A Fantasy of Mine

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A Fantasy of MineOne of my fantasies has always been to be a bold and naughty school girl. There is one teacher that I tease throughout my senior year. I use lots of innuendo. I wear skirts with no panties, making sure to sit in the front row, giving him an eyeful as he sits at his desk. My pens always end up in my mouth as he teaches, my tongue swirling around the tip every time he glances at me. Finally, on the last day of the school, he snaps. He demands that I stay after class for one of my smart-ass comments. As soon as the room is empty and the door is closed, he bends me over his desk, lifts my skirt and spanks my bare ass until I’m squirming and my pussy is dripping. His hands smooth over my hot flesh, occasionally squeezing my tender cheeks. He starts talking to me, telling me how he’s güvenilir bahis wanted to do this all year. Wanted to teach me what being a dirty little tease would get me. Hands spread my thighs, fingers sliding up and down my slippery slit. A finger pushes roughly inside my wet hole. He leans over me and whispers in my ear, tells me that he likes how wet I am for him. I moan and he smacks my ass again. He whispers to me that he’s going to fuck me like the little slut I am and I shiver. My nipples are so hard they ache as they press against the hard wood of his desk. I hear the sound of his belt unbuckling, the rustling of his clothes. His hands smack my ass cheeks hard, the sound echoing in the room. The tip of his cock rubs against my throbbing pussy. Moaning at the sensation, my eyes close. canlı bahis He slides inside me, stretching my pussy walls. I cry out as he pushes until he’s completely inside me. His hands grip my hips tightly as he slowly strokes in and out of my pussy. He soon speeds up, turning his strokes to deep, powerful thrusts. My body is shaking as he plows into me. My upper body begins to rise up from the desk and he quickly shoves me back down. His hand on my back as he growls and fucks me. My pussy throbs and contracts around his cock as I start to cum. “That’s right, cum you little slut,” he growls as he slaps my ass. I cum so hard at those words, if it weren’t for the desk, I’d be on the ground. I can hear how wet and sloppy my pussy is as his cock sloshes through. My pussy is gripping his cock so bahis siteleri tightly. I cum again and again as his balls slap my clit. He pulls out of me and I cry out from the feeling of emptiness. I hear him, breathing hard behind me as he pulls me off the desk. “On your knees slut,” he commands. I kneel before him, staring up at his glistening cock. I open my mouth and he shoves his cock inside. I taste my own cum on his cock as I suck him. His hands are in my hair, my eyes up to watch his face. My tongue is rubbing his shaft, circling his tip, tasting the drops of sweet precum. It isn’t long before he starts to cum, filling my mouth with his hot cum. His hand grips my head as he growls, holding me in place. But I’m not going anywhere until I get every drop of his cream. I sit back on my heels, savoring the thick cum in my mouth, a satisfied grin on my lips. He puts a hand under my chin, making me look up at him. “I think you’re going to need more than just one lesson. Stop by my house tomorrow afternoon…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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