A Surprise at the Party

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I had been invited to my first hotel party. A couple I was hooking up with had been given the green light to bring me along, and while I’d heard of these legendary parties, I’d never thought I would get a chance to attend one.

I made plans for a babysitter, which was unusual for me. My sister was the one who would look after him if I needed, but she would be busy that night. Thankfully, my neighbours agreed to watch my child and I planned out what I was to wear. The couple I was fucking had asked that I wear my bra and panties, as they found it quite arousing to see me in them. I slid into them, the soft cotton caressing my skin, bringing my cock to life behind them. I grabbed my pants and slipped them on, containing the bulge within. A black button up shirt from the closet covered the small bra wrapped around my chest.

We arrived at the hotel together, and checked in. We were to be in room 513, and up we went. I only had a small bag with me, as i planned to be naked most of the night, so I needed only some basics. Claire, the wife, had brought a large suitcase, which I knew contained very little clothing, and a lot of toys. Darryl had brought a large suitcase, and it seemed heavy as he rolled it into the elevator with us.

The elevator doors closed behind us, leaving the now busier lobby below us. Claire’s free hand reached out and grabbed the front of Darry’s pants, emphasizing the growing bulge. “We’ll open our doors just after we get it all setup,” she says, rubbing her husbands now mostly erect cock, “and remember, those bra and panties stay on all night.”

I watched her stroke her husband through his pants, my own cock getting harder with each passing moment. I began to stroke my own cock lightly through my pants, until the “Ding” of the elevator caught our attention.

Thankfully, this whole floor and the one above had been rented for the party. We quickly found our room down the hall, glancing inside the various rooms with doors wide open. The fun had already begun.

When we arrived in our room, the bags began to unpack. Mine was toiletries, so they went into the bathroom. When i came back out, Clair has already began to lay out the various blindfolds, restraints and dildos she had in her bag. Darryl was huffing as he moved some furniture around, grabbing the side table and putting it near the end of the bed.

I grabbed my cock and started to stroke it, excited for all the possibilities the night brought. I knew that at least one of those blindfolds would be for me, and I would be paraded up and down the hallways to pleasure those who wanted it. As I stroked my cock, Darryl pulled out the item from his suitcase.

It was a fucking machine. The arm and dildo had been removed to fit in side his suitcase, but I recognized it instantly. The three of us often used it during our play time. He lifted it and placed it on the side table, which suddenly made sense to me. They wanted whoever was using it to be on the bed closest to the door.

Claire picked up one of the blindfolds, a rather large one that covers from nose to hairline, and puts it on me. As my world goes black, I feel Claire’s hand find my cock, pushing aside the panties I was wearing. She strokes my cock and whispers “You be a good bitch tonight” into my ear. I can feel her other hand on my shoulder, pushing me to my knees.

Her hand lets go of my cock, and goes to the back of my head. I can feel her pussy touch my lips as she pulls my head towards her. I let my tongue dart out, finding her clit, and she lets a small moan out as I begin to pleasure her.

“All finished,” I hear Darryl say. I feel Clair’s now very wet pussy leave my lips, but her hand stay at the back of my head. The tip of Darry’s cock brushes my lips, and I part them to allow his cock into my mouth.

“Suck his cock, little bitch, and then we’ll start the party.” Claire’s voice is dripping with excitement. Darryl moans as I suck on his shaft, the tip hitting the back of my throat.

“I don’t want to cum just yet,” He says as he slips his cock from my mouth. Claire’s hand leaves my shoulder, a sign that I should stand. As I leave my knees, Claire reaches inside my bra and pinches my nipple, causing my cock to jump behind Konya Escort the thong.

“You will service anyone who wants to tonight, and when we come back, you will get your release.” I feel a hand on my back, Darryl’s, and slight push gets me moving towards the door. I can hear them place the door stop as we leave the room.

I spent the better part of the night being paraded from room to room, my mouth being filled with various body parts from the party goers. At times, it was Claire who paraded me around, while Darryl stayed in our room, inviting those who wanted to use the machine in. Other times, it was Darryl with me, while Claire looked after our room.

After what seemed like hours of pleasuring others, I was brought back to our room. The blindfold was not removed as I was led to the bed without the machine at the end, further from the door. I could hear the machine and the moans and gasps of the person using it.

Darryl pushed me onto the bed, and laid me spread eagle. I heard the click of the handcuffs as they were put on the bed posts, and then felt the metal clasps around my wrist. My cock strained against the fabric of the underwear, the sounds from the bed next to me bringing my arousal to another level.

“Go suck his cock. Let my wife ride this for a bit” I can hear Darryl say. I can hear them shuffling, the machine being powered off, and then back on. I feel a hand on my leg, a woman’s hand, and it slide up and slips aside the thin piece of cotton covering my cock.

“Fuck that’s hot” I hear the woman say. I thought I recognized the voice, but all thoughts of that flew away as I feel her hand on my cock. Her other hand glides up my body, underneath the bra, and she pinches my nipples. I can hear Claire begin to moan as the machine fills her up and fucks her.

Lips engulf my cock, and I moan loudly. The woman who the mouth belongs to moans with me as she began to suck my rock hard member like a pro. Her one hand grasps my balls, smearing her spit all over them. Her other hand continues to play with my chest, sometimes over, sometimes under the bra.

Claire’s moans have become somewhat muted, and I can hear Darryl encouraging her to suck his dick. What a sight it must have been, with Claire sucking Darryl off while getting fucked by a machine. And on the other bed, a petite male in girl’s underwear and a blindfold getting his cock sucked.

“Get him to eat your pussy, honey,” I hear Darryl say to the woman sucking me. She rearranges herself without taking her lips from my cock, and I can feel her pussy above my lips. I oblige her, lifting my head to taste her.

I lick her pussy with enthusiasm, finding the folds with my tongue. She grinds herself on me as i tongue fuck her delicious lips. Her sucking has become stronger, and more persistent. I thrust myself deeper into her mouth, my balls full of cum waiting for release.

She lets my cock out of her mouth as she sits back on her knees, pushing her pussy onto my face. Her moaning and cries to god let me know I am doing a good job.

Darryl’s voice breaks the magic in the air. “Come on in and join us guys.” It would appear we have some visitors. I can hear a group enter the room and begin to circle around the beds. Claire’s moans fill the air again over the sound of the machine. Darryl must have pulled out of her mouth.

I can feel the girl on me bend over and take my cock back in her mouth. The bed depresses, and I can feel a presence above me. As my tongue continues to lick her, a cock glides across my tongue and into her folds.

I hear Darryl’s familiar grunts above me, and my tongue collides with his shaft and balls as he fucks the pussy I am eating. I can hear noises from the other bed, but not the machine. I assume Claire has invited some real folks to fill her up. My thoughts are confirmed as the sounds of slapping skin and her moans start.

Someone climbs onto the bed between my legs, and I can feel a cock suddenly pushed up to my own. The woman doesn’t miss a beat and takes both of us in her mouth. She moans, and I can feel her bouncing her head to try to take as much as she can.

Darryl reaches down and removes the blindfold from me. The lights seems Konya Escort Bayan extra bright, and I close my eyes to allow them to adjust slowly. I look over at the bed next to me, and Claire is being spit roasted by 2 guys, while a third kneels next to them, jerking off.

Above me, in the more immediate vicinity, Darryl is plunging his thick cock in and out of the delicious pussy I’ve been eating. I look down and there’s another man, his cock next to mine, pushing down on the head of the woman. When he lets go of her and allows her head to come up, I gasp.

My sister!

Holy shit, I did recognize that voice. My thoughts raced, watching her suck on my cock, oblivious as to who it belonged to. So I did the only thing I could think of. I returned my lips to her pussy, and the cock sliding in and out of it.

Claire moaned loudly, and my sister, Sam, matched her. Her head bobbed up and down, switching back and forth between my cock and the other guys. I was as shocked as I was horny that my sister, who always seemed so terribly prudish, would so enjoy pleasing 3 cocks at once.

She began to buck on Darryls’ cock, pushing back hard against us, as she came on his cock. She raised herself off of me, Darryl’s cock sliding from her sweet pussy. He pushed it into my mouth as he fondled my chest through the bra. The cock that was beside mine was suddenly on my cheek, slapping against my face as I sucked on Darryl.

My sister was turning, getting herself positioned over my cock when she locked eyes with me. I could see the surprise fill them at the shock of it. My cocks stiffened in her hand, rock hard, as I switched between the 2 cocks offered to me.

Time seemed frozen as she straddled me, my cock in her hand, positioned at the opening of her very wet pussy. She looked over at Claire, who was now servicing at least 5 guys, and then back at me. And then she lowered herself down.

Watching her guide my cock into herself, the sensation of warmth enveloping me, had me almost cum. I could hear her whisper “Fuck” as she lowered herself onto me. She began to bounce on top of me, her hands fondling my chest with Darryl through the bra.

Her eye never left mine.

I felt a hot liquid hit my face, as the second cock shot his load all over me. Sam moaned with every shot that hit me. Darryl removed his cock from my mouth and went to the other end of the bed. For the first time, I could see my sister without anything in my face.

She looked beautiful, her eyes staring into mine. The grin on her face as she bounced up and down on my cock said it all. She was enjoying herself, immensely. Darryl appeared behind her, his cock ready to find her hole. He pushed her forward, bending her down face to face with me.

Sam buried her head into my shoulder, and Darryl slid his cock into her next to mine. She bucked her hips up and down, sliding herself along our cocks. Suddenly her lips were on my own as Darryl took over. His thrusts, hard and fast, felt amazing against my own cock. But not nearly as amazing as my sister’s pussy, and her lips kissing me. Her tits were squeezed between us, as the moans began to pour out of her.

Claire got off her bed, and onto her knees before the men she was servicing. One by one, they all came onto her face and tits, drenching her in cum. Sam watched with me as they came and left, leaving her alone with the 3 of us.

Claire came over, covered in cum, and kissed my sister. My sister began to lick the cum from Claire’s lips, and I licked her tits clean as she leaned in close.

Darryl gave us no warning as he filled the inside of her with cum. He thrust hard into her, his good filling her and flowing out of her pussy. She moaned with every hard thrust as he finished cumming, Claire still enjoyy sharing kisses with Sam.

Darryl pulled out of her, his cum dripping onto my balls as Sam continued to slide up and down my shaft. She stopped kissing Claire, and stared at me, leaning back to let me see all of her. And it was glorious.

Darryl went over and closed the door to our room, marking the end of the night, and sat back down on the other bed next to Claire to watch us. His cocks, semi flaccid, started to Escort Konya come back to life as he watched us, his wife filling her pussy with her fingers.

I watched my sister ride my cock up and down, her tits bouncing with her. The beads of sweat were dripping down her, and her face was full of passion.

“Oh, Sam…” I moaned as I got closer.

“Fuck me, Jim. Fuck me!” She began to ride me faster, as though hearing her name aroused her even more.

“Do you two know each other?” Claire asked. Darryl had gotten down on his knees, and was eating her pussy.

Sam slowed her, and turned to look at me, with a look on her face that said “What do we tell them?”

Knowing my partners, having been playing with them for some time now, I took a chance on their reaction.

“Sam is my sister.” I told them, and Sam slowed to a halt.

Claire’s eyes lit up, and as Darryl tried to stand to proclaim his surprise, she pushed him back down in between her legs.

“Well, isn’t that quite the twist?” Claire had a small smirk on her face when she spoke.

Sam, encouraged by the response, started to rock back and forth on my cock again. I tried to match each fall with a thrust, getting my cock as deep as I could into my sister’s pussy.

Claire stood up, and sat beside on the bed, her eyes watching us with us. She reached to the headboard, and took the handcuffs off my wrists. “Maybe you’d like to touch a little more,” she said to me.

My hands immediately went to grab her tits. I had grown up worshipping these tits, always trying to catch a peek. My friends all told me how they wanted to fuck my sister, and here I was, years later fucking her.

I leaned forward, up towards my sister, and I took her nipples in my mouth. Darryl had climbed onto the bed, his cock erect once again, and he turned Sam’s head towards him. She opened her mouth, and took him inside.

Claire, sitting beside us, watching my sister ride me and suck her husband off, leaned in close and whispered to me. “Your sister is a good slut, just like you.”

I can’t describe the feeling of having your sibling ride you while sucking a dick. It was incredibly hot, having met my sister at a such a time. I licked and sucked and squeezed her tits like I was making up for lost time.

I could feel myself getting closer to cumming, so I wrangled myself out from underneath everyone. Claire slipped in behind me, her mouth eagerly seeking Sam’s wet hole. I climbed onto bed, behind Sam, and pushed her forward, towards Claire’s awaiting cunt.

As my sister began to lick, i kneeled behind her, positioning my cock at her awaiting pussy. I thrust forward, hard into her, and grabbed her hips. She moaned as I entered her sopping pussy, and I could feel Claire’s tongue, exploring her folds and now my balls.

“Fuck Sam, you’re a good slut,” I told her as fucked her, harder and harder. “What would mom and dad say, seeing you take so many cocks, and eating pussy?”

I could feel her pussy quivering on my cock.

I was slamming my dick into her, as hard a fucking as I could give. “You like your brothers cock, slut?” I asked her.

She stopped eating pussy long enough to let a whispered “Yes.”

I could feel my balls about to erupt. I slapped her ass and told her “I’m going to cum inside you.”

Somewhere in all of her moans, she let another “Yes.”

My balls, having no release for the night, filled my sister pussy. She pushed herself back against me, her mouth still seeking Claire’s pussy. Darryl, still on the bed, was jerking off to overhead view he had.

When her pussy was done squeezing the cum from my cock, I pulled out, and a river of cum seemed to fall from her cunt into Claire’s mouth. Sam stopped eating Claire, and sat up, letting Claire continue to eat her.

She turned and gave me a kiss over her shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her, my hands exploring her body. As our lips parted, they were met with Darryl’s hard cock.

we both opened our mouths, sharing a cock between us, our tongues playing along his shaft. Sam took the tip in her mouth, so I moved down to his balls, and then we would switch. It wasn’t long before Darryl was ready to cum.

I jerked his cock with my sister, aiming it at her face. The first stream hit her on the cheek, the next into her awaiting mouth. By the time he was done cumming, her face was covered and her mouth was full.

My cock began to stir again, as I saw my sister covered in cum. Round 2 was next…

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