A Sociopath Among Us

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My name is Lionel. I’m a tall, good-looking, nineteen-year-old black man. A mocha-skinned, curly-haired, pretty-faced brother who routinely makes heads turn. That’s just me, babes! I live in Boston and I’m an easy-going, fun kind of guy. Many people would call me a thief and a liar. I choose to think of myself as an entrepreneur. The kind of man who grabs an opportunity when he sees it. That’s just how I am. I’ve been called everything under the sun. Last shrink I met categorized me as a sociopath. Why? Simply because I’m adventurous, hate boredom and crave excitement. When I get bored, it’s not a good thing, trust me.

Some people are dangerous when they’re angry, and I find this funny. You see, I’m dangerous when I get bored. That’s when just about any psycho idea seems good to me. It was summer time and I just got laid off. This doesn’t bode well for me, folks. Working as a security guard at the mall was fun and I loved my job. My favorite part was frisking people. Oh, my, I loved frisking people. Both men and women, I didn’t care. The power was a real trip, man. Oh, well.

Another perk of the job was the frequent seizures. I once confiscated a purse from a nineteen-year-old college girl. This chick was arrogant and I wanted to teach her a lesson. Inside the purse was five hundred dollars. I went out that night to party like there was no tomorrow. There was this time when two young men stole a whole bunch of cash from the register. I chased them through the parking lot and caught up with them. I offered to let them go if they would split the cash with me. If you ask me, that was the easiest three hundred dollars I ever made!

That’s what got me fired. I guess somebody complained. All was not lost, though. I came back the next day, avoided the cameras, and made off with three grand. Not bad, huh? Yeah, life was good for a while. I spent money left and right, until almanbahis I ran out. I’m not the kind of guy who likes to sit on a lot of cash. Life is short. When you’ve got money, spend it. That’s what I say. You feel me? Cool!

I was short on cash and needed some green. That’s when I began to hustle. My first victim was this older guy named Paul Flaherty. Paul is a respected attorney with a wife and family. What they don’t know is that he has a thing for well-hung young men. Yeah, the guy’s a bisexual and I knew a lot about his background. He was a sucker in more ways than one. Easy prey. Sometimes, those fools make it too easy.

Paul approached me one night and took me for a drive. We went back to his place, where he asked me to get naked. The dude got on his knees and started sucking my dick. He licked my balls and sucked my dick. I thrust my cock deep into his mouth. He gagged on it, the old cock sucker! When I came, he drank it. He got on all fours and asked me to stick my dick up his ass. I put on a condom, sprayed him with the can of lube he gave me and stuck my cock into his ass. I’ll be the first to say that the dude had a tight ass and I loved fucking it. I pumped my cock in and out of her asshole. I loved the feel of a tight ass around my stick. Oh, yeah. I fucked him until I came, then pulled out.

Paul then asked me to turn around and bend over so he could fuck me. I really wasn’t into that. I will do just about anything sexual with anybody but nothing ever goes up my ass. I’m nobody’s bitch! I refused. I don’t let nobody fuck me. Not ever. That’s when Paul got nasty. He thought the forty bucks he promised me entitled him to my back door. I told him no. he got really angry with me. I whipped out my knife. He tried to take it from me. I slashed his arm and he howled in pain. I took his wallet and ran.

Later that night, I found myself three hundred bucks almanbahis yeni giriş richer. I had enough money to pay rent and afford food for a little while. I wasn’t interested in working the streets much longer. There were people out there a lot more dangerous than Paul, the closet case. So, I decided to look for something else I could do to make ends meet. When I was close to being evicted, I approached Stella Harris, my landlord’s daughter, and asked her to speak to her father Ronald on my behalf. Maybe we could work something out, you know? I didn’t want to end up in a homeless shelter.

Stella looked me up and down. She said she might talk to her daddy on my behalf, but asked me what I would give her in return. I stared at her. What in hell did she want? I didn’t have any money! The way Stella was looking at me, I could tell what she had in mind. I felt sick to my stomach. Stella was a plump heifer, with jet-black skin and a fat ass. Yeah, she was ugly in the face, too. Just my luck! Oh, well. I had to do what I had to do. I didn’t want to end up in a homeless shelter. I lived on the streets after my parents kicked me out. I didn’t want to go back there.

I went up to Stella’s room. Yeah, I did what I had to do. Stella got naked. I stared at her chunky body. I’ve seen some large women who were very attractive. Stella wasn’t one of them. Trust me on that one! The first thing she wanted me to do was lick her pussy. I spread her thick legs and ate her out. Her pussy didn’t smell good, nor did it taste good, but I licked it like it was sweet chocolate. She started howling in pleasure. I continued until she begged me to stop. I looked at her, praying we were done. Unfortunately, we weren’t.

Stella wanted me to fuck her. The thought nauseated me. I’ve been with women before but I didn’t want to stick her! Ugh! I put on a condom and slid my cock into her pussy. almanbahis giriş I raised her huge legs in the air and pumped my dick into her hole. Stella howled like a woman possessed. She asked me to do her in the ass. I did. I stuck my dick up her ass. I went right in. Even though this chick was huge, she had a tight asshole. I fucked her ass, hard. The feeling of a tight ass around my cock was very familiar and pleasant. I came, which surprised me.

A few minutes later, as I put my pants back on, Stella had the nerve to rescind on her promise. Apparently, she wanted to blackmail me into fucking her some more. I’d had enough. I whipped out my knife and pressed it against her throat. Stella’s eyes went wide. I told her never to try blackmailing me again, unless she wanted to end up in a ditch somewhere. I let her go, and took off. Three days later, I left the building. I didn’t need any more drama. I took eight hundred bucks from Stella and her father before I left, though. Could you believe these suckers were foolish enough to hide their dough under the mattress? Who does that anymore?

I left Boston. I now live in my car, and I stay on the road. I don’t want to stay in any stinking buildings for a while. I’ve tried to get regular work, but I didn’t find anything. I got lost on the highway and ended up all the way to Cape Cod. The local college wouldn’t hire campus police anymore so they were hiring overnight security guards. The pay was weak, only thirteen bucks per hour but the job came with a bonus. The guards would have their own rooms on campus. I thought about that. I would have my own little place, and a paying job. That sounded good to me?

So, there we have it. I am now a security guard on a college campus. Lots of sexy ladies and cute guys around me all day. You know that a guy like me is going to have some fun! I mean, things are working out for me. The folks in Cape Cod have never heard of me. They got no idea what they’re dealing with, and I want to keep it that way. There goes boredom again. Time to find something to do. Fuck some coeds? Seduce some studs? Sounds like a plan!

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