A Country Girl’s First Party

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She was two weeks away from seventeen when she went to Matt Davison’s end of the year party. With long, pretty blonde hair, wide, curious blue eyes, she was the poster child for both the Midwest and innocence.

Her name was Catherine, and she wasn’t really a big party goer, but hell, she was almost seventeen and she wanted to talk to some real, honest-to-god boys. Because of her high and mighty all girls school, she didn’t even know how men’s voices were supposed to sound like anymore. Her own father was a redneck lowlife she didn’t speak to, and her mother never brought anyone home. And out on the farm – there was no wifi to watch any kind of videos, sexual or not.

So, yes, when Mary asked her to come with her to Matt Davison’s famous end of the year bash, she readily said yes.

The day of she and a small group of girls she really didn’t know all went to Mary’s house, trying on makeup and dresses for hours until it was time to go. For her part, she chose a simple pair of blue, roughed up jeans and a halter top that barely showed any cleavage. The other girls went a little more daring – wearing tiny skirts and push up bras. Catherine could only look at them with envy.

“Are you ready to go, Cat?” Mary asked, plucking her lips in the bathroom room.

“Uh huh.” She replied slowly, blushing a bit at her large grin. Mary laughed and grabbed her hand. The pair joined the little group and off they went. The party was being held on Juniper Street, which was comforting since the street had a total of two houses/farms on it. There were miles between the farms, and miles to the next street. They could make as much noise as they wanted, and Catherine really doubted the cops would come around.

Who would complain? The cows?

“I can’t wait to get wasted. Have you ever drank before, Cat?”

The blonde chirped up. “I’ve had some moonshine before.” She told them proudly. The other girls looked impressed, even judgmental. The truth was she had a sip her uncle made about two years prior, and she had immediately spit it out, making her entire family laugh. But the group didn’t need to know that.

“Wow. I think Billy is bringing some Apple Pie Moonshine. Gonna try it with me?” Mary asked the group. The other girls looked wary and just laughed.

“I will.” Catherine shrugged, and Mary smiled, clapping her hands together.

An hour later, the pair were harassing Billy for little more moonshine. The boy was a tall ginger, and Catherine found him cute. But then, she found every single guy there interesting, one way or another. “This is really strong girls.” he warned, hesitant to pour more.

Mary giggled. “It tastes like fucking cinnamon, kid. Gimme.” she whined, and Catherine thought maybe they were drunk. As soon as they had arrived, they started on beer, before moving onto whiskey and cokes, and then the Moonshine.
“Do a shot of tequila instead. That might be better for you.”

“Oh!” Catherine exclaimed, forgetting the realization that she was drunk. “Let’s do that. I’ve never had tequila.”

Mary perked up. “Let’s do both?” she asked, her eyes bright. Catherine smiled widely.

“Okay!” she agreed, and the pair went off to take their first shot of tequila while Billy just shook his head.

An hour after that, and two glasses of Moonshine and two more shots of tequila later, and Catherine was all but passed out on the front steps. Mary and the group of girls she came with were nowhere to be seen. She wondered if she actually was the one who left them, but she doesn’t remember. She doesn’t even know how she got to the porch, really.

Leaning her head against the railing, she almost fell asleep when someone plops down besides her. She looked over, but she only saw features and can’t understand his face. She knew it’s a guy because of his short black hair, and she knows he has green eyes, and she knew he has a nose, but none of those features added up to a face in her mind right now.

She giggled and put her hand on his face. “Hiii.” she slurred, vaulting forward into him. He exclaimed something, who knows what, and steadied her. “Careful,” she thought he said, but she was Kartal Escort closing her eyes again.

A minute or so later, she realized she was walking. There’s an arm around her waist and they are walking in zig-zags, and she noticed that she can feel the wet grass between her toes, which seriously begged the question as to where her shoes went. “Where…” she tried to say, but her mind was shutting down on her.

She closed her eyes again, and felt herself being lifted. There was metal under her ass, like a car, but she was still out in the open, and it confused the hell out of her. “Huh.” she whispered.

“Shh.” came the voice before he kissed her. She “hmmmed” against his lips, still asking a question. He pressed harder against her lips, and suddenly he was taller. In reality, he climbed onto a step before pushing her backwards. She could feel metal on her back, and he climbed on top of her. His lips were still pressing roughly. She whimpered and he pushed his tongue in. It felt weird and clammy, and she felt like she was going to throw up. He didn’t continue for long and instead, pushed his upper body off of her. She breathed deeply, realizing she was being crushed before.

He untied her halter top, and suddenly she felt the cold wind on her exposed nipples. She looked down and saw her medium-sized, teen breasts out in the open, and couldn’t wrap her mind around it. Hands started grouping them, pinching her dusty pink nipples hard and massaging them. It hurt a bit because he was too rough. She started choking, but he ignored her.

Instead, he went down to her jeans, unbuttoning them and taking them and her underwear off in one swoop. Her bare ass was on the cold metal and she jumped at the sensation. He jumped off the platform they were on, and she realized she was on a flatbed of a pick up truck. There were cars parked all around them.

Suddenly, her legs were being spread open, and her tiny, virginal, not-even-doctor-seen cunt was on display. She whimpered again, lifting her hand lifelessly. He pulled at the hair there, and she turned her head to the side in numb pain. Fingers started prodding her. First at her clit, lightly rubbing it for maybe thirty seconds, before moving on to her still, very much dried cunt. He roughly inserted two fingers in and her body shot up in pain. She screamed a bit, but he ignored her.

Taking out his fingers, he smeared the blood onto her stomach. Her halter top now was a thin strip of cloth around her upper middle, the only piece of clothing she had left. She vaguely heard the zipper of his jeans, and she managed to utter a single, raspy, “No.”

But again, he ignored her. He climbed onto to the car again, and it dipped with his weight. Her legs were at either side of his hips, and his jeans were pushed down just below his cock. The material was rough on her soft thighs. He grabbed her breasts again, squeezing them with all his might before pushing his cock towards her cunt. It missed the target quite a few times, mostly because he wouldn’t let go of her tits, but eventually the head found the small, barely stretched out hole.

There was a deep pain in her whole body as he started putting pressure onto her. His cock was thick as it parted her dry lips, and he had to lick his hand to lubricate a bit down there. When he finished, and this time guided his cock, he returned his hands to her breasts, squeezing so hard he left indents. His dickhead pushed at her opening, until finally she opened up a little, and then he shoved himself all the way in. She screamed loudly, and the sound echoed for miles. The party must have been over for hours. Why wasn’t anyone hearing her?

She could feel some kind of liquid run down her thighs stemming from her deflowered cunt, and she knew it was more blood. He immediately started thrusting in her, squeezing her tits and piledriving her like she was an experienced whore. She grunted with each thrust, crying now. Loud, disgusting sobs, but he never stopped. When she thought she couldn’t take no more, he managed to shove another inch or two inside her. She felt full and stretched, and in so much pain. She could feel him inside Kartal Escort Bayan her. Big and thick and in between her lily white legs, going so fast she could barely see his dick in the little gap he provided.

She doesn’t know when, but suddenly he sounded grunting, moaning even, and then she felt more liquid running down her thighs. She didn’t know what it was, but it got matted into her pubic hair. He groaned and got off of her, and she just hyperventilated. He rolled over to lay besides her and laughed. “Whoo!” he exclaimed, still chuckling. “Thanks honey.” he slapped her thigh hard, jumping off the pick up truck while doing so.

Laying there, all she could feel was the throbbing in her cunt and the breeze on her body. She could see the stars up above, but also the start of dawn. Looking around slowly, still in shock, she could see a bunch of guys in the car across, drinking beers and casually staring at her deflowered cunt. Her legs were still completely spread and she didn’t have the energy to move them. There was some talking to the right of her, and she recognized more male voices. She thinks they were always there, now that she thinks about it.

She breathed deeply and knows she about to sob again. For a long time, or maybe ten minutes, she just stared at the stars.

“Oh, come on, honey. Stop that blubbering. You got laid. That’s a good thing.” It was another man. This time she could make out his features better. He was older – he looked twenty something and he was there with a younger friend. They were both drinking beers. The older man had blonde hair like hers, but the younger one had a familiar orange tint. The blonde was leaning against the truck and running a hand up and down her thigh. The ginger was eating her up with his eyes. “Now, now.” he continued, before climbing onto the flatbed.

His hand went further up as he did, brushing against her gummy pussy. His fingers dipped in easily and he scissored her a bit, his palm rubbing against her clit. “There, there. I gotcha.” he whispered, his breath abysmal. He kissed her fully on the mouth, and she tried to struggle, but the ginger climbed on as well and held her down. They laid on either side of her.

The blonde continued to kiss her and continued to finger her, while the ginger sucked her nipples. He bite them and pulled, and she could only scream into the blonde’s mouth. “Turn her.” Blonde said softly. Ginger rolled her over on her side, with her ass pressing up against Ginger. Blonde took her leg and put it around his hip, and suddenly they were face to face.

He pushed into her roughly, unexpectedly. She thought she’d hear the zipper again, but instead all she felt was another cock. In this position, he felt huge, but her cunt was so wet that he slide easily. The blonde went slow, barely moving at all.

On the other side, Ginger reached around and rubbed her clit for ages until she could start to feel something building. Blonde continued to kiss her everywhere, neck, breasts, anywhere, and went slowly, allowing her some pleasure. It was even worse than the first time.

She started pushing back, but the boys didn’t comment on it. She was the only one making noise as she struggled with an orgasm. She screamed as it happen, sobbing loudly. The blonde kissed her to shut her up, and started moving a bit faster. Suddenly, he started groaning like the first guy did and she felt a spurt of cream inside of her.

He came in her. Actually, she realized, they both did.

She started crying at that again, but Blonde only kissed her more. Behind her, Ginger pulled her hair back. She was ripped from the kissed and fed some beer. And then some more, until she was feeling lightheaded again. All of a sudden, she felt warm liquid being poured down her ass crack. “Grab her leg.” Ginger ordered, and Blonde gripped her leg tightly. He pulled her upper body towards him too, shoving her face into shirt.

She froze when she felt something very cold and wet against her little asshole. “One wrong move, and that bottle with break inside your asshole, baby. So you best relax and let it happen. Tighten up and crunch.” Blonde Escort Kartal said in her ear. She screamed loudly, but he pushed her into his chest harder and all she could breathe was his shirt.

The bottle cleared the first couple centimeters, and she wanted to close her anus so badly, but was so cognizant that she couldn’t. She forced herself to relax, spreading her legs wider and telling herself not to squeeze. The bottle slid in a little more and Ginger spit on it a bit, before sliding it in a little more after that. She moaned loudly when it started to stretched her, telling her the neck was done. But Ginger didn’t force anymore into her, just fucked her with the neck for a bit, before removing it was a plop. She breathed quickly into Blonde’s chest as it was removed, and tried to stifle the sob coming up. She thought maybe they were done. As soon as they are, I’ll run, she told herself.

But then, Ginger pressed his cock into her small asshole, and she screamed again. “Shut up before I shove that shitty bottle down your throat.” Blonde threatened, his hands going around her neck. She gasped and stopped breathing, like something was caught in her throat.

Ginger pushed forward, but didn’t make too much progress. He had to spit and stretch for ages, and she could feel every finger and every bit of saliva and she wanted to vomit. Finally, he put his cock back to her hole. This time he entered her. He pushed slowly, letting her feel every inch of his cock. There was ugly sobbing again as he did. Her little hands were tight around Blonde’s shirt, and she could only close her eyes as Ginger fucked her in the ass. All she felt was pain again, especially in her lower back and of course, anus. Every time he went back, it felt like her insides were going with him.

Her fingernails dug into Blonde’s shirt when she felt a hard dick up front again. “No, no, no.” she whimpered, and continued whimpering the entire time it was happening. Her leg was spread wider, and Blonde put his dickhead against her hole. He pushed gently, letting her get used to having two cocks in her. She felt like throwing up. They were going to kill her, stuff her completely, stretch her out beyond repair. There was so much pressure and pain and dryness, that it made her pass out.

When she came to, they were fucking her with vigor. Her lower back was killing her and her ass and cunt were numb with pain. They were out of sync, but each slammed into her hard enough for the sound to echo through the field.

For a second time, she passed out. This time, it was till morning.

She woke up because of the harsh beating sun, and she was blinded for a while, until she blinked and saw a group of 15 year old boys staring at her. Her legs were wide open still, and she felt even weirder. Like maybe the party continued with other people after she passed out.

“Oh, my god.” she rasped out, and tried to pull her legs up. Her body shot up in pain and she screamed. She slammed back down onto the flatbed, afraid to move. There was so much pain.

“Bro, I think she was raped.” one of the boys said.

“Nah, this is definitely St. Gen’s slut. She does this at every party she goes to. I’ve seen her before. Actually I’ve fucked her before.” Another said.

“That’s not true.” she said, but her voice was gone.

“You don’t mind us fucking you too, right baby doll?” A boy said. “You’ve already fucked like seven guys last night. I counted. What’s three more?” he said.

She started crying again. “Please.”
“Aw c’mon. Don’t be that way. I waited till you were awake after all. We’re all still virgins and we wanna know what we’re doing when he get a hunny later on. You’re perfect to practice on.”

“No.” she whispered, but the guy was already on her. The other boys watched silently, and she choked back tears. Nearly two minutes later, another load was inside her. By the end of ten minutes, two more loads followed. They all high fived each other and left.

An hour later, Mary finally found her, legs spread, blood everywhere, pussy a mess with cum and blood, ass wide and bleeding. Her tits were mauled and face and body were covered in cum.

Poor Catherine.

Inspiration for this story, you ask? Well, let’s just say I never drank again.

Sorry for errors, but I’m not proofreading this. It was hard enough to type.

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