A Discovery Ch. 09

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After our more than daring escapade with the postman in his van, Debbie and I were both in need of some quiet, panic-free, hours and we spent the Friday afternoon wandering lazily between the trees, stopping occasionally for a kiss, a cuddle, or more intimate fun. No one come close to discovering us and that suited both of us just fine.

We spent more time refining our plans for the revenge mission the next day.

“You’re going to have to,” Debbie insisted.

“What if they manage to take it and show it to someone?”

We were discussing a note I was going to be leaving at the house to be ‘discovered’ by my brother or one of his friends – a note supposedly for my ‘friend’ that would say that I was in the woods naked and quite wanted to see some naked male flesh out there later.

“So what? Use your computer and print it out – that way it could have been anyone who did it. Either way they need to believe you’re out there somewhere and want to see some naked guys.”

I knew Debbie was right. It was a good enough plan but just the thought of Ben even reading something I wrote like that was making me queasy. “Well, I guess I could…”

“Dallas, angel? All you need to do is help get them out there naked. It’ll be me drawing them deeper into the woods.”

Somehow I’d agreed to all this. We would trick them outside and into the woods naked with Debbie drawing them ever further away by letting them see flashes – literally – of her in the distance. I would be hidden in my room so then I would lock up the house and trap them out there. Debbie would circle back and meet me at the front of the house and we’d leave a camera or two running, focused on the back garden for when they came back – if we didn’t already manage to get them caught outside. When all was said and done it was my girl who would be taking the biggest risk here, so she was right and I was just being a petulant bitch as usual.

I gave in, “Okay, let’s get it done before I lose my nerve.”

We headed back to the house and I fired up my ancient laptop to make sure everything was ready for the morning when Ben was due home. The words felt awkward, almost nasty, as I typed them but I knew it was a necessary evil, and it was a process that became much easier as Debbie read out loud what I was writing and gave me her excited approval.

“I am so looking forward to this,” Debbie laughed, “We’re going to be posting the footage absolutely everywhere!”

I returned the laugh. The final part of our humiliation plan was to edit the images when we got them and then post them on every site we could think of. Given my queasiness at the thought of Ben being one of the guys, Debbie had already agreed to carry out the computer work when we’d done. To make me feel a little easier about it all, she also kept reminding me of just how much discomfort the guys had caused us just a few days before, and even made sure we’d checked the weather forecast so we knew already there was next to no chance that anything would be called off because of rain.

Finally I was done and the printer whirred into life, a single sheet of A4 now ready for the guys to read in the morning. It was left on the kitchen table, addressed to ‘Fiona’, right next to a discarded bikini. The back door was checked to make sure it was unlocked (we often left it that way) and Debbie and I made our giggling way out onto the back lawn, happy in the knowledge that we had done all we could for now.

The day was gloriously hot once again and we headed into the woods, the warm air feeling no less daring and sensual than it had ever done.

“Where do you fancy taking me?” Debbie asked once we were deep in the shadows of the trees.

“On your back down near the path.”

She patted my rump, “I should tell you off for being so naughty but somehow I find that answer all too nice.”

“I just mean I want to please you and pleasure you in the wide open air while it’s all so quiet out here.”

“And that ‘path’ thing has nothing to do with anyone who might be out walking their dog or whatever?”

I tried to look as innocent as possible, “Surely you don’t imagine anyone would be out in this heat? And anyway if we do hear anyone on the path you just need to stay quiet because we’d still be in the trees.”

Debbie snorted a laugh, “Like I can stay quiet once you get that magic tongue of yours working on me.”

“Hmmm… Open Sesame!”

“For you, any time! Just try not to get us caught, tomorrow is already going to be risky enough.”

I took her hand, “Are you sure it’s not going to be too risky for you tomorrow?”

“I’ll be fine,” Debbie assured me, “And remember, I’m super quick if I want to be.”

“Let’s just hope you don’t need to be.” A thought crossed my mind like a small cloud on this summer day, “You won’t… I mean up to this week you were straight, right? So you won’t kinda see the guys and-“

“Dallas! Two things. For one, I have never been into younger guys, let alone my other half’s relation and for two, I’m yours now – yours and no one else’s.”

I stopped and pulled her into a warm embrace, “Sorry, but I guess I’m still having trouble believing how lucky I’ve become.”

“I’m bursa escort just the same, remember?”

I kissed her, “Yeah, sorry.”

“Don’t be. Let’s face it, if anyone else knows how odd this must a feel to you, then it’s me.”

Our kiss was in danger of developing into a lot more but we both knew that we wanted to be much closer to the path. I broke apart and nodded deeper into the trees, “We really should get going.”

Debbie nodded and we set off, both of us a little shaky and a lot horny, “That’s a thought,” she said as we slipped underneath the low-hanging branches of two ancient oaks, “Guys in general, I mean.”

“What about them?”

“Well look, don’t get this wrong or anything because I truly believe that it’s just you and me from here on, but what about… you know, a thing inside you, a cock I mean. Do you think you’ll miss it too much?”

I laughed but understood her thought – I’d been wondering the same thing about Debbie, “I really don’t think so, especially when you remember what it would be attached to.”

She nodded, clearly relieved to hear that, “Good. That’s just how I feel as well. And anyway, if we want anything invading us like that I’m pretty sure we can, er, buy something for us to wear. I swear I don’t know much about that sort of thing but I know it’s something gays do. Gays of both genders.”

The thought of wearing a strap-on, of using it on – in – Debbie, gave me a shudder of something far more arousing than I had ever imagined. Yet another delightfully shocking new feeling. “I have the strongest feeling that we have tons to learn yet!”

“Me too. And I get the strongest feeling that we are going to have more fun learning than we ever do with anything else.”

Our minds we clearly lost in thoughts of all the new experiences we were soon going to be enjoying, and our soft giggles and urgent kisses as we walked on only served to distract us further.

So much so that we had both been petting the dog which had appeared in front of us for a few seconds before we realised what its appearance indicated.

Debbie jumped back, already scanning the sightlines through the trees, “Shit, Dallas!” she hissed, “You know what this means?”

I nodded frantically, stepping back to join her, the undeterred dog following me in search of more strokes, “This thing could belong to anyone!”

The owner’s identity became apparent before Debbie could answer.

“Spotty!” An elderly man’s voice called from just a tree or two in front of us. He was still out of sight but we both knew one step in the right – wrong – direction would bring him within sight of us.

Debbie clapped a hand over her mouth and pointed behind us. I nodded and we started to slip backwards, trying to usher the over-excited mongrel away. “Quick!” I hissed back.

We started to turn just as the old man gave a whistle, “Spotty! Oh, there you- Fuck!”

I span around away from him and grabbed Debbie’s hand as we started to dash between the trees, Spotty keeping pace and the old man clearly following us as fast as he could to judge by the continued curses and the breaking of twigs under his urgent feet.

We were comfortably faster than the old guy of course, if not his nuisance of a mutt, and had put a lot of distance between us before Debbie ground to a halt and drew me into a kiss that had me squealing despite the distance. I never struggled too much though and the relief when she took off running again was tempered by the most weird and unusual feelings of arousal.

Another hundred yards passed before we finally saw Spotty turn and dash back towards the ever-distant yells of his frustrated – in many senses – owner, and Debbie slowed.

“Do you think he really saw much?” she gasped.

I slapped her bare butt, “I’m pretty sure he saw everything including this!”

“Good,” she giggled, “Now let’s hope it doesn’t happen tomorrow!”

“Well if it does, just remember I won’t be here to help you!”

“Shame but true. Now let’s get back to my place before anything more happens.”

“You don’t want to risk the path then?”

“My heart couldn’t take another near miss,” she lifted my hand and placed it on her left breast, “Feel how fast that is!”

I squeezed gently instead, “Feels pretty fit to me.”

“Don’t start!”

“And there was me thinking I was the chicken here,” I laughed and bent to kiss the hard nipple in my palm, “Not that I can feel you pulling away.”

She groaned, “As if I would. I’m not saying I liked being caught but it has left me rather hot.”

Her groan intensified as I let my left hand check just how warm she was, “Oh, very warm indeed.”

I was about to ask her to stand against the tree behind her when a flurry of yelps announced that Spotty was racing back our way. I squealed and dragged Debbie away as I started to sprint for her parents’ back garden. There was danger and then there was stupidity – and only the former was appealing right then.

We arrived back in the safety of the kitchen a few minutes later, falling quickly and greedily into each other’s arms as safety enveloped us. Even a distant yapping bursa escort bayan did nothing more than make both of us groan louder as we kissed and fondled.

Our playtime finished ages later in Debbie’s bedroom and it became apparent to me why we’d finished up there when she rolled away from me and grabbed her laptop. I watched as she typed in just two words to the search bar.

“You mean you’re going to buy some toys for us online?”

Debbie shrugged, “If you honestly think I’m going into a shop and asking for some, you have a very weird idea of how brave I am all of a sudden.”

“Fair point. I’d be so flustered somewhere like that.”

“I’d be scared that the person serving us would ask too many questions.”

“Like ‘what size’?” I nodded.

“Or ‘do you know which way round it goes’?”

I laughed “Not sideways, that’s for sure!”

“And you call me the terror! Jeez, half of these things look too big the right way round!”

“That just means I will have to make sure you’re very well prepared for one then.”

Debbie clicked on a different image, laughing softly, “Just listen to us! I swear I’m not complaining at all but just a week ago I would never, ever, ever have imagined that I could ever have a conversation like this.”

“I know just what you mean. Even sitting here naked with another woman would have been unbelievable for me.”

“That’s my good fortune then. I can barely remember what you look like dressed now.”

I stared down at my nakedness – and, of course, at Debbie’s, “It’s weird. With you it feels entirely natural but when we’re outside it’s just as terrifying as the first time was.”

“That’s good to hear. Makes me feel a bit easier about tomorrow.” She pointed at the screen where the ‘friendly dominator’ stared back with what felt like friendly promise, “How about this one?”

“I’d try it for sure,” I said, oddly thrilled by the potential of yet another new experience, “But Debbie, are you really sure about this whole ‘humiliate my brother and his friends’ thing? You sound so nervous about it.”

She shrugged, “Dallas, angel, I’m more than determined and anyway, even if they cop a little look, so what? Revenge is the key to this and I’ll be back in bed with you before you know it. Fuck, it’d be worth a quick flash to get our payback, and no way do I expect you to take a chance given your brother’s presence.” She moved the mouse and clicked a couple of buttons while I thanked her with a kiss, “There, all ordered for experiment number five hundred and thirty seven.”

I laughed, “Feels more like experiment seven hundred and something. And there was me thinking they only sold books!”

“Perhaps we could write a review for them when we get the friendly dominator.”

We took that thought with us to bed that evening and I confess that the idea totally took my mind off the morning’s plans.

For a change we woke at the same time the next morning, and to judge by Debbie’s skittishness when we made coffee, we had woken up with the same nervous tensions.

“When did you say they were likely to turn up?”

“Debbie! That’s the sixth time you’ve asked me that and as I said before, probably not before eleven. More to the point, are you still sure you want to go through with this?”

“That’s the seventh time you’ve asked me that,” she laughed, “And yes!”

I feinted a throw of my coffee at Debbie but restrained myself – some things are just too precious, such as the coffee. And Debbie, of course. “I know it’s still early, but how about we go and get ourselves into position? I really don’t want to miss this chance and to be honest I’m not so sure I’ll have the nerve to go through this all again if today doesn’t work.”

“That’s a great idea, even if it does prove what a chicken you are.”

We’d been tweaking the plan all night and we were not going to take any chances with anything. Debbie handed me a summer dress and took a very similar one for herself – there were not going to be any delays in getting to my house and they would provide some much-needed cover if any of the guys had turned up early.

We slipped into them and I laughed, “Feels odd wearing something!”

“Looks it, as well,” Debbie nodded, “I don’t think I’ve ever felt over-dressed before wearing just one thing!”

“I rather like it. Given that I know just what’s so close to being revealed.”

“Don’t start,” she said with a broad grin, “Thank you anyway, but those are the sort of comments that seem to delay us in whatever we’re doing!”

I had to think long and hard before acknowledging her comment. Any delays now could prove problematic for our plans, no matter how appealing they were. “I suppose you’re right. Shall we get going?”

“Good call.” She paused, “Do you realise something? You’re going to be hidden away in your room and I’m going to be all the way out in the woods. That will be the furthest we’ve been apart for days!”

“Don’t remind me. Let’s just hope it all goes to plan. I promise I’ll be waiting over the lane at the front of the house – dress in hand for you – just as soon as they set off after you and bursa sınırsız escort I’ve locked the place up.”

“Having set the cameras running?”

“Yes!” I giggled, my laughter not subsiding much until we were on the lane outside my parents’ place.

Debbie was carefully peeking at the property. “Seems all quiet still.”

“Good. Let’s get in there and then get into position.” I swallowed hard, the reality of what we were going to be attempting starting to make its presence felt.

Debbie led the way up to the front door and fished the spare key out from beneath its flower pot hiding place. We fell totally silent as she delicately turned the lock and eased the door open, our ears almost swivelling around as we listened for even the faintest of noises. Finally we were pretty convinced that we were still alone and took a few tentative steps inside, me gently closing the door behind us. A couple minutes more of listening followed before we dared believe that all was going to plan.

“Come on then, Dallas, let’s get ready.”

“Are you still sure-“

“Dallas!” she hissed, stifling one of her trademark giggles.

I shrugged, my own grin flitting nervously around my suddenly very dry lips, “Well, I feel guilty about the risk you’re taking for me.”

“It’s for us, remember, and anyway, better me than you anytime.”

“I guess, but let’s get this ready before I totally lose my nerve.”

Debbie rolled her eyes, still smiling, and pressed the front door key into my hand. “Don’t lose that and let’s get the backdoor one to go with it. Then you get my dress and get hidden upstairs, right?”

I gave a nervous nod, “Just make it quick with the dress. If you stand there naked in front of me for too long we might have to abandon the plan and go have some fun instead.”

She snorted a laugh, “You are incorrigible. But I love you!”

I followed her into the kitchen and we first double-checked that the note was placed obviously alongside the bikini before I opened the back door wide and placed the key into my pocket alongside its front door companion. “I guess we’re set.”

“Almost,” Debbie said, pointing at the back lawn, “But look at that.”

It was a standard expanse of grass as far as I could see. “It’s the lawn.”

“The footprint-free lawn. If you were out in the woods and I’d followed you, might you not expect to see a few footprints at least?”

I was impressed, “Good thinking, Sherlock, although I doubt whether the guys would notice really.” It was very good thinking indeed, but I tried to make it sound as if it was inconsequential – I didn’t want my new girlfriend to think I was totally bran-dead.

“That’s true but you never know with guys. Sneaks and suspicions go together in my experience.”

I followed Debbie outside and we walked one after the other to the edge of the grass and broke a few twigs at the edge of the trees for good measure.

Despite it feeling as if the plan was starting well, my nervousness was increasing, “I guess that’s all we need to do then.”

“Except for you getting back in there and into position and me getting naked,” Debbie nodded.

“I like one of those ideas…”

“If you add an ‘are you sure’ again I might have to kill you,” Debbie said, and in one swift movement pulled the dress over her head. “Now go up to your room and get ready. By my estimation it will be about thirty minutes after they get outside here before I’ll be back at the lane.”

I stared at her gorgeous nakedness even as I took her dress and answered, “And if it’s any longer than forty-five minutes I’ll come running to see if I can find you. I got it you beautiful terror.” I reminded myself to collect a wristwatch from my room. And to make sure it was wound up, but not as much as I was getting.

Debbie could sense the waves of last minute nerves pouring off me and dragged me into a hug. “I love you, Dallas,” she said, “And the minute this is finished with we’re going back to my place to see if the delivery has arrived.”

I looked blank for a moment, “Oh, you mean the dominator thing! Surely it won’t be there already?”

“Next day delivery on that account, and in any case, if it’s not there yet you’re still going to be getting the thrill of a lifetime – my tongue will see to that.”

I groaned and kissed her, “I’m tempted to say that we can still just back out of this and go have that fun, but I know if I do you will probably kill me. So let’s just do it and get it over with.”

She returned the kiss then broke the hug, “Good thinking my angel. And just remember, I love you!”

With that she turned and headed deeper into the trees before stopping and turning, gauging the distance to the house. I didn’t wait, afraid that my nerve would disappear and I would run after her.

Once in my room – wristwatch firmly strapped to my wrist – I closed the door and locked it. If Ben or anyone tried entering they would assume I’d locked up in my way out – my way out into the woods, and I took up position on a tall stool deep enough into the room that I would be invisible from outside but with enough of a sightline to the back garden so that I could monitor activity down there. In my hand was the remote control unit that activated the two cameras that Debbie and I had positioned to record anything that went on. In the dim distance I could just about see my girlfriend hunkered down next to a tree, and even from this far away I could tell that she was listening intently to the house.

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