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I was finishing my phone conversation as the knock came at the heavy oak door,. I hung up the phone as the door swung open, noting it was 4:05 PM. The tall redhead girl about 20 entered the room and began talking quickly.

“Oh, Professor Johnson, I am Lydia. I am in your 300 English Lit class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I really need to talk to you! I know you have hundreds of students and lots of classes in this large university but I need your help!”

The urgency in her voice spilled over to her speech patterns. She didn’t even give me a chance to acknowledge her or speak up before she continued.

“I know we haven’t met yet since your teaching assistant Kevin has been handling the class, and that’s the reason I am here. Kevin and I have a clash of personalities and he has given me C’s on my assignments and if it keeps up I will end up with a B or worst yet a C in this course. Professor Johnson I have never gotten a C in my life!”

The last sentence was full of disdain for the C. So I sized her up for what she was. One of those over driven, self-perfectionists who would end up a millionaire, boozer, or pill freak or any combination of the 3 by the time she was 30.

To bait her I spoke lightly, “Perhaps you are doing C work.”

At that she bristled and pulled herself up to her full height of around 5 foot 9 inches and came around the side of the dark mahogany desk I was sitting behind. As she did I swiveled the high-back leather chair so I still faced her and she stood there looking at me with wide green eyes this time her arms moving animatedly as she explained.

“The problem isn’t me! It’s Kevin! We have a difference of opinion on things and he thinks his opinions are right.”

As she moved I could see the obviously C cup breasts swing underneath the tight hunter green sweater she wore and as she stomped her left foot then right, I saw her even more of her left thigh as the green plaid, school girl, miniskirt rode up to an almost obscene level. I leaned back in my chair and looked at her as I stroked my now graying beard. Looking how she was dressed and why she was here I deduced her intent. She was going to get her grade changed by argument or by deed, she didn’t care which.

I looked up at her and with a calm but hopefully authoritarian voice I replied, “Let me get this straight, you have a difference of interpretation over an assignment with a TA and you end up with a C so you take it upon yourself to just come bursting into this office without being invited and without an appointment?”

My calm but forceful demeanor was taking her back some what. I could tell she was someone who was used to getting what she wanted. Must be somebody’s spoiled little girl.

Of course, with that long lean frame, full round breasts, long red flowing hair and from what I could see to be a full but lean ass topped with those bright green eyes she has all the tools needed to manipulate men. Be it Daddy or a horny old English professor.

I pressed on to see what she would do. “I take it you want the TA over ridden and your grade changed?” The last I said with my own flash of low key but obvious anger.

Her plan faltering I thought I saw a tear well up in the corner of her right eye before she collected herself and switched gears.

Her face and body stance softened along with her tone as she almost cooed, “Oh no Professor, all I want is for you to review my work and talk it over with Kevin. I think you would see that my work is of better quality than what he is giving me credit for.”

As she said “quality” Lydia slid her hip onto the corner of the mahogany desk causing the mini skirt to slid up even further to what would have been right below where her pussy would have started had I been able to see before she pulled her legs together.

As she stood there, half leaning on the desk with her lips pouting, her eyes pleading and her breast heaving, I leaned backed in the chair and looked into her eyes with obvious lust and a leer as I said, “It seems to me there must be some really unusual and compelling circumstances for having a TA change a grade and a difference of opinion doesn’t seem to count.

Turning it all over to her, I added, “Can you think of or show me, any compelling circumstances?”

A look of surrender crossed her face and she dropped to the floor in fast but controlled manner and before I could react she had leaned in, opened the fly of my tweed trousers and had me in her hand. It helped there was no underwear in the way. I had left them in my gym bag after my workout and shower a few minutes before. As I reached down to push her off she quickly and almost painfully pulled me through the fly and plopped me in her mouth.

I don’t care who you are, once your cock goes into a girl’s mouth you have to pause for a second. She looked up at me with questioning eyes as she sucked the blood into it. Those bright green eyes staring up at me and those pouty lips pulling on my cock combined with those obviously natural C cup breasts rubbing my thighs under the layers of clothing, made the blood gush Escort Bayan to fill the flaccid void. She made the obvious noises, slurping and mewing in pretend enjoyment or maybe she did and it was just my opinion of human nature that made me think she was acting.

Acting or not I didn’t care, I was getting a decent blow job out of the deal. As I grew to my full seven inches she actually began to bob her head back and forth as well getting as much in her mouth as possible. She reached up to take me in her hand and I wasn’t really into getting a hand job so I snapped in my best schoolmaster voice.

“No hands!”

She quickly pulled the hand down and kept bobbing up and down. Her efforts were active but seemed to be lacking. So as the clock ticked to 4:18 I looked down at her and said, “A very energetic and active argument but not quite compelling enough, can you think of anything else?”

She stopped in mid backslide, her lips pulling and her cheeks sunk in as she kept the now stiff pole between her lips.

Panic flashed through her eyes as what I said sunk in. She seemed willing to give a blow job but had not counted on going much further.

Giving her an out for the time being I suggested as I motioned toward her breasts. “Perhaps if you put more assets into the argument?”

She seemed confused for a second but then reached down with both hands and pulled the sweater over her head in one fluid movement, pulling off my cock long enough for the sweater to clear her face before she resumed her up and down motion.

I watched her tits swing back and forth and marveled at the full light pink areola that puffed up in the cool air of the office and made personal constellations within the light freckles that sprinkled her breasts like nutmeg over cream. This added stimulation was further heightened by my loosening my belt and raising my hips slightly as she pulled off and slid my pants around my ankles. As I did a hand snaked back up and began caressing my balls. This I didn’t mind so I let her continue. It was getting warm for me so I leaned forward and slid my tweed jacket off and onto the back of the leather chair. After a few more minutes of this I pushed even further.

Looking down I got a stern look on my face and then taking her face in my hands I stopped her and pulled her off my cock.

Looking into her eyes I said quietly, “I see some more points but I don’t know…”

As she started to get frightened again I added almost absent mindedly, “You know so much of interpretation of literature is self exploration. Are you sure you have explored that route?”

A look of confusion crossed her face so I continued, “You know, dropping our covering of pretense and exposing our inner self and exploring what we find.”

To help add emphasis I leaned around and looked into the darkened valley between her legs. I think the idea hit her as her hand started to drop between her legs but she stopped and the uncertainty welled up in her face again.

Quickly I added, “Self exploration is not very effective if you don’t bare the essence, and if you feel you haven’t or can’t explore that part of interpretation than I can understand why you and Kevin have a difference of opinion and I would have to support him.”

Lydia realized she would have to go that extra step and tried to remove her skirt in the kneeling position. I stopped her by taking hold of her shoulders and pulling her upright and kept slight pressure on her arms directing her to stand up. Doing so she undid the zipper on the side of her skirt and let it slide down those long tapered legs. As she did a pale green pair of bikini panties greeted me. Lydia tried to reach her fingers under her panties and begin exploring but I looked at her with an angry glare and simply said, “Bare the essence.”

She pulled her fingers out and took the sides of the panties in her hands as she began to roll them down. As she did she looked away from me. I watched in hunger as her flat, tanned stomach gave way to her trimmed pubic hair, obviously a concession to a bikini. As they rolled down even further I watched as her pubic mound pushed out and the hair ended right above the beginning of her slit. As the panties continued mid thigh I could see her outer lips were pale pink and her inner lips just peaking out were a slightly tanned color. As she kneeled to drop her panties off her feet she took care to keep her ass turned away from me. From what I could see it was full and round but nothing to hide.

I asked her point blank, “Is there something you bare that you don’t like?”

Seeing me look around at her ass Lydia blushed furiously as she simply stated, “My butt’s too big.”

Seeing no sag, no cellulite, nothing but rounded tone muscle I wanted to shout, “It’s a perfect ass!”, but held my tongue for now.

Now totally nude before me, she dropped her head forward in surrender as I pushed her hips back until she touched the desk. Getting the idea, she leaned back against the desk as she began caressing herself in slow strokes. In the lull my penis Escort softened slightly but the sight of those long thin fingers topped with long light pink colored nails stroking that soft flesh reignited the pumps.

At first she tried to fake it, swiping at the outer reaches of her pubic area, if she touched her pussy at all it was a quick swipe and she moved off to the crease between her thighs.

After a few minutes of this and letting her think she was getting away with it I growled at her, “Your self exploration lacks sincerity and passion, I understand now why Kevin gave you a C!”

She stopped in mid stroke; her fingers entwined in her flashing red pubic hair and realized she was caught. She stopped there for a few seconds before a sigh of painful resignation hissed from her mouth. As she did, her shoulders dropped in surrender. Looking at the wall behind me she finally dipped one finger between the outer lips of one of the most lickable pussy’s I had ever seen. As she stroked, her fingers would flutter into the crevice where I could see her clit as she rubbed. Occasionally she would caress down where her opening was.

When I saw a thin sheen of wetness begin to form on her fingers, I decided to change tact’s. I didn’t really care if she enjoyed this but I was.

Looking up at her face half hidden in her hanging hair I called her name, “Lydia.”

As she opened her eyes and looked at me, her hand stopped its moving.

Firmly but quietly I instructed, “Turn around.”

Her hesitation was mirrored by the uncertainty in her face. She did not want her perceived fault to be exposed.

Once more with a little more force I ordered, “Turn around.”

I was not sure if it was the tone of my voice or just her decision to comply but she did, slowly.

Her facing the desk allowed me to slide my chair closer and place my hand on her lower back, bending her forward. Her forearms touched the desk and I let up. With the same firm voice I instructed her to continue.

Hesitantly she reached back between her legs, spreading them slightly and began stroking herself with a little more vigor. As she did I moved my chair in behind her and placed my face close to her full, round, heart shaped ass. I made sure she could feel my breath on her ass and the back of her thighs as I moved my face around to enjoy the view and take in the wonderful aroma she gave off. I was a little disappointed but only slightly that I could not see her asshole. I could see her entire pussy and even the opening as her fingers moved through but her asshole was protected by the firm muscles of that round ass.

As Lydia’s fingers worked the moisture increased and soft clicks made way to wet squishing sounds. Lydia’s hips began to rotate and bounce in time with her movements and her breaths became more frequent and ragged.

I reached out with both hands and took control of her ass. Lydia let out a sharp breath and froze in fear. I left my hands on her ass for few minutes before I began to rain soft little kisses on those perfect mounds. In between the kisses I told her how round and perfect her ass was. How exquisite and wonderful it was. How erotic it looked bouncing around like it was.

Lydia stayed still for a few minutes listening to me and feeling the softness of my kisses on her ass and upper thighs. She began to work her fingers into her pussy again. Rubbing her clit in ever tightening circles with side trips into the opening of her vagina.

Lydia’s thighs began to quiver and her hips rocked as I continued to kiss and lick her ass and thighs. If she faked it she did an excellent job because that orgasm seemed to come from the deepest reaches of space. Her breathing was ragged and panting, her hips shaking in bursts of energy, and her fingers plunged inside as her palm ground against her clit. Finally, her legs collapsed and she fell, but only a few inches onto my knees, I had worked between her thighs as I caressed her ass.

Her upper body laying across my desk and her lower body draped over my thighs was more than I could take. I hadn’t touched my cock until now letting the scene keep me hard. I reached up taking Lydia’s hips in my hands lifting her off my knees. Standing I shifted her forward on the desk slightly as I picked her hips up and lined my cock up with her pussy. I bumped the head against the opening and after lining up, left it there a few seconds to give the girl a chance to say no. Her breathing still ragged but less frequent Lydia’s head was lolling on the desk her arms and long, red hair splayed out in front of her. I slid forward gathering lubrication along the way. As the head of my cock pushed into her incredibly tight pussy I felt her hiss and tighten up. I stopped and once again gave her the chance to say no. She didn’t so I began to work my cock back and forth angling up on my toes and driving it down and forward to stimulate her G spot.

Lydia slowly regained her legs and took the weight off my hands as I began to build a harder and faster tempo. Her breathing once again took on a ragged and staccato Bayan Escort pattern and her hips began to slap back against my thrust. Feeling that round ass bounce onto my stomach and hearing her growing moans had me racing toward my own climax. That was until I saw it. Once I saw it, it became my new goal, my purpose for being there. Hands now free from her weight I began to pull and roll those ass cheeks in my hands and in one divine moment I looked down as I pulled outward on both cheeks and my cock pistoning back. Then I saw it. It was almost perfect. A small pink crinkled bud. Flawless from my view, no bulges, no dirt, just pink and virginal. I slammed into her even harder and faster a new target locked into my warhead.

Grunting and hissing Lydia was cumming again this time in waves. Her hands once splayed in front, were now under her chest gripping her tits and pinching her nipples; her head and neck were pulled back and the muscles tensed in a wonderful grimace of painful ecstasy as her mouth opened to scream but no sounds came out. Her stomach heaved, her hips and thighs shook until she collapsed once again. This time she almost hit the floor before I realized she was falling. I caught her in time and held her up still selfishly sawing my cock into her fluttering cunt. I slowed but didn’t stop until her breathing became more normal and her eyes fluttered open intermittently.

When she realized I hadn’t come yet and my still hard cock was sawing in and out of her she uttered, “Oh my god, What’s a girl got to do!”

I chuckled to myself not willing to explain had I jacked off just a few hours ago in my hotel room reading Literotica stories or I would have soaked her and me a long time ago. Still slowly sawing in and out of her pussy I worked her ass cheeks apart again. Talking softly and calmly I broached my desire.

“Lydia?” I said.

She looked around at me in answer.

I continued, “Your grades are very important to you aren’t they?”

Biting her lip as my movement seemed to bring a mini orgasm on she nodded quickly.

I added, “I think I know a way you can get an A in everyone of my classes you enroll in, if you’re interested.”

That got her attention and her head whipped around suddenly as her lips were forming the word “How”.

I took my finger and pushed against her anus with just enough pressure to dent it. Her word caught in her throat as she realized what was needed. As she formulated her protest I ran my fingers down between us and scooping the mixture of our combined fluids I waited for her protests and she didn’t disappoint me.

As she began, “I can’t.. I never..”

I slid one well lubricated finger into her anus. My index finger was gripped as she hissed and tightened against the intrusion. I waited a second for the spasm to ease before I began to work it in and out, slowly talking as I did.

“Think about it Lydia, an A in every one of my classes you enroll in. Are you an English Major?”

Lydia shook her head yes as she got use to my finger.

I went on, “Then how many more of Professor Johnson’s classes do you think you will need to take?”

Lydia did the calculations in her brain and quickly too. The fact I used the 3rd person didn’t register on this English major’s brain. She knew the advantage of having an automatic A in that many classes. That was that much time she could have in preparing for her other classes. Her drive to succeed, no her drive to be on top would overwhelm any moral qualms. She had already proven that. Still sliding back and forth into her, I had to bite my lip a few times to keep an orgasm from slipping through. I wanted to wait to get the final prize. And if she did say no, I could always just pound it out and dump a load in her in my frustration.

Lydia looked back over her shoulder and asked, “How many times do I have to, you know?”

Smart girl. She is getting the details, so I filled all the blanks for her.

“Just once Lydia, right here, right now, one time, one orgasm , one fiery load for me in your beautiful hot ass and you get an A in every one of my classes you enroll in.”

I wasn’t sure if it was my continued moving in and out, my words, or the thought of all those A’s she was thinking of getting but Lydia spasmed again in a small climax.

Lydia asked in a quiet pouty voice, “Will it hurt?”

I was no stranger to anal sex, I had been successful on helping women enjoy it on numerous occasions but I also knew the longer we were like this in the office the chances of getting caught would go up. Looking at the clock I could see it was already 4:45 .

Stroking the small of her back with my free hand as I slid a second wet finger into her ass I told her, “I will make every effort to make it as painless and as enjoyable as possible.”

As I looked around the office for something to lubricate her virgin ass and my now hair trigger cock I was pulling a blank. I knew what she and I were putting out wouldn’t be enough for her first time because as soon as she said yes, she would start drying up in anticipation. Looking over at my briefcase I got an idea. I leaned over the desk and with my free hand I flipped open the lid. Inside was a tube of antibiotic cream that I was using to treat a cut on my foot that happened at the beach a week before.

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