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Subject: A Natural Family – Part 18 This series involves the narrator and his teenage son, Adrian, as they explore their sexuality and create new relationships. In this episode, we hear about the narrator’s work colleague Gary’s experiences. Me Adrian (son) Franck (my tutor) Petrus (my ex-wife’s half sister’s half brother) Dominic (my ex-wife’s nephew) Margot (Dominic’s mother, Petrus’ half brother) Aidan (Adrian’s friend) Janice (Adrian’s mother) Fergus (Adrian’s school friend, and lover) Joris (a delivery driver) Anton (Joris’ teenage brother) Thomas (goes to Adrian’s new school) Gary (my work colleague) Joel (Gary’s son) Jessica (Gary’s wife) PART EIGHTEEN — Gary’s Story (1) With Dominic and Adrian away, it was the ideal time for Petrus and I to get together with my work colleague Gary. We arranged to meet up for a drink, and were a bit surprised when Gary brought along another colleague, Neil. But the two blokes seemed quite close, that close? Gary? I was uncertain whether to mention the school in front of Neil, but Gary was eager to find out how we had got on. So we told him. And then came the question, how did Gary know about The School? Did his son Joel go? It turned out that no, Joel didn’t go, and that the story of the school involved Neil too. And yes, Gary and Neil were holding hands deliberately in front of us. Gary told the story, with a few interruptions from Neil. Gary’s story: Gary did a lot of audits and tended to get involved in the more complex ones where they had to dig through paperwork. As a result, he and Neil would often get sent to client sites to comb through files. A few years ago, they were on a site which overlooked The School, or rather one of the buildings that The School was using at the time. They were given a room at the top and back of the office, away from everyone else and set-to to go through the papers. The windows of their office were frosted over, but one wasn’t, so they would idly stare through it. Late afternoon in the first day, Neil gave a start, into the classroom that they could see, had come a group of naked boys. Bollock naked, and they were followed by what they presumed to be a teacher, he was also naked. The activities that followed were completely mundane, but it was rather hot. kurtköy escort By the second day, both Gary and Neil were hooked, both had brought binoculars. That meant they got a good look at the boys, they were in the 16 to 18 age range, and were all shaved smooth. As were the teachers that they saw. Which, Gary found rather hot. Then the room cleared, and two people came in, a schoolboy and a teacher, presumably, and what they did was certainly not on the school curriculum. The adult fucked the boy. And it was hot. Gary had never thought about gay porn before, but the sight of the boys, all shaved, wandering around as if it was natural, the teacher getting hard and slipping his cock, easily, into the boy’s tight arse. It got Gary hard. He and Neil were friends, but they’d never talked about sex like that. Both were married, Gary had a kid, Joel, they shouldn’t be thinking about watching sex between teachers and pupils and getting hard. That first time, both stroked their cocks discreetly. Next day, it was Neil who got his cock out first, nervously, but Gary joined him. They stroked their cocks to climax, watching the free show. But Gary got a kick out of it, not just watching the boys but the sight of Neil’s cock. How could two guys have such different ones. At first the two were shy and discreet, but by the end of the first week, come 4pm the two were stood watching the show with shirts open, trousers and underpants at their ankles, delighting in showing off to each other. And then, as they were leaving, Gary asked him, had he ever done that with his son Joel? No, of course he hadn’t, but the question intrigued him. Dare he, could he, did he want to? Course not. But the question still kept coming back to him. That Saturday, Gary and Joel were alone as his wife, Jessica had gone shopping with friends. Joel was acting up and being a pain, wanting something interesting to do. Gary snapped at him, then calmed down and told him about the school, and what they got up to. Did Joel fancy doing that this afternoon? The two of them? Joel stared at his father, but didn’t say no. ‘You mean get naked, like. And do stuff, the two of us?’. Gary thought it was going to be a no, he wasn’t surprised but had been shocked at how hard the sheer aydıntepe escort idea got him. Then Joel gulped, and nervously adjusted his jeans; the boy was hard. The thing was, Joel hadn’t ‘done stuff’ before, at least not properly. Gently, Gary suggested who better to show him how, than his father. Pause, Gary moved forward slightly and feeling daring, stroked the boy’s head and then, briefly, his arse, and then his cock. It was hard. ‘You want to do this?’. Joel nodded, shyly looking up at his father. Gary, feeling excitement coursing through him at doing something so wrong, yet so right, so exciting. Gary quickly unzipped, allowed his stuff to drop and was naked from the waist down. Joel had unfastened his belt, then paused. Gary leaned down and started to unfasten it, at the same time he looked at his son. Something about his expression made Gary lean over and kiss him, not a fatherly kiss. Joel was hard, and once both were naked, eager to learn. He was soon slurping on his father’s cock, though did not go further. Gary lifted him up and took him up to the bedroom, he started on the boy’s cock then his balls then his smooth arse and pink tight hole. When Gary thrust his tongue into the boy’s tight hole, Joel started but he then clearly enjoyed it. Fucking Joel that first time was a memorable experience, the tightness of his hole, his strong reaction and shuddering climax and they both came together, a real father and son experience. Afterwards they showered together, the shower in the master bedroom was big enough for two. And both got hard again; Gary had never got hard so quickly. Second time round, his cock slipped into his son’s hole as if it was meant to fit. And afterwards, Joel grinned at his Dad and asked when they could do it again. It would have to wait till the following weekend, when Jessica was out. But during the week, Gary managed to pop into his son’s room for a chat, which developed into a quick blow job. At one of these sessions, Joel asked Gary about his comment about everyone being shaved. What did his Dad think he would look like shaved? Hot? Had his Dad ever shaved, would he? Would Gary? Gary had been going to keep it quiet, but come Monday morning he told Neil everything. By the end of the recitation tuzla içmeler escort they both had their cocks out, stroking away. The first couple of days were quiet ones, naked boys but no sex, though things hotted up later on in the week. And that led to them being careless. They were both absorbed in watching the show, stroking their cocks, and truth be told, watching each other, that the voices on the stairs were a surprise. Rather than quickly dressing, they quickly, stupidly, hid in a cupboard. Empty, thank goodness; the visitors were nothing to do with them, just inspecting the premises. But Neil and Gary were crammed together, nearly naked and hard. Gary felt Neil’s cock pressing against his crack, and rather than trying to move away he moved towards it. Neil’s cock pressed against his hole, Gary whispered to Neil ‘fuck me’. Had he said that? Neil pressed, resistance, pressed again and finally, Gary could feel the head of Neil’s cock pressing inside him. God, it felt huge. The sex was hot, quick, sweaty, urgent and intense, like nothing that had ever happened before. The room quiet again, the two emerged from the closet, still with trousers round their ankles. They stared at each other, and both started to speak. But Gary looked into Neil’s eyes and the conversation turned into a kiss, as intense as anything that had happened before as hands explored urgently and tongues delved deep. Then Neil whispered, ‘fuck me’, and the sweaty grappling started all over again, with Gary thrusting into Neil’s tight, tight, virgin hole. Gary longed to be able to explore his friend’s body, but not today. The two men left somewhat punch-drunk, sweaty and cum-soaked. Gary went straight home and luckily Jessica was delayed so he was able to have a shower without question. And in the shower, he washed, but stroked himself to climax (again!) thinking about Neil. What was happening to him. Just over a week ago he had been a well adjusted married man, and here he was fucking his son and having intense fantasies about his best friend. END OF PART EIGHTEEN Freedom is not free, please think about donating to Nifty http://donate./donate.html Someone asked whether the characters in the story are cut or not. Well they are mostly British, so the likelihood is they are all uncut. I like my guys shaved, so usually my characters all end up shaved smooth at some point. My fty//bisexual/incest/tom-sixteen/ I enjoy hearing from people, so feel free to contact me with thoughts and ideas. Rick ail

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