A Brief Encounter

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Susan was pleased to see that the brightly lit lift was empty when the silver doors smoothly whished opened in front of her.

She was on the fifteenth floor and it would be a longish ride down to the lobby of the modern, city centre hotel. The wall length mirror on one side of the enclosed space not only made it look bigger, but it was also the perfect opportunity for Susan to check out her appearance before she appeared on her ‘stage’.

This was one of the highlights of any business trip for the smart young lady gazing back at her reflection in a mixture of pride and anticipation. She was tall, but not too tall, tall enough to carry a good, slim figure. Her shoulder length blonde hair was beautifully combed, sleekly cascading around her narrow, elegant face and absolutely shining in the bright lights. All that brushing had really been worth it!

The steel grey eyes narrowed slightly as she adjusted one of her long black eyelashes, ever so slightly out of place. No-one else would probably have noticed, but she’d got where she was today by being a stickler for detail, among other things, and that wasn’t going to desert her now!

Her eyes dropped to her plain white blouse, shaped perfectly around her narrow waist and tightly around her bosom. She’d realised early in life that she wasn’t a ‘big’ girl, but she knew how to display what she had. The two respectable bulges projected far enough out to stretch the material tightly across her lilac bra which peeped tantalisingly out from between the buttons straining to hold everything in! The top three buttons were undone, displaying the two swellings of her upper breasts in between which nestled a simple silver locket on the end of a matching, thin chain.

She ran her hands down her side to feel the tightness of the fit and then onto her waist, covered in an absolute knockout, black pencil skirt. She’d stumbled on this item on a previous business trip. It fitted her perfectly. Tightly across her slim, rounded behind and almost imprisoning her legs together as it ran over her thighs to finish a couple of inched above her knees. Had it not been for the long slit cut into the back, she wouldn’t have been able to walk and even so, there was no way that she could wear anything underneath except the skimpiest of thong or g-string.

Today she’d decided on the lilac and black g-string, matching the delicate half-cup and extremely uplifting bra. It felt skimpy. It FELT heavenly!

She’d briefly considered suspenders, but knew that they’d be wrong with the tight skirt. She wanted to look hot, but not ‘tarty’, so she’d finally pulled on a pair of sheer black hold-up stockings. Sheer that is apart from the artificial ‘seam’ built into the back! She twisted her hips slightly to check that they were straight. They were – inevitably!

And propping this all up were a pair of sleek black high heels with murderous looking three inch silver stilettos. She’d wanted to look hot. She laughed. She did look hot!

Satisfied, she noted the numbers fast counting down, straightened up and gave a quick, practiced check of her subtle make-up. Just the right balance of light rouge to accentuate her soft, moist lips delicately coated as they were in a deep red lipstick. “They look so kissable! Perfect!” she almost giggled to herself in her excitement.

The muted lift tone as it reached the lobby was an almost annoying distraction. She dragged her eyes away from the mirror, took a deep breath before letting a practiced, confident expression spread over her face as the doors opened. She had arrived on her stage!


Cynthia was perched on one of the shiny chromium plated, black leather stools spread along the front of the hotel bar. It was all very modern, very bright, very ‘in-your-face’. It just wasn’t Cynthia!

She twirled her straw idly in the tall glass of fresh orange for a few more minutes, feeling the annoyance build within her yet again. She glanced up into the long plate glass mirror behind the bar. It was covered with bottled drinks dispensers, but in between she saw her reflection. That made her even more annoyed.

It wasn’t that she looked ugly or anything so dire. Her figure was full but not plump. Her dark brown hair was pulled back tightly behind her head into a short pony tail. She was wearing a modern grey business suit with matching jacket and skirt, the jacket unbuttoned now allowing her plain white blouse to reveal the curves of her generous breasts. She thought that she looked okay, and there had been one or two men’s heads turning as she’d walked into the bar. She ought to have been pleased, but she wasn’t.

She looked more closely at her face. It was rounded and pleasant, her brown eyes looked warm, despite the narrowing of her eyes which had aliağa escort emphasised some of the lines in the surrounding skin. “Well, late thirties gal,” she sighed to herself in exasperation, “you can’t expect to look like a young movie-star!”

Her eyes dropped back to her drink.

“If only………” she thought for what seemed like the hundredth time.

If only she’d got the Head of Sales job! It was rightfully hers after all. She was good at her job, everyone said so, and she’d been with the firm since leaving college. She’d been promoted regularly, she’d worked hard. She’d put the hours in. More hours than she’d needed to if truth be told! She’d put the job before her private life, still single, she’d wanted to succeed. She still wanted to succeed! God, but it was so frustrating!

She took in a deep breath, and exhaled slowly, trying to remain calm.

If only the board hadn’t decided to bring an outsider in! If only it hadn’t been that dreadful woman Susan Chambers!

“Where the hell is she?” she thought grumpily. This was just like Susan. They’d eaten dinner early, soon after arriving so that they could compare notes about the big presentation tomorrow. Cynthia had gone to the bar to get the drinks in, and Susan had disappeared upstairs to ‘get into something more comfortable’. That was forty minutes ago! She glanced at the other drink in front of her and took some satisfaction in seeing that the ice in the gin and tonic had melted.

She knew exactly what was coming next. That was the really annoying thing. She’d had to accompany her new boss on a number of business trips since the usurper had taken ‘her’ job six months ago. At first she’d been shocked, but now she tried hard to restrain her feelings, struggling with the embarrassment that she couldn’t quite get over.

It was the noise that alerted her to Susan’s arrival. Well, actually, the lack of it. All big hotel bars have that underlying buzz of conversation going on in the background. Cynthia had been in the bar long enough for her brain to have filtered it out, but when it suddenly stopped, her eyes shot up and in the reflection of the big bar mirror, she saw that her tormentor had appeared in the bar’s entrance.


Susan had enjoyed the short walk from the lifts across the large marbled lobby which was busy with latecomers still checking in, and over to the entrance to the hotel bar.

She’d walked like she owned the place. Head held high, shoulders back, bosom out, hips swaying and glossy blond hair bouncing on her shoulders as she flounced across the open space, her stilettos tapping out a loud drumbeat to mark her progress. She kept her eyes straight ahead, but was acutely aware of the heads turning in her peripheral vision. She smiled. She still remembered the time when she’d had a wolf whistle in the lobby of the Hilton a few years ago. It had sent shivers down her spine to receive such overt attention in that classy environment. It still did!

She wondered for a moment why she did this, but only for a moment. In the depths of her soul, she realised that she was probably hooked on the attention that she could generate. It gave her a buzz. It made her feel alive. She was like a new person.

It was strange, she thought, that she could act out her fantasies like this on business trips. She was happily married to Geoff, a fourth generation banker back home. She lived in a big suburban house, had two adorable young children and a cat. It would have been easy to sink into the life of a spoiled mum, but she’d never been tempted. She had a career and she intended to make her own mark in the world, and look-out anyone who got in her way! Oh, and she intended to have some fun as well! Flirting a little was just part of the game after all!

Ok it had led to a few one night stands over the years, but not that many. She liked to flaunt herself, but it took something special to tempt her to go beyond that. But every now and then, someone special came along. A little thrill ran though her as she wondered whether it might happen tonight?

At the entrance to the bar she paused while she opened her purse and rummaged about inside.

It was a well rehearsed act. It gave those inside time to absorb her appearance, and it gave her time for a surreptitious glance around the room. She had immediately seen Cynthia at the bar and disregarded her. It was the men that she was interested in!

She was slightly disappointed to see relatively few ‘targets’. A group of four middle-aged businessmen at a central table were in the middle of a joke when she noticed one make a comment and all their eyes swivelled around. Well, at least that was encouraging! An older couple were relaxing in the background, the man looked distinguished, grey hair, but sparkling eyes. She smiled as she noticed his partner look up, and then give him a deft kick on the ankle to regain his attention.

A couple of teenagers aliağa escort bayan were busily downing strange bright drinks and messing around on some game consoles. It was unbelievable! They were so engrossed that they hadn’t even spotted her!

Her attention finally centred on a youngish looking man in a blue suit sat at a table near to the bar. His head was down as he typed away on a laptop, a cup of coffee close to hand, but she saw him glance up and eyes widen briefly before dropping hastily down onto the laptop again. He had short, sandy hair and even from a distance she’d spotted his powerful looking frame. “Mmmmm …………. interesting!” she thought.

As she snapped her purse shut and began to stride across to the bar, her attention was back on Cynthia. Typically, she’d not changed out of her grey business suit and looked distinctly dowdy in Susan’s eyes. At least be there’d be no competition in the attention stakes!

She was slightly surprised that Cynthia hadn’t moved on after being passed over for the Sales job. Maybe it was a good thing though. It had given Susan time to ease herself into an unassailable position with the board whilst knowing that there was always a safe pair of hands in the background to keep things ticking over. There was no doubt that Cynthia was good at her job, a great researcher and developer of sales pitches. It just needed Susan to bring off the deals and take the credit!

However, she’d already decided that now was the time for a parting of the ways. At next month’s performance review she was going to lay it on the line with her older subordinate. She’d offer her a good package of course, she wasn’t mean after all, but she’d be firm and show her the door. Cynthia simply wasn’t needed any more.

As she reached the bar, she beamed at her colleague, leaned over to give Cynthia a little insincere peck on the cheek, considered complaining about the lack of ice in her drink but decided against spoiling the moment because she was contemplating how best to hoist herself up onto the chrome and leather bar stool.

She was ideally placed a few yards away from the handsome young business man with the laptop, who’d hardly be able to avoid seeing her climb onto her perch. She was half in conversation with Cynthia, but acutely aware of the man’s eyes as she stepped onto the stool rail and swung her shapely behind up onto the leather. By squirming a little to settle in, she’d been able to drag the hem of her black skirt high up her thighs. Perfect. And to finish off the effect, she twisted her legs round to face the young man before slowly crossing them in front of him. He could hardly have missed the tantalising view between her stocking clad legs!

She glanced fleetingly across at him. He hadn’t.

He’d dropped his eyes when he saw her looking his way, swallowed and pulled up his hand to loosen his tie. She thought that she heard something like a subdued cheer from the table of business men, but ignored it. That was why she preferred to flirt with singletons!

For the next quarter of an hour her attention was divided. She managed to keep her side of the conversation with Cynthia going about the next day’s meetings, but her real attention was focussed on her young man. She’d decided that he was late twenties, strong shoulders, blue eyes and a cute face. Very nice, very fancyable! Maybe tonight really would be special she wondered fleetingly.

She’d managed a bit more squirming on her chair to drag up the hem line of her skirt almost to her stocking tops, and re-crossed her legs a couple of times to keep his interest. She could feel her own excitement rising with each hungry glance that the young man directed at her. Finally she caught his eye briefly and slowly moistened her shiny lips with the tip of her tongue. She laughed inside as she saw him swallow again before looking down and tapping away even harder at his keyboard.


Suddenly her attention was dragged back to Cynthia. What was that she’d been saying? She struggled to pick up the threads of the conversation.

It was something about the Ladies Powder Room for Christ sake! Cynthia had been going on about how luxurious it was, how the decor was so good, and now she was getting off her stool!

Finally Susan’s memory caught up. Cynthia had said that she might have left some documents in there and was going to retrieve them. Really, the woman just had to go!

Susan spent the next few minutes casually sipping her new drink, twirling the ice around and gazing into thin air as she lazily fantasized about the young business man, now safely trapped and naked on her hotel bed. God, but she was getting horny! She glanced at him again, busily back at his laptop. His fingers were quick on the keys, but looked big and strong. She shivered a little as she imagined them running over own smooth skin. She swallowed. Wow, maybe this was going a bit too far, even for her? She checked escort aliağa her watch and realised with surprise that Cynthia had been gone for nearly twenty minutes. “Christ,” she thought in annoyance, “What WAS keeping her?”

After another five minutes as the anger gradually boiled up inside, her lips pursed and her brow deepened, she finally snapped! “Damn that woman!” she snorted as she finished her drink and slammed it down on the bar. She was going to have to find her!

Without a further thought she slid forward on the stool as her feet reached out for the floor. She immediately saw her targets’ eyes widen as her skirt caught on the stool edge and rode way up above her stocking tops. In a moment’s confusion as she completed the dismount, she stooped and quickly dragged it down to respectable levels again, but not before the whole room had enjoyed the exposure of her long legs. Normally this wouldn’t have bothered her too much, but this had been an inadvertent act that had left her feeling flustered, a feeling not helped when she glanced across the room at the table of businessmen, one of who was grinning broadly and bringing his hands together in slow motion, silent applause!

“Damn, Damn, Damn that woman!” she breathed as she stormed out of the bar. Cynthia was going to pay for this!

In the reception area she paused to calm down, get her breathing steadied before quickly looking around. This time it wasn’t for men.

She identified the gold letters on the wall by the reception desk indicating the Ladies Powder Room, and followed the sign into a small corridor. Her feet moved noiselessly over the plush carpet until she pulled up in front of the door where she did a quick check of the gold symbol to ensure that this really was the Ladies Room. She raised her eyes expressively as she recalled her total embarrassment when she’d simply waltzed into the Men’s Room at the Holiday Inn a few months back after just a couple of drinks too many. Men could be such children at times!

As she entered she worked out a suitable scathing remark to make to Cynthia and was ready to give her both barrels!

It was wasted. The place was empty.

“Where the hell has she got to?” she thought in exasperation.


She scanned the room again. Cynthia had been right about the decor. The lush, burgundy carpet spread out before her led up to a row of spotlessly white wash basins, half jutting out from a teak bench. Above the sinks ran a long mirror. The walls were done in soft pink, mixed with bands of more burgundy. The ceiling lighting was soft and indirect, but above each basin was a bright make-up light. Only one of them was switched on, in the middle of the row.

The only fault that she could find was a failed light at the far end, making one corner of the room a little darker, where half a dozen stalls lined the other wall.

She checked the doors. They were all part open.

“Cynthia, are you there?” she called quietly. Silence was her only reply.

“Damn the woman!” she repeated to herself as she went over to stand in front of the bright light.

As she stood in front of the mirror, she couldn’t help but pose. She imagined what the men must have thought in the bar, particularly as she’d got off the stool. She could smile at it now. Here, on her own.

Her eyes glinted as she bent down a little and gradually lifted her skirt hem up her thighs, enjoying the narcissist thrill as her legs and stocking tops were slowly exposed. She lifted a little higher, over her bare thighs and finally exposing a flash of lilac between her legs. She bent one knee across the other to enhance the sexiness of the pose, her eyes transfixed. “Wow,” she thought breathlessly, “You’re so, so hot!”

She was so engrossed that she nearly missed the sound that brought her out of her reverie.

She twisted sharply round, skirt still around her bottom and was shocked to see that a figure had slipped in through the door. Normally she would have dragged the skirt down in embarrassment, but this time she was so surprised, she just stood there, eyes wide. Bending down by the door was the young man in the blue suit, apparently twisting a key in the lock!

She was frozen in place as he straightened up, and quickly started towards her. Her mouth opened, but she couldn’t generate sound. She felt paralysed.

Within seconds he’d reached her, sandy hair bouncing as he approached, deep blue eyes boring into her, a slow smile spreading over his face.

Deep down she realised that now was a good time to take action – at least to drop her skirt! But still she didn’t speak ………..or move. Just waiting for him to arrive, transfixed.

Absently, she registered that he was taller than she’d thought, over six feet probably. The wide, muscular shoulders she had spotted though, revealed briefly as the suit jacket swung open.

His arm came up. She cringed back a little from the blow, but his firm hand had simply wrapped itself around the back of her neck and was pulling her towards him, towards his moist lips. She should have twisted away she realised, but those lips were acting like a magnet as she felt her own soft lips open slightly in response, and then they were covered by his as he bent forward.

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