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Subject: “A Trial Of Strength” – Part 249 by Rob Williams A TRIAL OF STRENGTH – PART 249 By Rob Williams IN THIS CHAPTER: In the dunes Jamie continues to take charge, urging the twins to take their revenge on Bob and Mark in the ultimate fantasy of rebellious slaves. “Jamie, the slave master, was whipping the boys, forcing them to fuck their masters, two muscle-gods stretched in bondage.” The men are then left alone, bound naked to each other… and they make love, grinding their bodies together with insatiable lust. ********************** CHAPTER 249 � “Jamie Rules” Bob and Mark were making amends to their boys. They had become so engrossed in their three-way love affair with Randy that they had neglected the boys and were now trying to assuage their guilt. Bob had already submitted to the twins’ version of `revenge’ and Mark had surrendered his ass to his boy Jamie. After that they separately decided to finish the process of redemption by taking their boys up to the wild and deserted Guadalupe Dunes. Randy had chuckled to Bob, “So, it looks like you and the twins will be in Zack’s shack right around the time Mark and Jamie will be in theirs a couple miles down the beach. And I guess you’ll both let your boys get even with you for neglecting them. All five of you should get together. That would be one helluva scene … one for the archives as Darius would say.” ************************** Mark and Jamie had arrived first, after an overnight stop at a motel where Jamie had had a startling revelation and their relationship had entered a whole new dimension. Jamie had watched the naked cop asleep on the bed, just as he had the first time Mark had brought him here. Back then, that had been the very moment when Jamie first fell in love with Mark. And now it was happening again. Jamie had fallen in love with him all over again � but completely this time, in mind and body. Jamie realized what a fool he had been up to then � a quivering boy who hadn’t dared to love � at least not the kind of real love that melts two souls together in a bond of absolute trust. But that was the love he felt now. It had been a revelation � like a flashlight suddenly shining on the truth in the corner of a dark room. Of course Mark loved him � of course he would never abandon him � and of course Jamie would commit to Mark with every fiber of his being. It was an epiphany for Jamie, a catharsis that changed him fundamentally. He had suddenly emerged from the chrysalis of boyhood, spread his wings and become a man. Mark was amazed and exhilarated by the change in Jamie. It was what he had always wanted, an assertive young man growing into full manhood, to share his life with him as well as his bed. They had left the motel and sped on up to their shack in the dunes, plunged into the ocean and jubilantly ridden the waves on their surfboards. Exhilarated, Mark had never been so turned on by Jamie as he was now and he had impulsively flung himself on the young surfer, pushed him face down on his board and fucked him as he had never fucked him before. As their orgasms exploded they rolled over in the water, locked together, gasping, yelling … gushing semen that rose to the surface in ribbons of creamy white that were carried away on the tide. ********************************* A full ten minutes later they still lay locked in each other’s arms. They had been washed up on the beach like so much flotsam, their hearts pounding, breath heaving. They looked into each other’s eyes, kissed, licked and sighed as they slowly recovered. It was Jamie again who took the lead. “The boards,” he said suddenly, jumping to his feet. He ran into the surf and managed to grab the surfboards that had luckily been washed only a short distance away. Lying on his back Mark propped himself on his elbows and watched the handsome young jock drag the boards ashore. Suddenly, “Look!” Jamie was shading his eyes with one hand and pointing down the beach with the other. “Three guys coming along the beach … looks like Bob and the twins. They must have just arrived at Zack’s shack.” Mark squinted in the direction Jamie was pointing and said, “You’re right, Jamie. This should make life interesting.” Jamie laughed. “It sure will. You could say the plot thickens, eh sir?” Still naked he turned and raced along the beach to greet his friends. Bob, Kyle and Kevin saw him approaching and, even from this distance, noticed a difference in him � in his long confident strides. When he reached them he grasped Bob’s hand tightly in a bone-crushing two-handed shake. “Welcome to the dunes, sir. Great to see you.” He got between the twins and threw his arms across their shoulders as they walked in step together behind Mark. “Hey, guys, how’s it hangin’?” “A lot stiffer now you’re here, dude,” said Kyle. They found this new, macho Jamie real sexy. “You ready to hit the waves? They’re bitchin’ today. I brought three boards so we’re all set.” Struck by the change in Jamie Bob looked back over his shoulder at him. “Sounds like you and Mark have been having a good time since you got here.” “The best, sir. The absolute, awesome best.” Striding toward them came the epic vision of Mark, his spectacular naked body gleaming in the sun, muscles rippling as he walked, his long cock swinging between his legs. Bob quickened his pace toward him and they wrapped their arms around each other in a macho hug. “Great to see you, man,” Mark said, their eyes locked on each other. “You too, guys,” as he pulled away and bumped fists with the twins. The boys all noticed that when the men broke apart they both had stiff boners. “You been taking care of this man here?” Mark grinned at the twins. “Of course, sir, always,” said Kevin. “Though we still have a ways to go,” Kyle added, exchanging a knowing smile with Jamie. As he had said earlier, the plot was about to thicken. “OK if me and the twins go surfing, sirs?” Jamie asked Mark and Bob. “The twins and I,” Bob corrected. “You wanna go surfing, sir?” Jamie asked in surprise. “No, Jamie, it’s your grammar. There’s more to being a complete man than fucking your master, you know. A real man speaks well too.” “Oh yeah?” Mark grinned. “Just don’t tell Randy that. He’ll give you a mouthful that’s not exactly what you’d call good grammar.” They all roared with laughter and Bob felt his cock jolt as he thought of his rugged gypsy and his obscenity-laced trash-talk. Mark loved the fact that Bob made a habit of correcting Jamie’s speech when they worked together in the office. He wanted his boy to have the same refinement as Bob � another part of growing up. “Well, sir?” Jamie asked. “Is it OK?” “What? Oh yeah, sure,” said Mark. “Go surf � and teach `em well, kiddo.” Jamie pulled the third board out of the truck and waxed it while the twins looked on and learned. Then Jamie led the way to the surf. As they passed by, Kevin said softly to Mark, “We love the new Jamie, sir.” “Yeah,” Kyle added � “real hot.” They caught up with Jamie who said, “Now first I want you to stop and get a good look at the waves � how they’re breaking, the angle they’re coming in…” Bob and Mark sat next to each other on the sand, leaning back against the porch of the shack. “So … the new Jamie, eh buddy?” Bob said. “Very impressive. What did you do to him?” “It’s not what I did, Bob, it’s what he did for himself. I just set the scene, with some good advice from Steve. He told me that Jamie wasn’t able to love me a hundred percent. He was still fighting against it the way he did when he first fell in love with me. Steve said the only way was for the boy to fall in love with me again, so we stopped off at a motel last night, as we had on that very first trip, and I kinda set the scene � duplicating the circumstances of that first time.” “Sure seems to have worked.” “Buddy, he’s a changed man � and I do mean `man’. He’s just what I was hoping for � a self-confident take-charge kinda guy. It’s a huge turn on.” “And you fucked your `new man’, I guess, judging by the sparkle in his eyes � and yours.” Mark chuckled and they sat in contemplative silence for a while, watching the three boys lying on their boards, paddling out strongly into the surf. “Something I’ve realized,” Bob said, “is that the mere fact of being someone’s boy seems to reinforce their status as boy and may stunt their growth into manhood. They’re always playing the part of subservient boy, obeying their master. “Pablo and Darius have got over that,” Bob continued, “and taken their place as senior boys � self-assured young men. And the twins are so laid back, confident in their own skin and devoted to each other, that they never had a problem in that regard. But Jamie was stuck for a while, unable to believe he deserved to be the boy of the most beautiful cop in creation. But it seems he’s finally broken the bonds of boyhood and become a confident young jock � certainly one of the senior boys. “Shit, buddy,” Mark laughed, “you should become a shrink like Steve. So, as you seem to have it all down pat maybe you can tell me what comes next? Do you think the boys really accept you, me and Randy loving each other and spending time together?” “Hmm, I have a feeling they do � they take their cue from Randy … if it’s OK with him it’s OK with them. But I still sense they need to assert themselves a bit more so they don’t feel like mere fuck-buddies getting sloppy seconds. I can always tell when the twins have something brewing from the mischievous looks in their eyes. Look at them out there siting on their surfboards. Hundred to one they’re plotting something.” ***************************** Bob would have won his bet. When the waves cooperated Jamie was authoritatively giving the twins lessons. “Kyle, you’re standing a bit too far forward on your board, that’s why it tipped. And Kevin, you’re not timing the waves quite right � you’re standing up too soon. Take your cue from me.” The twins readily accepted Jamie’s instructive tone. Not only was he an acknowledged master on all things surfing, but his new alpha-male attitude turned them on a whole lot and they willingly let him take the lead. Which they did also when it came to plotting strategy. They were all close together, sitting astride their boards in a lull between the sets of waves. “OK, guys, listen up,” Jamie said. “We’ll have a longish wait for the next set so I wanted to run something by you. After all that’s happened, are you happy with the way things stand between you and Bob?” “Well, we’re never unhappy with Bob,” Kyle said, “but after he told us to take revenge all we did was to ride his and Randy’s cocks. That was awesome, but we think maybe we should do something that looks a bit more like punishment … that’s what Bob wanted, after all.” “Yeah,” Kevin added, “but there’s another thing, too. Loving Mark makes Bob so happy that we don’t want him to stop. We want Hatay Escort to show him that we’re OK with all that. I mean, you gotta admit, it’s way sexy. I just wish they’d let us watch.” Jamie grinned conspiratorially. “Dudes, you read my mind. You’re dead right, and I think my plans will hit the bull’s-eye � make all your fantasies come true.” He laughed. “Like I said to Mark a while ago � the plot thickens. Now here’s what I have in mind …” *************************** By the time the next set of waves came they had it all planned out. Jamie’s surfing instructions paid off and all three rode a wave stylishly all the way to shore and skidded to a text-book landing on the beach. They tucked their boards under their arms and plodded up the beach. “Done already?” Mark said. “I thought surfers got addicted to the waves and stayed out there all day.” “We could have,” Jamie said, but we kinda had something on our minds. “Told you,” Bob ventriloquized to Mark from the corner of his mouth. “OK, guys, so what’s up?” “Well, sir, me and the twins was talking.” Bob cleared his throat and raised his eyebrows. “Sorry, sir,” Jamie blushed. “The twins and I were talking …” Mark grinned at Bob’s correction. God, he loved the man. Kyle took over. “Me and Kevin … sorry, Kevin and I … were telling Jamie that you wanted us to take revenge for what you call your neglect, sir, but actually all we did was cock-tease you and Randy and then sat on your cocks and made you cum. So we thought of something that’s a bit more like … well, kind of … punishment, sir.” “But also, sir,” Kevin interjected, “we don’t want to do anything that stops you from having sex with Mark whenever you want, sir, `coz we think that’s real hot.” “So anyway, sir,” said Jamie, taking charge again, “we came up with a plan that… well, sir …” “And this plan …” Bob stifled a smile … “would it by chance have anything to do with that door frame over there?” Jamie was taken aback. “How did you know, sir?” Mark jumped in. “Shit, Jamie, you know damn well that door frame has featured in most acts around here of discipline, submission, fantasy and just plain sex. You should know, kid, you’ve been roped to it enough times while I worked you over.” Jamie’s cock pulsed in his shorts at the memory. Mark stood up. “Come on, Bob. Might as well get it over.” The doorframe in question was all that was left of an old shed that had long since collapsed and been washed away. It consisted of just two uprights planted firmly in the sand and a crossbar at the top. And as they all knew from the past, most of the men and boys who came to the dunes found themselves sooner or later stretched in the frame, wrists roped to the crossbar. “If you would please stand here, sirs, facing each other,” Kevin said politely, as if he were inviting them to tea rather than their own penance. The twins didn’t do fierce � never could. But Jamie made up for that as he strode out of the shack where he had gone to find the instruments of bondage that he knew were there. He and the twins worked quickly and in no time they were standing back and admiring the result. Mark and Bob were standing face to face in the doorframe, their arms stretched straight up, tied at the wrists. Jamie had planned carefully. Their wrists were encased in leather restraints that were locked with a key. Ropes were looped through them and tied to the crossbar above. There were no knots at the wrists so the men could not free each other from the locked restraints or the ropes, even though their wrists were close together. And as their arms were tied straight up they were able to twist round and turn their backs to each other. Not that they wanted to turn their backs. Bob and Mark had gone along with the boys’ plan, partly because they felt the twins were owed this chance for revenge, but also because they found being tied together intensely erotic, their bodies pressed against each other, faces only inches apart. In fact they were so engrossed in each other’s eyes that they barely felt their swim trunks being pulled down, but they sure felt the sudden probing of their asses by greasy young fingers. They were being lubed up! They looked over each other’s shoulders and saw a twin behind each of them, butt naked. And standing a little apart was Jamie, presiding like a ringmaster, whip and all. The guys hoped the whip was just for show, but in any case it was a cat `o’ nine tails which couldn’t do much harm. Jamie tapped the whip on his palm. “OK, guys, you good and hard?” “Yes, sir,” the twins shouted in unison, excited by Jamie’s commanding tone. “OK, guys, go for it.” Bob and Mark were again focused on each other’s eyes as they felt the stiff rods push against their holes and ease inside them, sliding easily down the chutes of their greased asses. The cocks went deep, then pulled back slowly, paused, and pushed back inside. The fuck was slow and easy to start with and the men experienced a unique sensation. The twins’ movements were always perfectly synchronized � the same movement, same speed, same pressure, so Bob and Mark were feeling identical sensations as they got fucked. They could see it mirrored in each other’s eyes when they winced, closed, open wide � every nuance of ecstasy experienced at exactly the same time. They sighed together, pulled on the ropes, flexed, and their cocks pulsed, all at precisely the same moment as the twin cocks moved in identical rhythms. It was as if Bob and Mark were being fucked by the same cock, and they were watching their own response duplicated in the other man’s eyes. It was an erotic sensation they had never felt before, a sensation that intensified their lust for each other. Their faces came together and their lips met in a long, sultry kiss. That action pulled the twins’ faces closer together over the men’s shoulders, and they too kissed passionately. Jamie had never seen anything like this � a double kiss � the two alpha males bound together, their mouths locked, their passion reflected in the young faces kissing beside theirs while the twins fucked their asses. Before today Jamie would have responded mutely by jerking off a load cum, but now, with his newfound machismo, he was capable of more. He had never really felt confident enough to initiate fantasy sex, though he had enjoyed participating, but now he was the man in control, the ringmaster with a whip. And the fantasy was happening before his eyes � two muscular masters bound together getting their asses fucked by their boys. Jamie was fired up and wanted more. He cracked the whip in the air and shouted, “Come on, guys … is that all you got? This is supposed to be punishment. Give it to them � pound their fucking asses. Now!” The twins responded to Jamie’s order by intensifying the speed and force of their fuck, driving their cocks into the men, forcing them harder against each other, their rigid cocks pressed together, pulsing in unison. But the gentle twins were still not giving Jamie what he wanted so he responded as any master would. He raised the whip and bought it down on Kyle’s back, then Kevin’s, with light strokes that merely stung. He was acting with the verbal force and physical restraint of a seasoned master, knowing and respecting his boys’ limits. It was the fire within him that inspired his authority and the fantasy vision that now gripped him. The two muscle-gods were stretched in bondage and their boys were being forced to fuck their masters. And Jamie was the slave master, whipping the boys into ever greater efforts at punishment and pain. It is the talent of a true master to inspire the same vision, the same fantasies, in the men under his control � and it was happening now. Kyle and Kevin felt the sting of the whip on their backs, forcing them to lose all their restraint and hammer the asses of their captive masters. The kissing was over and Mark and Bob were howling as they felt pistons driving into them. And so it continued, the warm air shattered by the painful howls of the men, the frenzied shouts of the twins, the commands of Jamie and the cracks of the whip. As Jamie was in control, it was he who decided on the climax and, like all good masters, he knew when the boys were reaching their limits. “OK, boys, you ready? It’s time. Finish them off. Fill your masters’ asses with jizz. Now!” Since the start, the twins had been straining to hold back their orgasms and now they let loose. Their cocks exploded simultaneously deep inside the men, whose bodies flexed against their restraints and they howled in the throes of ecstasy and pain. But Jamie’s urgent voice intervened again. “Not the men! You don’t cum … Not yet. You have to feel what we felt, holding back our orgasms waiting for you, but you never showed up, too busy with each other, leaving us with the same frustration you feel right now. You need to know how that feels.” He dropped the whip, came close and pumped his already rock hard cock. Within seconds it was pulsing, his muscles tensed and … “Aaah”. With a triumphant yell Jamie shot a stream of jism between the men, splashing between their chests and pasting them together with sticky juice. Jamie stared into Mark’s eyes that were shining with admiration and pride at his new man � the kind of young buck he had always wanted and waited for. ******************************* But if he and Bob expected release they were disappointed. Well, not really disappointed as their bodies pressed together, lubricated by Jamie’s semen, their cocks raging hard, the twins cum oozing out of their asses and running down their legs. The twins had separated from them and Jamie said to the boys, “OK, guys. Let’s clean off in the water and go for a run in the dunes.” Ignoring the bound men they ran down to splash in the waves, then took off down the beach. The men’s urgent need to shoot their loads diminished somewhat as each man rested his chin on the other’s shoulder and they reveled in the feeling of their warm, wet bodies pressed together. Bob looked up once at their bound wrists but realized that with the locked restraints and lack of knots there was no escape. “Looks like were stuck with each other, buddy.” “Stuck to each other you mean � literally,” Mark grinned. But I don’t mind if you don’t. There’s nobody I’d rather be glued to than you, man. Yeah, I know, my dick’s bursting to cum too but, like my boy said, let’s feel that frustration for a bit longer. Feels hot. And the boys are gonna take their sweet time, so let’s make the most of it.” “Right with you, buddy,” Bob smiled. “Never made love like this before so let’s go for it.” And their mouths closed over each other again. ******************************** Actually Mark was wrong about the boys taking their time. In fact, when they were far enough away to be unobserved they ran into the dunes … and doubled back. Hatay Escort Bayan In a short while they were in sight of the shack again and they slowed to a walk. Silently they came to the dune that loomed up behind the shack. They climbed up the back side and then flopped down on their stomachs with their heads just above the summit, giving them a clear view of the doorframe and the men bound to it. They could hear as well as see the men, and they lowered their own voices even though Mark and Bob were obviously completely engrossed in each other. They were kissing intermittently, licking eyes, cheeks and necks, grinding their bodies and their stiff dicks against each other. Their passion was heightened by the exquisite frustration of not being able to touch each other with their hands. “Will you look at that!” whispered Jamie. “Totally awesome. Ten to one Mark goes first.” “Nah,” Kyle said. “Bet you ten bucks Bob beats him to it.” “Ten bucks? You’re on. Just watch.” The boys’ timing had been perfect because the men were at last reaching the limit of their frustration. “I can’t take much more of this, buddy,” Bob groaned. “You know what’s gotta happen, don’t you?” They gazed at each other, a kind of implied trial of strength as they willed each other to act first. Bob won, and Mark turned his back to him. Jamie had skillfully tied the ropes so this could happen, the rope twisting above him as Mark turned round. “Oh, Jesus,” Bob moaned as he felt the mounds of Mark’s ass press against his pulsing cock. He pulled his hips back, positioned his cock between the ass cheeks and drove it deep into the cop’s ass. It slid in easily as the chute was wet with lube and filled with Kyle’s warm cum. “Oh, man, your ass feels so good. You want it bad don’t you, buddy?” “Yeah, fuck me, man. My ass is so damn hot for it.” One of Mark’s features that turned Bob on most was the nape of his neck with the ends of his ragged blond hair hanging over it. Bob buried his face in it, licking it as he pumped his cock in his ass. Mark groaned, “Give it to me hard, man. Make me feel it.” So Bob obliged, pile-driving the cop, pushing harder and harder into the hot, wet depths of his ass. Up on the dune the twins grinned at each other with jubilant high-fives. “We win,” they taunted Jamie, but he scarcely heard them as he was so blown away by the sight of the two bodybuilders, their bodies stretched in bondage, muscles straining as the dark-haired superman pounded the ass of the blond cop. “I give it thirty seconds,” said Jamie. “Less,” the twins said together. And again the twins won. With each thrust of Bob’s cock Mark pressed his ass back to meet it, driving them both wild. “You wanna feel it, officer?” Bob taunted. “You wanna feel my jizz in your ass.” Yeah, man … cum … for god’s sake shoot your load inside me … I gotta have it …” “Here it comes, big guy,” Bob gasped. “Oh shit … fuck … fuck … fuuuck…!” The juice that had been building in his balls for so long now burst up through his cock and blasted into the cauldron of Mark’s ass, stream after stream pouring inside him, filling his ass, oozing out and running down between his thighs. Mark’s euphoria was muted by the agony of holding back his own orgasm, determined to hold out for the thing he wanted most. He wanted it so bad he became a wild man, desperate to break free. Flexing his muscles he grasped the ropes above him and hauled himself upward, his ass sliding off Bob’s cock. With a supreme effort he grabbed the crossbar with one hand as his other let go the ropes. The boys watched in disbelief as the naked cop hung from the bar by one arm, legs flailing, his shoulders and biceps bulging, veins popping in the muscle-cracking pose. His handsome faced grimaced with pain as his free hand reached up to the rope knot at the bar, which Jamie had tied with Randy’s mandatory escape knot. With the last ounce of his strength Mark pulled on the loose end, the rope unraveled, and he dropped to the ground, standing face to face with the still bound Bob. Bob stared in amazement at the glorious muscle-god who, with superhuman strength, had freed himself. His hands were now free and the cop looked even more rugged with the leather bands still locked round each wrist. His chest heaved, sweat poured off him and he panted raggedly, “Now I’m gonna take what I want, man … what I always want … your fucking ass.” He grabbed Bob’s hips, turned him round facing away from him, pulled open the cheeks of his ass and rammed his steel-hard rod inside him, all the way down and over the inner sphincter. Bob screamed with the sudden pain and the fire that flashed through his writhing body. Mark was ferocious, pulling all the way out, then ramrodding his ass again, all the way down to the deepest, hottest cavity. Bob pulled frantically, helplessly at his wrists, his muscled body thrashing wildly � one minute trying to pull away, the next slamming his ass back onto the merciless shaft spearing him. “You feel that, stud? You feel the cop’s rod ripping your ass? Shit, I love hurting you, man. God I love you…” The jackhammer was merciless, driving endlessly into the superman’s ass. Bob endured the pain and the ecstasy but, even with Mark, he had his limits and he finally sobbed, “Please, man, please cum inside me. I can’t take anymore. I give up … You’re the best … please cum …” Mark breathed in his ear, “Only when you do, stud. I know you just busted a load in my ass but you gotta cum again. You know you can. You know I can make you. Think of how the naked cop looked hanging from the bar. You say you love me, man. Prove it…” Mark pulled back, then rammed his cock in deeper and harder in one last shattering blow. “Aaagh … yeah, yeah, OK, I love you, Mark … I love you … I’m cumming … aaagh!” As Mark’s cock exploded deep inside his ass Bob screamed, pulled his shuddering body up on the ropes … and, as he hung there, his cock shot a ribbon of cum high in the air and they both watched it splash down on the hot sand at his feet.” They weren’t the only ones who watched it. They suddenly heard triumphant cheers coming from the dunes. They turned their heads and saw Jamie and the twins standing on top of the dune pounding their cocks and spraying the sand with semen as a tribute to the bound muscle gods on the beach. Still dripping cum they raced down to the shack where Jamie quickly found the key on the porch and unlocked all four leather wrist restraints. The men collapsed into each other’s arms and, when they had regained their strength, turned to the awestruck boys. “Not so sure any more about the new tough Jamie,” Bob smiled. “You sure know how to push a man to the limit.” “Didn’t think you and Mark had any limits, sir,” Jamie said with a cocky grin. “Anyway, sir,” Kyle said, “Thanks to you Jamie owes us ten bucks.” “Each,” added Kevin. “Each?” Jamie blustered. “Who said anything about each? Fuck you, dudes…” One on each side he wrapped his arms round their necks in twin headlocks, marched them down to the waves and tossed them in. As they squealed and splashed in the water Bob said to Mark, “Hell that boy of yours sure ran that show. He’s become so macho he’s almost scary.” “Just the way I like him,” grinned Mark with obvious pride. “Come on, let’s join them and show them who the masters really are around here.” ************************** The pressure was off. No more talk of punishment or retribution, just the prospect of a great relaxing time in the dunes. All four walked out of the waves and up the beach, streaming with water, stretching their muscles after their sexual exertions. “Damn,” Mark said. “Is anyone else hungry?” They all were and Bob offered to walk over the dunes to small bodega in the village for groceries and supplies with the twins. He needed time alone with them to wind down after all the excitement and resume their former quiet, tender relationship “now that all the bullshit’s out of the way,” as Bob put it. Mark and Jamie watched them go, with Bob’s arms round his boys’ shoulders. Mark turned to look into Jamie’s eyes and said, “Damn you were hot today. I love you Jamie, more than ever.” “I know I’ve changed, sir � I can feel it, a new kind of power. You said I’ve become a real man but … see … I wanted to make sure about something. I mean, you called me your man but … can I still be your boy, sir?” “Now listen, kid,” Mark said sternly. “I’m the master around here and you’re my boy, and don’t you forget it. I’ll love and protect you but you gotta do what I say, be obedient, loyal, and trust me. You get it?” Jamie grinned with relief. “Loud and clear, sir.” Mark ruffled his mass of blond hair. “But you’re the new you and that means we’re gonna have a whole lot of fun and a great life. To start with, Steve has invited us up to his house for dinner with him and Lloyd. In the past it would have been three men and a boy, with you sitting quietly, not saying much, taking a back seat as you listened to us. “But this time you’ll be one of us, and Steve suggested that you don’t call anyone sir all evening. You’ll be our equal. Jamie, I wanna show you off, show those guys my new, bright shining man. That sound OK?” “Sounds a bit scary, sir, but I can handle it. Me and the boys can handle anything.” Mark chuckled. “Except good grammar, it seems. You still need Bob around for that.” *************************** The rest of the weekend was as close to idyllic as the tribe ever got. Although they had two shacks at their disposal the guys spent most of the time together, kicking back on the beach, eating at the small Mexican restaurant in the village, sleeping together in every permutation possible � man on boy, man on man, boy on boy.” Not surprisingly Jamie took the lead much of the time, setting the relaxed tone with hours-long surfing lessons for the twins. He was the perfect blend of boy and master, commanding but patient with the twins, obedient and respectful of Mark and Bob. While the boys were surfing Bob and Mark took long runs together along the beach, pausing only to make love in the waves. There was a timelessness to their stay in the dunes as day merged into night in one seamless succession of pleasures. But time inevitably had the last word and dictated that they had to return to the real world. The last things to be loaded were the surfboards, then Bob drove the twins off in his truck and Mark took Jamie in his. Mark was again wearing the black, ribbed tank top that turned Jamie on so much. With his left hand on the wheel he stretched his right arm over Jamie’s shoulder and the boy nestled against him with a permanent erection in his shorts. Mark stared ahead at the road with a contented smile on his face while Jamie gazed at his profile. He could smell the soft odor of sweat from under Mark’s arm and several times he leaned Escort Hatay down and licked his armpit, burying his face in the blond hair and inhaling the essence of his master’s manhood. ********************************* Several hours later the two trucks arrived at the house within minutes of each other and the other boys swarmed round them, ostensibly helping to unload, but more often hindering them with their excited chatter and questions. It was, as usual, becoming chaotic and Jamie stood on the truck’s running board and brought order. “Now listen up, guys, we wanna get inside as much as you do so let’s cool it, OK?’ He divided up the work between Nate, Eddie and Ben, then turned to Brandon who had been buzzing around in his wheelchair. He dumped two backpacks in his lap and smiled affectionately at him. “Here, buddy, could you take these in for me � into the apartment if you can make it all the way inside?” “Duh!” Brandon’s eyes opened wide behind his glasses in mocking protest. “Of course I can make it … sir.” Jamie grinned, “Yeah, sorry, dude.” Brandon had used the `sir’ partly in jest, but mostly because this startling new Jamie somehow commanded it. And that, of course, was the buzz among the boys � the obvious change in Jamie from the quiet one of the senior boys to a newly-minted, assertive young man. “Way sexy,” Eddie gushed quietly to Ben and Brandon as the `three amigos’ waited impatiently for the scoop. And it wasn’t long before they got it. When the gear had been safely stowed Darius gathered the boys together round the outdoor table for the `debriefing’, his term for prying information from boys who got back from a trip � his more formal version of `spilling the beans.’ The twins begged off, anxious to get back to their kitchen after two days away and set about preparing dinner. “You can be our spokesman, Jamie,” Kevin said. “After all,” Kyle added, “you made it all happen.” As they left, Pablo said warily, “What did they mean by that?” Up to now he had hung around in the background, not taking part in the general merriment, grudgingly yielding the spotlight to Jamie. He was always wary of any of the boys usurping his self-appointed role as `senior boy’. He soon got his answer. They boys grouped round Jamie and Darius trained his movie camera on him, saying, “This is gonna be one for the books, I can tell. OK, dude, spill. Don’t leave anything out and exaggerate if you need to.” “I don’t have to,” Jamie grinned. “You’ll see.” And they did, listening spellbound to his story, the younger ones wide-eyed, Brandon blinking excitedly behind his glasses. Jamie covered it all � the overnight motel stay where he had had his revelation about his love for Mark, the punishment session where the masters were bound face to face getting fucked by the twins, spurred on by Jamie’s ringmaster whip. Then the incredible sight of Bob and Mark, stretched in bondage, making love and fucking each other in turn. The boys were dazzled. ******************************** Something similar to this meeting, only more civilized, was going on upstairs as Bob and Mark sipped beers and described the trip to Randy. “Good for you, Mark,” Randy said. “I saw the change in Jamie when he came in, striding across the garden. Shit, he even looked taller. Thank god he’s got over that fucking insecurity of his. Now the senior boys are all equal.” “Yeah,” Bob said, “Well on that point maybe you should come and look here.” Bob had been looking through the window at the boys down below and Randy joined him. “Yeah, see what you mean, buddy. I gotta take care of that.” The boys were still bombarding Jamie with questions, all except Pablo who was sitting on his own, scowling. When Jamie said that he and Mark had been invited up to Steve and Lloyd’s place � four men together as Mark had said � Pablo had heard enough. He stood up and smiled sarcastically down at Jamie. “So congratulations, dude. I guess you muscled your way into the cop’s affections more than ever. He must be pleased with his `new man’ so … is he gonna adopt you?” “What?” Jamie frowned, incredulous. “Of course not. Why do you ask that?” “Oh nothing. It’s just that Randy did adopt me, so that makes me the boss’s son. Just so’s you know.” He turned and strutted away and Jamie frowned at Darius who rolled his eyes and shrugged. “Don’t worry, dude � that’s just Pablo doing his `boss’s boy’ routine. Shit, I love the hell out of the guy, and he’s dynamite in the sack � but sometimes …” He sighed and shook his head. “… I dunno…” Just as Pablo was about to enter the house Randy shouted to him from the window above. “Hey, kiddo, get your ass up here.” Mark excused himself, as he wanted to be with Jamie and he passed Pablo on the stairs. “Hey, Pablo, how’s it going?” “Fine, sir,” the boy mumbled sullenly. Bob was going to leave too but Randy said, “No, stay. I want you to be a witness on how I deal with this.” Pablo stood before Randy with a look that combined respect and defiance. Randy’s tone was casual. “Just checking in, kid … everything going OK?” “Sure, sir. Everything’s fine.” “Seems Jamie had quite a story to tell. He’s a changed man. You, er, OK with that?” “Sure, sir, why wouldn’t I be?” “Oh, just making sure there’s no bad blood between you. I mean, you’re not gonna pick a fight or anything?” Pablo grinned his crooked grin. “What me, pick a fight? Like this you mean?” He raised his fists and danced back and forth challenging Randy, who laughed, “You wanna go a few rounds, kid?” He raised his fists and they faced each other, dodging and ducking with skilled footwork, lunging, jabbing, until Pablo landed a right hook to Randy’s chest. “Good one, kiddo,” Randy laughed, ruffling Pablo’s hair. “That’s my boy � I’m proud of you. It’ll be a cold day in hell before anyone drops you in a fight. Now go get ready for dinner.” As Pablo left he glanced at Bob with a look of muted triumph. Randy turned to Bob, still on a high. “Well that went pretty good, don’t you think, buddy?” Bob rolled his eyes and threw up his hands in despair. “Way to go, Randy, you really put the kid in his place � scared him shitless. `Good one kiddo � proud of you’,” he mimicked. “You two deserve each other, you know that?” He made a mental note to drop a word of warning to Mark. ****************************** The following Saturday was when Mark and Bob were due up at Steve’s house for the promised dinner. As the day was its usual California sunny Steve had suggested they come up in the afternoon to sit around the pool before an early dinner. Mark was a little nervous, for Jamie’s sake, hoping he wouldn’t be intimidated taking his place as an equal among three gorgeous alpha males. Was it too much to ask of him? It had been Steve’s idea, but was this another one of his crazy schemes, or a shrewd plan to put the final touch on Jamie’s transition from boy to man? Mark was in the shower and wondered what Jamie would choose to wear. When he came out of the bathroom with a towel round his waist he was impressed. Jamie was wearing clean blue-jeans, flip-flops on his feet and a navy blue Polo shirt that set off his golden tan and blond hair. The shirt was snug enough to show off his athletic build but loose enough to look smart. “Damn, boy, you look good enough to eat,” Mark grinned. “Maybe we should just stay here and fuck.” He looked down at the tent-pole under his towel and they both laughed. “I’ve got my swim trunks under my jeans, sir, so I guess I’m ready for anything.” “Atta boy,” Mark smiled, pleased that the self-assured tone was still there. Maybe this had been a god idea after all. Mark was put on a loose Hawaiian shirt, cargo shorts and sneakers and as they crossed the garden together there was a whoop of admiration from the boys. Darius approached Jamie and murmured in his ear, “Shit damn, the new Jamie is sexy as hell. We should get together some time � as long as we don’t put Pablo’s nose out of joint. But first, dude, you know the drill � soon as you get back, all the details, exaggerations accepted.” Jamie punched his shoulder and laughed � not the giggle of a boy but the full-throated laugh of a man. On the drive up to the house Mark reminded Jamie, “Don’t forget, for the rest of the day you don’t call anyone sir. You’re one of the men.” “Got it, sir. Oh, sorry, sir.” He laughed, “Don’t worry, I’ll get it right. I’ll also lose the `Mark and me.” He stuck his nose in the air and said archly in an exaggerated British accent. “Mark and I thank you for your hospitality, gentlemen.” “Hmm, maybe just a tad over the top, kid,” Mark chuckled. “Come to think of it, I better stop calling you kid.” Steve was at his front door to meet them and any residual doubts they had were immediately dispelled as Steve hugged first Mark, then Jamie. He held Jamie at arm’s length and said, “Wow, all the rumors I’ve been hearing about you are true, man. Quite the stud. Come on, Lloyd’s out by the pool. Lounging by the pool Lloyd squinted up from his chaise and shielded his eyes. He looked flawless wearing a black speedo to preserve his tan lines. “Greetings, men,” he said cheerfully. “You sure are a sight for dazzled eyes. The sun’s perfect, guys, so get those damn clothes off.” He watched as Mark stripped down to his swim trunks, then gazed up at Jamie as he slowly pulled off his shirt. “Holy shit,” he murmured under his breath as the tall blond surfer stood shirtless, his torso gleaming in the sun. “The, er … the suntan cream’s right there.” Jamie poured some from the bottle and spread it over his face and neck. Lloyd’s jaw dropped as the young jock ran his hands over his shoulders, his chiseled pecs and washboard abs, then reached round to his back. He dropped his jeans, leaned down and oiled up his legs, so Lloyd had a clear view of his flawless ass pushing against his swim trunks. “Oh, man,” Lloyd said. “Sorry guys, but I gotta get a feel of this.” He got up from his chaise, his gym-honed, tanned physique glowing, his handsome features lit with a smile. He had seen the change in Jamie right away � his confident stance, self-assured attitude, a cocky smile on his gorgeous face. “Hey, so this is the new Jamie I’ve been hearing about. Come here, buddy. Give me a hug.” The two men, one blond, one dark, grinned at each other and their equally muscled bodies came together in in a cock-stiffening embrace. Mark looked questioningly at Steve. “Don’t worry, big guy,” Steve smiled. “I have everything in hand. Just go with the flow, buddy.” ****************************** TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” � Chapter 250 Hey guys, this is Rob Williams. I hope that chapter got you off, and I welcome your comments and suggestions, which can be very helpful in planning future chapters. E-mail me in confidence at rw6789@aol. ALSO, I urge you to visit my Web-site gth. You can read the whole story, all the many chapters, with extras, including pictures and biographies of all the characters and some other great artwork. Click on the `Our Story’ tab to read the current chapter, or click on the green button to browse all the chapter synopses. Enjoy!

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