A Damsel and Her Dragon – Part Two

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The stupid horse, in its frenzy to flee the dragon, had dragged Yasmine, the knight, and the beast itself all straight into the rapids of the raging river. Only by some twist of fate had the cold water been enough to jolt the unconscious knight from his sleep—Yasmine simply wasn’t sure whether those fates were cruel, or if this was their way of saving her life. Did it matter? She was safe, but she now had to find another way to escape the man who seemed so determined to possess her.The rope she had escaped was in his white-knuckled grip, and he roughly bound her to the saddle of the horse. She didn’t bother to fight, not while they still fought the current’s deadly grip. It was almost a relief to have the rope’s reassurance that the rapids wouldn’t pull her away once more. “Don’t squirm,” the knight was saying, though she didn’t know if he actually expected her to listen. For once, though, she did, not bothering to fight the bindings that held her bound on the horse’s saddle.From her vantage, one of the knight’s armored feet twisted awkwardly to the side, clearly broken and evidently the anchor that had held him to the panicking horse. Yas realized with relief that she had some advantages over the man now. Before it had been twelve on one, here it was one on one with him being injured. Hope flared, though the light lit was dim and wavering. Her eyes tried to scan the skyline, but she saw no sign of the dragon, and the awkward angle and bobbing horse prevented her from getting any good glances at the sky. Yas only saw bits and pieces of what the knight was doing to get the horse to the side of the rapids, her head plunging under the frigid water as the animal twisted and turned. The dousing felt like a renewed attack on her already battered and bruised body, and exhaustion made her muscles burn and ache. Only after moments stretched into minutes and the dousing failed to occur did she realize the horse had finally pulled itself onto the shores of the raging river, though it looked past exhaustion. Its legs trembled and its head hung low, snorting heavily. Blood ran down into side, and she saw distinct punctures from where the dragon had attempted to lift it into the air.The poor creature would not be carrying them any further, of that she was quite certain.Derrin, too, looked past the point of complete exhaustion, the man resting against a fallen log, his dark eyes closed and not bothering to watch her. She was still bound, so there was hardly any need to. The man had lost most of his armor during their plunge into the river, though he still wore the black and brown leathers that most wore underneath. He was soaked through, like herself, but she had no cloth to shield her from the evening wind, and chills were beginning to wrack her body.The horse went to its knees, and Yasmine must have made a noise of shock or nervousness, because Derrin’s eyes opened, and he looked at her. His brown gaze lingered on her, and after a moment, he finally stood.Anxiety clawed at Yasmine’s gut, and as the knight started to approach, she squirmed desperately against the bindings that held her. The rope during into her wrists, and all her wriggling seemed to do was tighten the binds and irritate the horse. The horse snorted in annoyance, but it was far too tired to try to stand again, instead rolling slightly so that it lay on her legs. Pain bloomed at the sudden weight on her body, and Yas cried out, frustrated güvenilir bahis and terrified that the universe seemed so intent to see her taken.The man seemed to enjoy watching her struggles. Her panicked eyes saw him as he stroked the front of his leathers, and she saw that his desire strained against the wet cloth. Despite his exhaustion, it seemed as if he still intended on following through with claiming his reward. Blue eyes clenched shut, the princess falling limp in despair.All of this, and she was still going to suffer the same fate.The knight’s hands were cold when they found her, sapped of their warmth from the river as her own body had been. It felt as if a corpse fondled her, with pruned, frigid fingers pulling on her nipples and squeezing her breasts. No desire rose in her this time, her body too exhausted to rise to the mental and physical torture inflicted on her. Now she only felt vile revulsion as she was acutely aware of his hands on her body but was unable to do anything other than feebly try to push him away. He caught her hands, amused by the attempts.Derrin laughed at her attempts to do so. The horse had gone still, and Yas realized with horror that it had, at some point, simply shuddered and finally died. The fall from the dragon’s taloned grip, the reckless flight through the trees, and the final floundering in the river had been too much for the beast. In its demise, though, it truly was a dead weight.Yasmine didn’t need to see to know what pressed against her lips. She had tasted it once before, though it had been Erroc’s need that she had tasted in that dark cellar. Then, Derrin had stopped Erroc before the scarred mercenary had been able to plunder her mouth, but no such men stood around to halt Derrin, now.The tears that had been threatening to spill finally did, trailing thin wet lines down her cheeks. She heard Derrin chuckle and felt a bead of salty desire form on the head of his member, slipping between her lips, though she pressed them tightly together to prevent herself from tasting his seed. She didn’t lick at it as he knew he wanted her to, and with a grunt, he grabbed the back of her head and slammed himself into her mouth, forcing his length past her pressed lips.Choking, it took all of Yas’s strength to not gag on his girth, feeling it curve backwards down her throat and press against the roof of her mouth. Panic caused her limbs to flail, pressing against the man, the horse, the ground, whatever she could to try and wrench herself off the invasive member. The knight, though, was stronger. His fingers clenched in her pale hair and held her against the skin of his pelvis, groaning as saliva slipped down her mouth and dripped between the two of them.Yas could feel him twitching in her mouth, and she knew that he enjoyed her agony.  The dragon, for what it was worth, was very quiet when he wanted to be. She didn’t hear him approach, merely felt the massive buffeting of wind as he flared his wings, dropping down into the clearing with a bellowing roar. The earth itself seemed to heave as he landed, his immense size and weight enough to leave imprints in the dirt and grass where he’d landed.Derrin, distracted, forgot about her. With a desperate, muffled cry, Yas bit, and felt a surge of satisfaction as she heard Derrin scream before he pulled his member out of her mouth. She tasted blood on her tongue, which she turned and spat onto the ground. güvenilir bahis siteleri A moment later a fist found her chin, but she felt no regret as stars bloomed, and blackness threatened.The man couldn’t focus on her as he wanted to, the quick, brutal hit all he could manage before the dragon charged the clearing, trying to push the knight back away form the corpse of the horse and the pinned princess. Derrin abandoned her, as the dragon and woman had both hoped, fleeing towards the woods. He had no weapon, no armor, and no mount, and it was no challenge as the crimson dragon simply ran him down. The drake pinned the man to the ground with digging claws, drawing screams of pain from the knight.Yasmine did not hear what the dragon said to the knight before he killed him, merely saw as one second he had a head, and the next it disappeared into the dragon’s gullet. Then the flickering, faceted amber eyes turned on her, still trapped under the horse, and she felt a mixture of fear and excitement lance through her. He approached slowly, like a cat hunting its prey, and she wondered whether he would simply devour her here, horse and all, or if he would truly free her.The dragon’s massive claws were surprisingly gentle as her pushed the corpse of the horse off her. She thought she’d feel relief when the dead weight was lifted, but instead, Yasmine screamed as pain seemed to stab her even sharper than before, the blood returning to her limbs.The dragon waited for her pain to subside, watching her, his amber gaze unreadable.After a moment, the stabbing pain faded, replaced by a cold numbness. Her breath was coming in short, sharp gasps, and she wondered if she was on the verge of panic. “Can you talk?” she asked, softly. Her words seemed strange, difficult to form on her chilled lips.The dragon blinked, then nodded, slowly. She felt something glance across her mind, like someone else’s thought, :I can.:Fear, and something else seemed to wash over her. The drake’s thoughts pressed against her own mind had been unusual, alien. She tried to shake the fear, saying, “What is your name? I should know the name of the creature who has saved me. I am Princess Yasmine. Thank you.” It felt odd, to introduce herself to the beast who had kept her captive for so many years, but she knew nothing about him and realized that he likely knew nothing about her. They had never spoken, after all, not before this. He was quiet. Did dragons have names? The silence stretched on uncomfortably long, and she opened her mouth to tell him never mind, when he said, simply::Razikel. You may call me Razikel.”Razikel. It fit him, oddly. “Did you kill them?” she asked, meaning the two soldiers he had been left fighting in the cellar. He was here, so she thought the answer was obvious, but the question was important. She needed to know. If so, then all of the men who had come for her were dead, and she was safe.The dragon grinned, baring teeth in a snarl that was distinctly predatory, :With great pleasure.: Crimson stained his maw, and she wondered, again, whose blood it was that he wore. Was that Derrin’s? If it was, did she truly care?Her eyes closed, surprised by the relief that surged through her. A tremble shook her, starting slight, growing more intense as she realized how close she had come to being assaulted by the army of mercenaries. How close she had become to being a slave to an army of mercenaries. The iddaa siteleri dragon had saved her.She looked up – looked into an amber gaze burning with hunger. She stepped back, the fire that flickered in the massive beast’s citrine gaze causing a similar heat to flare up within her. There was no mistaking that expression. His eyes roamed over her possessively, lingering on the soft curves of her breasts and hips. For years he had watched her from afar, and now he drank her in like a thirsty man at an oasis. While before she had seen him as only a monster, now she knew that his mind buzzed with intelligence rivaling or even surpassing that of a human’s. Coupled with his ability to take on a human form—She tried to step back, to place some distance between herself and the intensity of that gaze, but she found that his muscular tail had slipped around her waist, holding her completely still. He held her up before him, dangling her before his maw. The slim but powerful muscle that was his tail slipped wound between her legs, parting her thigh for him. Pleasure bloomed as he teased her sex, but she didn’t know, didn’t understand. “Wait,” she whispered, her eyes widening. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. He was supposed to save her, take her home, protect her. A whimper slipped from her, but it wasn’t terror that filled her. The dragon loomed over her, a forked tongue slipping between his reptilian lips, flicking featherlight against her nude skin. Was he going to eat her?:Why?.:His tongue slipped into her hidden entrance, delving into the core of sex, the princess felt completely helpless before the massive size and power of the drake. She threw her head back as she found herself, for the first time ever, filled. She writhed, gasping, startled as her body was wracked with soul-shattering pleasure. Each time the beast growled it seemed as if she felt the echo of the noise ripple through his muscles, vibrating inside her core. It built a pressure within her, sharp and wonderful, close to eruption. He lapped at her, filling her, stretching her until she felt like she was simply going to burst from the pleasure of it all.:I should have done this years ago,: the rasp of the dragon’s voice scraped across her mind, and she was surprised as she realized he could speak to her despite his tongue being… involved elsewhere. She opened her eyes and saw his, burning with need, locked on her with voracious longing. :You have always been mine, and it is time you knew that.:Yasmine whimpered regretfully as the dragon withdrew his tongue from her core, the forked ends flicking her clit in an almost teasing reassurance that he was not done. He had been using his tail to lift her in the air, leaving her suspended before his citrine gaze, but now he lowered to the grass beneath him, pinning her to the ground by laying a massive claw across her waist and pressing gently. She gasped, her hands grabbing at the obstruction to try and free herself, but it was impossible to even budge him with his far superior size. Entirely at his mercy, something flared to life within Yasmine’s core, a hot need that she didn’t understand, but made her squirm underneath his touch. Amber eyes flashed, and a soft growl rumbled from the depths of his draconic chest, though she felt no fear as she heard the noise.Razikel’s desire for her was impossible to ignore, his enormous cock exposed from its sheath and hanging near her body. It was almost the size of her leg, and just as girthy, with rivulets of seed dripping onto the grass beside her. Panic swelled, and her attempts to dislodge the dragon’s pinning claws renewed, with fresh frenzy. He would kill her.

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