A Mile in Her Heels

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Dawn sat on the edge of her bed feeling more awkward than she ever could remember. She looked down at her legs, encased in the white silk stockings and shuddered. Her hands twitched nervously from place to place and she longed to stick them into her pockets, but the short swing skirt she wore had no pockets.

I feel utterly ridiculous! She thought. How did I ever let that little brat talk me into this? She snorted, but then smiled wanly. Because she is so cute and when she really wants something you’re powerless to refuse her. Even this, she told herself mockingly.

Dawn was a short, compact girl with the dark eyes and the olive skin of her Italian forebears. Her body was well muscled from years of playing softball and riding her bike. She had never liked dresses and had stopped wearing them as soon as she left home. A tomboy all her life, she was aggressive and had earned the nickname Animal for her hard- nosed play on the field. She was highly competitive and had made her way in the business world based on the same toughness and aggression that had won her all state honors on the softball field. She looked at the long tapered heel of her shoe and snorted in disgust. Some butch I am, she thought. Sitting here on the bed dressed like a tart. She shook her head again.

Her lover was almost the complete opposite. She was older than Dawn by a few years and had a shy retiring personality that Dawn adored. She blushed easily, and was almost always uncomfortable unless they were alone. She was five six and probably weighed less than one hundred and twenty pounds, Dawn had never been able to weasel her exact weight out of her. Her body was lush, made for loving, with nice hips, a teardrop ass and a large chest. She was always dressed in something soft and feminine and Dawn had hardly ever seen her wear anything other than heels in the seven months they had been going out. She had an entire chest of drawers devoted to lingerie, or frillys as Dawn called them. She was utterly feminine and Dawn loved her all the more for it.

Their relationship was strong and loving. Dawn took the lead in almost everything, and Danielle demurely accepted that. She had moved to be with Dawn and had given up her job to take care of the house. She was a good homemaker, and Dawn had quickly come to enjoy coming home to be greeted at the door and have dinner ready. She especially enjoyed the greeting as Danielle took pains to look fresh and sexy for her. Sometimes it was a nice dress and heels, others it was jeans and a halter top, still others it was something slinky and sexy and on one memorable occasion it was nothing but a red bow in her hair. Dawn had not truly appreciated it until today. She had almost forgotten what a pain in the arse doing makeup and hair was. Her feet hurt from the heels and it had taken her almost an hour, and every bit of patience she possessed to get the seams on her stockings lined up right and the garter clips attached.

The waist cincher had been a nightmare, and she had roundly cursed Dani for picking it out for her. Even now she could feel the laces biting into her back and she was forced to take small sips of air if she wasn’t standing. The color had appalled her, a champagne pink. Dawn detested the color pink and did not own anything with that color in it. She loved it on Dani, but never, ever on herself. This just isn’t going to work, she thought to herself.

Dawn was a confident person, but her relative lack of experience in the bedroom always made her feel inadequate. Danielle had tried many variations and she had slowly introduced Dawn to some of them. Thus far, the D&S games had been her favorites. Dawn had really enjoyed restraining her lover and having her way with her. Beyond that, the knowledge that Dani trusted her so much made the scenes very intense. Dawn knew she could never trust anyone like that, and Danielle seemed to sense this and had never once attempted to steer things in that direction.

Dawn remembered the first time she had fastened the restraints on Danielle. She had looked so vulnerable spread eagle on the bed in just her garterbelt and stockings. Dawn had stood for a long time just looking, unsure of what she wanted to do, or what she could. She had finally sat on the edge of the bed and gently fondled the helpless woman’s breasts, working the small pink nipples into hard points. Danielle sighed and moaned, and Dawn realized she had never been this free to make her lover feel good. Danielle was so caught up in making her partner feel good that she had always resisted attempts to put her pleasure first.

Dawn had spent nearly an hour just licking, sucking and fondling her breasts and Danielle had come twice from that alone. By the time Dawn had moved to her pussy Dani was begging to be let go. Dawn had ignored her pleas and feasted on her dripping sex. She had driven Danielle to orgasm after orgasm until her captive had pleaded in earnest that it felt so good it was beginning to hurt. Dawn had stopped reluctantly and released her.

Dawn’s Ümraniye Escort mind was snapped back to the present by the alarm clock going off. She loved to remember that night, and it always got her going. Even now she was aware of how excited she was, her nipples where hard and the soft satin of her push up bra felt good when she breathed out and it rubbed against them. She realized she was moist and smashed her hand down on the clock with enough force to pop the face late off.

“Damnit!” she yelled.

Danielle would be home in half an hour and dinner wasn’t ready. Dawn stood up quickly and nearly fell onto her face. She growled in frustration as she caught herself on the nightstand and fought down the almost irrational desire to kick off her heels. Six hours in the cursed things and she was about to loose it. She moved carefully towards the kitchen, acutely aware of the sway in her hips and the maddening sensation of her skirt against her stockings and ass. She was also aware of the satin of her panties on her pussy and the pleasurable sensations that shot into her when she moved wrong and they pulled tight against her bald mound. The stockings also sent ripples of pleasure through her as they moved over her freshly shaved and lotioned legs. Her nostrils were filled with the scent of lilacs, and she swore she would never again give Danielle ANYTHING from Victoria’s Secret scent shop.

Dawn was a good cook, and she quickly got dinner together. She glanced nervously at the clock and hurried into the dining room to set the table. The candles were lit and she had just placed the plates on the table when she heard the car pull into the driveway. She felt a lurching in her belly and she was sweating. She could not recall being so nervous and uncomfortable in a very long time. Her hands unconsciously smoothed her skirt and she found herself wanting a mirror to check her makeup.

When it dawned on her that she was acting like a girl she cursed like a sailor and made her way towards the door. The cursing helped but in the foyer all of her anxiety returned. When she heard the key in the door she had to fight the impulse to run. I would probably kill myself in these things if I tried, she told herself and tried to smile, but the best she could do was not to frown.

The door opened and Danielle walked apprehensively into the house. She wore a blue work shirt and faded jeans, with heavy work boots. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail and Dawn saw her without makeup for the first time besides early morning when she had just awakened. Dawn tried desperately not too, but she broke out into a gale of laughter. Danielle was so cute she just couldn’t help herself.

Dani smiled at her and began to giggle herself and for a few moments they laughed together. Dawn realized she must look just as comical to her lover as Danielle did to her. When they had both mastered their mirth they stood there in the silence for a moment.

“This isn’t going to work, do I have to go through with it?” Dawn asked.

“You promised,” Danielle said quietly.

“I know, but I feel ridiculous!” Dawn said turning her back on her lover. She knew if she was looking into those loving green eyes she wouldn’t win this argument.

Dawn started when she felt Danielle’s hands slide around her slim waist and pull her tightly against her. Dawn felt Danielle’s soft lips on her shoulder and heard her whisper “You look edible,”

“No fair,” Dawn groaned as Danielle’s lips moved to her neck. Dawn’s neck was so sensitive the brush of her own hair against it could send chills down her spine. Danielle knew it all to well and Dawn relaxed into her embrace when she felt the warm soft lips, and wet tongue of her lover on her bare skin. Danielle continued to kiss and nuzzle her neck, and Dawn felt herself begin to respond despite being uncomfortable. She could easily break the embrace, she was far stronger than her lover, but she had promised and it did feel good. Danielle’s hands slid upward to cup her breasts and Dawn stiffened.

“All right, you win,” she said and tried to step out of the embrace, but Dani held her tightly.

“You smell delicious,”

“I smell like a whore,”

“That’s my little woman,” she said and laughed. The musical laughter and obvious love in her touch and tone took the sting out of the words, but Dawn still felt like smacking her.

“Watch it,” she growled.

“Where’s my dinner?’ Dani said as she released Dawn and smacked her ass. Dawn whirled and drew back, barely stopping herself from punching her lover in the face. Danielle’s eyes shot wide and she took an involuntary step backwards.

Dawn felt terrible. It was just a gut reaction, but it was clear she had frightened Dani. Noting in the world could ever make her want to hurt her lover, but she had struck several men for smacking her ass like that. She relaxed and managed to force a smile. “It’s on the table,”

She turned and walked into the living room, still Ümraniye Escort Bayan very conscious of the way her hips swayed in the heels. Danielle followed and took the seat at the head of the table, the seat Dawn usually sat in. Dawn tensed and then forced herself to relax and took Dani’s usual seat. Dawn was a good cook, and she knew Danielle loved her chicken parm, but she suddenly found herself worried about it. What if I screwed it up? She worried. They ate in silence, the candlelight was soft and Dawn kept noticing Danielle staring at her as she ate. Dinner was nearly done when Dawn couldn’t stand it any longer.

She caught Danielle staring at her again and blurted out, “What? I look ridiculous don’t I?”

“No, you look beautiful,”

Dawn snorted derisively, but she had to admit to herself the compliment made her feel a little better. Danielle rose and walked behind her, placing her hands on Dawn’s shoulders she began to massage them. Danielle’s hands were soft and gentle and had the ability to calm Dawn and make her relax. She loved the way they felt and closed her eyes, allowing them to work their magic on her body. If she had ever needed calming, this was the time. It wasn’t long before she was leaning back into her lover’s body, enjoying those soft loving hands.

“Let’s go to the living room,” Danielle said softly. Dawn nodded and stood up. She allowed herself to be led into the living room, where Danielle picked up the remote and started the Cd player. A romantic, slow song started and Dawn recognized the music as her favorite make out Cd. Danielle tossed the remote on the sofa and turned to take Dawn into her arms. They started to dance, but a war of sorts broke out as each tried to lead. Dawn was used to Danielle meekly acquiescing to her desires, but when the older woman did not Dawn remembered what was going on and forced herself to follow.

Danielle was not used to leading and was not very good at it. By the time the second song ended they were standing still, just rocking in each other’s arms. Dawn was having some difficulties dancing in her heels at any rate, so she was rather glad that was over. Her mind was ripped away from her relief when she felt Danielle’s hands slip down her back to her ass and cup her cheeks. It wasn’t a new sensation, she had felt it many times before, but it was shockingly different now. She felt vulnerable and exposed in the skirt, and the satin felt sensuous on her behind. Danielle’s hands rubbing her cheeks through the skirt and panties produced strangely intense sensations. Dawn could feel her nipples harden, pressing into the soft fabric of her bra, and she was very aware of the stockings on her legs. What’s happening to me? She thought in a state bordering on panic.

When Danielle’s soft hands drew her skirt up and Dawn felt the cool air on her thighs and ass she blushed for the first time in ages. Danielle’s mouth found her neck as the redhead’s hands slipped into the waistband of Dawn’s panties and began to work her ass. Dawn groaned and pushed her body against her lover’s. For some reason Danielle drew her hips back, but Dawn was not in an inquisitive state of mind and didn’t even wonder why for more than a second or two. Danielle’s lips and tongue on her neck were driving her up the wall, not to mention the soft hands on her ass. She did not want to be enjoying this, did not want to be reacting to it, but her body was on fire now.

When Danielle broke the embrace and took her hand Dawn meekly allowed herself to be lead up the stairs towards the bedroom. It was only when she saw the open door to her room that she snapped out of the trance she was in. She pulled her hand away from Danielle’s violently and shook her head, as if she were a boxer who had taken a stunning blow and was trying to clear it. Danielle didn’t give her the chance, faster than Dawn thought possible the redhead pinned her against the wall. One hand lifted Dawn’s skirt, while the other shot between her legs and roughly massaged her pussy. Her lips sought out and found the most sensitive spot on Dawn’s neck and began to gently gnaw her skin.


“Wow, your pussy is sopping wet,”

“I’m going to get you for this,” Dawn panted. Danielle’s fingers were rubbing her mound in a circular motion, concentrating on her clit. Dawn felt her hips buck involuntarily. The bitch knows exactly how to do it, Dawn thought.

“No, you are going to get it,” Danielle said with a mocking smile and before Dawn realized her lover’s hands were no longer on her body, Danielle scooped her up and carried her into the bedroom. Danielle dumped her unceremoniously on the big bed and then stepped back. She began unbuttoning her work shirt, not in the slow, teasing way she usually did, but in a very businesslike manner. Dawn forgot her anger; she loved seeing Danielle’s naked body. She was pleasantly surprised when the shirt came off to reveal Danielle wasn’t wearing a bra. Her large full tits were on display Escort Ümraniye to Dawn’s hungry eyes.

Danielle kicked off her boots and crawled onto the bed, pushing her breasts against Dawn’s chest and riding her down onto her back. Her lips found Dawn’s and her tongue forced it’s way into her mouth. Danielle had always been a tiger in bed, but only reacting to Dawn’s moves. Now she was raping Dawn’s mouth, and the fierceness of the assault took the smaller woman’s breath away. Danielle’s hands worked at the buttons to Dawn’s poet’s shirt and soon her bra was revealed. Dawn was caught up in the intenseness and responded, sucking at Danielle’s probing tongue. She did not protest and in fact helped get the shirt off, but she went stiff as a board when she felt Danielle’s fingers on the closure of her bra.

Dawn hated her tits. They were ugly in her opinion and she never took off her bra during sex. She shuddered at even the thought of her lover seeing them and was careful to shower when Danielle was still asleep. She realized with a sinking feeling that Dani had anticipated this too, for her bra was a front closure and she was helpless to stop her lover from undoing it. Danielle’s tongue down her throat prevented her from protesting and she cringed when she felt the fragile garment pulled free of her body.

Danielle broke the kiss and pushed herself up on her arms, gazing down at Dawn’s tits. Dawn held her breath; waiting for the look of disgust she just knew was coming. Danielle’s green eyes sparkled in the light.

“You little fibber, they’re beautiful,” Danielle breathed and lowered her head to kiss one. Dawn was really unsure as to how sensitive her breasts would be, she had never let anyone do this to them before. Danielle’s lips were soft and loving and when her tongue curled around a nipple Dawn gasped. Her hands were warm and gently kneaded the tit she wasn’t sucking. Dawn was biting her tongue to keep from moaning. She was not about to let this get to her. There was no way she would let Danielle win and show she was enjoying it.

For her part Danielle seemed bound and determined to wring a moan from Dawn. She licked, sucked and fondled Dawn’s boobs, concentrating on the nipples and aureoles. The sensation went from mildly pleasurable to very pleasurable, to white hot jolts with every swipe of the warm tongue. Dawn tasted blood and realized she was chewing her lip, a small gasp escaped when Danielle gently nipped her left nipple. Danielle moved to her right nipple and laved it with her tongue until it was a hard pebble in her mouth. Dawn felt her suck hard, pulling the nip away from the aureole and then gently chew on it. A low moan escaped her lips then, it felt too incredible to remain silent any longer.

Danielle pulled her head up and grinned triumphantly. Dawn frowned and was about to make a biting comment when her lover’s head dipped again and began to trail kisses down Dawn’s belly. Dawn squirmed, she knew that Danielle could send her into orbit when she wanted too. The redhead’s hands gripped her thighs and slowly slid upwards. Dawn had never felt anything as sensuous as those soft hands on the stockings that she wore. She groaned and parted her thighs.

Dawn had no intention of fighting her battle here, she had already learned that short of forcing her to stop there was no way she could keep from coming once Danielle’s mouth was in contact with her pussy. Her soft lips, and amazingly talented tongue were only part of it. She genuinely loved to eat Dawn’s pussy, and that made it so much more erotic for Dawn. Danielle was also very intuitive and had quickly, more quickly than Dawn had really been comfortable with, learned to react to every signal Dawn’s body sent, no matter how small.

Dawn actually hoped Dani did bring her off that way, she wouldn’t feel bad about that. Danielle’s fingers slipped across the cool satin of her panties and tugged them down. Dawn raised her hips to make it easier for her lover, and the small bundle of damp satin joined her bra and shirt on the floor. Dawn was expecting Dani to remove her skirt as well, but the redhead just pushed it up, bunching it around her waist and dipped her head between Dawn’s thighs. Dawn watched her and regretted that decision almost immediately. She loved to watch her lover, the rapt expression on Danielle’s face was always such a turn on, but the sight that greeted her was so incongruous, so totally alien to what she normally saw, that if left her more uncomfortable than a whore in church as her grandmother used to say.

The first thing that impressed itself upon her was her breasts. She could see them and she wasn’t used to that, nor happy with it. Her breasts were small and not firm with half dollar sized aureoles and small buttons for nipples. Compared to Danielle’s large, full breasts her tits looked even smaller than the b-cup she wore. The Champaign colored cincher, with it’s heavy boning, delicate lace and long garters was partially hidden by the bunched up blue skirt. Her white stockings made her legs look paler than the rest of her skin, and she still wasn’t used to seeing her feet in five-inch heels. She looked so.so feminine. The whole display was profoundly disturbing to her. Not only because it was not what she was used too, but because it was also mildly erotic to her.

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