A Sex Lesson For Jessica Part 3

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A Sex Lesson For Jessica Part 3A Sex Lesson For Jessica Part 3Jessica straddled me and reached down for my cock. Not completely hard but well on the way, it responded quickly as she stroke it. The combined cum from myself, Stacey and Jessica as a wonderful lubricant and it took no time to reach full erection. Jessica guided it in to her hot wet slit. With a moan of pleasure she pushed down on to me and received the full length. Flicking her long hair away from her face she leaned back and smiled down at me. Her nipples stood hard and erect and she began to knead her left one. Stacey got down on her knees and began to suck the other. Stacey’s tongue flicked and licked her daughter’s neck and nipples as Jessica’s hips rose and fell in gentle strokes as she rode my cock, sending wave after wave of pleasure through me. Jessica began to work the mussels in the walls of her cunt to squeeze my cock every few strokes. The feeling was amazing. Stacey now took the black Vibrator and turned it on. The gentle sarıyer escort buzz was only just audible above the rasping sounds of our breathing. I felt the tip of the vibrator on my balls. It was electric. Working between my balls and Jessica’s clit every time she rode up my cock had and instant effect on both of us. Jessica began to moan then whimper as the intensity increased. I could feel my cum starting to rapidly build up again and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I shot another load. Pushing her daughter forward on to my chest, Stacey slowly began working the Vibrator on Jessica’s arse. Before long she had it completely inserted. That did it! I could feel the vibrating through the anal wall and my cock responded accordingly. I struggled to hold back the climax as best I could. Jessica was screaming with delight and both her holes were pounded. I drove my cock up into her as hard as I could and, she responded by raking esenyurt escort my shoulder with her nails, blood was running down my chest and still she clawed and screamed as Stacey and I pushed Jessica on toward her climax. It came sooner than expected. Her guttural scream was as primal as it was earsplitting. Long sharp nails drove into my skin and she rose up to the very tip of my cock. Her beautiful slim, tanned body went rigid and squeezed her cunt as tight as she could as the orgasm took hold. I couldn’t hold back any longer. It was a miracle I had lasted this long. Only the pain of the skin being torn off my shoulders had prolonged the inevitable. My climax was every bit as vocal and I drove my hips up to meet her. I didn’t think I could cum so much in such a short space of time but some how I managed every bit as big a load as the last one. Stacey reached under her daughter who was still suspended on her knees and started to rub her clit and down avrupa yakası escort onto my cock and balls. The combined fluids were running freely out of Jessica, still she stayed suspended at the top of her stroke, held rigid by the troughs of pleasure coursing through her trembling young body. Slowly she began to relax and her breathing once again in short shuddering little gasps.Stacey leaned over and softly kissed me. Her long tongue snaking gently around the inside of my mouth as her hands slipped onto my cock that was still buried half inside Jessica.Christ I thought. Isn’t this over yet? I think I need to clean you both up a bit Stacey said. Pushing Jessica on to her back, she opened her daughter’s legs. Cum was oozing out from Jessica’s partially open lips. Stacey began to clean up our juices with long tongue strokes and her daughter lifted he hips in response. I knew then that this wasn’t the first time this had taken place. I lay there looking at Stacey on her knees, her wet slit glistening with cum from our previous encounter and from her lovely dark brown arsehole. I’ve often wondered why some are so dark and others not. Then I started to wonder how long it would be before I had the strength to join in. As I watched her clean up her daughter, the though that I was next gave me the probable answer. Not long

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