A Helping Hand

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A Helping HandI had this old fridge in my basement and I needed a hand to move it to the garage. I was talking to the neighbor k** about it and asked if he had sometime in the next few days if he could give me some help and get it out of there. He must be about 20 or so, because I remember his high school graduation party. I figured the two of us could get it moved pretty easy. It had been a few days and I just sitting in my living room watching a classic porn video, when I heard a knock on the door. I quickly zipped up and turned the vcr off. When I answered the door it was Curtis. He asked if this was a bad time? I stammered no, and invited him in. As we walked through the living room he asked what I was watching? I saw that the screen was blue and jokingly said some classic porn. He said that he liked the old classic stuff better then the new and we went on to moving the fridge.After we were done I offered him a cold soda seeing we had worked up a sweat. He accepted and we sat in the living room. He said that I should start up the porn tape and we could watch while we cooled off. I fired it up and we sat there drinking our drinks. We talked türbanlı sivas escort a bit about how sexy the chicks were and that they seemed more “into” it. I noticed that he was rubbing his glass on his crotch and I could see had a pretty big bulge in his basketball shorts. I knew that my cock was getting hard and after noticing this, it got harder. His drink was about gone when I offered to get another one. I left the room, but when I started back, I saw him really tugging on his crotch. I made some noise and returned. It wasn’t very long before I took chance and asked if he minded if I unzipped my shorts, my cock was getting hard and was binding. He encouraged me to open my pants. Unzipping I took my time and could see him watching, so I let my cock pop out of my shorts!This felt so good I gave it a little tug and moved my hand away. Not knowing where this might go I didn’t want to scare him off. I could see the outline of his cock sticking up and hoped that he would follow my lead. It wasn’t soon after that he asked if he could let his cock out too? My heart pounded as he lifted his türbanlı sivas escort bayan ass off the couch and pulled his shorts down. His cock sprang from the waist band and bounced a bit before he took it in his hand. It was so big! about 9 inches and thick at the base tapering off to a pink head, wow. Now my cock seemed to get even harder as I watched him stroke and play with his cock. He asked how big mine was and I said at 6inches it was fun to play with. He said that it looked like my cock was harder then his and wondered how we could tell? I told him that mine felt pretty hard and that if he wanted to he could feel it.He reached over and slipped his fingers around it! I think it got harder when he did this! He squeezed it and stroked it then said maybe I should feel how hard his was. I reached over and grabbed all that I could. It was nice and hard. As I rolled it in my hands he let out a little sound, I knew that this was going to be good afternoon. We held each other’s cock for a while playing and stroking as we watched the video. It wasn’t long before I saw pre-cum on the tip türbanlı escort sivas of his cock. I used my thumb and rubbed it in and all around his shaft. His began to breathe faster, a sure sign of things to “come”. I slowed my stroke down and squeezed tighter with everyone. His body began to arch I knew it wouldn’t be long. My hand worked his cock real good and I was rewarded with a great cum shot! That hot juice shot up almost 2 ft in the air! raining down all over his belly and thighs. My hand and arm were covered too. The 2nd and 3rd weren’t as high but great to see. I eased off a bit and milked his cock for all that I could. His hand started to rub and tug on my cock harder. After seeing his cock explode with cum, I knew it would be long before I shot my load. Now I don’t cum like that anymore, but my cock’s juices flowed like lava. Cum bubbling out,covering his hand I could tell that he was enjoying this too. He squeezed my cock very tightly then wiggled it around so my cum was everywhere. The he did something I didn’t expect. He leaned down and licked the cum covered tip and sucked my softening cock into his hot mouth. Oh it felt great! He let my cock pop out and smiled. We talked about how much fun this was while we cleaned up. He said that he had to go for now, but he had a buddy that likes classic porn too, maybe they could come over sometime. I told that sounded good to me and that he was welcome anytime. As he left I couldn’t help but think about how much fun that would be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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