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A HOLIDAY TRADITIONHOLIDAY family TRADITION The holiday season has always been an important time for my family; it’s the time when we all gather together at our family cabin for some much needed bounding time. I come from a rather large family, and nearly every branch has all taking up the family traditions of i****t.The tradition of i****t go as far back to my great grandfather who had six daughters all of watch he happily bedded. My grandfather along with his four c***dren will carry our family banner well into the next generation.Our family gathering is where most of the young girls in the family will present themselves as gifts to their fathers. The art of seduction is another family trait that the men in our family have perfected. Once a daughter has reach a certain age her father began the art of wooing her into his bed. It starts right after she has had her first period. I was no more then thirteen when my dad started wooing me, it just so happens that my birthday is in early December, and it was the year I turned f******n that I was choosing be deflowered at the holiday gathering. That was a few years ago, and now that I am a young woman in my twenties it is now up to me and my older cousins to keep our wonderful family tradition alive.I have always had a very close relationship with my older brother Kent; after all he was the one that schooled me on the ways of our family. I won’t give my age when he took in the bathroom pulled down my panties and fingered my little pussy. I also got to play with a boy’s cock that day. Some of my best memories are of Kent and me sharing our bodies. As the years went by Kent met and married his wife Mary, who in turn gives him a daughter Maggie.At s*******n my niece is a real black beauty. She is tell and shapely, with an hour glass figurer betsobet yeni giriş that is to die for. Yes one could say she is a thick girl, but her thickness is all in the right places. Her soft thirty-four d tits with rip hard nipples get most men hard just thinking about them. Her long legs are smooth and shapely; in addition her round thick hard ass will make your mouth water with desire. She has long thick dark brown hair that her dad loves to pull while he is riding her round tight ass.It’s hard to believe that it was only a few short years ago that Kent brought Maggie to the family cabin for her deflowering. How well I remember seeing my beautiful niece dressed in a white silk robe as she stood in the center the living room waiting for the man who will take her innocence’s Kent looked so handsome that night as he met his young daughter in the center of the room. With family looking on Kent takes Maggie in his arms. The intense look between father and daughter is so powerful that whole room nearly comes to a stand still. The look of desire in Maggie big brown eyes for her father was so beautiful that it touched everyone’s heart. To see the willingness to give not only her body to him, but she also give him her heart that night.Openly kissing and touching my brother quickly removed the white silk rode, letting tumble to the floor. Back then my niece was not as thick as she is now, however she was the most desirable young girl in the room that night. I could see the joy on my brother’s face as he laid his naked daughter’s body down on the blanket that was spread for all new comers. As he begin to woo her and love her as he showered her with sweet passionate kisses. Taking a moment to remove his black silk robe it was clear to se just how ready he was betsobet güvenilirmi for his young daughter’s pussy. The moment I saw his hard stiff cock I knew that Maggie was in for the time of her life. Her first father daughter fuck would be a beautiful memory that would be with her for the rest of her life.He opened her legs to get a long good look at what awaited him. A beautiful thick black bush dripping wet with young love juice. His mouth watered at the very thought of it all, and at that moment he seem to have no control over his cock as it harden even more.There was no turning back now as Kent gently spreads her lips open as he buries his tongue deep inside her. She bucked and screamed at the tongue fucking he was giving her. Her mind seemed to be a jumbled mess, because on the one hand it hurt, but then again it felt so good.As for my dear brother, he had never tasted anything like it before, as if every pussy that he had ever eating in the past was now a long distant memory. His Maggie was all he wanted, the love that he has felt from the time that she was born until right at that moment on the floor of our family cabin, Kent’s love for his baby girl came spilling out in an overwhelming show of emotions.His hands found pleasure in her soft dark skin, while his cock aced to be inside his daughter’s pussy. He made his way up and then back down her body, kissing and lick every inch of her body as he found the opening to heaven. His fingers slid into her folds to feel her wetness. He buried not one but two fingers so deep inside Maggie that it nearly took her breath away,She knew that she couldn’t get away from him; she laid there and waited for her dad to enter her again. With her legs open and his cock aimed and ready to hit its target, Kent betsobet giriş lay on top of Maggie and aimed for the center of her womanhood.He stroked her lips with the head his cock. She was tight and wet and her pussy jumped when he started push though. He heard her whimper as he continued on, not letting up for a second from his goal.Maggie’s shattering screams broke though the silence of onlookers. Kent had hit his mark, and while he drew blood he kept up his pace fucking harder, going deeper until he found the spot that would put her over the edge. As for Maggie all she could do is hang on for dear life as my brother bent his daughter’s pussy to his will.He fucked hard and long, and strong, and good. Yes Maggie’s pussy took quit a pounding. However, once Maggie adjusted it was on. She started grinding her hips upward so she could meet his ever trust. I could tell that my little niece was really getting into it when I heard say. “Oh daddy can I ride you, please daddy let me ride your big cock daddy?From day one I knew that Kent would be the type of dad that would never be able to refuse his baby girl anything. Picking her up Kent took a seat on the brown leather couch. Facing her dad, Maggie climbed on her father’s dick. As she lowers herself on his semi hard cock the sweet look on her face said that she was ready to please her daddy at all coast.As she began to adjust to his hardness she slowly starts her ride of pleasure. Her beautiful naked body seems to be made for riding hard cocks. There was more then one man in the room that night was more then eager to let cowgirl Maggie take there bronco. She sat proudly on his cock bouncing up and down, and ever so often grinding his dick deeper onto her, not ashamed to show off some of the skills she has learned while watching porn with the family.The look of elation on my brother’s face was quit telling as he watched her beautiful breasts dance as she bounced on his cock knowing that she would now take her rightful place in his bed. But he also knew that she would add her voice in keeping our family tradition alive.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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