A Day with Lauren

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As I entered her spacious bedroom, I noticed I wasn’t the first to arrive. There, buried between her thighs, was a the bald head of a man ravishing her sex.

“Hi sweetie,” Lauren said to me as I climbed onto her large bed. “there’s lube on the night stand if you want me to pleasure you a little.”


It was a week ago when I received the email from Lauren. The subject line read, “National Nude Day Mutual Masturbation Party.” Intriguing, I thought. Lauren was always one to come up with novel ideas and this one sounded exciting. The email went on, “I would like to invite you along with a few of my other gentleman friends for an afternoon of naked fun, food and drink. No intercourse. Just our usual naked fun but as a group.”

Lauren is an overweight woman with large breasts in her early fifties with an affinity for older men. I am a sixty-one year man, average build, average endowment, and in a sexless marriage. When I first met Lauren, I was immediately taken by her bubbly personality. We were at a party in the home of one of my neighbors, a retired gentleman in his late sixties, slim and grey haired.

Lauren had a knack for reading people and the situation. She obviously knew my situation, probably because there appeared to be little intimacy between my wife and I. When she cornered me alone in the kitchen, she politely asked if I had my phone on me. I did and took it out of my pocket. Gesturing for me to give it to her, she took it and began thumbing a message. As she handed my phone back she quietly said, “I just sent a quick text from your phone to me. Tomorrow, I will send you one. I hope you will like it.”

The next morning I saw that I had a text message that read, “Hi. This is Lauren from the party yesterday. Looks like you can use a little TLC. I would love it if you can come over to my place sometime for an hour or two sometime. Don’t get too excited. There will be no fucking. Just sweet touching, kissing and mutual masturbation. Let me know when it’s a good time for you.”

I was at a point where any intimacy was going to help salvage my depressing life. I checked my schedule and figured I could escape for a couple of hours on Thursday afternoon. I texted back, “How about Thursday afternoon? Two o’clock?” Within a minute Lauren texted back “Yea, sounds good” and her address.

That Thursday afternoon as I pulled up to the curb in front of Lauren’s house, I was already slightly aroused and nervous. I had been married over thirty years to my lovely wife. We had great sex at first but as time went on the wild romps gave way to perfunctory screwing and finally, in the last few years, absolutely no desire on her part. I never considered cheating, having an affair, but I was depressed that that part of my life was empty and void.

Lauren greeted me at her door with a smile and a hug. She invited me in asked if I would like something to drink. At that time in the afternoon, I simply replied that water would be fine. As I sat down on her living room sofa, she gently took my hand, looked in eye and started to explain.

“I guess you don’t have any idea what’s going on here,” she said. I shook my head no. “I don’t really want a relationship,” she went on, “But I also need some intimacy in my life. Maybe we can help each other.”

Lauren leaned over and gave me a soft kiss on the lips. It was all over for me. A feeling rushed through my body I had not felt for a long time. Without another word, Lauren took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. There we embraced for a few long, sweet, not passionate, kisses. She began to unbutton my shirt, then pulled off her top and took off her bra. Her large D cup breasts sagged slightly and her nipples were already erect.

A took off my pants, then my boxers. We were both completely naked as we climbed into her bed. Slowly I came to a full erection as I caressed her breasts. Lauren directed my head to her nipple. She moaned softly as my tongue slid over her nipples. One, then the other, as I took as much of her breasts in mouth that I could handle.

Lauren had been gently massaging my balls then lightly stroking my erect cock a I slid a finger into her wet sex. She gasped slightly as I explored inside her, rubbing her sensitive g-spot until her hips bucked, she let out a moan, her body quivering as her pussy clenched my fingers and drowned them with her hot cum.

I pulled my fingers out to my mouth to taste her sweet nectar. It was wonderful. Dare I go down and lick her juices up? I didn’t want to push it on our first encounter. She smiled and whispered, “Heavenly, that was heavenly.”

Lauren slid a couple of fingers in her own sex to retrieve muğla escort her natural lubrication as she then began to earnestly stroke my now throbbing cock. She mixed in a little spit to keep her hand gliding smoothly up and down my shaft. This was so much more intense than when I masturbated at home. I could feel my orgasm welling up in my balls, then shooting through me and finally erupting in several streams.

With the tension released, Lauren and I lay there gently touching each other as we engaged in light conversation. It wasn’t long before she got up, brought me a warm wash cloth. We both cleaned up and got dressed. That Thursday afternoon was one of the best I had in a very long time.

These casual get togethers began making a real difference in my life. Eventually Lauren felt safe to allow me to go down on her. The sweet taste of her pussy delighted me to no end. With my new found intimacy my attitude made a complete turnaround, it was even noticed at home with my wife. She looked at me knowingly that something had changed and intuitively she knew there was nothing to fear, our relationship and marriage was going to stay intact.

One morning as I was slowly waking with my morning wood, Karen, my wife brought me a glass of water and after I had a few sips to wet my throat, she gently had me lie back down. Then she surprised the hell out of me. She took my softening cock in her hand, lowered her head and wrapped her lips around it. I was shocked as her tongue licked the now hardening shaft. More to my amazement, Karen went down and took one testicle into her mouth, massaging it with her tongue. Then the other, all the while stroking me. As she returned her mouth to my swollen member, bobbing about half way down, I lost all control.

As I was about to explode I tried to pull out of her mouth but she sucked even harder. I let out a load moan as the first stream hit her throat. She pulled away as more cum hit her face; she closed her eyes as the final stream dripped down the shaft of my cock onto her hand.

“I know about Lauren,” Karen stated simply, without emotion, anger or sadness. “It’s alright. Actually I am glad. She has woken a desire in me to get our relationship back to being intimate again.”

“How did you find out?” I queried.

“Besides the change in your attitude?” she stated rhetorically. “It seems like you are not the only one. Several of the women at the pool were remarking about their dismal sex lives and how their husbands seemed so happy and content.”

“Stella, one of the women, said, without rancor that her husband was seeing this woman named Lauren. She was pleased that he was because it saved her marriage. She went on to say that there were other men intimate with Lauren but it never involved intercourse or even blow jobs,” Karen continued.

“So, we decided to find out who the other men were. We took turns secretly watching Lauren’s house to see who stopped by. Your afternoons with the boys were not with the boys Dan,” Karen stated as a matter of fact.

“And you are not mad? Or disappointed in me?” I asked.

“No sweetie, it’s fine. I know Lauren will not steal you from me. And the only person I am disappointed with is myself,” she lamented. “I want you to keep seeing her. No, I demand you keep seeing her.”


Lauren’s stroking hardened my cock as the bald man came up for air. My neighbor, the slim grey haired man whose party had introduced me to Lauren, got in bed on the other side of Lauren and quickly wrapped his mouth around Lauren’s huge left breast. As the bald guy resumed his tonguing of her pussy I took her right breast in my mouth, flicking my tongue on her hardened nipple and biting gently.

“Oh, ohhh, ohhhhh,” Lauren moaned as the three of us worked on her sensual body parts. “OHHH,” she let go loudly as she arched her back and shoved her pelvis into bald man, jerking his head backwards, his face covered in her cum.

“Oh my god, oh my god,” Lauren muttered as she slowly came down from her orgasm.

The three of us who had brought her to that climax slowly got up off the bed to see two more of Lauren’s intimate companions standing there stroking themselves.

“That’s going to be a hard act to follow. You guys are fantastic,” said one of the two.

“We were just warming her up for you two,” quipped my neighbor.

Lauren sat up and took several big swigs of water. “Wow you guys. I can see I’m going to have a wonderful afternoon. But, please, also take care of yourselves and let me help you,” she added.

“What I need is a blow job to take care of me,” said one the two men who came later, rhodope-mugla.org knowing perfectly well he wasn’t going to get one from Lauren.

“Well, maybe one of these fine men can accommodate you,” replied Lauren.

Suddenly, and I don’t know where the urge came from, it was something I had been fantasizing in my later years, I blurted out, “Sure.” There was something raw and primal in this scene. Five hot throbbing cocks and a hot dripping pussy charged the atmosphere in the room. I didn’t contemplate it. I just got on my knees in front of him and took him in my mouth.

The feeling of a hot throbbing cock in my mouth overwhelmed me. It was powerful. But instinctively I knew what to do. I gagged when his tip hit my throat. Backing off I sucked furiously on the head while stroking the rod, wet from my saliva. My tongue ran up and down the underside of his shaft as I continued sucking and stroking.

“I’m almost there,” he blurted out while pulling away from me.

“Here,” Lauren commanded. He stepped over to the bed and Lauren grabbed his cock, lubricated with my saliva, and pumped him until his white, creamy sperm spilled all over Lauren’s breasts. I needed to know what another man’s cum tasted like so I immediately attacked Lauren’s cum laden breasts. The salty sweetness was pleasing as I licked up all of it.

After giving Lauren another memorable orgasm as she pumped our cocks until cum covered her body, we decided it was time for a break. After removing our discarded clothing from the furniture so we could sit down, we went in the kitchen and grabbed a sandwich and a beer. Enjoying a well-deserved snack we sat around and chatted, getting to know each other.

“You know, Dan, that was the most erotic, the hottest thing I ever saw,” Lauren commented.

“What exactly are you talking about?” I questioned.

“You sucking Paul. I was cumming all over Bill’s face watching you,” she exclaimed.

“Yes you were, Lauren,” Bill confirmed.

“And then when you licked his cum off my tits, I totally lost it.”

“I was afraid I was going to drown,” Bill further attested.

“Happy to please you, Lauren,” I said with satisfaction. As we went back into the bedroom I had the distinct feeling that there was going to be a lot more cocksucking to please Lauren. Lauren had given each of us so much that we all would do anything now to please her.


Around six o’clock that evening, as I approached my house, I noticed a number of cars parked on the street there. Maybe one of the neighbors is having a party, I thought.

“Karen, I’m home,” I announced as I walked through the front door. There was no reply. As I entered the living room I was stunned by neat piles of women’s clothing about the furniture. Reminiscent of Lauren’s house earlier, only neat, not just hastily strewn around.

A looked in the kitchen and there I saw remnants of snack food on the table along with an empty bottle of wine. Having no response yet from my wife, I decided to check out the pool. That is the obvious place to be on this warm summer night.

As I slowly and quietly walked on to the patio my eyes were treated to a feast of naked women, three frolicking, kissing and groping each other’s breasts in the pool and my wife on the lounge with a blonde head between her thighs. I stood there for minutes enjoying the scene, watching naked breasts flopping around and listening to Karen’s moans as the blonde woman brought my wife to orgasm.

“Dan,” my neighbor’s wife, Claire, exclaimed from the pool.

“Hi, Claire. See you girls are having fun,” I replied.

“It’s National Nude Day, Dan. Of course we’re having fun. Just like you and the boys,” another woman called out from the pool.

“Oh Dan, you’re home,” Karen said as she was trying to slow down the pace of her breathing. “Why don’t you get us a bottle of wine from the fridge and join us. Oh, and please fold up your clothes neatly, don’t just leave them in a pile on the floor,” she admonished.

As I returned with a fresh bottle of Chablis, the blonde woman, her name is Stella as I later discovered, stated emphatically, “Dan can be our Lauren. The boys had a woman to play with all afternoon, besides themselves, and we have only had ourselves.” I wondered how she knew we played with each other or was that simply a guess.

“That’s a wonderful idea,” agreed one of the women from the pool. “He has a very nice looking cock, just like my Paul’s,” she added. So, this is Paul’s wife with the gracious compliment comparing my cock to her husband’s which I had the pleasure of admiring up close earlier in the day.

“Come over here, big boy, and let me lick you while I still have the taste of your wife on my tongue,” ordered Stella. Karen was all smiles as I approached, my cock was now hard as steel, standing at attention. Stella grabbed it and slowly licked from my ball sack up to the tip, swirling around the head and taking in a drop of pre-cum that had oozed out.

“Mmmmm,” she hummed.

The other women started pulling the cushions from outdoor furniture and laying them on the pool deck, making a large area where we could all fit, body on body.

As these five women took turns kissing, sucking my nipples, my balls and my cock, shoving their breasts and their pussies in my mouth in an orgy sensual skin on skin commotion, I became drunk on the endorphin rush.

“Karen, would it be ok? If I, you know, fucked that wonderful cock? Please? “pleaded the petite brunette, Bill’s wife.

“Well, he hasn’t had that pleasure in a long while I assume, considering Lauren doesn’t allow it,” my wife replied. “OK, I’ll allow it but if others want to also, please stop after one orgasm and let someone else have it,” Karen instructed. “How many times did you cum earlier?” she asked.

“Three,” I responded.

“Good, then you should last a long time, if you have any left.”

Laying on my back as Claire slowly lowered herself down, the feeling of her tight pussy wrapped around me sent waves of pleasure through my body. She bounced up and down on my shaft. I reached for her small c-cup breasts as she began to rock back and forth. I felt her orgasm building, her hot juices coating my balls. I grabbed a hold of both nipples and began to squeeze. That sent her over as she let out a load moan.

Mary, a slightly chubby red head in her late fifties, was next to ride my cock. She positioned herself reverse cowgirl and I put my cock up to her glistening wet, dripping pussy. I grabbed her hips and lowered her down. I couldn’t help but admire her beautiful round ass, her reddish brown button hole peering at me as she ground her hips side to side and back and forth, the head of my cock exploring inside her.

Mary’s butt tempted me. I wet a finger and lightly pressed against her hole. She let out a moan. Slowly I pushed a finger in. She moaned some more. Then another finger. Mary became loud with her moans as I finger fucked her tiny butt hole while she was grinding her hips away, her hot juices pouring out, soaking my balls. She clamped down hard on my cock as I felt her climax, her hips bucked back and she collapsed forward, breathing heavily.

“Oh my god,” Mary panted, “I have never had anyone do that to my butt before. That felt so wonderful.”

“You don’t how hot that was watching you two,” Stella proclaimed.

“Your turn Susan,” Karen said. Susan replied, “Thanks, but I’m not comfortable going that far. I’ll sit this one out. And I agree with Stella, watching is very erotic.”

“Well Dan, I guess you’re mine now,” Stella told me. “Do me doggy style,” she commanded. “I want a good pounding.”

Stella pushed back hard as I positioned the tip of my cock against her sloppy wet opening. Seeing that she wanted it hard I pushed all the way in up to my balls. I started out with a slow rhythm, pushing hard with each thrust, the tip of mu cock hitting her cervical opening with a vengeance.

Stella is very vocal. “Fuck me, fuck me, harder, harder,” she repeated loudly. I put one knee up, a foot firmly planted on the floor, giving me leverage to drive my cock in deep and powerfully. Karen had her hand on Stella’s clit rubbing it furiously and Mary had a nipple, pinching to Stella’s delight.

“Oh god, I’m cumming,” Stella blurted out. Her pussy held my cock hard as I pulled back. I had to get out or I was going to explode. I was saving that for my wife, Karen. Quickly, I inserted two fingers and furiously rubbed her spongy G-spot. Stella’s slippery hot cum came in squirts, her ass bucked in the air as her body shook in tremors.

The cushions were now slick with puddles of female ejaculations. I got up and Karen flipped them over for our encounter. “I don’t want you to fuck me,” she said softly. “Make love to me, sweetie.”

Our lips met, at first gently, then passionately as our tongues danced. I caressed her breasts lovingly, leaving light kisses all over her. She spread her legs inviting me. Gently I slid my cock into wanting pussy, our eyes gazing into each other’s souls as we enveloped each other, becoming one. We shared our sexual energy, our longing for each other, in blissful rhythm. It was like when we were young and in love. The passion climaxed in our shared orgasm that shook my world and hers.

The women, having witnessed our passionate reunion, each gave us soft kisses and words of beautiful encouragement. The day ended in blissful fulfillment.

That was our National Nude Day.

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