A Night in Louisiana

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It was after a business dinner in Louisiana one night, a complete and delightful surprise

It’s taken about six months for me to synthesize that evening, justify keeping my silence and, at the same time, try to stay out of Roanoke enough not to ruin my own long marriage. I live not all that far away from there in Charlottesville, Virginia and run a plastic manufacturing business which consumes a lot of resin, among other chemicals, in the course of blow-molding parts for the auto industry. Just like everybody else I’ve got a family of many years with kids in college and a wife who has her own career. Pretty satisfying for all 30 years we’ve been married. Busy would have been the word that described what had happened to those thirty years; too busy to get into mischief and not handsome enough to attract women like some men do.

In June, one of the resin suppliers to the business had suggested visiting their plants near Baton Rouge and New Orleans for discussions and plant tours to see how the product was made and cover the possibilities of new applications for a new product they were beginning to offer. I’d always wanted to be in a reactor plant where polymers were catalytic-ally reacted to see how they made my raw material and to talk directly with the people who influenced my raw material.

They had recently assigned a new sales person to our account, a woman named Delaney Wilson who I had talked with over the telephone but not yet met. My perception was that she was competent, more than 45, educated with a degree and a pleasant person who followed through when we very rarely had an issue, which was indeed refreshing. Apparently, Delaney also had children who were about out of the nest as well and worked out of her office in Roanoke where she lived. The only personal conversation we’d had was about the fact that we both had kids in that status and how it was likely to change the way we enjoyed our homes and spent our time for the next 20 years or so.

Delaney had arranged the visit and was going to pick me up in Baton Rouge with the company van and be my host. I had to do the trip alone for a variety of reasons and left the house and my relationship with Helen, my wife, in good shape as I headed for the airport and eventually to a landing at Baton Rouge’s airport.

After walking off the plane, I stopped and looked around for a woman about 5’8″ with lustrous dark brown hair and a gray business suite and couldn’t find her. Delaney had said she’d meet me at the gate or at baggage if somehow wires crossed and she wasn’t there right on time. I decided that there must be a crossed wire and went down the corridor until I found the baggage claim area where I waited until my leather bag came around the carousel.

A quick whisk took it off the machine and landed it at my side. When I straightened up, I gave another look around and saw nothing until I felt a hand on my shoulder and heard a tentative voice behind me. “Len, is that you?”

It was her at last. Smiling, I shook her hand as she spilled out, “I know I’m late but the van had a flat tire, honest!”

“That’s okay, Delaney, I’m just glad you got here after that. Is the van okay now?”

“Sure. I just had to have one of the Thibodeaux brothers repair the tire and put it back on and they don’t always work on reasonable time schedules; more like New Orleans time when you throw in a beer break and time to listen to a little music first.” She laughed, grabbed my elbow and herded me towards the door and into a dark van parked right at the curb.

We talked as she drove us to the plant and handled the introductions, the tour and the follow up meeting professionally and efficiently. I appeared to be in good hands with Delaney as my guide. When we were through, we got back in the van and drove to New Orleans where we were scheduled to have dinner with her boss and visit a titanium dioxide plant just across the border in Mississippi the next day before flying home. Both chemicals were essential ingredients in our product line and happened to be owned by the same company that increased our purchasing leverage and discount structure.

The drive to New Orleans was fairly long during the late afternoon and we talked about more mundane things as she drove. When we stopped for gas and a break, she preceded me into the restaurant part of the station and for the first time I noticed how full her hips were and how neatly her waist tapered. When she turned with the door held open, I took the opportunity to look at her from the side and the front and discovered that while she wasn’t skinny, she was shapely with heavy breasts. For just an instant, I had one thought: “Earthy. Delaney is one of those earthy women that you dream of spending a night with. This woman was self-assured, not a stick like some model sporting alabaster smooth skin and no character; she was rounded, a little tanned, showed a crease or two beneath her eyes and a freckle or two on the skin of her neck and hands with a swell to her breasts which hinted at fullness and ripeness above hips which moved and flowed like a statue in motion.” He sighed, nervously rubbed the side of his thigh and tried to get his mind off the mature qualities that were diverting him, qualities Delaney probably didn’t even know she had.

The reaction to Delaney’s body Batıkent Escort caused this fleeting set of observations, which passed behind his eyes and blinked out seconds after his conscience kicked in.

She was a good driver and it wasn’t long with their pleasant conversation in the van before she had them parked in the quarter’s famous hotel’s garage and checked in to rooms on separate floors. When they were done at the desk she paused and suggested they meet at 7 for a drink and discussion with the group that would join them, proceed to dinner and the evening’s agenda.

He went up to his room, called his office, picked up his voice mails, checked his emails with his laptop and called Helen and listened to her day before showering, changing into a turtleneck shirt, a pair of gray slacks and a charcoal sport coat and joining Delaney and the rest of her group in the lounge for a drink before they went to dinner. It was a normal evening with a lot of discussion, good food, some interesting music as they walked through Bourbon Street listening to jazz, zydeco and all the rest of the music which flowed. At times, Delaney was ahead of him and at other times, she walked by his side, pointing out interesting bars and sights. By ten thirty, it was time to head back to the hotel. As he stepped up the hotel steps he noticed that Delaney had once again moved to his side as they went in, letting the others proceed them. Once inside, the main group went into the bar. As they did, Delaney told them goodnight and hung back a step or two. Never a bar hopper, he was ready for bed and bid his good-byes as well. It wasn’t accidental on Delaney’s part that both of them turned to the lobby and strolled slowly towards the grand staircase at the north end, the big one with the deep crimson carpets which led to the elevator floors.

“Delaney. Thanks for a good day and a good evening. It was worthwhile and besides that, it was enjoyable.”

“Jim. You’re welcome. I’ve been thinking how fortunate it was that I was assigned to your account. It made it possible to meet you.”

He was a little shy about her personal comment and paused mid-step before continuing. “Well, thanks. I’d have to say the same to you, of course.”

The next thing he felt was a light touch on his elbow. When he looked down, he was slightly shocked when he saw that it was her hand holding his elbow. She wasn’t saying anything, the simple expression on her face leaving him any opening he wanted.

He did not hesitate, the memory of his recent thoughts about her lush, earthy presence kicking in and overriding the brief whisper from his conscience. “That feels good, Delaney. I needed a personal touch after a long day and you are just beyond special.”

She squeezed his elbow and moved her hand to his forearm then, just loudly enough for him to hear, said: “If you can be discreet, I don’t want the day to end.”

“You mean?”

Aware that people might be watching them or listening, she simply nodded and whispered, “Fifth floor, room 516. Give me twenty minutes to get ice and a couple of soft drinks then knock.”

He was astounded and his heart sped up, raced even. He had never strayed but he had often fantasized about the possibility and he could feel himself swelling between his legs. He wasn’t getting erect, just fuller thinking about what lay beneath her clothes.

“I’ll be there.” He watched her slide into her elevator and wink at him as the door closed and she rose. He turned to the left and went to his room where he refreshed himself, brushed his teeth, renewed his deodorant and cologne and went to the bathroom before checking his watch and leaving the room.

It was some minutes later when he stepped in front of the brass numerals “516” on the door and knocked lightly. “It’s Len, Delaney.”

The door clicked with a metallic sound and swung open to reveal Delaney, now in skirt and sweater, blazer off along with her heels and her inhibitions, smiling openly. “Come in, Len. I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

A laugh escaped his own nervous lips as he entered and responded. “No kidding. I’ve never…well, I’ve never done this before but there’s something about you, Delaney.”

It was 2001 and not 1965 when she reached out and up to pull his head down and kiss deeply, not demurely and passive like a woman might have back then. Her lips were full, warm and welcoming as he kicked the door shut and put his arms around her figure, hands exploring her back and the top of her hips. “Ummmmmhhhhhh,” was all he could hum when their lips broke apart. She had lost her guilt and sported a wonderfully welcoming smile, which hinted at much, much more.

“Double that. Let’s do it again!”

Which she did only taking more time and opening her lips to his tongue and sharing the wetness from her mouth equally with the wetness of his. It was an intimacy that both felt standing there fully dressed but opening themselves to one another. They were joined in a way now and had crossed a threshold that neither of their spouses would approve of or ever know about. Her hands found his butt and her breasts pressed against his turtleneck until he slid his own hands from her back and around her sides where he held them. Once he touched them through the sweater, he could feel the fabric of her Batıkent Escort Bayan bra and measure the heft of her substantial breasts. At his touch, she squirmed closer and murmured, “Len, that feels so good, so good.” While she talked she moved one of her hands around his hips and baldly traced the bulge in front of his pants, squeezing his now hard cock with her fingers and whimpering to his ear, “Take me on the bed. Take me please. I’ve got to suck it and I’ve got to feel it inside me. Please. Don’t wait. Now!”

A step apart started a race. Buttons, zippers and hooks all opened, zipped down and fell away as the two quickly got down to boxers, bra and panties before they resumed their kiss as they walked towards the four poster bed. At the bed, he turned her away from him, walked behind her and found the clasp on her bra, which he toyed with but did not open. Instead, he slid his fingers beneath the elastic band of her panties and slid them over her hips and helped drop them to the floor. He reached down and pulled his own boxers off, freeing his cock, which jumped, erect in front of him. He slid his cock between her hips, which caused her to squirm and wiggle. Over her shoulder she thanked him, “You’re sweet. You didn’t just notice my breasts did you?”

“Delaney, I noticed all of you but when I touch your breasts with my hands, I want to be inside you or on the way. I think you are the lushest, ripest, most earthy woman I’ve ever seen and I’m going to be here all night. If I am going to fall off the wagon, it’s going to be worth the fall!” He shifted his hips and the tip of his cock nestled between her legs and across the length of her opening until touching the top and the clit which lay beneath.

“Yes. Oh my!”

He slowly disengaged, using his hands to pull himself back. He had to look at this woman in the light of the one bed lamp, which Delaney had left on. When he did, she turned, hands beneath her breasts and moving them, caressing her nipples through her bra. They were magnificently full with dark aureoles, which were three inches across and supported hardened nipples which had to be at least a half-inch across and high even beneath the bra. Her eyes went to his cock and one hand dropped to wrap around it as she whistled. “Phew, Len. Your cock is huge. I’ve never seen one that size before, certainly not my husbands. I’m a lucky lady to fall off the wagon with you.” She gave it a squeeze then turned, offering her back and the clasp of her bra to him. He knew she was telling him it was time to free her breasts.

With eager fingers, he held the two sides and overlapped the two ends until the hooks disengaged and her bra was unfastened. He took an end in each hand and spread them around her back and sides until it fell off her front, freeing big tits which fell and briefly bobbed out past her sides as they found their natural position outside the support of the bra. They were indeed huge and hung but were just another example of her ripeness as he put the bra over a chair and reached around with warm hands and held each breast in a hand, moving them, creasing his thumbs over her nipples sending shivers and wiggles into her body. She squeezed his cock once again and whispered to him, “Len, I’m going to cum. Just hold me this first time and let me experience the….”

She couldn’t finish as her middle began to spasm and her legs moved apart then together as she exhaled and whimpered in waves, pulling his cock as hard as she could, pressing back into his body and releasing her emotions. He held her while her shudders subsided before running a finger over the top of her vagina and feeling the moisture now there. He couldn’t resist and pulled the finger up her body, dabbing a dab of moisture on her left nipple and moving past her ear and to his own face where he took a deep breath inhaling her odor before sucking the finger into his own mouth and enjoying her. All he said was one word, “Sweet, sweet, sweet.”

She pirouetted in front of him until she was facing him, still holding his cock but spreading her legs apart and revealing her most intimate area to his gaze. He was human and he looked at the dark bush with it’s fine trail of dark hair which climbed up her tummy to just below her bellybutton. He could see the puffy top of her opening down in the dark thatch and could tell that she was ready. Before he could do more, she knelt on the carpet and brushed his cock with each of her breasts, fondling his balls and opening her mouth over the helmeted head of his cock, touching it with the tip of his tongue, then inhaling it and wrapping her tongue along the sides and sealing it with her full lips. His hands held her head and ran through her hair and over her ears as she warmed his hard cock until he knew she should stop or suffer the consequences. Somehow, she sensed it and knew she had him ready.

His hand nudged her head and she broke apart, stood, wiggled her butt, turned and laid her head on the bed with legs spread wide apart, hips open, vagina visible and ready.

A step took him to the apex of her hips and his hand rubbed the head of his cock down the length of her opening and across her clit which caused her to nearly lose the legs which were holding her up. She stabilized and he pulled the head back over her clit and Escort Batıkent down the length of her opening, this time pushing slightly and parting her lips with the width of the big head of his cock. He heard a grunt from the pillow she had under her head and felt her as she pushed back and pushed her opening past the width of his head, sucking his cock into her pussy and beginning to push rhythmically while she moaned, “Ahhh, Ohhh, Ahhh, Ohhhh, yes, yes. Ahhh, Ohhhh, Ahhh, Ohhhh, yes, yes. Stroke me, stroke me. Just like that.”

He had her hips firmly in his hands and he did exactly what she asked, softly at first then deeply until he could feel the tip of his cock against her cervix. Pacing himself at first, he stroked against the movement of her hips and pulled her fullness to help. The pace picked up and he begin to stroke harder and faster, balls slapping her thighs until she squirreled a hand beneath her until she could touch them with each stroke.

It was too much for both of them and he could see the extra weight on her tummy begin to move and quiver, getting started cumming again so he grabbed a handful of it, hair, flesh and softness and massaged it and her to a higher orgasm. He loved the extra weight and how he felt right then as he drove ahead, fully impaling his cock in her warm opening. Eyes closed, the feelings begin for him, liquid beginning to pool and flood up the base of his cock as he withdrew a few inches then rammed forward as her muscles squeezed and pulled him back inside. Just as he touched her deepest tissues, he exploded with white, warm liquid spraying inside her. At the first touch she began to shout in something other than a ladylike way into the pillow which muffled it as she joined him in orgasm. “Fuck, Oh God, Fuck!”

She came again in waves as he flooded her insides with his liquid, one throb after another as he stayed deeply inside her letting her muscles milk him until he had no more, his cock empty for the moment his face split by a wonderful smile. All he could do was reach around and fondle her breasts while he stayed inside her letting her finish.

She reached his hand with one of hers and covered it warmly, letting herself come safely down from the plateau she had just leapt from. She didn’t speak but after maybe ten seconds she locked his arm in hers and rolled the two of them onto the bed where they ended up on their sides facing one another, eyes lit and very direct.

“You’re wonderful, Delaney, just wonderful.”

Her fingers caressed the small stubble he had and she winked at him as she ran her leg down his, touching his wet cock with it before touching it and bringing the wetness to her nipples and touching them, then offering one wet finger to him, then one to her. They both tasted, enjoying their juices. She finally spoke, “I’m here all night, honey, and I want more.”

All he could do was nod, move a pillow under her head and suckle her right breast then her left before mumbling, “I’m yours and I’ll follow you anywhere Mrs. Mata Hari!”

She giggled and reached for his cock, which she grasped and felt along it’s length before she began to slowly stroke. “First, we have a reconstruction project to undertake. Maybe we could use a soft drink, eh?”

“Sure.” He got off the bed and got them each a glass of ice and diet Pepsi which they sat nude on the edge of the bed and sipped, gathering their wits again.

He put his drink on the bedside table and rolled onto his back, cock now 3/4 hard again and waited for her. While he waited he watched her body move as she swallowed a sip, held the glass and all her little muscles and soft round parts moved or jiggled or cast shadows. All he could think was that she would be the statute he would sculpt if he could. Lush, ripe, full and sexy, he wanted to suck her breasts and take time with her vagina.

She was enjoying his gaze and patted his knee while she finished a last sip and turned, on hands and knees. “My turn, Len.”

Her knees were above his head but next to it while her tits hung down and drug over his stomach down towards his cock. He reached down and held his cock as she straightened her arms and let the tips of her tits be just at the level of his cockhead. They both watched as the wetness at the tip of his cock touched first her right nipple, making it shiny and glimmery, then her left, then circles around each. She watched and moaned little moans as the veins on his cock stood out blue and red to match the veins he could see beneath her tanned tits. He took special time to touch the slit of his cock against all of her aureoles. While he did so, he took deep breaths, inhaling her scent as he felt her warmth and watched the huge tits as his cock manipulated their tips. He could smell her perfume which must have reactivated with her body as she got hotter and hotter along with an odor that was distinctly feminine and was totally sexual. It was the odor of her juices mixed with his and it was not far from his head. He turned to see her hips and saw the black hairs which pushed past her butt and told him where her pussy was. A nudge with his nose and she threw her leg over his head and there it was, black hair, tan lips together snaking down her pussy in a ragged line waiting to be parted again. He could not resist once she was astride his head as her mouth shifted to his own cock and she teased the head with a drop of spit then her lips on and around it, getting him ready again. He looked up and blew warm air onto the dark and wet hair, which covered the juncture of her legs, and the swelling, which was her opening.

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