A Pro Domme

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“Uh hello?”

My voice cracks.

“Who is this?”

“Uh,I want to be a client.”

“Who the hell is this?”

“I saw the site, I need to be dominated.”

“Your name?”

“Dave. uh David.”

“David, You can hang up right now if you are fooling around, otherwise it will be 500 dollars,” the voice stated.

“I do.”

“House 24, third street. Be here at 8.”

Click. The phone went dead.

My cock was throbbing within my jeans. I couldn’t believe what just happened. My heart was racing and I took in deep breaths to calm myself down.

It was the first time I took enough courage to do something real after the years wasted watching porn since when I was little.

After months of saving I finally had 500 dollars with me and honestly felt quite disappointed with myself wasting it on a dominatrix. But only I knew that I needed it. High school and college were a total disappointment though I had slept with numerous girls. Deep inside I badly wanted my desires to be satisfied. I didn’t find a better and discrete option than a session with a pro domme.

8 pm was only two hours away. I quickly jumped in for a shower and shaved every single hair below my neck. Within an hour I was dressed, nervous and ready to leave. I drove all the way half conscious. The only though that filled my mind was the night ahead of me.

The traffic was smooth and I reached third street before 8. I turned my phone’s GPS on and dumped it in my car. I didn’t want to take any risks after I heard of men who never escaped from a dominatrix. I had asked my friend to expect me the next morning and hoped he would help if I got into any trouble. I stepped out of my car and walked all the way till house 24. I stared up at the beautiful large house as the cool wind whistled past my sweaty body. A faint yellow light could be seen inside. Shivering, both with fear and the cold I walked up to the door and rang the bell.

A mature woman answered the door. She was dressed in a gown.

“Yes?” she asked.

“I called,” I trailed off.

“Are you Dave?” she asked.

“Yes I am”

“Oh! We were expecting you. Come on in.”

I followed her in into the posh home. I was surprised to see two other women sitting on the couch chatting away. The both looked almost my age.

They both stopped and looked at me. One had a broad smile on her face and the other was enjoying what she saw. The smiling girl nudged the other as she got up.

“Come on Dave.”

I followed her as she climbed a flight of stairs and then into a well furnished room.

“Do you have what I asked you to bring?” she asked.

I pulled out the money from my pocket and hand it over to her. She confidently snatches it from me and drops it in a drawer. She was beautiful and now I knew why she demanded this much for just an hour. I could not take my eyes off her prominent cleavage that was visible between the massive breasts stuffed into the shirt. Her tight jeans showed off her well shaped legs.

“Sit down over there,” she commanded.

I sat down slowly.

“Dave, I want to be honest with you. I usually don’t get clients like you. It’s always the old folk,” she mentioned as she dropped herself to the sofa.

I did not know what to say and I sat there quietly.

“You are pretty shy aren’t you?” she laughed.

I just nodded with a smile. My heart was racing.

“Dave I would like to hear your interest on this session,” she said in a very professional way.

I liked that about her. I didn’t make me feel embarrassed opening up to a strange woman.

“Well,” I stammered.

“Go on. Let it all out. Just you and me.”

“Uh I like to be dominated,” I said.

“Any specific interests?”

“I love feet. I love women physically abusing me. I like to be your dog and all. Uh then I like heels, bondage, I love to see a dominatrix dress up and I like to be punished.”

“Good, that is diverse. And is there anything that you wouldn’t like in this session?” she asked.

“Actually I do not think I can handle electricity and CBT,” I confessed.

“Very well,” she rose.

“Your safe word is red. OK? If you want me to slow down just say orange. Clear?” she asked.

I nodded and followed her to the door she paused in front of.

“You can scream all you want. This room is double sound proofed. Welcome to my dungeon,” she said in a teasing tone as she pushed open the door.

The room was dark and cold. The floor was polished wood and the walls were also wood paneled. The room consisted of the most bizarre devices and torture furniture. On one wall canes,whips,floggers and crops were neatly hung.

A large sofa was placed against one wall from where one could view the entire room. She sat down and crossed her legs.

“Within this room you call me nothing other than mistress. Do not dare to open your mouth unless you are asked anything. Obey instantly without a second thought. Understand?” she coolly said.

“Yes mistress,” I replied.

“Good, now I want your clothes büyük meme porno neatly folded there,” she pointed at the corner of the room.

I fumbled with my clothes as I quickly pulled them off. Then according to my mistress’ orders I folded them and walked over to the corner. The coldness of the room had its effect on my cock as it stirred.

“There are wrist and ankle cuffs beneath those whips. When you are done bring that collar to me. I like putting it on on my slaves.”

Before I could even move mistress barked out.

“Ah, I want you crawling on the floor bitch.”

I crawled to the cuffs. They were made of smooth leather with steel hooks. I slipped them on and fastened them in place.

I crawled back with the collar and presented it at her feet.

Mistress ran her hand through my hair and over my neck. Then she slowly tightened my collar and attached a thin leash.

“Since you like to watch me dress up, I will give you that privilege today in exchange of 50 spanks.”

I knew spankings were painful yet I could not miss this opportunity.

“I shall gladly accept your spanking mistress,” I replied.

“I guess you haven’t been really spanked before slave but we will keep that for later.”

She stood up and walked towards a small door in the corner. I crawled behind her like a dog and made sure the leash was never taut. Mistress turned on the lights of what appeared to be a dressing room complete with a full height mirror.

I saw my self in the mirror just I had always fantasized with a leash held in the hands of the powerful woman in front of me.

My cock began to swell when I fully realized my current position.

“Undress me,” was her clear order.

I crawled to her front and unbuttoned her jeans. Then I slowly pulled it down. The sight of her string panties were unbearable and my cock was rock hard now.

Mistress pulled off her shirt in the mean time.

“My bra now.”

I stood up and went behind her. Carefully I unhooked it and pulled it off. I could see her massive breasts spill out in the mirror. I got down to the floor again and untied her panties. I couldn’t have enough of the naked beauty in front of me.

“Open the closet. Get my silk panties and stockings,” she ordered.

I quickly retrieved it. and carefully slipped it on while deliberately brushing my palm against her smooth skin. Then she sat down on the single wooden chair and thrust a leg towards me. I slipped it onto her soft feet and rolled it all the way up to her thighs. My cock was straining.

“Now get me that corset and the latex miniskirt,” she motioned to the closet.

She seemed to be enjoying it as much as I did probably because I was the first one to ask for this.

I helped her step into the tight body hugging latex miniskirt that extended up to her thighs.

It was only when I picked up the corset did I realize that she had her nipples and belly button pierced apart from her pussy. I squirmed around trying to control my emotions.

“Uh mistress?” I asked.

I had no idea how this corset was worn. She helped fasten the first buckle. Then I caught on and fastened the remaining nine. A drop of pre cum dropped on the floor as I buckled her corset a the top and her breasts pushed against the corset.

Finally like a topping to the terrific attire she called me over to help her wear the most powerful pair of heels. She slipped her feet into the seven inch platform heels.

Finally when she was done, she picked up my leash.

“Are you ready for you whipping?” she asked.

“Yes mistress,” I agreed with a shiver.

She led me over to a wooden X cross. She pushed me over to the cross and roughly clamped my wrists and ankles to the cross.

I heard her heels click as she walked behind me. I looked up at the ceiling and shivered with excitement and fear.

I had heard a lot about whipping and caning. They all looked so sexy and bearable in porn but I had never thought beyond that. The unfamiliar experience I was about to receive intimidated me.

“Open your mouth slave,” mistress commanded.

I complied and she stuffed the largest black ball gag into my mouth. She pulled the gag strap tightly behind my neck and buckled it. I gave out a groan. Next she slipped a soft blindfold over my eyes.

The only senses now were my hearing and sense of touch. The blindfold certainly heightened my feelings. I carefully listened to the pounding sound of her heels moving away from me. In complete darkness I could hear her pulling something off the wall. I could not identify the tool she had picked up amongst the range of items.

She walked slowly towards me and I waited for the first blow but it never came. All I could hear was the air conditioner humming. Just when I had unclenched myself, a splitting pain traveled all the way from my ass cheek to the top of my back. I let out a muffled scream through the gag. Terror filled me when I realized that we had not agreed with a safe word when I was gagged. çinli porno I had to take 50 of these excruciating whippings no matter what and there wad nothing I could do. I was pulled back to reality as sharp pain struck the same cheek. I jumped up and tugged against my bonds. I bent to one side as I wasn’t expecting two lashes on the same cheek. When a third whipping landed on the same cheek I slumped in my bonds. Then three quick lashes landed on my opposite cheek.

I screamed aloud but the large gag worked better than I had thought. I tried to turn my head around to signal her to stop but I was rewarded with 5 more quick ones. I tugged hard. Though the leather creaked there was no getting away. The chains attached to the frame were short yet allowed slight movement. I again screamed and begged through my gag as 5 more landed on my thighs. The pain was more intense than my ass. I pleaded and cried but nothing that came out of my mouth was audible. Lashes landed mercilessly one by one on my already bruised body. I could painfully feel welts rising.

Before 20 lashes I was already crying and screaming uncontrollably. My grip on the frame turned my knuckles white. I repeatedly begged and cried for mercy. Probably realizing that this was my first time, mistress shifted to a flat ended crop. Though it gave me sufficient pain on my welted ass and back it delivered a much duller pain.

“Now slave do you understand the difference between arrogantly saying you can take 50 strokes and actually having them?” she asked.

I vigorously nodded so she wouldn’t choose the whip again.

“I need this lesson buried deep within your mind. I want you to learn to fear a woman and her whip,” she said.

I tried to mumble my acceptance through the gag.

The spanking again resumed and I involuntarily tugged at my bonds desperate to get free but without any sympathy from my mistress.

When the count reached 40 I was again screaming and begging my mistress to stop.

Finally after what seemed like eternity I counted 50. I heard her heels click away and then her sitting down. I was left standing against the frame still weeping. To my surprise within a minute my cock was hardening again. The sharp pain turned into dull pleasure. I now realized why masochists like me love to be whipped. I leaned against the wooden frame.

It felt like a few hours had passed before I heard the sound of those menacing heels approach me. Bright light seeped into my vision as she pulled of my blindfold. Next came my gag. I guessed I would have to buy her a new one when I saw the bite marks.

I remained still and silent as she unchained me from the frame. She took my leash in her hand and I immediately dropped to the floor.

“Down, kiss those heels. and beg me you pathetic wimp not to whip you again,” she spat out.

I lowered my face and planted my lips on her majestic heels. Her sweaty scent wafted from between her stockings.

“Please mistress don’t whip me again. I will do anything you want. Please never whip me again,” I pleaded.

“Louder! I want that humiliation of not being man enough to take a little pain sink into you.”

She placed her heel on my bruised ass and pushed it down so that I was in a worshipping position in front of her.

“Aah please mistress. Please don’t hurt me. I am a worthless ass. You are a goddess and I fear your whip,” I blurted out.

I was surprised how fast these words came with a little pain. I didn’t dare think of doing anything wrong lest I would receive a new set of whipping.

With one tug on my leash she had me on my knees.

“Worship the floor that I walk on,” she commanded.

I realized that she had fully transformed into her true self. A powerful dominatrix. I planted a kiss on every part of the floor her heels touched as she pulled me along. Before long she stopped in front of a shelf that I hadn’t noticed earlier. The object that she drew a gasp from me. It was a massive black strap on.

“Did I ask you to stop bitch? I want those heels clean.”

“I’m sorry mistress.”

I got back to her heels. I planted soft kisses on the shiny leather. Then I moved all the way around the foot from the tip of the heel to her ankles. I could hear her pulling a few straps but did not dare to look up. I was busy lapping at her foot. I slid my tongue over the smooth leather moving melodically from the front along the sides to the back. Then I slowly licked up and down her 7 inch heels. When the shoe was shining I started at her stockinged toes. I slid my entire tongue over her front of the foot. Then I began sucking at her toes and ankles.

My cock was twitching again. When she placed a foot on my head to push me down to the floor, I realized she had finished what ever she had with the strap on. She let me kiss and worship her shoes some more until she tugged at my leash to get up.

I was greeted by the most menacing strap on I had ever seen. It curved all the way from her pierced clit to the massive head. It was held together by thin straps. değişik porno A big bulb seemed to be inside her vagina and tiny fibers around her clit. I had read these both give women physical pleasure by using strap ons.

I had never been fucked up the ass nor did I ever think of it. The large strap on in front of my face was rather uncomfortable. I thought of using my safe word but considering what all I endured, I decided to go with the flow.

“Since you are such a pathetic little girl who couldn’t even take a spanking I decided you better be treated like one. Suck at your mistress’s cock you whore. Yours doesn’t seem to have use anyway!”

I parted my lips and accepted the dildo as well as my humiliation.

She grabbed onto my hair and thrust the strap on all the way till my throats and let my saliva ooze out before she pulled me up and made me suck it. Her huge cock tasted rubbery and almost filled my entire mouth.

Gradually the pace increased from slow sliding to violent thrusting till I gagged. Tears swelled in my eyes due to the constant gagging. I hoped she would stop. Finally when she thought she had enough, she pulled me by my leash to a low table.

“Climb up and have your face on the table and your ass high up. I want you to give up your everything for my pleasure,” she said.

I reluctantly followed her command. This was not something that I was ready for. Though I had seen women anally violating men in numerous porn clips, I was afraid how it would feel.

I could hear my mistress pulling out a lubricated condom and pulling it on the dildo. She smacked my ass lightly and spread it with both hands. I felt like a child being examined. I closed my eyes and hoped this would not be painful.

I felt a slippery object directly touch my ass hole. It was a weird feeling. She pushed hard as my hole tried to reject her giant member. With a high amount of pressure I felt full and uncomfortable as the head slipped in.

My sphincter was still tensed and it felt like I was excreting something that would never end. With smooth fluidly motions my sphincters began to slowly relax and I felt much better freely. She thrust an additional inch and the massive cock head brushed against my prostate. A wave of a new unknown feeling rippled through my body. I badly felt like peeing but with each slow thrust, I felt a sustained feeling as if I was on the verge of ejaculation.

For the first time during the session, I moaned with ecstatic pleasure.

The dildo was tight in my ass and touched every single nerve ending. I never knew that men could have this level of sustained pleasure.

Mistress slowly thrust her cock each time moaning too. Her customized vibrating bulb probably made her enjoy it as much as I did.

I assumed that was the case because our passionate sex continued for several minutes with an increase in speed as minutes passed. I have never felt more relaxed and pleasured my entire life but I did not dare to touch my erect cock.

She turned me around. I spread my legs and looked up at her. Her eyes were half closed and her clit enlarged with pleasure. She continued her steady motion. She probably wanted more as she turned another vibrator over her clit. Within minutes, she was panting and she let out a cry of an orgasm. As it subsided she pulled her strap on out and left me on the table dissatisfied. Against my erect cock I could see her ass sway and her strap on wobble as she walked away from me.

“Crawl here.”

I jumped of the low table and crawled to her. My ass was still adjusting to the void and my pleasure had not yet subsided.

“Hands behind your back,” was a quick order.

She locked my cuffs behind my back. With a smirk on her face she pulled my face close to hers.

“I want you to take my heels off with your teeth.”

The very thought of it made me tremble with excitement. I brought my teeth to her ankles and tried to undo her strap. I clumsily tried several more times until I was able to unbuckle it. I almost jumped back startled when mistress ripped her stockings to reveal her bare smooth legs.

“Worship them,” she teased.

Her toes curled as I kissed her feet and legs. Then cautiously I began sucking her toes. I let my tongue play over each toe in my mouth. Her perfect feet were dripping wet when she pulled me up by my leash.

“Are you sad sweetheart?” she asked.

She had probably cooled down with the relaxing foot worship.

“I don’t know what to say mistress,” I confessed.

I had no idea whether she would be offended if I said I was disappointed in not being able to satisfy myself.

“I can see your cock,” she teased.

I tilted my head down.

“Men like you are never worth my pussy. But do you want to fuck my feet?” she asked.

“Yes mistress,” I eagerly announced.

With my hands still behind my back I moved forward and presented my erect penis. She brought her legs together around my shaft. The smooth skin just above her ankles touched my penis head. I slid my cock between her legs. I was almost about to explode but controlled myself. Her soft skin felt like silk against my hot penis. Then she parted her feet and sandwiched my cock between her feet. She expertly slid her feet along my penis. I could feel the unbearable pressure of an inevitable orgasm building inside me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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