A Concert Not to be Forgotten

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Walking across the parking lot to the bar I feel the cool breeze across my bare legs. Fall is my favorite season and the weather has finally cooled. It’s dark, but the sky is clear so you can see all of the stars. I can hear the music inside and my excitement is building. I’m already so nervous I can feel my heart beating faster and faster. At the door I take a deep breath and step in. The music is almost deafening and it takes me a few moments to adjust to the surroundings but I know you are here. We planned tonight, for this show, because it’s a band we both like. I’m late and have already missed part of the first band but I had to make sure everything was completely perfect. My skirt sits at my hips, it’s short but still leaves much to the imagination. I chose a low cut shirt in hopes to show off a bit and catch your attention.

Suddenly, my phone vibrates and I fumble a bit to grab it, there’s a text, you see me and are sitting on the other side of the bar waiting for me. As I make my way towards the bar I see you, just like the pictures, just like my fantasies. I decide to stop to buy a beer on the way, hopefully that will help me to relax and let go a bit. I thought I was nervous before but that was nothing compared to what I’m feeling now, my stomach tightens and I can feel my cheeks flush. As I walk up to you we both smile and say hi. You hug me and I say that it’s really great to finally meet you, I’m trying so hard not to let my shyness take over.

Once the band finishes we finally get a chance to talk, things are light and easy. I can’t help canlı bahis şirketleri but smile, the nervousness fades and I begin to feel comfortable. We laugh about something, I touch your arm and leave my hand resting there, I hope you’ll get the small signal. We can see the next band is getting ready to start, you take my hand and lead me close to the stage so we can watch. The music begins, it’s unfamiliar to us and sounds much like that first band but you pull me back into you so I don’t get pushed around and I can’t help but move my ass against you, I’m curious and want to know if your interested. Wondering what your reaction will be. Your hands are on my hips, holding me close. I can feel myself grinning knowing that you like it. When the music stops we move back to the table we started at. I start to sit in my own chair but you bring me onto your lap, I am shocked and freeze a bit, especially when I realize I can feel you through the thin layers of clothes that separate us. Suddenly your fingers are in my hair and you whisper in my ear how much I’m turning you on and you want me right here and now. Shivers trail down my back and leading to my core, I feel myself growing wet and grind into you.

The band we came for is finally ready but I’m having a hard time concentrating on them, or really caring, I’ve lost interest in the music. All of my focus is on you. You have a knowing smile and walk to the stage like nothing has happened, of course I follow. I’m pulled back in front of you and think to myself if you can torture me and make me crazy, then canlı kaçak iddaa I can tease you. I press my ass against you but am surprised to feel your hand moving up the back of my bare thigh. I can’t help but arch my back and spread my legs a bit. Your hand squeezes my ass and I push harder into you. Your fingers make their way along the edge of my panties, I hold my breathe and hope you continue. My wish comes true and while everyone around us is oblivious to what is going on you are running your fingers back and forth over me. A finger slips beneath my panties and moves in slow circles around my clit. I reach my hand back and grip your leg to keep myself steady. I haven’t paid a bit of attention to the show and I don’t think you have either. As excited as I was for the band, I want it to be over so I can have you to myself. It seems like the band plays forever, it’s almost as if everything is in slow motion just to torture me. Finally, the music comes to an end, I am instantly shy and nervous again…the anticipation is killing me. We haven’t planned anything after the show but it’s obvious we aren’t ready for the evening to end, or at least I’m desperately hoping it’s not over.

The bar is closing and security is forcing us outside. I walk with you to your truck and as soon as we are around the side you push me against it, run your fingers into my hair and kiss me passionately. Our lips meet, my mouth opens and the kiss deepens. I run my tongue along your lip and gently bite it. You tug my hair a bit and bite me back to let me know that you are in control. canlı kaçak bahis It all just makes me wetter, more excited. One hand leaves my hair and you open the door to your truck. The gasp on my hair with the other hand becomes much firmer and you move me so my ass is resting against the floor of the truck. Your free hand quickly moves to my pussy, rubbing me through my panties. I want you inside me, deep inside me. I reach out and place my hand over your cock and find that you are already hard, which only makes me crazier. The hand in my hair moves to my throat and you tell me you are going to fuck me like a dirty little girl.

Your hand reaches behind my knee and pulls my leg up to make room for you between my thighs, my panties are pushed to the side and the head of your cock slides over my clit, your hand tightens on my neck and I feel like I’m going to die if you don’t fuck me. I am begging you with my eyes, please don’t tease me any longer, I can’t take it. In one swift motion all of you is inside of me. I am tight but stretch, overwhelmed with sensation but it feels amazing. I slide my hands beneath your shirt and hold on to you.. I don’t care what you do, as long as you don’t stop. In and out, gaining a bit of speed and momentum with each stroke. Your fingers find my clit again and it’s not long before I can feel my muscles tightening, you can feel it also and grasp my neck harder. I can’t breathe, it immediately sends me over the edge. I dig my nails in knowing I have to be leaving scratches across your back. You release my throat, fucking me hard and fast, my orgasm won’t stop. I whisper, “fuck me, please cum in my pussy.” Not long after, you thrust hard into me and I can feel your cock throb as you cum deep inside me. I know that I will be sore tomorrow but it will be a very pleasant reminder.

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