A Dirty Old Man Ch. 04

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Henry and Charlie were very happy to have their own personal Sex Slut.

They had no idea that I wasn’t a slut at all, I just loved sex with dirty old men. I was their counterpart, a dirty younger woman. In the end I think it was a definition of the word not the woman. How could they know I was a more than willing participant in all they wanted to do.

I was a happy woman, fulfilling my secret obsession. This need and want started when I was walking in a park; I was nineteen, now I was living it again. I will tell you how it all started, I promise, that’s quite a tale to tell, but I’m sure you want to know what happened with the table.

Charlie brought the table that Henry talked about into the room and he opened it up. At first glance, it looked like an everyday folding table, it had hidden secrets.

“Get up on the table and put your pussy down here, right on the edge, as close as you can.” I got on the table as Henry had instructed and laid back.

The table was lower than a kitchen table and wider. It was covered in a fabric that was very easy to move on. Henry reached down under the front of the table and he pulled up two stirrups, I’d seen them before.

“Put your feet in these, move down here, to the very edge.”

As my feet rested into the stirrups, Henry pulled up the straps. I tried to keep my knees together but they fell to the side and opened wide. In this position I wouldn’t be able to close my legs and my pussy was fully exposed. Henry wrapped the straps around my ankles and it was clear I would not be able to move or lift my legs in any way.

My captor walked to the other head of table and took two more boards from underneath on his end that came up where my arms were. “Put your arms on these boards.”

He strapped my arms down so I could only move my hands from my wrists. My head lay in a cutout that kept it from moving side to side.

I was beginning to see the purpose of the table. I was tied down and they could do whatever they wanted. This could prove to be a very interesting situation.

While Henry secured me to the table, Charlie was removing something from the ceiling above me. When he took down the panel I looked up and saw my body tied down, the whole table in the mirror.

The entire length and width of the table was centered directly under that mirror. From the position I was placed in I would be forced to observe everything that happened to me, I would witness everything they did. This silent spectator, viewing, the things they would do held even more surprises, some I wouldn’t know about until some time later.

“Look at her Charlie, she’s ready. We can suck this cunt, we can fuck her in the mouth, this hot pussy, and you can fuck them big tits you love so much when you’re ready. Now, not only can we see what’s going on, so can she. You’re going to love watching my big piece of meat here do a job on your pussy. Charlie can suck them nipples all day and all night. We made this ourselves for just a day like this one. Thanks to you and your hot need to be had by old men we’re finally getting the chance to try it out. Now, Charlie and me, we did some talking about you little lady. We’ve figured out that having a greedy mouth on your nipples is something that really gets your motor running. Add a real fine gent like me, who loves sucking on hot hard swollen clits, you have it all. It looks like we have everything in place; I’d say it’s time to get to it.”

Charlie reached out and began squeezing my breasts; I couldn’t help but look up. Seeing his hands doing what I loved most was pretty stimulating for me.

My bra covered only half of my very large orbs. It was clear both visually and personally my nipples were already in a state of excitment. I could feel them swell and it hurt so nice.

Charlie cupped a globe in each hand and he raised his thumbs and fore finger to imprison my nipples. I watched his fingers as they expertly rolled my nubbins around. He would pull them, twist and let them go. The pain was exquisite pleasure. The mirror was like a camera and I was watching a live exhibition.

I could feel something between my legs and I looked up to see Henry rubbing the head of his big hard stick against the lips of my pouting pussy. His eyes caught mine in the mirror and he stopped, let go of his pleasure pounder and replaced it with his tongue. He had placed a chair in front of the table and when seated his face was staring at my wet pussy. He barely had to move to reach out with his whip like tongue and begin the assault he planned for my love button.

Henry placed his fingers on either side my swollen lips, when he pulled them back, my hard swollen clitoris was exposed and at his mercy.

“Hey Charlie, I just popped me a hot clit, look up and take a gander at this before I give it some attention, it’s gonna grow into a big red hot cherry. I don’t remember ever seeing a sweet morsel as big as this one.”

That was a true almanbahis adres statement I’m sure. I was graced with a larger than most clitoris. I’m equally sure that was why I felt every lick tenfold., which only served to heighten my pleasure.

“Woman, get ready for a righteous clit sucking to commence. You keep your eyes on this pussy and you’ll see how a pussy sucking was meant to happen. Now, me and Charlie have lived a lot of years; you’re getting the experience of two expert pussy and nipple connoisseurs. Charlie is about ready to put a sucking on your big titties, just the way you like it. It hasn’t been real hard to know just how much you love us dirty old men, we make you cum just thinking about us playing with your tits or rubbing your pussy lips. We talked it over and we figured you were done right by some real old gent when you were just blooming. When you got your first pussy licking and nipple sucking, it came from an old man just like us. That old man sure picked a ripe young woman to teach all about good loving. You’re a nice built woman, you must have been a healthy girl and some smart old man knew how to touch you right. We old guys like our women to have some meat on they’re bones. You can fuck and suck a healthy lady for a long time before she gets worn out. Charlie here gets a hard on just looking at these big jugs, you saw the magazine, hell, Charlie likes tit fuckin better than pussy fuckin. And, as luck would have it, I like it all. I love to grab me a nice handful of ass now and then too. Yes sir, nothing like a nice firm pair of cheeks fresh from a spanking to turn a man like me on. Nothing like a hot spanking to get the pussy wet. There’s nothing like as much as resting my spent dick up on a nice soft tummy either. You’re the real deal and we’re always gonna do you right. That’s enough talk, the time for action has arrived. We’re gonna get started here and you’re gonna watch it all, enjoy the show.”

Henry wasted no time. I watched him pull his chair closer. My legs were beginning to tremble. He knew what he was after. Very slowly he slid his finger into me and started to fuck me with it. When he pulled it out he put another one in. When his fingers were wet enough, he pulled back my abused lips and he watched my nugget come out from under its hood and wait for his expert attention. Wet slippery fingers rolled over the hard ball of pleasure. I moaned when his fingers became a cage and enclosed the ball inside, pulling up and down like a pair of nimble lips. Henry looked up at the mirror and he watched my face as he plucked the cherry he was searching for. With a sly smile, a quick lick over his lips, he prepared to taste his piece of fruit.

Henry wrapped his lips around my pulsing clit and sucked like he was sucking the juice from a dripping Popsicle. His mouth was like a fine tuned machine. Henry sucked and released, popping my cherry sized clit in an out of his lips. I tried in vain to raise my hips so I could fuck his mouth with the swelling engorged center of pleasure. Once he closed his mouth around the entire ball of desire he lifted my pussy to his face and sucked me to tears. He knew if he kept it up I would cum and cum hard. I was moaning and begging.

“Ohhh please make me cum, please, please Henry let me cum, this is agony, please, now, please.”

His answer was loud and clear. He pulled his lips off my throbbing clit and laughed out loud.

“Oh no, you’re not about to cum anytime soon, this is too much fun. Now, I guess you already know, dirty old Henry is just getting started. There is nothing better than feeling this sweet meat between my lips, teasing it and knowing you love every minute. Charlie you ready to turn up the action and get this prime motor running?”

“Henry, let’s wear this this little lady out. These titties are about to get sucked and fucked long and hard. By the time I’m done, these nipples will be just the way I like em, red, hot and hard. And when I’ve got them just the way I love them it’s sure gonna be hot. I’m gonna grease em up and fuck these big jugs like a set of tits should be fucked.”

Would it be bad and nasty of me to say I was listening to just what I wanted to hear. I was more than ready. and willing.

“Did you hear Old Charlie? It sure sounds like he’s getting ready to do him a whole lot of suckin and fuckin with your tits. I’ll be down here sucking, licking and fingering your pussy. Now, don’t you forget there will be no cumming for you unless I say so? I think I’m gonna dip this stick into your cunt and check your temperature. Let’s just see how hot you are. Now look up and watch Old Henry grab his big cock and rub your pussy up and down, maybe a little extra right here on this swelled up cherry. Feel that, oh yeah, I know you do, your leaking pussy juice all over my table. Honey, that’s okay; I’ll clean it up with a smile on my face and a spring in my step knowing how it got here. Now, let’s do a little old fashioned fucking, almanbahis yeni giriş here comes Old Henry.”

I watched as Henry rubbed the head of his huge member over my lips. Listening to them tell me what was about to happen only heightened my pleasure.

“Oh yeah, pushing the big head right in, ohhh now some more of the stick, there it goes, feel that, oh yeah you do, now maybe a little in and out, you want it harder? I remember that, “fuck me harder Henry, fuck me hard and fast, oh Henry fuck me deep and hard,” just like I’m doing now, hard and deep just the way you love it. My god woman, you feel real nice. Charlie, look at this honey pot suck down my dip stick. The harder I fuck her the harder she wants it. This little woman might wear me out,like hell I say, you know I can fuck and suck as long as you can.”

My eyes followed Henry’s monster as he plunged it deep into me and pulled it out. When he pulled out and rubbed the head on my engorged clit, all I could do was moan and whimper. As he plowed it deep over and over, I could see him licking his lips every time I moaned.

He had one hand on his cock and the other on my knee. I saw him smile at me when he took his hand off my knee and started rubbing my so swollen hard clit with his finger. Henry certainly knew how to drive me mad. He cock was like a plunger in me and I was racked with pleasure. Charlie was watching in the mirror and he reached out and grabbed my breasts. He was standing at the end of the table behind my head. His eyes were locked on Henry’s cock as it fucked me hard and deep. His boney old fingers found my nipples and he just pulled them straight up causing me to yell out in sher bliss. He looked at me and laughed, licked the spit that was leaking out of his mouth and pinched my nipples while he twisted.

With a smile from ear to ear, Old Charlie bent his head down, pushed my tits together and sucked both nipples into his wet hot mouth. It was no longer a secret how much this reved up my motor, double the pleasure. He sucked them in time to Henry’s fucking. I was crying out and begging them to make me cum and they just laughed and kept up the beautiful assault.

Charlie let my nipples pop out of his mouth and walked away from the table. They were burning and on fire. I looked in the mirror and saw they were twice their normal size, and it got me even hotter. I couldn’t see where Charlie was or what he was doing. I only wanted him back to suck these red, hot and hard nipples. I was now beginning to understand more and more the table’s special purpose. I could only see above me. My head was in a groove that I didn’t realize wouldn’t allow me to turn my head. I could only look up and witness what my dirty filthy old cocks were doing to me. The visual along with the physical was powerful.

Charlie came back into view. He walked to the end of the table and reached out and pinched my nipples. I could see how deep red they were and the gumdrops had grown into grapes. My once pink nubbins were now red, hard, sweet grapes. Charlie bent over and gave each one a hard suck. That man couldn’t pass up any opportunity he had without sucking my tits. He reached out and released the straps of the bra from the little clasps that held them in place. His hands went under my shoulders and when he found the clasp on my back he unhooked the bra and removed it. My breasts were now free of any confinement and fell slightly to the side creating a deep inviting river of cleavage.

I looked and saw Henry watching in the mirror. He broke out into a big smile and pulled his cock all the way out. His fingers took the place of his stiff stick and pinched my clit as he sat down, still watching Old Charlie.

Charlie had a bottle in his hand. He unscrewed the top and squirted something cold and sticky between my breasts. It was thick and didn’t run down my skin.

“Greasing this tit track real good. This is gonna make fucking these tits a real pleasure.” He began rubbing it over my breasts and I understood what it was. He was using a lubricant. He was getting ready to do what I had only heard about. He stepped back and walked around to the side of the table and I could see his cock in his hand. He had lubed it too and I could see how easily he was able to stroke it.

Henry continued his assault, his manipulation of my clit, the feeling was so good it was getting harder to concentrate on what Charlie was doing. Old Charlie climbed up on the table and with one foot on either side of me he knelt down in front of me. A state of panic came over me. If he sat on me I wouldn’t be able to breathe. I screamed out in real distress. “No please don’t sit on me please, please don’t I won’t be able to breathe.”

Charlie just smiled and licked his lips. He stayed on his knees just over me. My fears were calmed and excitment took over. His hand began stroking his old cock and he leaned forward and put it between my breasts. Slowly he moved almanbahis giriş his hips back and forth just getting the motion where he wanted to be. Watching above me it actually looked like he was fucking my tits. Moving slowly forward, he stopped when the head hit my mouth.

“Stick that tongue out and lick this dick.”

I opened my mouth and Charlie pushed his hardness in. This was the first time I had ever actually seen a man’s swollen hard cock in my mouth. It really was an erotic picture. He pulled back out so I could do what he told me to do.

I slipped my tongure out of my mouth and licked all over the head. Charlie and Henry were dead quiet just watching. Hnery in the mirror as a voyuer and Charlie up close and personal.

Sensing, that he wanted more than just a good licking, I closed my lips around his meat roll and began to suck. Old Charlie moved his hips back and forth and as I looked up into the mirror I witnessed a dirty old man fucking my mouth. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the picture.

I could taste the precum as it landed on my tongue. It was hot, salty and thick. I watched my sweet obsession sliding his cock in and out of my mouth in a slow rhythmic motion. Charlie was in no hurry to cum, he was having the time of his life doing what he loved, craved and wanted more of.

Henry was also watching. He had again reached forward and replaced his fingers with his tongue. He was sliding that slippery tongue all over my pussy. He would tease my clit, flick his tongue over it, plunge his tongue deep in me and suck up all the pussy juice that he could. When he had a mouth full he swollowed and spoke.

“You watching, Old Charlie is mouth fucking you. Yeah Charlie, your liking that hot wet mouth around your old cock ain’t you? I’ll bet she’s swallowing all your cock juice. When you going to fuck them big knockers you been sucking on, I saw you got em nice and greased up?”

I watched it all. It was like the fantasy I had yearned for over and over. There was no way I could have known, this scene, would have ever happened when I made that first visit to old Mister Graves as a public service. How could I have ever imagined there would be two old men ravaging and using me? After the intial day with Charlie, I came back for more and more. I knew they realized they could have me and do whatever they wanted.

My body was racked with the pain only this kind of sexual excess could produce. It was the sweetest pain I’d felt in some time. I could only dream of what they would do next. “I’m easing into these big titties Henry, just like you ease your cock into that cunt you’ve been sucking and fucking. I’m about ready to commence some serious tit fucking right now. Maybe you’ll see me doing it real good and learn something from a master.”

I looked up and watched as Charlie pulled his cock out of my mouth and moved back until his tittie fucker was lying between my breasts. He reached out his hands and cupped each globe and pushed them together. Old Charlie’s cock disappeared in the flesh of my full 44DDDs. His hands started shaking slightly and he was licking his lips. The level of his anticipation was a sight to see.

Slowly he moved forward and the head hit my lips. His body began a slow rhythmic motion. My filthy dirty old codger was fucking my tits. The feeling of this man’s hard cock sliding in and out of my breasts was like nothing I had ever known before. Charlie would ease forward and when the head of his hard dick reached my lips he would slid it back. I couldn’t move, all I could do was look up into the mirror. Secretly I was enjoying this as much as Charlie.

Henry was also watching. He stood up at the foot of the table. He reached down and he grabbed hold of his huge cock. I watched him stroke it up and down. He started at the head and went down to his groin. It didn’t take long to realize that his stroke was in perfect time with Charlie. It was abundtantly clear this picture turned him on. “Ohh man, this here is a set of titties that were made to be fucked Henry. I could do this for the rest of my days. If I hold these big jugs together real tight, it’s like a new pussy, first time fucking. Ohhh yeah Henry, I’m fucking to cum. When my balls are pumping up nice hot cum into my dick our lady is gonna open up her mouth and swallow everything I shoot. It’s time to ride these tits to the finish line.”

They had worked themselves, and me, into a sexual frenzy. All the talk was done and the time to get it done was at hand.

“Charlie I see your point. We’ve been playing with our new toy and it’s time to wind her up and bring it home. I think I can get her on the edge of glory and fuck and suck this pussy till we’re ready to blow. Little lady, you’re about to get the suckin and fuckin you’ve been begging for. Old Charlie wants to fuck your big knockers till he shoots his load. I’m ready to fill this pussy up with pure high octane. Put some of our secret additive in her gas tank and when it starts that hot burn we’ll let er rip. Charlie I’ll meet you at the finish line.”

My God,it was happening. What special additive? A slow burn? All I could do was wait for the flag to fall. We were about to go the whole way around the track for a win.

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