A Slave’s Tale Ch. 07

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This story seems to have taken on a life of its own. Each time I write the final chapter a new one appears as if from nowhere. Who knows where it will end. Thanks to all my readers, I hope you enjoy this latest.


The next morning I rose and had a leisurely bath before dressing carefully in an expensive business suit with a plain white silk blouse. It was a little formal but it created the right impression. Anna had spent the night as before, sleeping on the floor beside the bed and I had decided to trust her enough not to handcuff her. She had already quietly left when I woke up. Going downstairs I found her in the hall on her knees polishing the dark wood floor to a beautiful shine. She gave me a quiet “Good morning, Mistress.”

“Good morning, slut,” I replied as I went through to the kitchen. I prepared my breakfast and took my time eating it. When I was half way through my second cup of coffee I called anna in. She showed what a quick learner she was by immediately dropping to her knees by the side of my chair, knees apart, and hands behind her head. I looked down at her. She was clean and with her hair brushed, although it was still a bit untidy. A light fuzz was starting between her legs. That and her head could be dealt with later today.

“I see you have found work for yourself. Good girl. When you have finished there the bathroom needs cleaning and the bed needs making. I shall be busy in my office for the morning. This afternoon we are meeting Mistress Alice and her slave in town. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good, then set to it.”

She quickly stood up and left. I finished my coffee, poured myself a third cup and took it into the office. I logged on to the new program that Miss Nora had installed and familiarised myself by flitting from room to room. In the bathroom I could clearly see anna cleaning the bath seemingly oblivious to the fact that she was being observed. The camera wasn’t hidden so either she was accepting its presence or simply hadn’t noticed it. I answered some e-mails and paid some bills. A new e-mail arrived this time from Mistress Tatiana my friend on the council. Apparently the infamous Mistress _____ was already under investigation and a date had already been set for a hearing. Both I and anna were expected to give evidence. I replied that I would be delighted to attend and would ensure that anna would be with me. I attached copies of the photos of anna’s injuries that I had taken when she first arrived. By the date of the hearing they would be almost healed.

I checked the current state of the market. Slave prices were a little down at the moment although new girls were in demand. I was lucky to have got anna for nothing as I expected the price of trained slaves to start to rise. I looked to make a good profit on her.

For lunch I made a simple light salad which I took early with anna eating beside me from her bowl. After I had finished I clipped the leash to her collar and gave a quick upward tug. She stood obediently. I tossed the pair of flip-flops on the ground and she put them on.

“Ready for a trip into town?” I asked.

“Y-yes, Mistress.”

“We’re going to meet my new friend and also get your hair trimmed and your pussy waxed so it will be a treat for you as well.” I smiled at her, amused at the nervous look on her face. “Come then my little slut, off we go.”

The sun was gloriously warm and I decided to treat myself to one of the many horse drawn cabs for which our city is famous. I made anna sit up front next to the driver, a pretty blond girl, while I sat in the back resting on the plush leather seats. Next to the driver anna’s nakedness stood out even more and I felt almost proud to have her sat on high and on display. The marks on her back had begun to fade quite quickly as had those on her bottom. It is only a short ride to the centre of town but a pleasant way to get there on such a lovely afternoon. I asked the driver to take us to ‘Demoiselle’ and she pulled up a couple of minutes before 2 o’clock. Anna jumped down from her high seat, probably glad to be a little less on display, opened the carriage door and held out her hand. I didn’t need it but took it anyway and stepped down from the carriage. Sometimes appearances are important. I took hold of anna’s leash, paid the driver and walked into the bar. A girl in her mid-twenties stood just inside the door at a small rostrum.

“May I help, Mistress?”

“I’m meeting a friend who may already be here.” I replied. I scanned the room. There were a few of the wealthier craftswomen and a couple of Mistresses with their slaves knelt Anadolu Yakası Escort beside them. In the distance I saw Alice with a naked deb beside her.

“I see her over there,” I said to the young woman, “can you send a waitress over to us?”

“Certainly, Mistress.”

I walked across the room towards Alice with anna following dutifully behind me. Alice saw us approaching and smiled broadly. There was a look of excitement in her eyes. I sat down and anna knelt next to me.

“It’s so good to see you again, Christine.”

“It’s my pleasure,” I replied, “I see you have taken my advice and collared her.” I looked down at deb who was kneeling quietly her head bowed.

“Yes I bought a collar and leash as you advised on the way back from the park and then fitted it back at the hotel.”

“And this is your first trip out with it?”

“I did take her for a short stroll last night. Not far and not for long but enough to see how it felt.”

“And how did it feel?”

Just then we were interrupted by the waitress. I ordered a bottle of wine between Alice and myself and two tumblers of water for anna and deb.

“To be honest, Christine,” said Alice as soon as the waitress was out of earshot, “I’m not sure which of us was more nervous. It was also so exciting.”

“As long as you enjoyed yourself.”

“And so did she,” she said indicating the kneeling naked figure at her feet.

The waitress returned bringing a tray with our bottle of wine and two glasses which she laid on the table. She stood for a moment holding the tray which still held two glasses of water.

“Just on the floor will do, thank you, and can you put it on my bill?”

“Certainly, Mistress,” she replied as she bent down and placed a glass in front of anna and deb before she turned and walked away.

“Tell me more of your adventures last night.”

“In truth not much to tell. It was a warm evening and we simply walked the streets in the centre of town. It did feel good having her walking behind me with her leash attached. We saw a couple of other Mistresses with their slaves but when no one took much notice of us I started to feel more relaxed. I think deb was a little embarrassed though. Eventually we went back to the hotel and sat in the bar for a while before going upstairs.”

“Did you allow her to drink while in the bar?”

“I let her have a glass of wine. Was that wrong of me?”

“Not wrong but the normal practice is to allow slaves only water or possibly juice when out in public.”

“I’ll remember that in future, Christine. It seems there is so much to learn. Thank you for being my guide in all this.”

We chatted and sipped our wine for a while longer as I explained some of the finer points of Mistress and slave etiquette when out in public. Then I turned to Alice.

“Would you care to accompany us this afternoon?” I asked, “I am taking anna to get her hair tidied up a bit and to have her properly waxed around her pussy. I hate to mention it but I can’t help noticing that deb could do with tidying up down there as well.”

“Its something I’ve meant to get done but wasn’t sure where to go. I hope I haven’t embarrassed either you or myself.”

“Its not a problem but you must definitely accompany us. We can get them both done together. That could be fun. Come, let us go, there is a good salon just around the corner.”

I stood up and pulled anna to her feet. Alice followed my example and followed me to the entrance. I stopped to speak to the girl at the rostrum.

“That was an excellent wine. I have left half a bottle on the table, please make sure our waitress gets that as a tip and send a box of twelve bottles round to my home. You should have my address.”

She quickly checked her book, found the page with my name and confirmed my address promising to have it delivered later that afternoon. I told her we would be out for at least the next two hours and that early evening would be fine and then left the bar. Outside the sun was still warm and after a short stroll we came to the salon where a tinkling bell announced our entrance. The owner, a thirty something attractive woman with a little too much tan, came over and greeted us.

“Mistress Christine what a delight,” she gushed with a wide smile on her face, “How can I help today?”

I tugged anna forward and said, “Can you tidy this one’s hair up and then both will need to be fully waxed.”

“Of course, Mistress, no problem. I you can bring her over I’ll get one of my girls to give her a nice neat bob.”

She led the way over to Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan one of the salon chairs and I pointed to anna to sit in it. There were two girls already occupied with other clients and a third girl sitting quietly waiting to be called. They were all wearing the same shop uniform. As I knew the owner was a free woman I assumed they were as well probably apprenticed to her by their mothers. There were also two naked slaved set to doing the menial tasks such as sweeping up and serving the clients with refreshments. The waiting girl was called over and instructions were given as to what she should do with anna’s messy locks and she set to work. I went to sit in the waiting area followed by Alice still tugging deb behind her. I watched the girl start on anna’s hair. It quickly became obvious that she was quite skilled with the scissors and she made short work of producing a cut that was at least acceptable until it grew a little longer. When she was done she removed the cape and shook it onto the floor then crossed to her colleague and had a quiet word before coming over to me.

“I hope that cut is satisfactory, Mistress.”

“It looks very neat, thank you.”

“The beautician is ready to do the waxing, Mistress. Will you be wanting to use the private room?”

Earlier I had noticed that there was a padded table in the public area of the shop, right in the window to be exact and I decided that the time had come for a little fun.

“I think that table there will do fine,” I said with a hint of a laugh, “Can the stirrups be put at the window end?”

“Oh yes, Mistress,” she replied with a grin having realised what I intended. She walked over to her colleague and spoke to her in a whisper. The second girl giggled and looked at first me and then anna. She wheeled a small table containing hot wax and strips of cloth over to the table before moving the stirrups to the far end. She then took a step back and waited.

Just then another Mistress, a good friend of mine walked in, saw me and came over.

“Christine, how nice to see you. What brings you here?”

“My dear Monica, so good to see you,” I leant over and kissed her on both cheeks, “I’m just about to get these two sorted out. They both need waxing. And we may provide a little entertainment for the crowds.” I indicated the busy street outside.

“And some free publicity for this excellent salon no doubt. I can hardly wait to see the show.”

I turned to anna, “Up on the table girl,”

She looked terrified and started to blurt out, “b-b-but Mist-t-tress…”

She saw my stern face and slightly raised eyebrow and immediately lowered her gaze. With a stammered apology she quietly walked to the table and climbed onto it. The beautician, Sarah as she announced on her name tag, lifted anna’s legs onto the stirrups. She lay there, obviously deeply embarrassed, totally exposed to the street outside. One or two passers-by had begun to notice and to slow down as they walked past. Sarah turned to me to ask, “Do you want her strapped down, Mistress?”

“Will you lie quietly, anna?”

“Y-y-yes, Mistress,” her voice barely above a whisper.

“I think she will lie still, Sarah. Do your best work.”

She turned and, using a spatula, spread semi-liquid wax over one side of anna’s pussy and immediately covered it with a strip of cloth, rubbed it down and allowed it to cool. Those of us in the shop as well as the slowly gathering crowd outside waited in anticipation. Sarah picked at a corner of the cloth then took a firm grip before tearing it free with a sharp tug. The reaction from anna was a sharp scream and her hand whipped over to cover herself.

“Hands off, anna,” I said severely.

She slowly pulled her hand away and laid it by her side. With a nod of encouragement from me Sarah repeated her treatment on the other side. This time the scream was a little quieter and her hands stayed still. She was shaking slightly and a tear had formed in the corner of one eye. A few more treatments to clear a few stray hairs had her sobbing quietly. It seemed that the only ones not enjoying the fun were anna and deb. I looked at Alice’s slave. The girl was terrified knowing that her turn was next. I just hoped after seeing this that Alice would not back down. I glanced over at her and she had a wide smile on her face. She was thoroughly enjoying this I was delighted to see. Finally Sarah stood back and looked at me. I stepped forward and gently stroked anna’s pussy. Sarah had done a good job, her skin was smooth and warm to the touch and a bright pink to the Escort Anadolu Yakası eye. I held out a hand and helped her off the table, took her in my arms and hugged her.

“Lovely anna, you have done well. I am proud of you.” She sobbed quietly into my shoulder. “Go and sit down and recover,” I said pointing her towards the waiting area. She walked over a little unsteadily and quietly knelt in a corner rather than sitting on one of the chairs. One of the salon assistants came over and gave her some tissues which she accepted gratefully. I turned back and looked at Alice. In turn she looked at deb.

“Your turn, deb, onto the table with you, girl.”

Still uncertain of her position deb stood frozen to the spot. She was beginning to realise that this was no longer a game between herself and Alice but something new entirely. She glanced round the spectators inside the salon and then looked at the, by now fairly dense, crowd outside in the street. Suddenly a decisive Alice stepped forward and grabbed her hair and pulled her over to the table.

“Get on, bitch,” her voice with a hint of anger.

A very frightened looking deb slowly climbed onto the table. Sarah stepped forward and lifted her legs into the stirrups. The crowd outside took on a renewed interest. I could see the salon owner moving among them giving out business cards to any Mistress or wealthy looking craftswoman who was lingering among the crowd.

“Stay still and arms by your side, deb,” said Alice sternly and then nodded at Sarah.

The girl stepped up and took a spatula full of hot wax and spread it over one side of deb’s pussy and down towards her ass then quickly smoothed a length of cloth over the top. She waited for the wax to harden. Deb’s whole body was visibly quaking with fear. Sarah caught hold of the corner of the cloth and pulled sharply. There was a very brief moment of silence and then deb screamed. Her legs came out of the stirrups and her hands flew to cover her pussy and she curled up into a foetal position on the table. Even through the glass of the window I could hear a buzz go round the crowd. Alice stepped forward and suddenly slapped deb across her face.

“Don’t you dare embarrass me, slut,” she said, her voice betraying her anger, “Now get those feet back up.” And then turning to Sarah, she said quite coldly, “I think you may need to use the restraints, my dear.”

I simply stood back somewhat nonplussed at the way that Alice was taking to her new role but unwilling to interfere. Slowly Sarah put deb’s legs back in the stirrups and bound them there with leather straps. With a little force she managed, one by one, to prise deb’s hands away from her pussy and fix them into leather cuffs above her head. One side of deb’s pussy showed as smooth and very pink. Sarah applied the wax to the other side and then the cloth. There was a quiet whimper coming from deb that turned to another scream as the cloth was sharply yanked off. She wriggled from side to side and pulled on her restraints but with little effect. She began to cry, tears rolling sideways down her face. A few more minor applications of wax completed the job and Sarah stood aside and looked at Alice who stepped forward and felt tenderly all around deb’s pussy.

“Has she done a good job?” asked Mistress Monica from beside me.

“Would you like to feel, Mistress?” replied Alice.

“If I may, thank you.” Monica stepped forward and ran her fingers over the glowing mound and sliding them between deb’s lips. The crowd outside craned their necks to see what was going on. Eventually Monica stood back, lifted a finger to her nose and breathed in deeply. She then tentatively licked at it.

“It appears your slave has become a little excited despite her protests.”

At a nod from Alice Sarah unbuckled the restraints and deb was helped to sit up and then climb down from the table. She was led to the waiting area where she knelt next to anna. Tears were still welling up in her eyes and one of the salon girls passed her some tissues.

Mistress Monica went over to Sarah and spoke quietly out of earshot of her slave. “Can you leave the table there for now? I’m getting a manicure and pedicure but I would like to get her done before we leave.” She nodded her head indicating the slave kneeling quietly to one side.

I turned to Alice. “Time to go I think if our two are ready. Please let me invite you to dinner. I’m sure my cook must have left something good in the freezer.”

“Thank you, Christine, I’d be delighted.”

With that I said my farewells to Monica and we collected anna and deb, said our thanks and were in turn thanked profusely by the salon owner for our visit. No doubt she was delighted with all the free publicity and could see that once word got around waxing in the window would become a regular feature. Alice and I left the salon and with our slaves in tow, mingled with the thinning crowd and made our way back to my home.

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