A Gay for Pay Story

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I had recently lost my job, and had been applying for stuff all over. I found a website that was looking for some freelance work. You had to upload a picture. It seemed a little strange, but definitely would help with verifying identity and all that, so I put one up. The image kind of shrunk on the site, and gave my face a unique lighting, highlighting my features. I stared at it for a second.

“Wow, I look hot,” I joked to myself. I didn’t hear a single thing back from the website for a few days, until I suddenly got a message, which was titled “Hey! Urgent, Please Read!” I opened it, and began reading. It said: “Hey there. Wow, you’re adorable. And I see that you’re located in my area. Message me back if you’re interested in having some hot fun. Pay$ well!”

I sat there, confused for a second, reading over the message. This didn’t seem like writing or data entry work. I looked at the profile picture of the person who sent it, and it was a middle aged man (based off the profile pic) with a bit of facial hair, dark hair and dark features. And, was he the one then who said I’m adorable??

My heart started racing for a minute. Was this guy trying to solicit something from me? I had to force myself to breathe. There’s no way this could mean what I think it means. And I’m totally straight, so there’s no reason I’d be interested in something like that anyways. I messaged back: “I’m sorry, I’m confused. What is it that you need? And thanks for the adorable comment, lol. I’m straight though.”

The strange message played in my head all night. I finally got a response back, the next afternoon. Opening the message, it said: “Well, we have a studio rented and I’d love you to stop by tomorrow. That’s ok if you’re straight. A lot of guys do some stuff like this for pay, that doesn’t mean they’re gay or anything. And by “this,” yes, I mean I’d love to film you with another guy. I actually have another guy ready, a top, he’s never been on film before. And you have that total bottom energy. So message me asap!” He then sent an address, contact info, and pay info.

My jaw quivered as I read the message. I felt strange feelings coming up, things I’d repressed for years possibly. Of course, I’ve had fantasies about what it would be like, to be with another guy. To have my slim body appreciated (for once), to have some stud seduce me, and for a large sum of money too!

I looked at the profile pic of the guy who messaged me. I suddenly began to imagine him holding a camera. I’m staring at the camera, my eyes shut as another, stronger man is beside me, lifting my shirt up, my hard abs being rubbed down. And my cock began to grow, swell actually, as this image flashed in my mind. Was… was I actually considering this?

I took a deep breath and messaged back: “Wow. This is a tempting offer. I’m just nervous, I’ve never done ANYTHING with a guy before. I don’t know how that would work on camera for you.”

I sent the message, and began to rub my dick a bit, imagining more of this surreal experience, when I got a message back, almost immediately. It read: “That’s perfect! Nothing like seeing a first timer get seduced on camera, it always ends up super hot! And the other guy, Leon, he is a hunk, let me tell you. I think you two would make an awesome pair on camera. So, are you interested? Message back ASAP! We film tomorrow, and I have others lined up if you’re not interested. But I really want you!”

He, he wants me? Nobody wanted me for anything now a days. I lifted my shirt up, rubbing my abs, right there at the computer. My dick was throbbing, leaking in my boxers. I messaged back quickly, without even thinking: “Sure. I’ll be there. Tomorrow.” I sent the message and pulled my cock out, rubbing it rapidly. I began to moan, my cock rock hard as I pumped it, waiting for his response.

It didn’t take long, my breathing and heart race increasing as I reached my orgasm, shooting my cum into a nearby tissue paper. I let out one last moan of pleasure, and he messaged back. It just said: “Cool, can’t wait! This is going to be so hot.” And he followed that up with details on when and where tomorrow.

After my orgasm, I came to my senses a bit. I almost began to panic. What had I just agreed to? But it was ok, I thought. I didn’t have to go. It’s not like I signed a contract or anything. But as the night went on, and I searched more online for job offers, I kept thinking about it. How surreal it would be, to have an erotic fantasy like that fulfilled, and to be paid for it no less.

Somehow, I managed to sleep that night. Sleep well, actually. I awoke the next morning, and I had some of the strongest morning wood that I’d ever had. Suddenly, I remembered what I had agreed to today. I woke up and ate a light breakfast, some coffee, and showered (very thoroughly). It’s like something was pulling me, compelling me to do this. And soon, I was in my car, headed to the address that was messaged to me.

I had plenty of time to be nervous and over istanbul travesti think on the way there (it was about a 20 minute drive) but my cock stayed awake the entire ride, half hard, anticipating this surreal new adventure.

I got to the address, and it was a somewhat smaller building. I parked and texted the number I’d received, saying that I’m here. I was told to go inside, Mark (the guy who set this up) was running a few minutes late. Leon was already inside, and was eager to meet me. My heart started racing a bit. I was a bit nervous, but I climbed out of my car and into the building.

Inside, everything seemed so clean and sterile. There was a front lobby desk (with no one behind it) and a small waiting area. There was another man sitting down, a buff, stud of a man. He had darker features than mine, definitely a bit taller, and big, buff arms. He had on a tight black shirt and ripped jeans. Upon seeing me, he smiled, and stood up, walking towards me. I stood there like a nervous fool as he approached.

“Hi,” he said, in a hot, husky voice. “I’m Leon. And you’re definitely not Mark, so you must be Jacob, right?”

I laughed, nervously, and said that I was.

“Well, come here,” he said, holding out his arms. I walked forward a bit, and he wrapped his arms around me, hugging me tight, pulling me towards his massive body. “I’m so excited to film with you,” he said, his hands sliding down my back. They rested on my ass cheeks and he squeezed them, a small moan escaping my lips.

“Mark tells me you’ve never been with another guy before. This can’t be true, right? You’re so cute.” I was having trouble responding, all the blood rushing to my dick as he pressed himself up against me.

“I’ve… never,” I managed to say, feebly.

“Wow, can’t wait to be your first. I’m a bit nervous to be honest though, this is my first time being on film,” and as he said this, he looked down, analyzing my face.

“Oh,” was all I managed to say, my cock starting to throb against him now. Would he mind?

“I just thought we could get acquainted for a minute or two, while we’re waiting on Mark, is that ok?” he asked, so sweetly, his large hands still holding my ass, forcing my body against his.

“Yeah. yes.” I said, in a daze.

“Your lips are so pretty,” he said, lifting up a hand, rubbing a finger against my lips.

“Ohh,” I let out a gentle moan.

“I know we should wait to film this, but can I have just a little kiss? I can’t wait, hehe,” his finger still rubbing softly against my pink, wet lips.

“S-sure,” I said, so turned on now. Leon leaned down and pressed his lips against mine. I was surprised at how soft his lips were, and how juicy there were as we began to press our lips together, just mashing them gently. I felt Leon’s warm tongue rub against my lips, and that’s when I head the door open behind us.

I backed away from Leon like a naughty kid caught in the act of something, and stared at Mark, film equipment and all by his side. He laughed.

“I see you two are already getting acquainted.”

“Oh yeah,” Leon said. I blushed beet red. “I was just getting a sample of Jacob here. And I think we’re going to make a great film together, isn’t that right?” He asked me, his hand resting on my lower back.

“Yeah, definitely,” I chuckled nervously. God, this was all so exhilarating to me.

“Good, good,” Said Mark, setting his equipment down. He walked towards us and placed his hands on our shoulders. “Just stand like this for a moment, side by side. I just want to check you two out real quick.

And with that, he began to circle around us. He went by Leon first, and then stopped behind me. He made little remarks and whispers from behind, and my body began to tingle with goosebumps as he checked me over. This was so fucking hot. My cock started throbbing again, my boner obvious.

I felt Mark’s fingers go under the waist band of my pants, pulling them down slightly. I felt the cool air hit the top of my ass, Mark’s fingers slowly dancing over it.

“Hmm, yes.. yes, perfect,” he whispered as he squeezed and felt my ass, lowering my pants more. Leon was watching with delight, the bulge in the front of his jeans growing bigger. Mark pulled my pants back up, slowly, and then I felt his hands work towards the front of me. He lifted my shirt up with one hand, and with the other hand, began rubbing my abs up and down. I moaned, I couldn’t help it.

“My, my, you’re so eager, aren’t you?” He whispered to me. I bit my lip and moaned out a small yes. I just couldn’t help it, the anticipation to all of this, the way he was checking my body out, it had me sooo horny.

“Good,” he whispered, lowering my shirt back down, “It’ll make for a great scene.” And then he walked behind Leon, and his arms went slowly up and down Leon’s arms, rubbing his muscles.

“Hmmm, god,” Leon’s eyes were closed as Mark felt his strong, hot arms. Mark slid his hands down Leon’s front, over istanbul travestileri his rippling chest, down his hot abs, and grabbed the bottom of his shirt. He lifted it up and did the same thing to Leon, rubbing his sexy abs. My mouth hung open in awe as I watched Mark’s hands glide over Leon’s abs. His stomach was all muscles, they twitched and jumped at Mark’s touch.

“And you,” Mark said, getting close to Leon, whispering in his ear, his hands still lifting up his shirt, rubbing his hot, tan abs. “What a specimen.” Leon moaned lightly as Mark lowered his shirt, slowly, backing away from Leon.

Both Leon and I were in a daze, our bodies on fire and close together, as Mark grabbed his equipment. He made a gesture for us to follow him, and the three of us walked behind a door.

He flipped on the lights, revealing a large couch, lights, and a clean atmosphere. He began to set up his equipment. Leon stood next to me. Neither of us said anything, but Leon kept his body right next to me. I could feel the heat from it, from the bulge in his jeans as we stood there. Mark turned towards us, smiling.

“For this first scene,” he said, rubbing his hands together. “I just want you too on the couch there. We’ll do some making out, nice and slow. And Leon,” he said, walking up to Leon. “You’re the one doing the seducing here. Make sure you really explore Jacob’s body. Lift his shirt, and rub these hot abs of his.” He placed his hand back on my abs as he said this, rubbing small circles.

“Yes… sir,” Leon said softly.

“But before that,” Mark said, his hand tracing the side of Leon’s face, “I want to make sure that you both can kiss. Show me what you’ve got.” And he pressed his lips against Leon’s. Leon didn’t hesitate. He began to rub his juicy lips against Mark’s. Mark grabbed a hold of Leon’s big arm, and the two of them began to make out, their wet tongues appearing and then disappearing in each other’s mouths.

“f-fuck,” I moaned to myself, staring in awe at this hot scene. I was so turned on, I was eagerly waiting for Mark to test me, as the two of them kissed deeply, Leon moaning and pressing against Mark. Mark backed up, wiping his lips, and smiling. I could see his erection through his tight pants, it barely grazed against Leon’s bulge.

“That’s… perfect,” Mark said, almost a bit taken back. He smiled, and then walked in front of me, his larger frame staring me down.

“Well, let’s see, Mr. shy one,” he said to me, his hand grabbing the back of my head. He pulled my face towards his, and we began to kiss, passionately. His lips were like Leon’s, wet and hot, but thinner, more nimble. But his tongue, was wet and large. I felt it probe my mouth, forcing entry. My first gay make out session. I couldn’t believe it. A million jolts of pleasure went through my body as Mark kissed me deeply, his body and erection up against me. I moaned out eagerly, not wanting it to end, but he slowly pulled away from me, his lips wet from all the kissing.

“Oh.. fuck yes. You’re a hot kisser,” his arms rested on my shoulders as he looked me over. “You sure you’ve never kissed a guy before?”

“N-no, my first.” I still felt shy, but god so horny as he pulled away. He turned towards Leon.

“My, my, you’re going to have some fun with him. But save it for the camera,” and he went back to setting up his equipment, motioning us towards the couch. Leon grabbed me by the elbow and pulled me with him towards the couch. He patted the seat next to him, and I slowly sat down as Mark began to roll the cameras.

Leon wrapped his big arm around me and began to get close, sniffing my hair. His arm came down, and he began to run his fingers through my hair.

“Mmm,” he spoke softly to me. “You have such nice, shaggy hair.” His face was so close, hot breath on my lips.

“Thank you,” I answered back softly, waiting for him to kiss me.

“Just like that,” Mark said to us. “Start off nice and slow.” And from the corner of my eye, I could see him rubbing his erection through his pants as he filmed us. For some reason, it made it so much hotter to be having my first time on film like this, especially when the camera man was so obviously turned on by this. It felt like we were putting on a show for him.

Leon blew air against my lips, making them tingle before bringing his lips against mine.

“Uhhh,” intense pleasure again as his tongue wedged in between my lips, prying them open. I let his tongue dominate mine as I felt his other hand creeping up the front of me, rubbing down my body.

“Fuck!” I exclaimed, breaking our kiss for a second, just to breathe. Leon didn’t stop. He smiled as my head was turned, kissing gently down the side of my neck.

“Oh yeah,” Mark moaned from behind the camera. “Are you enjoying your first time Jacob?”

“Yeah…” I moaned out, eyes barely open as Leon’s lips worked their way down my neck. His hand went under the front of my shirt, and he lifted it up as he travesti istanbul rubbed me, exposing my abs and skin to the camera.

“More, I need to see more of him,” Mark said from behind the camera, now intentionally rubbing and gripping his stiff dick through his pants. “Take that cute little shirt off him.”

And Leon reached down, slowly lifting my shirt over my head. I felt a bit shy and self conscious with my whole upper body exposed. But my thoughts instantly turned to pleasure when I felt Leon’s big hand grab my bare chest, massaging it.

“Uhhh,” I moaned into his ear as he gently rubbed my nipple, tracing his finger around it. His tongue exploded into my mouth and we began to make out, more intensely now, Leon practically climbing on top of me. I could feel how hard he was through his jeans, our two throbbing erections rubbing, touching.

“This is so hot,” Mark moaned out to us. He moved to the side of us slightly, to get a better angle. And that’s when I saw him unzip his jeans, pulling his massive cock out. It twitched and pulsed, hard and purple, pointing right at us.

Leon continued his assault on my body, humping against it. He took his shirt off slowly, revealing his bulging, toned muscles, and he pressed against me, our bare chests rubbing together now. I gripped at Leon’s hunky sides as he thrust his body up against mine. I could feel his cock, through his jeans, pressing against my ass, sliding up and against my ass cheeks. If it weren’t for our pants, Leon would be practically fucking me right now.

This thought drove me crazy, and made me even hornier, wondering where this would end. Was Leon going to fuck me on camera? I don’t think I’d mind. We kissed gently, but mostly Leon kept thrusting against me, grunting, and I felt his hands clawing at my pants, lowering them. He lowered them from the back, over my ass. His hands gripped at my ass, and he used the leverage to thrust against me harder, moaning in my ear.

“Mmm,” Mark moaned out, so close to us now. I turned my head for a quick second, in awe of the sight of Mark’s cock. He gently stroked his massive shaft with one hand, filming us with the other. “You want to fuck this cutie so bad, don’t you Leon?” he asked. Leon half turned towards him, eyes closed, moaning.

“Yes, I do,” he didn’t stop humping me, lowering my pants more, slowly undressing me down to nothing.

“Mmm, me too,” Mark moaned out, still stroking that hot cock. “But that’s another scene perhaps. Well, why don’t you two stand up for a second and fully undress each other?”

Leon grabbed my hand, pulling me up. And his hands instantly went down my sides, lowering pants and sticky boxers to the floor. He did it so quick, I gasped, feeling the cool air hit my cock. I did as commanded though, and gripped Leon’s jeans, unbuttoning them. We began to kiss, slowly now, our tongues barely touching as I lowered his boxers down. He kicked his clothes to the side, and pressed his naked body against mine, our two hard, hot cocks sliding together.

Mark came up to the side of me, and slapped my ass, making me jump closer to Leon. Then his hand rested on my ass cheek for a minute, rubbing little circles.

“So sexy boys,” he was right next to me, whispering and filming us. It made me tingle. Then he backed away, slowly, his cock still upright in the air, horny from watching us. “Yes Leon, hands on his cute ass. I want you two just like this, kiss and rub together for a moment, before you fuck him.”

“Yeah..” Leon moaned his reply as his strong hands crept down my back, firmly squeezing my ass. He pulled me towards him, his hard dick thrusting against mine. “Mmm, you like this, you little slut?” he asked me, slapping my ass and kissing me.

“Yes, oh god,” And his tongue was back in my mouth. He didn’t stop squeezing my ass and thrusting against me. His cock was so warm as it rubbed against me, against my own dick, against my stomach, precum sticking to my abs.

“Now, Jacob,” Mark seemed to be having trouble speaking now, the scene was making him hornier too, his own dick pulsing as he rubbed it down. “I need you against that wall, face first, hands on the wall. Now baby.”

I attempted to move, to do as told, but Leon’s grip on me was too strong. He kept me pressed against him, hungrily kissing me. It took Mark’s words a second to register, before he let me loose, slapping my ass as I turned away from him.

I moaned from the slap, from the scene, from everything as I turned towards the wall, placing my hands against it. I felt so sexy like that, my round, soft ass on display for Leon as he crept up behind me.

“Here Leon, allow me,” I heard from behind me. I cocked my head sideways, and saw Mark setting his camera down. He pulled out a condom, and began to slide it over Leon’s impressive, pulsing cock. Leon moaned as Mark slid it over, slowly, deliberately slow. Mark’s hands pressed against Leon’s abs, and for a moment, the two of them started kissing, tongues slapping together behind me.

It was so sexy, so incredibly hot, all 3 of us turned on now. I kept my hands on the wall, staying in position. But I could feel my dick leaking below me, twitching from the pleasure. I gently rubbed it against the wall in front of me. It’s all I could do.

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