A Tale of Two Paramours Ch. 33

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As my Friday afternoon office hours wound down, I found myself watching the clock. Jessika—my thirty-one-year-old lover—and I had set a date for that night. It was not a normal date, however. Well, none of our dates were normal from a certain point of view, since Jessika and I maintained a friend-with-benefits relationship rather than a romantic one. But this one was different even for us. The plan was for me to strap the curvy brunette to my bed and have my way with her. She had told me more than a month earlier that she wanted me to ravish her, but other than some D/s play a couple of weeks back, and rough sex after an argument on Monday morning earlier in the week, we had not fully explored her fantasy yet. But now I was just a few hours away from making it a reality for her, and I was nervous.

Furthermore, I knew Jessika was nervous as well. We had originally planned to have dinner first, but that morning she had texted me and suggested we meet at my house at 9:00 pm. She wanted to eat first because she was concerned she would be too nervous to do so once she was at my house. The same thing happened when we had made a video of us having sex, so I was not surprised. Still, I was unsure what I would do with myself before she arrived. I was having enough trouble finding work to do before I went home for the day.

Ten minutes before my office hours were officially over, I locked my office door and headed to my car. I did not think I could handle a student showing up at the last minute. I was also worried that Jessi, my other lover, a twenty-year-old blonde with whom I had not had any contact for nearly a week, might stop by. She had done it before when a disagreement had led to us not talking for several days, and the last thing I needed was the type of distraction Jessi often caused.


I was at my house eating my meal at 7:30 when my phone pinged.

“Should I wear something you can rip or cut off me? Or do you want to have it be like a romantic encounter that turns dark?” the text from Jessika read.

“Whatever you want,” I replied. I was not sure that I needed either scenario, but it seemed Jessika did.

“So clothing I don’t care about then. I mean, it could work for either.”

“Sounds good.”

“You nervous?”

“Yes. Are you?”

“Fuck yes. Have you eaten? Should I just head over?”

“I am eating now. Have you eaten?”

“Yeah, a little. So, that means I should head over now, right?”



About twenty minutes after my exchange of texts with Jessika, my phone pinged again. My first thought was that Jessika had undergone some change of heart, but the text was from Jessi.

“Im still mad @ U, but horny. Do U want to cum over?”

“I cannot this weekend,” I replied, fully aware that my response would not be well received, especially since I had rebuffed her prior overture to meet up. That had been Monday, and I had had plans with Jessika that night as well.

“Of course U do. BTW, do U care if I hooked up on St Pats?”

I re-read Jessi’s text, trying to decide whether she was telling me she did hook up with someone on St. Patrick’s day or asking I cared whether she had or not. But in the midst of deciding whether to text Jessi for clarification, my doorbell rang. Setting my phone on the coffee table, I went to the door and looked through the peephole to see my brunette lover standing on the porch. I opened the door, a grin on my face. Jessika returned my smile as she moved past me. Once inside, she shed her coat and scarf, tossing them and a duffle bag onto my couch before wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling me into a long, deep kiss.

“I am happy to see you too, Squeaker,” I said a few seconds later, and not just because of what we were going to do that evening. Her arrival allowed me to put Jessi’s text out of my mind.

“What do you think?” she asked, stepping back from me and twirling.

My curvy lover was wearing a form-fitting, button-up gray top that, like most things she wore, revealed quite a bit of her light tan cleavage. A thigh-length black skirt and black boots completed the outfit.

“So, you decided to go the romantic encounter turns dark route?” I asked her, noting how nice her clothes were.

Jessika shook her head, the corner of her bottom lip between her teeth.

“You want me to rip them off you? They’re nice clothes.”

“They’re older things, so you can destroy them. But I guess I should clarify. Yes, I want it to be a date that turned dark, but not necessarily one where I was going to sleep with you anyway. So, not a romantic encounter. Maybe more a first date where I’ve been a tease and you decided to take what I’ve been flaunting all night.”

“That might be too much for me,” I admitted, worried the scenario was bordering on the types of things Jessi liked me to do, and with which I knew I was uncomfortable.

“Then forget the scenario. Just tie me up, rip my clothes off, and ravish me. That way you know it’s what I want, but you will be able to do what you want. Oh, and Maraş Escort if what you want requires lube, it’s in my bag. I was not sure if you would have any, and not using lube pretty much guarantees a ‘red’.”

“I have lube,” I told her, grinning.

“Ah, I see. Then let’s have at it.”

“Let’s” I agreed, grabbing the collar of her top and pulling the two halves apart, sending buttons flying across my floor and revealing a black lace bra.

“Fuck, Mark,” the brunette grinned, pulling the now open shirt halves over her chest. “I’m not that kind of girl.”

“I thought we agreed to no specific scenario,” I retorted, grasping her waist and pulling her against me.

“We did, but then you ripped my top open. I kind of think that seems like a date gone bad type thing.”

“No, I just wanted to rip it open. Now, come with me.”

I took Jessika’s hand and led my unresisting lover to the bedroom.


The brunette tested her bonds, pulling at nylon straps hooked to leopard-print cuffs on her wrists and ankles. Her top was gone, as were her boots, but she still wore her back bra, black skirt, and from what I had seen while strapping her legs down, a pair of black panties.

“It’ll be difficult to fuck my ass with me on my back,” she said as I started kissing her slightly rounded belly.

“Do I need to gag you?”

“Maybe,” my lover said, her voice lower than I expected. “Let me think about that, since I wouldn’t be able to use the safe words. I think it’s better not to go that far tonight.”

“I was kidding, Jessika.”

“I’m not, but we’ll save that for another time.”

“Um, I guess,” I mumbled, my thoughts turning to Jessi, who did not seem to care at all about nuances like safe words or moving forward at a pace that would allow building up to more extreme activities.

“But without a gag, how are you going to shut me up?” my curvy lover asked, bringing my thoughts back to her and what we were doing.

“You could just be quiet,” I suggested licking the cleavage formed by her black lace bra, noticing the fraying of the fabric around the support wires and understanding why Jessika was not worried about me destroying it.

“Oh, I could be, but I figured out my role tonight. I’m a sarcastic smartass who’s very willing to fuck but wants to be in control all the time, so she needs her man to take charge and fuck the bitchiness right out of her.”

“That might work,” I agreed. “Because you are being a fucking brat right now. Oh, and ‘sarcastic smartass’ seems redundant.”

“How dare you talk to me that way, Mark Warner! Take these cuffs off me right now, then service my pussy!”

“Service your pussy?” I laughed, moving up so that my face was even with the brunette’s. “I am not sure anyone would say that.”

“Sounded bratty to me,” my lover sighed, her eyes locked on mine as she raised her head in an attempt to kiss me.

I let her lips brush mine, then I lowered my mouth to her neck and began nibbling it.

“Just so you know, all this teasing, suggesting gags, and calling me a brat has my panties soaked,” Jessika moaned. “So, can you just hurry this up and fuck me?”

“I am not sure you are understanding the concept of not being in control, Jess,” I sneered, pulling her skirt up to reveal her panties, then lightly running my hand along the thin material separating her warm, wet sex from me.

“You never call me ‘Jess’,” the brunette pouted, her eyes begging me. “And I don’t like it. Call me by my full name.”

“Shut the fuck up, Jess,” I laughed, sliding a finger under panties and between her wet labia.

“Make me, Mark,” she breathed, her back arching as I pushed my invading digit inside of her.

“But I need to service your pussy, right?” I asked her, pulling my left hand away from her loins and holding up the large pair of scissors with my right.

“What are you going to do with those?” my lover asked, and while I was well aware that the fear in her voice was an act, it still sent a shiver of arousal through my body.

“Getting rid of these sopping wet panties, brat,” I told her even as her body jumped by from the touch of the cold metal against her skin.

“I think I should say ‘no’ to that, but God I want your fingers on me. And in me.”

“Slut,” I teased as I cut through one side of panties, then the other, before pulling the now useless garment from underneath her bottom.

“No, I’m a good girl,” Jessika told me, her body jumping when I slid a finger inside of her. “Good girls like to be ravished, right?”

“That does not sound right,” I responded, probing at her clitoris with my thumb.

“No, it is. I’m sure.”

I shook my head and winked at the fettered brunette. She winked back, a smile on her luscious lips. But while I watched her, the grin transformed into a pout.

“I want you to lick me. Quit teasing.”

“You think this is teasing,” I asked, pushing my thumb against her and moving it in circles.

“Yes. I want your tongue.”

“Too bad.”

Whatever Maraş Escort Bayan Jessika might have said in response was subsumed by a loud, protracted moan followed by a series of squeaks.

“Looks like you did not need my tongue to come,” I pointed out, not letting up any pressure on her most sensitive spot even as she shuddered beneath my touch.

“You’re mean,” she said when she could speak again. “Untie me. Now!”

“Oh, we are far from done here, brat,” I chuckled, finally giving her some relief while I retrieved the scissors and cut away her skirt.

“Whatever you do, don’t cut off my bra,” she pleaded. “It’s my favorite.”


Jessika nodded, playing her part even as I slipped the scissor between the cups and cut through the material holding them together. The weight of her breasts immediately drew them to each side, and the remains of the bra fell off, revealing her thick, erect nipples.

“Oops,” I grinned before latching on to one nub with my teeth and pinching the other between my fingers.

“Asshole,” Jessika moaned, arching her back so her chest rose to meet my teeth and touch.

“Bitch,” I retorted while I switched my mouth to her other nipple.

“I will not stand for that kind of language. Let me go, now!”

I sat up, then smacked each of Jessika’s augmented breasts several times. The brunette grunted with the first impact, then moaned through the rest. I followed up by pinching and pulling both of her nipples before leaning forward again and kissing the valley between her breasts. My lover let out yet another moan as I licked my way down her quivering abdomen. When I reached her neatly trimmed pubic hair, I kissed the middle of it. Jessika thrust her pelvis up at me, and I knew she still wanted to feel my tongue on her clitoris. So, I obliged her, moving my tongue from side to side, the tip of it battering her protruding nub.

“Fuck yes,” she sighed as I felt her jerk against her bonds.

I did not reply, other than to slide two fingers into her wet warmth. The brunette whimpered and moaned, her buttocks raised off the bed as she pushed her loins up against my tongue. I knew from past experience that she was likely to climax again sooner rather than later, given I had not allowed her much time to relax from her prior orgasm. So, I was not surprised when, after maybe a minute of stimulation, she squeaked her way through a second orgasm.

As her body shook, I continued to lick her and plunge my fingers in and out of her now constricting vagina. Jessika’s arms pulled against her restraints, and I was quite sure she wanted to grab my head and move it. But since she could not do so, I pushed on with relentless determination to take her to a third climax as soon after the second as possible.

“Too much,” she whimpered, but the fact that she was not giving me a ‘yellow’ warning, combined with her lifting her hips up off the bed so that I had better access to lick her, told me she was not yet at the point where I needed to stop, despite what she said next.

“Stop! Please!”

“Nope,” I replied, only pausing long enough to speak before resuming my attack and her clitoris.

“I’m not… that kinda… girl,” the brunette panted, her head back and her eyes closed. “I’m… a… good… girl. I… don’t… like… things… in my… pussy.”

“Like my fingers?” I asked, shoving them into her as far as I could and wiggling them around inside her clinging vagina.

“Fuck,” Jessika moaned before she jerked against the straps holding her down, her back arched and her curvy rear end lifted fully off the bed.

Taking her clitoris between my lips, I sucked on it for several seconds. My lover grunted and thrashed, her breathing now rapid and irregular, and I knew she was very close to a third orgasm. Letting her sensitive nub fall from my lips, I flicked it with my tongue while I again drove my fingers in and out of her flooded sex.

“Yellow!” Jessika shrieked.

But I did not let up even as she thrashed on the bed, pulling at her restraints. I did not let up as her curvy frame went rigid and her ragged breathing paused with a gasp. I did not let up when she sucked back in a lungful of air, her entire body shuddering before a plethora of squeaks slipped from her parted lips. And I did not let up when the entire process repeated itself three more times.

“Red,” the brunette croaked after that fourth time, and without hesitation, I withdrew my fingers. I did give her clitoris a few more licks before raining soft kisses all around it.

Save for her panting, Jessika lay still, eyes closed, for some time. Wanting to bring her out of what seemed to be a trance, I kissed my way along her abdomen, over her heaving bosom, up her neck, and finally to her open lips. For what felt like a long time but was likely only a few seconds, she did not kiss me back. Then her tongue was pushing against mine.

“You okay?” I asked her when that kiss broke.

“Yeah,” she breathed, her gray eyes seeming Escort Maraş to shimmer. “That was fucking awesome.”

“What? I thought you were a ‘good girl’.”

“You’ll never have better,” she countered.

“No, I will not,” I agreed. “You are the best.”

Silence filled the room, and it took me a couple of seconds to realize that Jessika seemed to have forgotten to breathe. I started to ask her if anything was wrong, but at that moment her big, ear-to-ear smile spread across her face.

“You mean that, Mark?”

“Yes, I do,” I assured her, and as I said it, I accepted that it was the truth. As I had come to understand some weeks back, Jessi could be more exciting, but Jessika was a much better fit for me.

“Unhook me and you’ll get the best fucking blowjob of your life,” the brunette said, the huge grin lingering. “Then you can fuck my ass.”

“While that is a difficult offer to turn down, I kind of want to fuck the smartass little brat I have strapped down on my bed.”

I watched Jessika’s smile transform into a pout before she said, “You’d better take these off me, Mark Warner. And don’t you even dare think about ramming your dick into my hot, dripping, pussy.”

“What will happen if I do?” I asked, moving so that I was kneeling between her well-spread legs.

“I’ll tell someone,” she informed me, a stern expression settling on her features. “You’ll get in bad trouble for ravishing a poor, innocent, virginal young woman.”

“Virginal?” I snickered, which pulled Jessika out of character so that she started giggling. “You can’t even keep a straight face.”

“No, I can’t,” she snorted, giggles turning to a laughing fit. “Young woman is a stretch too.”

“No, it is not,” I countered, but that only prompted another snort. “You are young.”

“Maybe when compared to you, old man.”

“Oh yeah, brat?” I teased, moving the tip of my penis between her slick labia.

“Yeah, Teach,” she said before taking the corner of her plump bottom lip between her teeth.

“You are fucking hot,” I breathed before ramming myself into her.

The curvy brunette gasped and arched her back, which pushed her large, augmented bosom up closer to me. I leaned forward and sucked on her thick nipples, alternating back and forth as I slid my erection in and out of her snug, wet vagina. Jessika moaned beneath me, head back, eyes squeezed shut.

“Nope, not virginal at all,” I chuckled.

“Don’t tell anyone, Mr. Warner,” Jessika moaned, her reopened eyes meeting mine.

“You do not want people to know you have the best pussy around?”

“Too many know already. Um, I mean, don’t say stuff like that. I’ve only done it once before, and he was nicer than you. He didn’t tie me to the bed and lick me until I screamed before making me take a hard, thick cock up my wet, needy pussy and causing me to tingle from my clit to my tits.”

“I have heard otherwise.”

“What’ve you heard?”

“That you are a fucking little slut who’ll spread her legs for anyone who…”

“Oh fuck,” Jessika yelped, her eyes rolling up as a deep flush spread across her chest.

Seconds later, three small squeaks left no doubt that she was mid-orgasm. I stopped thrusting, my erection as far in her as it would go, and enjoyed the sensation of her spasming vagina gripping my shaft.

“That was quick,” I laughed when she relaxed again.

“I’m still a little worked up from your tongue,” the brunette murmured as I moved in and out of her with slow, deliberate strokes. “Didn’t take much, especially when being slut-shamed like that.”

“You are a perv,” I told her shaking my head in mock exasperation.

“No more than you are. I just don’t hide it as much.”

“You do not hide much at all in those clothes you wear, with your boobs always popping out of your shirts and your tight jeans showing off that nice, round butt of yours.”

“It worked,” Jessika pointed out. “You sure seem to like my tits and ass.”

“I do,” I agreed. “And speaking of your ass, I think I’ll fuck it now.”

“Um, I don’t think so, mister. I don’t do that shit, I mean, stuff.”

“That is not really up to you at this point, is it?”

“It is if I say ‘red’,” the brunette winked.

“Well, of course, Jessika,” I agreed, her words taking me out of the moment. “Are you having second thoughts?”

“Why don’t you try and find out? Of course, you’ll have to get me on my tummy first, since it would be hard to fuck my ass like this.”

“Oh, that won’t be hard. If you don’t turn over when I unhook those straps, I will whip your tits until they are red,” I told her, relieved that she seemed to have dropped back into her character.

“Fuck, Mark,” the brunette moaned as she squirmed beneath me. “You’re getting me all wet again. If you forget the ass fucking, I’ll let you keep going in my pussy.”

“I think you are forgetting that you are not the one in control here, Jess—I am. And I want to fuck that ass.”

“Fuck you,” Jessika hissed, although a smile seemed to linger in her eyes. “I won’t let that happen.”

Shaking my head, I pulled out of her and walked to the dresser. Once there, I retrieved the leopard-print collar and the small flogger we had used before. I held both up so Jessika could see them before returning to the bed.

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