin, as she settled to doze once more, her worries about Mavis, rushing downstairs bleeding, gone, she had had on occasions to render first aid to one or two of the tighter ladies before they left, but this sounded as though it would be OK.The tempo rose till Mavis was rising and falling like the steam piston on the mill pumping engine, he began to laugh, her breasts bouncing like jellies, as each stroke topped out, the view was marvellous, adding to his fun, he gasped as each stroke drove the wind from him; “are-you -sure- you-want-my-cum- girl?”She laughed, a silvery tinkling laugh that he remembered from school, saying “Yes, Yes, Yes, I have waited years for this, I want your c***d…”It was the catalyst, he began filling her like a fountain, pulse, pulse, pulse his prick spewing the seed in great gouts into her belly, hot slippery and thick, it seemed never-ending. Her belly swelling from the discharge of that mighty cannon, her eyes bulging, breathing hard gasping intakes needed to help her ride out this emotional storm such as she had never before enjoyed, her arms folded down, the effort of supporting her upper body much too difficult, those lovely tits on his chest now her lips on his, the coupling still deep in her body, like a plug, stopping the compressed seed from escaping, as their hearts slowed back to their more normal beats.After a short time, she made as if to get off him, but he held her tight then to her amazement began slowly pumping himself once more, his errection not having abated in the least. Her eyes like saucers, her husband never once having managed twice in her whole marriage, just wham bam thank you maam and then sleep if she had achieved or not.They were soon rythmetically enjoying a second adventure, again the bedhead battered the wall, as the huge tool moved like a well-oiled piston in a mill engine cylinder, her hips now milking the thing as if it was her god given right to extract whatever his balls could provide, it took longer this time, but Everest was eventually climbed and together once more the roller coaster began its fabulous descent. By now her sex was dribbling the last lot of sperm, past the huge plug but the fill this time was to the point of pain as the seed filled her once more. She again collapsed then took her chance and rolled off, seed under pressure seeping from her body, as she lay exhausted.He smiled his tool still stiffer than any till then she had known. His hand strayed to her breast, but she said, “no more, please, no more!” adding “god your good, but I`m not that practised… oh and he will be home soon!” with that she stood stuffed her knickers into her gaping pussy dressed and kissed him goodbye, naked he saw her to the back door, then as he passed the living room door, he heard Aunty, she called, “have you got some left for me?” “Yes Aunty,” he answered, “Good, I will be up in a moment!”He sighed, it was now, about to become just another weekend!

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