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A DAY AT WORKwell the day started off like normal, i woke up with a hard on and got dressed and made my lunch and went to work at 5 in the morning, so i get to work, i work with horses you see, i hav a chatt with my boss and get straight into the usual routine, so and the day starts to wind up my boss says to me that im going to be holding onto the horses to be xrayed today by the vet, so i said ok then so the vet came out i got the first horses for him and we went about buisness, untill i found out that the lady he brought with hiim to help wasnt wearing any panties, so im standing there hanging on to the horse and shes bending over right in front of me, i have a clear view of hear small tight ass, as i found out that she had no panties on i started to get a hard on, so she bending over right in front of me ,at this stage we were xraying the front legs and so on, my cock was growing at a farst rate and then it happened she backed right up to me and bent over, so i tryed to keep still and see if she didnt notice anything but somthing in me said no and i slowly started to rube my cock into her, she stated to follow me in rythem when she could, cause there was a lot of moveing around you see cause we had to xray the whole horse, but as the day went on we contined this forplay and evey now and then she would bend right over in front of me and spread her legs bakırköy escort far enough so i could see he tight shaven pussy throw her tight black pants,and it would send me over the edge i tell you, so we were finshing up on the last hosre and she bent over right in front of me again so i decide to press myself up to her and raise the protective vest up a little so she could feel my raging hard on rubbing into her ass and she did and out so surprise she reached back between her legs a gave my cock a quick rub before she had to move. so i took the last horse back to the day yard and came back to see the vet but to little did i no that the vet had to get pick up and go down the road for a little while, so i came back and his assitante was just standing the waitin gfor him so we started talking and laughing, and then my dreams came true when she just said would you like to fuck me, and i said hell yes, and then she said you have been making me wet all afternoon by rubbing that cock of yours into my ass to now i want to taste it, so i took her into the feed room and without warning she started to kiss me and while doing so she undid my belt of my shorts slowly and then undid my button and fly and dropped then,we stopped kissing and by now i was half hard is slowly bent down and got on her knees and gave me a kiss beşiktaş escort on the cock through my boxes that i was wearing then she slide my boxers down and saw my 5and half inch cock standing sraight out at her, she wrapped one of her hands around my shaft and stated pulling me off the she opened her mouth and started to slowly take my cock into her mouth inch by inch then she increased the speed of sucking she was driving me over the the edge the way she yose her tonge around the end of my cock and the warth of her mouth was unbeleavable, the she stopped got up and kissed me and said no its your turn to fuck me, so i took her futher into the feed room and took off her shirt and bra and she had perfect tits very perky with small nipples, which i sucked on i was sending her weak at the kneens once i started rubbing here small tight pussy while sucking on those lovly breasts of hers, so i made my way down her body and slowly took of her black pantes and there in front of my eyes was a small shaven tight love hole begging the be fucked, so i started licking her out sucking onher bud which cause her to orgasm twice i had sweet lon=ve juice all over my face, then i came back upto kiss her and she said fuck me now my cock was between her legs and could fell the enanse heat that was coming out from there then she beylikdüzü escort sais lay down on th eground so i did and she got on top of me and rubbed her pussey along my shaft she coated my shaft with her juices then she stopped and wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and guided to her sweet entry she rubbed my knob up and down her pussy before slowly lowering her self onto me, until i was a inside of her the we started moving in rythem and we started to speed things up then while still fuck i round onto the top and started picking up some pace you could hear us from my balls smacking into her and the noises of me raming in and out of her,i could start to feel that she was getting cloce to orgasming again so i speed up the pace and she doug her nail in to mu=y back and started moaning i could fell her pussy start to tighten around my cock and then out of no where she started to cum jucies where coming out her pussy lockrd onto my cock which sent me overboard she felt my cock start to swell up and she said to me cum cum right in side of me, cum for me she says so i do , i drove my cock right in to her and started unloading the biggest load ever into her and her pussy just milked me till i was done as i slowy with drew my cock from her both of our love juices started to come out so rubbed then back in with my hand as i contined to kiss her, then all of a sudden we hearded the vet come back up the drive so we quickly got up she cleaned my cock up then we got dressed and as we were walking out of the feed room you could see my cum and juices making a lovely wet spot into her pants, but we walked out of the feed room like nothing ever happend, the end

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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