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A good teacher 5Jamie is my best friend and I had introduced him to my mother in a previous chapter (3), where she let him have his first fuck. He did come back one other time and when I wasn’t there and they fucked. I found out as I was licking her out that night and she still had cum in her. Since then Mum and I’ve been talking and we agreed that it would be fabulous for Jamie and me to fuck her at the same time. I’ve been anal fucking her a few times now and she has been fucking herself with the dildo whilst my cock has been in her arse. On those occasions she’s been saying how fantastic it would be to have Jamie fuck her in place of the dildo.He rang me this afternoon and asked if he could stay at our place for a few days, as his parents were going away and he wasn’t much of a cook and would my Mother mind if he stayed over and eat with us. I told him I’m sure Mum won’t mind. When I got home, I told Mum and she said of course he can. He can have your room, now that you’re not using it since we are now sleeping together.The following evening he arrived just before dinner. We retired to the lounge room afterwards. Mum and I sat on the lounge and Jamie made himself comfortable in one of the big lounge chairs. I had my arm around Mum and every now and then, she would give me a quick kiss and each time my cock would get harder. I moved my arm and let my hand fall inside her top and began to fondle her well rounded, firm boob. Now my cock was really tenting my shorts. Mum placed her hand over the top of it and fondled it through my shorts. Of course Jamie could see what we were doing and his cock was in the same predicament as mine. “Baby move down a bit, there is enough room for the three of us on here. Come and sit next to me Jamie.”As she wriggled down to make room for him, her short mini crept up somewhat and just barely covered her shaved cunt. I continued to fondle her boob, but this time Mum put her hand down the inside my shorts and placed it on my stiff cock and gripped it tight to feel the hardness of it and also stroked it. “Jamie, you can put your arm around me too, you’re just about part of the family these days.”Soon as his hand came over her shoulder, she guided it to the inside of her top and placed it on to her other boob. She was now getting both her boobs fondled. Her other hand went to touch Jamie’s cock, also from the inside his shorts. We sat like türbanlı bingöl escort this for a little while enjoying touching and fondling each other. She leaned forward, took her hand off our cocks and saying how hot it is sitting between us young spunks and took her top off. Her beautiful boobs were in full view now.”You guys don’t mind if I sit here like this. You can still fondle them if you want to.”I took the one closest to me and cupped it with both hands. Fuck, I love feeling her boobs. Jamie had taken his into his mouth and was sucking on her stiff nipples. I had to take my shorts off, as it was too uncomfortable for my erection. Mum immediately put her hand back on my cock and letting her fingers run up and down my shaft. “Jamie, you must be uncomfortable as well, why don’t you take your’s off. Apart from that, I like to have both of your cocks in my hands.”Seconds later, Jamie’s cock was free and pointing towards the ceiling and Mum took it in hand. “Aaahh this is nice having two young, hard cocks in my hands and having my nipples sucked as well. You boys really turn me on. I can feel I’m getting all wet. Baby take Mummies skirt off and play with my hot dripping sex.”Her naked cunt was now at our disposal. I went between her legs and placed my mouth over it and flicking my tongue over her clitty. Jamie was still fondling her boobs and they were tongue kissing. I got up and said I’ll be right back. I fetched her dildo and returned to my position between her legs. “Jamie do you want to see how I dildo fuck Mum? She can take the whole lot up her cunt.””Ooohh baby, what a good idea. Ahhh baby, let Jamie fuck me with it. He’s never done it. Come up here and I’ll suck your cock and you can watch Jamie fucking me with it.”We swapped places and Mum took my hard cock in her mouth whilst I watched her getting dildo fucked.”Mum why don’t we go to the bedroom. It’ll be more comfortable.””Yes, your right.”Whilst I was in there getting her dildo, I also slipped the tube of lube under the pillows. So when we got there, I told Mum to kneel on the bed and I squeezed some of the lube on her tight, little pucker and rimmed it with a couple of my fingers. Then got behind her and put my cock against it and gently began to push till the head of my cock slipped inside her arse. Holding it there till I felt her push against türbanlı bingöl escort bayan me and making my cock slide further into her tight, hot arse and I began fucking her.”Jamie, get in front of my slutty Mum and shove your cock into her mouth. Did you know she wants both of us to fuck her at the same time? One in her arse and another up her soggy cunt, but I’d like to see her having another shoved down her throat as well, but for now we will fuck her till half way through the night. Blow her mouth full of spunk. I’m just about ready to shoot it up her arse. Ahhhh…. yeeeeeesss, I’m shooting your arse full nowwwww.”Jamie’s cum was dribbling down the corners of her mouth, as she couldn’t swallow it fast enough. We rolled over to one side, but I kept my cock in her arse. It felt nice there and it hadn’t gone totally flaccid. I reached around and played with her clitty and she kept pushing herself onto me, feeling my cock in her arse. I knew she was desperate to cum. “What was that you mentioned a few minutes ago? You want to bring another one of your friends here to fuck me? As much as I’d like that, but do you think that’s a good idea? What if he goes around bragging about it? It would spoil everything.””Hey Jamie, I’m thinking of Dean. You’d agree that he could be trusted and jump at the chance. I know he’s never been with a woman and on a few occasions made remarks like ‘saw that spunky Mum of your’s’, or comments like that.””What, your friends think I’m a spunky looking woman? Tell me more, I like that. Do you think that they would want to jump into bed with me?””I’m sure they would, given the chance. I’ll invite Dean over for tomorrow evening and I won’t mention anything. You can check him out and take it from there.””Oh son, I’ll be as nervous as a school girl on her first date, but ok, he can come for dinner as well.”I could tell that it was exiting her to think that she might have three of us young studs to fuck her. She asked me to roll on my back, as my cock was getting hard again in her arse as we were talking and she wanted me to start fucking her arse. Seeing Mum riding herself on my cock, with her wet cunt outstretched and wide open, got Jamie hard as well and he knelt in front of her and slid he’s cock into her. I felt his cock rubbing against mine through the thin skin between her cunt and türbanlı escort bingöl arse, as he began fucking her.”Aaahh your hard cocks feel sooo good in me, yes I’d like to have another cock to suck on right now. I’m going to love having you three young spunks fucking me. Aaahhh fuuuckkk I’m cumming thinking about it.”She threw her arms around Jamie and planted her open mouth over his and they were feverishly tongue kissing and his cock was still rubbing against mine as he continued fucking Mum. Jamie and I lasted a lot longer this time, as we had already filled her with spunk only a short time ago. So we let her feel the full might of our cocks in her. Jamie was pounding her cunt twenty to the dozen and I had hold of Mum’s hips and kept slamming her down on my cock.I spotted her dildo lying close by and grabbed hold of it and put it in her crack above where Jamie’s cock was and started pushing it into her soggy cunt. With each inward stroke Jamie was making, it went further up her.”Ahhh baby, that’s making my cunt sooo full, aaahhh yeeees, shove it up me.”Her body started to tremble and she let out a scream, sounded like “fuuuuuckkkkk.” and her juices literally came gushing out, flooding over our cocks and soaking into the sheet under me. I had a handful of her juices that had gushed over the dildo into my hand and I raised it to her mouth and let it dribble into it. She was eagerly lapping it up and licked my fingers as well. Jamie at this stage had spunked her once again and it was getting washed out along with her juices as soon as he took his cock out of her drenched cunt. I put my hand in there and scooped up whatever came out of her and she was lapping it off my fingers as fast as I could feed it to her. That took me over the edge and I shot my cum into her arse once more.”Now I know why you like eating me out after I’ve been spunked. It tastes real nice and soooo sexy. I’m getting turned on licking it off your fingers. I wonder if other women taste like that. I am a lucky woman to have you guys fucking me. Baby, let me sit on your face and lick me out, but don’t drink it. I want to eat it out of your mouth.”She lifted herself off my cock, turned around to face me and lowered her drenched cunt over my mouth. I saw globules of white cum and sucked them into my mouth. She took her swollen clitty and tweaked it with her thumb and a couple of fingers.”Honey, that’s a real turn on for me when you lick the spunk out of me. I’m going to bring myself off and let more of my sweet juices into your mouth for me to drink. I love tasting my juices as well and I’ve never told this to anyone, but I have at times wondered how other women taste. Aren’t I slutty?”The last bit was said under her breath as she climaxed into my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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