A Motel Room Story

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I glance around the bar and notice you as you walk in. I can’t believe you finally made it. I come over and ask you to sit down with Chip and I. All eyes are on us as you take your jacket off and everyone can see what you are wearing. A short black dress that is backless and only goes down to about mid thigh. Your well-tanned legs have no need for stockings, and your little black pumps make your calves look even better. You ask for a drink, and one is happily supplied. We make small talk, but Chip and I can only stare at your legs and body as you sway to the music. As you are sitting in between Chip and I, I have a chance to put my hand on your thigh.

You look down to see what’s going on, and smile. You put your hand over mine, and move it even higher. Thankfully the lights are low and no one can see what is going on. Chip is looking out towards the bar and doesn’t notice either. I put my hand even higher, and feel something moist. You aren’t wearing panties! As I am noticing this, you look into my eyes and mouth the words, “Let’s go somewhere.” We both stand up, I punch Chip in the arm, telling him I’m taking you out for awhile. He gets a big smile on his face and tells us to have a good time.

You blush and I tell him “no worries.” We get into your car, and I reach over for a kiss. You just about suck my tongue out of my mouth you kiss me with such passion. “Where to?” you ask. There is a hotel right down the road, and I point you in that direction. The whole drive over there I have my hands up your dress, trying to break your driving concentration. At a stop light, you finally bat my hand away and say, “Not until we get inside, I’ve almost wrecked three times!” I smile mischievously and finally agree. We pull into the hotel and quickly get a room on the third floor in the back. Somehow, we managed to keep our clothes on till we got inside the door. But once inside, I quickly rectified that situation. I have you sit down on the bed, and slowly pull one leg up and gently take off the shoe. Beykoz Escort I trail my fingers up your thighs and back down the other leg to do the same thing.

I gently grab your hips and have you stand up while I am still kneeling. I slide my hands up under your skirt and caress your ass and hips, paying special attention to not go near your pussy. I take my hands and run them up your dress, softly touching your breasts through the fabric. By this time, your nipples are showing clearly through the thin fabric. I pinch one slightly and you emit a small moan of pleasure. I pull the straps down the sides of your arms, ever so slowly exposing your breasts to the cold hotel room air. As the dress slips to the floor, I notice you are still shaved bare. I set you back down on the bed and have you spread your legs a little bit. I then grab your hands and guide them towards my zipper. You pull my zipper down and immediately thereafter my shorts and underwear. Holding my cock in your cold hands sends a shiver down my spine. You look up at me with your eyes, and hungrily engulf my cock in your mouth.

Trying to stifle a moan of pleasure, I grab your hair with my hands and try to make you take more of me into your hot mouth. You won’t do it, and pull out and tell me “Slow, baby, we are going to do this slow.” Devouring my cock once again, you take a hand and caress my balls very gently. Every once in awhile, you sneak a finger in between my asscheaks and play very gently with my asshole. Not being able to take much more of this, I tell you that I am about to come. That seems only to redouble your efforts and you bob your head even more over my dick. Telling you I am ready to cum makes you pull your mouth off and you start to jack it off over your tits. “Cum on my tits, please, cum on my tits!” Not wanting to displease you, I shudder and start to spray my cum all over your beautiful tits. After I finish, you lay back and lazily rub the cum into your skin, every once in awhile taking a Beykoz Escort Bayan bit and putting it into your mouth. Seeing this, I naturally stay hard and bend down to return the favor. Opening your legs a bit more gives me an un-obstructed view of just how wet you really are.

I slowly run my tongue to one side of your pussy, tasting your juices for the first time in a long, long time. I take my hands and open you up a bit so I can taste even more of you. You moan for the second time as I glance off your clit with my tongue. Knowing you can’t take much of this, I harden my tongue into a small cock and go as deep as I can into your pussy. Doing this makes my nose bounce off your clit. You seem to enjoy it by the amount of juice your pussy is giving me. Moving my tongue up onto your clit gives me the opportunity to take two fingers and gently massage your pussy from the inside out. I start with nice even laps of the tongue, followed by a nibble or two for good measure. Knowing you can’t last long, I concentrate on your clit solely and move my hands to your breasts. Pinching a nipple while tonguing your clit drives you wild, and you don’t last long. Shuddering with orgasm after orgasm, you seem to finally calm down after a few moments. I come up to lay beside you and you climb on top of me and give me another deep soulful kiss. Knowing that you can taste yourself only makes us hotter, and you sit up and grab my cock and guide it into your still dripping pussy.

Starting off slowly, you move your pussy up and down my shaft. Grabbing your breasts with my hands, I start rubbing them slowly then with more and more force as you start riding me faster and faster. “Turn around Marci, and ride me reverse cowgirl.” You swing your legs around, amazingly not letting my cock out of your pussy, and you then start to ride me up and down again. I can see plainly my cock going in and out of your hot pussy. Your ass is perfect, and I can only grab onto it for so long without giving you a Escort Beykoz little spank. Your pussy contracts gleefully with that spank, so I give you another slightly harder spank.

That elicits another moan and another contraction of your muscles. You start to play with my balls and I know I won’t last long like this. I tell you to get off and to get on the edge of the bed bending over. Standing behind you, I take my cock and slowly work just the tip into your hole. You try to push further back, but a sharp slap on your ass prevents that. I grab a handfull of your hair, pull back sharply and say, “Tell me what you want.”

“I want your cock,” you say. That remark gets you a hard slap on the ass. “I want your cock, what?” I say. “I want your cock, Sir?” you ask. That gets another slap, and I say, “Don’t ask me, TELL ME!”

“Give me your cock, and shove it in now damnit!” you say. With that, a third slap comes down, and I RAM my cock into your pussy. You scream with pleasure and a little bit of pain too. You haven’t gotten used to me going that deep, but I’m not worried. You quickly recover and start banging you hips back at me. I start to slap your ass on a constant basis now, each thrust of my cock followed by a slap on the ass. Your ass is becoming a bright red, and I tell you to reach beneath you and to play with my balls when I come near. You can barely reach them, and I can tell it’s a strain, but I don’t care, I make you do it anyway.

Nearing my orgasm, I redouble my efforts on your ass and decide to stick a thumb into your ass. Doing that sent a trigger down your body, and you start to convulse and moan. Your pussy contracts, pulling me in and not letting me out. I yell out that I am going to cum and you pull me in even deeper, wanting me to cum inside you. I let out a final yell, and start cumming inside your pussy, letting go of your hair, I grab your hips and go even further, trying to shove my cock even deeper as I finish cumming.

Pushing you down onto the bed, I try to stay inside you as long as possible. Finally going somewhat soft, I pull out and lay down beside you. After cumming twice within an hour, I am spent for the moment. You curl up beside me, cup my dick in your hand, lay your head on my chest, and fall asleep.

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