A Facial in the Alley

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There I was in a crowded sports bar with a large group of friends & coworkers from my husbands job. Most were couples but tonight there were a few single guys & girls. It was after work & by the time I get there to meet up with my husband the party was well underway. They had just ordered some snacks & the liquor was flowing. This place had a small dance floor that would get jam packed as they also played great music. My husband had a few drinks by now & I could see him flirting with one of the waitresses & checking women out with the guys as if I were not there. Seriously? I finally grabbed a seat next to him. He was on my right & one of his friends was on my left. Victor was very attractive & a notorious ladies man. Originally from Norway he had been transferred to the US office in New York & traveled frequently to South Florida for business. He had no desire for any long term commitments with women, as he so proudly boasted on many occasion.

All the women in our circle found Victor hot as hell. He had very sexy salt & pepper hair yet he was in his mid thirties. He was on the muscular side & was always very complimentary to all of us. Not an ounce of arrogance on this guy which added to his attraction. Victor & I would casually flirt with each other as we also enjoyed dancing together. He was a huge fan of Salsa & Merengue so we were an easy fit. For the past few times we got together as a group it seemed he was eyeing me more. A great Merengue song comes on & he asks me to dance & even looks over to my husband who nods OK as if I didn’t matter. We are soon at the crowded dance floor & since I love to dance it helped me get over the disappointment I was feeling. It turned out to be a set of songs & by the 2nd one we were dancing a lot closer together due to the crowd. He had his leg between mine which meant we were basically grinding our hips on each other. He had one arm resting just above my ass cheeks pulling me tight against him & the other one holding my arm very close to my head which enabled him to press my face closer to him.

It was really hot on the dance floor & we were both sweating by now. Once my face was close to his neck I could smell his cologne. I found that & the combination of his sweat so alluring that I started getting aroused. As the song was ending I felt him getting hard as he was pressed against me. The song ends & as we are walking back he is walking very close behind me with his arms on my bare shoulders. I felt his unmistakable erection on my back. OK I am officially aroused & beginning to get wet! We sit back down & grab our drinks. Everyone is laughing & having a great time. Pretty rowdy but all in good fun. I was wearing a simple floral dress that sat just above my knees with my usual thong underneath. tuzla escort I reach over for a snack & Victor asks me to hand him one as well. When I reach over I feel his hand brush up against my thigh which immediately changes my breathing pattern. I hand him the snack & he thanks me. My husband has his back turned against me & is yapping away with his friends & the table behind us.

I was literally shaking my head at how little attention my husband was giving me when I feel Victor’s hand, discreetly, go on my thigh with the tip of his fingers on my inner thigh. I was caught off guard & didn’t really know what to do. I look over to him but he is talking to one of my girlfriends across the table. With supreme confidence & without looking at me he moves his hand over to my inner thigh & gently squeezes it as he begins caressing me. Very nonchalantly he leans over to me & whispers in my ear “Your husband is a stupid fuck. As fine as you are I wouldn’t leave you alone!” I was caught by surprise by his comment but it seemed to be exactly what I wanted, in fact I needed to hear, at that precise moment. I lean over to him & seductively reply “Yeah? And what would you do with me?” A smile comes over his face & he gently lifts my leg & places it on his, then parts my leg some & begins petting me over my panties. All the while responding to a question from my friend across the table.

Instantly I feel my pussy getting warmer & wetter. By now the lights are really low as the bar has shifted to playing strictly music. I adjust myself so he has the best access to my pussy. I decide to return the favor & reach over then grab his semi hard cock through his trousers. I decide to go for broke so I began unzipping his fly but am having a hard time with his belt so he reaches down & unbuckles it for me. I look around & my husband is still ignoring my existence & due to the way the tables are positioned I decide to reward Victor. Once the belt buckle was loose I was able to take his cock out. I immediately feel his gooey pre-cum & without hesitation I go down on him & put him in my mouth. I suck him really hard & lick his cockhead vigorously & deep throat him as much as possible for about 15 seconds or so. If anyone noticed they kept quiet.

Victor was taken aback from my fearless & brazen but very quick blowjob. He leans over & whispers “I need to feel you. I need that sweet pussy now!” He then finds a way & inserts his middle finger inside me, I can feel my wetness. He sighs in my ear & tells me once more how bad he wants to be inside me. My mind is racing on how and where we can go to hook up right now. The bathroom? Too busy. Outside in the car? Too well lit. All the while as I’m thinking this my hand is stroking his rather thick appendage which is tuzla escort bayan oozing pre-cum all over me. I love the taste & consistency of a hot man’s pre-cum. Not being able to slather his juicy nectar all over my lips right now was driving me insane with lust! I whisper to Victor that I am going to say I will be using the ladies bathroom when in fact we should meet outside. He nods in agreement.

As soon as we are outside we walk over to the parking lot & the building next door had an alleyway leading to a park area. Here we are walking not knowing where to go only that we are both very aroused & I was desperate to taste more of his cock. I see a little space between a stairwell that offers some privacy so I pull Victor in & immediately we begin kissing. I feel him getting harder against me so I unzip his trousers to reveal a very pretty & sizable cock. My mouth seizes the opportunity & I begin licking him furiously as time was of the essence. I pull down his pants to his ankles so I can have access to his balls. With one hand I raise his ample penis so I can suck on his heavy ball sack. This drives him mad! He pulls my face away & begins rubbing his slimy cock over my face. I stick out my tongue to savor his juices as he lifts me up & plants a very wet & hard kiss on my lips. He spins me around so he can suck away at my neck while grinding his hard cock against my ass cheeks. I am breathless at this point while attempting to contain my moaning.

I feel him raise my dress with one arm while he is gently but firmly choking me with the other. I find this exhilarating as it is a new experience for me. Not only am I struggling to breathe due to my arousal but the choking is adding another layer of stimulation unlike anything I’ve experienced before. He breaks off the hold on my neck to lower my thong when in act of utter debauchery I remove my dress completely & throw it on the ground. I did not think of any consequences other than being naked as he was about to penetrate me with his engorged cock. Here I am in high heels wearing nothing more than my bra. I turn around to kiss him & rub his cock over my pussy & exposed belly. He is as wet as I am with our natural lubrication. As we are kissing he stops & spins me around then slaps my ass cheeks while spreading me wide. I feel his cock glide into me easily but quickly his length & thickness have me gasping for air. Victor is leaning against the wall & pounding away at me with reckless abandon. His big hands were either choking me or grabbing my waist. I preferred the choking & when he shifted his grip to my waist I quickly grabbed his hands & placed them back on my neck. He got the hint!

The only sounds I could hear were our moans & the thrusting of his hips against mine. I could escort tuzla feel our juices flowing down my inner thighs which added to the immense pleasure I was getting from this encounter. The intensity of the moment was building inside of me when I begin convulsing uncontrollably as the first wave of a huge orgasm breaks free. My moaning was out of control as my body spasmed under the carnal pleasure I was receiving from Victor. My legs are shaky & I am feeling a bit lightheaded when Victor asks me to confirm that I just came on his dick. I simply say “Fuck yeah!” as his pace intensifies. I am pulled upwards so he can suck my neck. As he is doing this he lowers one hand to my pussy & starts rubbing my clit while the other grabs my hair & he begins pulling on it. All of a sudden I break into tears! Tears begin flowing down my face profusely yet I am not sad or in any pain. For whatever the reason this fervid encounter had me shedding lustful tears.

Looking back I felt so incredibly slutty & enjoyably filthy being fucked in a dirty alley wearing nothing but a bra & high heels while my asshole husband is flirting with women inside the bar. And it’s with a friend/co worker of his! I struggled to stand under Victor’s masterful pounding. He senses this & without breaking a beat he turns me so I can rest my arms against the wall which allows him to thrust harder & deeper into my womb. OMG! How much more can I take? His length & thickness turned out to be the size I would prefer as it gave me the most pleasure without the pain some larger men would inflict. Another wave is beginning to build up deep inside me as my breathing gets even more labored. WOW! I’m about to cum again when I feel Victor slam deep inside me causing me some discomfort, then he utters in an animalistic grunt that he wants to cum all over my face. I spin around to grab his pulsating cock & immediately start sucking him. He grabs my hair with one hand to pull me away as he begins stroking his cock in front of my face. We begin to struggle as I want to stroke him but he is too caught up in seeing himself do it on his own when the first spurt of warm cum splashes my face. I open my mouth & feel some of it hit the back of my throat. I remember a trick I learned from my cousin & begin rubbing his spurting cock over my face thus spreading his seed over my forehead & cheeks. All I hear from Victor is “OMG! OMG! You are fucking amazing!”

I then realize I have a face full of cum & no towels! My dress was thrown across the way so I decide to walk as seductively I could to retrieve it thus giving Victor another view of my nakedness in high heels. On my return to him he grabs me & hugs me. He grabs my face with both hands & tells me that he wants more of me. “Linda, this is not enough! We need to go away for a weekend! I want to see you & feel you every time I’m in South Florida. Fuck your asshole husband!” I couldn’t agree more as I wiped his tasty cum from my face with the thong as best I could.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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