A date at the lonely bench.

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A date at the lonely bench.October 2014, South Wales, secluded and forgotten benchIt’s a relatively sunny day with some summer rain I’m wearing my skinny jeans, my hair is flowing in the wind as I smoke a joint waiting for her to wake up (she’s gonna need a lie in for what’s in store). She’s a wannabe goth and I don’t mind sayin’ it, black lipstick, black hair, thick eye-liner and brown cola eyes. She started sending me the photos you can find in my galleries.Texts – me: “Wanna meet up at ‘the bench’ away from the town?” Shannon: “Why you got something special planned? ;)” me: “Maybe.. depends on how far you’re willing to go. ;)” her: “hehe I like where you’re going with this ;)” me: “see you there in 5?” Her: “I’m nearly there” *My cock is already eager, ready and waiting as I see her meet me to the path to the bench. I see her, grab her head and give her a lusty, sloppy kiss our tongues wrestle for a good 12 seconds.*She looks at me and says “ready?” with a kinky little smile, I pat her on the arse and give it a squeeze and she returns by grabbing my hand and sucking my middle finger. Staring at her tongue lather it just made me so fucking ready to go, so we begin walking up the path it’s a long walk. I hear her panting as we get up the hill, she’s not one for exercising this one but atleast she can give a man a good time. We reach the bench, it’s totally secluded and no one seems to pass by. We sit, chat a little then I break the conversing with another tongue lathering snog. kaynarca escort She’s wearing these jean-short things that have the braces kinda like a “farmer girl” meets “Coal Chamber’s bassist” kinda look. I slip the braces off and slide my hand behind her back. I unhook her bra and I see her tits drop outwards, thinking “woah!” and without any hesitation I begin with a kinky playful bite on her tit as I squeeze the other one. She tilts her head back in ecstasy (I’m her first, I can tell) I begin licking her tits and for someone who’s barely legal hell! they’re pretty impressive! She licks up my neck and tells me to bite just “a little” harder and so I do. “ooh!” she says.I then pull down those dungaree-shorts and I immediately slide my middle finger in her pussy, I hit the spot then drag it in and out slowly. (her pussy is so wet I can feel it dripping on my hands!) I kiss her thighs on the inside, and kiss her pubic bone, I then use my tongue to stroke her clit in a circular motion. It’s not long until I see her legs twitch in pleasure, shaking I can see she’s already to go. I stand up and say “Ready for your first taste of hard, thick, cock? ;)” She slides her hand into my jeans, and says “Oh my god! I didn’t realise it was actually this big! I though you’d used a different photo or changed the one you sent!” and I said “well, that is my Hendrix frame isn’t it?” she says “I don’t even know how I’ll get it all in” and I say “Well, won’t know til’ you try babe..”She orhanlı escort wraps her blackened lips around the head and I feel her jaw widening, she get’s two more inches in until it struggles to squeeze in further. Then, in amazement she grabs my arse as leverage and forces straight down her throat minus one inch. I almost thought she was going to turn blue! Then she sucks and pulls back, my cock’s covered in saliva and she makes the “pop!” noise my eyes rolled back in my head. I say “ah god, that feels so good.” Then she licks up and down the shaft, and starts sucking my balls. I sit back down on the bench and I hear her “mmmMMMmmm..” as her head goes back and forth I rub her tit. She says “You got any condoms?” I thought “shit, I knew we were gonna do this. But I didn’t realise it would get this far!” and I stutter slightly and say “ah fuck, I didn’t bring any..” She smiles and she slides my hard cock between her big, low tits and she licks the head, I see I’m pre-cumming before she says “.. I’m on the pill” and smiles I awkwardly lean forward and kiss her (I don’t even care about the pre-cum, as a matter of fact.. I like it.) She bounces those tits up and down, over and over like a flesh-machine! Then she puts her knees on the bench and rests her arms on the back of the bench, plays with her pussy a little and says “Fuck me.. fuck me hard!” I lick her pussy and slide my tongue across into her tight, big ass and she shivers and says “oohh.. you’re so fucking tepeören escort horny!” and I say “look who’s talkin'” I slip my left thumb in her ass as I shove my cock in her tight, dripping pussy. She’s already eager, I break her in easy to avoid any discomfort. I’m thinking “fuck, most virgins hate anything being in their arse!” I feel her riding a little harder, I speed up and get almost half my cock inside. The more I shove, the more I hear her under her breath “oh god, oh god, fuck.. yeah, yes! Fuck me!” I never got to the base but I’m most of the way in as I fuck her deep and fast. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice someone in the distance. I can’t stop now I can feel the build up, she’s not far and neither am I! I cover her mouth (lucky they weren’t walking my way, they might think it was forced!) I use my other hand to rub her clit some more. She pants like crazy, then I feel the shudder the passer by has gone. I take my hand off her mouth, slap her arse, and *SQUIRT!* I pull out and cum on her ass which drips on her pussy, squeeze my cock, walk to the other side of the bench and release the rest of my pent up load over her mouth which drips all over her tits! We quickly try to get our clothes back on as the summer rain falls down upon us. She’s still panting and sayin’ “oh, oh fuck..” I help her get her dungarees and knickers (drenched), I turn around and I see her rubbing her index finger in my cum and wiping it into her mouth. I do one better, I go up to her, lick my cum from her pussy and her tits and she’s leaned back at the bench she pants “That.. was.. fucking.. amazing!” I smile, grab my pre-roll and light up. Next course of action, regret making a girl I didn’t want to be with forever cum.. fml.

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