A Holiday Adventure Ch.3

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The three of them had decided to go out for the night; they booked a taxi and then decided to get ready for their night out.Cassie and Jenny retired to their bedroom to get ready, allowing Nadine a bit of space to get ready as well.Jenny couldn’t decide on what to wear, rummaging through her things trying to find the best combination to wear.Cassie was having a similar problem with her attire, she had recently bought a very naught set of underwear that she had been saving for Jenny, It was a crimson red set of bra and panties, not just any normal bra and panty set, the panties were ‘crotch less’ and the bra was a peephole bra, she had bought them for a special treat for Jenny. The dress she chose was a summer dress, very loose and of a similar colour.Jenny finally decided on short black dress, underneath she was going to wear stockings and suspenders with a matching bra, she was going to wear the matching G string, but at the last minute, decide against it.Nadine had already decided that the new black lacy French knickers and bra set, underneath a very tight black dress with a split up each leg.Jenny fastened her suspender belt around her waist, excited at the thought of wearing them; they always made her feel extremely sexy. She then rolled her stockings up over her silky, sensuous legs; she stood up to attach the clips, catching a brief reflection of herself in the mirror. God, she felt hot. The bra she put on hardly covering her nipples, pushing her breasts up and together. She slipped the dress over her head and, looking in the mirror, thought she looked like the most sensuous woman in the world. She wanted to slip a finger into her already moist pussy but resisted, there would be plenty of time for that later and besides if she wanted to, while they were out, there was no material to get in the way, other than her short dress.Cassie pulled on the ‘crotch less’ knickers, immediately getting wet at the thought of someone feeling her under her skirt. She put the bra on, her nipples hard and erect, sticking through the holes in the bra. It took all her willpower not to start fingering her wet slit, her nipples wanted to be toyed with, to be squeezed, to be sucked. She would have to wait until later.Nadine’s underwear was perhaps the simplest, but none the less just as sexy. The black French Knickers were very lacy, almost transparent, her wet bush already starting to dampen them. Her Kadıköy Escort bra, also very lacy, struggled to hide her straining nipples; they were easily visible through the lace; the material of her dress struggling to hide how hard they were.They all met in the living room waiting for the taxi, each of them complementing each other on their attire.When the taxi arrived, they left the house. Arms linked, giggling, they almost ran to the waiting car. Nadine getting into the front, next to the driver, Cassie and Jenny sat in the back.The town was only about 10 miles away, so would only take about 15 minutes to get there. As they talked Jenny noticed that the driver was not giving the road all his attention, every few moments he would look in the mirror, staring at the two of them sat in the back. She decided to have some fun, very gradually she let her thighs open, her dress sliding up over her stocking clad legs. The taxi driver adjusted the mirror down, Jenny had his attention! She now reached out and held Cassie’s hand, they looked at one another, smiled, and then Jenny brought both their hands to her lap, pushing the last of the material of her dress up around her waist, she removed her own hand leaving Cassie’s hand hovering above her pussy. She felt Cassie extend a finger and gently run it up and down her swelling lips. She wanted to grab Cassie’s hand and force it onto her hot mound, but she resisted. She stared straight into the mirror of the taxi, staring into the eyes of the taxi driver who immediately readjusted the mirror to where it should be. She pulled her dress back down and they continued on their journey.They all got out of the taxi, the driver refusing to take any money, just smiled and wished them a good evening.They headed into the nearest bar, inside the music blared out, they got their selves a drink and went to find a table. As they sat the music became hypnotic. Unable to stop, they all moved to the small dance floor and started to dance together, initially they just danced alone, but as the music continued they all got closer and closer, Jenny grabbed Cassie and they started dancing together, grinding their bodies together. Their hands pulling each other close.Nadine then grabbed Cassie away from Jenny and they then started to dance intimately, their legs intertwined, grinding themselves into each other.Eventually they Kadıköy Escort Bayan decided to leave the bar to get some air.Exhausted, they left the bar and moved on; a couple of doors away they saw a lap dancing club.”Shall we?” jenny suggested, nodding towards the lap dancing club.They headed to the door and entered, steps lead down to the main area, they headed to an empty table near the back of the room.A scantily woman came over to take their order, she was dressed in a very short skirt that bounced up and down as she walked giving glimpses of her black g string, her breast constrained by a tight sequined bra.The atmosphere in the club was electric, every where they looked, sexy women were gyrating in front of men. The women stripping off more and more of their clothes as the men gave them money.There drinks duly arrived, shortly followed by a tall, dark Amazonian looking woman, dressed in a figure hugging short white dress, clinging to her voluptuous curves, they could see she was wearing stockings and suspenders. She started to gyrate to the music, swaying seductively, she then bent her knees and crouched down, allowing all three women to see up her shapely thighs, then she spread her thighs wide, giving them all a perfect view of her covered mound, her lips almost visible either side of the dark material.”Do you want me to carry on?” she said holding out a hand.”Yes please.” Cassie replied, holding out some money.The dancer folded the money and pushed it into her cleavage, hiding it inside her bra. She moved over to Cassie and started to give her a personal dance, she leaned forward, her breasts nearly popping out of her bra and dress. She reached behind her head and undid the strap holding her dress up, then slowly, seductively she peeled the dress down over her breasts. Her skimpy bra struggling to hold her flesh constrained, she let her dress go the material sliding over her flat stomach, and with a sexy wiggle of her hips the dress crumpled to a heap on the floor, she stepped out of it and kicked it out of the way.As she stood there swaying to the music, all three women drank in the sight before them, all three getting extremely turned, as Jenny shifted in her seat, she could feel her pussy dampening, her lips sliding together as she wiggled in her seat.Cassie’s could feel her hard nipples straining through the holes in her bra, sure Escort Kadıköy that the dancer could see them poking through the material of her light dress.Nadine was staring intently at the beauty before her, her nipples were visible through her thin, lacy bra and dress. She had her legs clamped together; squeezing her pelvic muscles together she could feel she had begun to get wet.Nadine was the next to offer money and the dancer moved over to her, she took the money and removed the money she had put inside her bra, folding it together she put it with her discarded dress, she turned around in front of Nadine allowing her to admire her tight arse, the string of her panties digging in to her bottom. She leant forward slowly, the material covering her mound struggling to hide her pussy lips, she ran a finger slowly along her slit and then turning around brought it up to her lips and seductively licked her finger, she then reached behind her and undid her bra, her large pert breasts spilling forth as she threw her bra towards her dress. She edged forward and with her legs straddling Nadine’s she leaned forward, pushing her breasts into Nadine’s eager face her hands pushing her tits together almost suffocating Nadine. She pulled herself away, allowing Nadine to breathe again, her face flushed with the effort to breathe and the excitement of the situation.Jenny was next, she offered the dancer some money, and this was thrown into the corner along with the rest of the money and her clothes. She moved over to Jenny. She then slid her fingers into the material of her panties at each hip and slowly dragged the material down over her legs, as she bent forward allowing her to drag her panties over her knees she looked up. Jenny opened her legs wide allowing the dancer a view of her stocking clad thighs, the pale skin of her inner thighs and her wet pussy.The dancer stood back up, one hand now covering her pussy, her other pressed across her breasts, covering her nipples. Looking, as if she had just been caught in an embarrassing situation. She let her hand drop for her breasts and then slowly she let her hand drop from her pussy, her pubic hair trimmed into a neat line above her slit, all the hair around her lips had been shaved off. The dancer straddled one of Jenny’s thighs and lowered herself onto it, she ground her mound onto Jenny’s thigh, she then started to slide back and forth, as if she was fucking jenny’s leg.Cassie and Nadine watched mesmerised as the dancer continued to rub herself up and down Jenny’s thigh.Jenny felt herself becoming more and more aroused, her pussy on fire, all she wanted to do was slide a finger between her open thighs and do something about the ache in her pussy.

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