A carring mother

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A carring motherShe was my mom friend for about a yearthey just moved in the city and met at the parc near our homefor the last year id been friend with her chubby cool son and mostly hang out together playing video gameswe where turning 18 and both never had girlfriendit was friday my mom was out for the weekend and Maria had me over for supper , my mom had told her i would be alonewe ate and she told us she was going out until midnightlooking at me asking if was going to be a good boy before leaving giggling at the tought of her plan her son had been spending to much time in his room watching pornshe caught him wanking his fat cock alone in his room at nighthad talk to him about sex and the risks , like a good mother should doand ultimately bought his son a box of condom”its ok son mom just want to make sure you dont catch anything, you are 18 and its normal you want to have fun”her son taking the box in his handsthe stawberry flavored box of condom filled with golden pouch ”make sure to wear one ok son”its been a week latershe left kissing us both and we got to Mike room to play some video gameswe were playing for the last 30 min when he went to the bathroomand i coudnt resist checking up the weird box on his bedside”tasty strawberry flavored confom”i was so curious i looked insideall the golden pouch were so bigwith the Magnum word and strawberry printed on each oneit got me feeling weirdtaking one pouch looking at it and i ear him flush the toilet so i got the box back and sat down my controller in my handwondering about the box and if my friend finaly met a girlit was 9h30 and i count stop looking at mike crotch wondering if i could see his big cock like the condom suggested he hadwe got bored of video gamesand he proposed we watch a movie”hey Alex did you touch the box on my bed side table?””heuuu yes sorry man i was wondering what it was””ahha yeah ts kinda obvious with the girl licking her lipse ,i forgot to put it away””its my mom, she bought this saying i shoud be carefull with sex””she saw you with a girl or what””no man she just caught me wanking at night and bought it in case i met one””ok cool shes nice””yeah she told me its safer to get a blowjob this way””i didnt know you could get a desease just by getting suck””yeah i think i ear it before””you want to have pendik escort one, maybe you woud need one someday ”both laughting as he throw one at mewe went down sit on the couch , the condom pouch in my pocket he was truing to hide it but i could see his big bulging cock in his shortand he saw me look at it”dude dont laught please but it got me horny thinking about the condom””i just cant stop picturing Stef on her knees when my mom gave this to me””’its ok dude i understand, i just , i mean it looks fucking big i didnt mean to look”mike looking at me”yes its a big cock, i am lucky its like 9inch”and he took the remote and soon a porn vids was playing”wanna watch some porn im way too hard”soon the tv playing 3 cute girls in bikini dancing and showing ofmy friend already getting his shorts down ,the fat black cock in his hand working it up and down”omg its so huge mike ”and i just watch him wank it for a while” Alex you can wank off too if you want”i undress but i kept looking at his fat cock and the tv the 3 girls soon meeting with black guys on the side of the pool3 bbc out legs spread and each of the cute blond teen wrapp them mouth on the bbc moaning and giggling of fun”oh yeah they suck good , the 3rd one is so cute”the 3 bikini girls tits out between the legs of hot black guys on the pool sideMike stroking his fat cock as i kept my boxermy small 6 inch still shy not getting up”why dont you wank””i dont know im shy i guess””you keep looking at me , wanna hold it maybe i dont mind ””ahahah its ok ”but he took my hand put it on his hard fat cock and layback ”slowly yes like this man it feels good””you wont tell anyone? ””of course not we arent gay , its just some fun its feels good man i like this”i kept stroking his fat cock, watching the tvthe 3 girls working mouth open on the big cocks as i stroke my friend made me hornyi got hard holding my friend black cock and stroking him listening to him moan of pleasure watching the girls suckinghe grabbed my short near mewithout a word search my pouch for the condomcrack it open and gave it to mei smelled the strawberry flavor first thing as he gave me the big circle of latexand i coudnt resist wrapping his cock in iti slide it all the way downlooking at him feel me slide the condom down on his fat cockthe smell was intense my escort pendik mind was racing he kept looking at me with those eyesi watch his hands reach for my headhis 2 big hands holding my back headslowly to see if i would resist but instead , he watch me open up my mouth leaving a gaping hole between my lipse waiting to be filledand i was dragged down mouth open on his fat cockthe strawberry flavour making me love this at first tastei let him control my head up and down”omg this is way too good, oh fuck Alex its my first time we take our time””you like this right?”removing his hands off my head looking at memy mouth already back on it not answering but sucking his big black strawberry cock”oh fuck you shoud have told me you wanted to suck a cock, this is way too good””its going to be our secret, you could suck me all the time, i really love this””its just fun between friends ok”and i moan on his cock as an approvalmy friend helping me lay on my side just like one of the girls on the screenhead resting on his belly mouth open sucking facing the tv”yes like this, you suck like her now, try to do the same ok”and i did , i watch the girl and suck like she didit made me feel so horny being compare to a hot blond girli kept moaning like her around the fat cockdrooling and making sucking noisei was a cock sucker there was no doubti just love this too muchshe got on her knees in front of him and wait mouth open for cummy friends stood up and wait for me to do the samei looked at him mouth openremoved the condomand i literally drank cum from his cock tiplistening the him grunt hand shake his fat cock , emptying it in my mouth”omg my god Alex, this was perfect really it could be our secret”i nod swallowing the cum coating my mouth still on my knees looking up”you like it , i know you liked my cum you drank it all ””i want you to come swallow my cum anytime you want, just like good friends ok”and i nod , not really understanding how it woud change evrythingthat night in my friend bedwithout any condom he sat on me and fuck my mouth for an hour after his mom got home to sleepin totall darkness feeling him naked, getting on top of me and putting it in my mouthnot asking, just doing itand i kept mouth open my gead bangibng in the pillow taking his cockfeeling numb and tired, mike just keeping getting pendik escort bayan in and out of my mouth in pleasurediscovering how good a mouth feels around his fat cockloving how he could now feed me his cock , thinking at how much he woud cum in my mouth nownot believing how lucky he was to have a secret cocksucker as a best friend nowcuming again making me swallow mouth arounf his tip looking up at him feeding me my 2nd cumload his mom woke me up early in the morningand brought me down in the guess bedroomshe sat me on the bed”ok Alex, its time to make you pretty for my son””what are you talking about Maria…””shhhhh you liked sucking on his cock , its important to make him happy too”and i look down shy of her knowing”its ok dont be shy, here out this on baby”maria doll me up in a pink frilly one piece with a micro skirt in lacei wanted to argue againbut this time she gag me up telling me to be quiet and listen like a good girlshowing me a pink rubbery toy plug she lubed and made me look at it before asking me to bend over her bedMaria carrefully stuff it down my ass with more and more lubemaking me twitch and moan in the gagthe toy taking his place the hearth shapped pink end between my cheeksmaria putting back in place my one piece bottom stringwalk me to the door and made me sit at the table locking me legs to the chair hands on my back calling for her son”baby iam leaving , have a good day”turning on the vibration of my plug leaving me to wait for her sondress like a slut and my tight ass getting looseher son seeing me from the stairs i tought he would help me as he untied me and carefully look at me before bending me over the tablemy onepiece bottom stretch asidethe lubed vibrating toy falling down in a loud boucy soundand i got fuck hand on my back moaning in the gagdress pretty and taking my friend bbc deep hard in my lubed gapping hole”mom was right, i love fuclking you ”and i kept moaning like a slut in the gagmy best friend showing me i love his hard cock deep hitting mesoon gag removed and bouncing back on his cock yelling i love itmoaning like a wore for himuntil he flooded my pink hole and made me sit on himkissing me still hard making me bounce and feel all of his cum in mewet and bouncing on his 9 inch on my ownhappy , looking sexy and getting kissed ass fuck full and wanting more”thats my pussy now, gonna call you alexandra and fuck you like a sexy girl””mom was so fucking right i love white sissy slut boy”and i look at mike making me his girl his secret white slut i smile and moan

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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