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Subject: “A Trial Of Strength” – Part 536 by Rob Williams A TRIAL OF STRENGTH � PART 536 by Rob Williams Chapter 536 � “THE DOC GIVE THE SOLDIER THE FULL TREATEMENT” IN THIS CHAPTER Doctor Chad and the rugged Aussie Adam have a loving, monogamous relationship. But while Adam is away on a business trip, the doc treats the sexy, macho Marine Hassan for a sprained back, involving intense massage. Mutual lust slowly consumes them and the handsome young blond doctor ends up surrendering his ass to the swarthy Arab soldier. When the tough Aussie walks in, monogamy is shot to hell. ___________________________________________________________________ IN THE PREVIOUS CHAPTER The sometimes rocky story of Vic and Noah and their introduction to the tribe was coming to a satisfactory conclusion. The innocent young rookies had quickly fitted in well in their new jobs as office assistants, but their sex life had not developed so smoothly. It was virtually nil at first but, under the nurturing of the tribe’s leaders Bob and Randy, the boys had made some surprising discoveries about themselves. Randy had taken them under his wing and become their mentor, and inevitably they had fallen under the big gypsy’s magic spell. The tough, impulsive construction boss had demonstrated his gentle side, nurturing and guiding the boys through their first gym workout and their first faltering sexual experiences. Their sex education had taken a leap forward at Bob and Randy’s family dinner that ended in wild group sex. That had, in a sense, thrown the boys in at the deep end, but they proved to be enthusiastic swimmers. When everyone had disbursed and Bob and Randy were in bed, Randy wrapped his arms round his lover and said, “Quite an evening, eh buddy? I was really happy for the new guys, they seem to be fitting in well at last. And you’re up next, dude. You gotta introduce them to the delights of butt-fucking � or as they would say, `putting their penis in another boy’s bottom’.” “Yeah, yeah, all in good time,” Bob chuckled. “But we’ll let that little saga simmer for a while. I gotta say, Randy, you worked wonders on them today, and I’m impressed that you kept your hands and your dick to yourself. Still, your methods made me nervous, but I somehow think your brother Doc Steve would approve. Neither one of you plays by the rules.” With that settled and left to simmer, as Bob put it, the men turned their attention to other brewing stories in the tribe. “Talking of docs,” Randy said, “a couple a’ days ago I ran into Doc Chad. You know, we haven’t seen him and his man Adam in a long time.” “I’ve been thinking the same thing, Randy. We should invite them to dinner. Except right now Adam’s in Sydney for a week at his airline’s head office, and their boy Nate is spending most of his time with Jamie, assisting him on Grady’s movie. So Chad’s all alone.” “Not quite, bro. Chad’s gonna have company most afternoons. Seems Hassan has thrown his back out and Chad’s gonna treat him. That’s Doc Chad’s specialty so Hassan will be going to his house regularly for physical therapy.” Randy smiled his roguish smile. “Hmm … picture that … the lover and the boy are away and handsome Chad is spending afternoons with the big stud Marine. Now there’s a thought.” “Randy, enough with your lurid imagination, get it out of the gutter. You know Chad and Adam are rock solid. They’re monogamous and never fool around. That’s the way Chad wanted it and Adam agreed. There’s no story there, so you can put it out of your salacious mind.” “Monogamy,” Randy grinned. “Now there’s a concept I never really understood. You think it really exists?” It does with Chad and Adam. Nothing could tempt those two � not even a drop-dead gorgeous Marine captain. So don’t `hmm’ me. You’re barking up the wrong tree there.” ========= CHAPTER 536 ========= BACK PAINS Hassan first felt the pain in his lower back at the Marine base when he was putting new recruits through a tough initiation routine. The muscular Arab-looking Marine captain was used to pushing his own body harder than he did the rookies, and this was the first time he had felt any adverse effects � apart from the usual muscle aches after intense physical action. He was proud of his stamina, and a physique that the young Marines admired and tried to emulate. The sharp pain in his lower back lessened after a while but Hassan was a man of action at the Marine base and a fit body was essential to him. He knew that pain like this could persist and get worse, so he checked in with the medics at the base. They had simply suggested a cold compress first to reduce the swelling, then applications of heat to improve flexibility and stimulate blood circulation. To Hassan that sounded like standard routine advice and he was still uneasy when he got home. His boy Eddie was home waiting for him and when Hassan told him what had happened Eddie gave him his usual rascally smile. “Sir, I’d be happy to give you a back massage � make you feel a lot better.” “Actually, kiddo, that don’t sound like a bad idea.” Eddie watched, with a growing erection, as the dark, brawny Arab pulled off his uniform shirt, then his boots and military fatigue pants. Wearing just his khaki tank, stretched over his muscled chest, his massive cock swung down between his thighs. “You want me face down on the bed, kiddo?” “Yes …” Eddie’s voice cracked as he stared at the homoerotic image of the powerful soldier, with his black hair and stubbled jaw, naked except for the sweaty tank clinging to his torso. “Yes please, sir.” Not for the first time, Eddie felt he was taking part in a porn movie, where an eager boy prepares to service his master, a hunky Marine. They went into the bedroom and Hassan pulled off his tank, giving an extra jolt to Eddie’s already stiff boner. He fell face down on the bed and stretched his arms forward. Eddie gulped, staring down at the olive-skinned Arab sprawled naked before him, his muscular V-shaped back tapering down to slim hips and the twin mounds of his perfect ass. The boy was this close to losing his load in his shorts, and he knew that a mere touch of his cock would be all it took. Working at the beach as an assistant cameraman on Grady’s new lifeguard movie, Eddie had taken to wearing the same red board shorts as his pals Jamie and Nate, and he was wearing them now. “Come on kid,” the Marine growled. “Lose the shorts and get to work.” His head sideways on the pillow, Hassan watched Eddie pull off his T-shirt and, more slowly his shorts. Eddie was mildly embarrassed at being sexually aroused so easily but when his shorts fell and his cock sprang out hard as a pole, there was no hiding it. Flashing an impish smile, he said, “I guess the jig is up, sir. And that ain’t all.” Hassan smiled to himself � he loved this kid � but his voice was gruff. “Hey, boy, I thought I was getting a massage, not a boner display.” “Right, sir, right away, sir.” Eddie pulled from nightstand drawer the scented massage oil he had used before and warmed some between his palms. He clambered on the bed, knelt between Hassan’s splayed legs and leaned forward. He carefully laid his hands on the small of Hassan’s back and massaged with increasing pressure. “You’re very tight, sir.” “Yeah … aaagh … sore too. Go easy, kid. Don’t wanna make it worse.” Eddie moved upward to his back and felt the knotted muscles move under his touch. His cock was now resting on Hassan’s butt and oozing pre-cum, but he tried to ignore it. Slowly he moved back to the waist but that brought more grunts of pain from the captain. Running out of options, Eddie moved lower and massaged the mounds of his ass, feeling them flinch, then relax, as he squeezed them. “That feels better” Hassan murmured. “The lower back is too sore, so concentrate on the ass. Helps me relax. Use your cock if you can.” `If I can?!’ Eddie thought to himself. `Use my cock if I can?’ He took a deep breath in an effort to stay calm and said casually. “I, er … I think I can use my cock, sir, if you think that would help.” He spread massage oil on his now shuddering cock, eased it between the soldier’s ass cheeks and slowly inside, deeper and deeper. The captain heaved a long sigh. “Oh yeah, that feels better. Even my back feels better. Keep doing what you’re doing, kid. Massage that butt.” Easier said than done, thought Eddie, on the verge of orgasm every instant and desperately holding back. Damn, he thought, how many boys fucking a hot naked Marine captain could hold back from spilling a load in his ass. But he did for a while, massaging gently and encouraged by moans of pleasure coming from the deep voice beneath him. Finally relief came from the Marine himself. “That feels perfect, kiddo. But your balls are probably fit to burst. You can cum in me, boy … go in deep.” “Thank you, sir. Thank you, I … aaah … I’m doing it now. I’m gonna cum … gonna cum … aaahh …” Hassan sighed as he felt his ass bathed in the juice of the boy he loved. And for a while Eddie stayed in deep. This is what he loved best in life, making his master feel good. And he knew the best way to make the captain relax. “Sir, you know how I help you relax every day when you come home from a tough day on the base. Maybe that would help now too.” Hassan turned over slowly, pulling his ass off Eddie’s cock, and lay on his back grinning up at his boy. “You may be right, boy. Can’t hurt anyway. So there it is, kid,” looking down at his huge cock standing up stiff as a flagpole. “Think you can work your magic on that?” “Sir, you are asking the best blow-jobber west of the Rockies. And talking of rocks …” Eddie leaned forward and licked the whole length of the shaft, then flicked his tongue at the head. Hassan inhaled sharply. “Don’t work me up, boy, calm me down. I need to relax my back and my body.” “Coming right up, sir. Eddie’s relaxer-special.” He opened his mouth wide and lowered it over the cock but barely touching it. He breathed warm air over it, then clenched his throat muscles round it and pursed his lips. He pulled back, then sucked it in again, all the way down without gagging once. With another deep sigh Hassan lay back and gave himself over to the tender care of his boy. His biceps bulged as he bent his arms, folded his hands behind his head and looked down at the eager face as it moved up and down, sending waves of pleasure from the soldier’s loins through his entire body � including his lower back, making the pain disappear. “Fuck, Eddie, you always know how to make me feel real good. I could take this all day and night.” Eddie pulled back off his cock and grinned, “However long you like, sir,” then went back to work. Although it brought soothing relief to his back, even Eddie’s blowjobs couldn’t last all night, and eventually Hassan was groaning, “I’m real close, kiddo. Make me cum now. Do it, kid.” Eddie pulled back long enough for a quick “Okey-dokey, sir,” then plunged down full force until Hassan’s cock erupted at the back of his throat. Eddie swallowed hard and didn’t spill a drop. “Damn you’re good, kid. I always say that when you suck my dick `cos it’s always true. You relaxed me so well my pain went away. But now I can still feel it groaning in the background. Eddie, my boy, I think you’re gonna have to suck my cock continuously from now on. It’s the only treatment that works.” “No problem there, sir. I can do that. Er, on the other hand you can always go see Doc Chad.” “Chad? I never thought of that.” “Sir, that’s his specialty � er, hortha-something.” “Orthopedics?” “That’s the one, sir. He does backs, shoulders, legs, you name it. Doc Chad is the head of surgery at his hospital and he’s treated some of the guys here, like Randy and Jamie. He’ll fix you up good. But I can still suck you off day and night if that’s what it takes, sir.” “Thanks for the offer kiddo, I might take you up on it. But Chad’s a real good idea. You’re smart as well as the best cocksucker west of the Rockies, kiddo. Hey come here. We’ve got time for a nap before dinner. Eddie curled up against him and Hassan wrapped his brawny arms around him. “How you feeling, kiddo?” “Happy as a clam at high tide, sir,” Eddie grinned Didim Escort and closed his eyes. LISTING TO STARBOARD When the Marine and his boy appeared at the tribe’s dinner there was already a crowd seated at the sprawling table in the compound’s garden. Their arrival caused a stir as everyone could tell from Eddie’s glowing face that he had just had sex with Hassan � probably one of those blowjobs he was famous for. After basking in the attention Eddie made a beeline for the new boys, Vic and Noah, who were sitting with work-pals Brandon and Ryan. “Dudes, we have so much to talk about. Tomorrow before dinner I’ll be presiding over our regular boys’ meeting and you gotta be there. You’re one of us now � or two of us, I guess � now that Randy’s given you a big seal of approval.” The boys beamed happily as Eddie rejoined Hassan and sat proudly beside him � opposite Chad as it happened. “Hey Chad,” Hassan said. “Not often we see you at these dinners. You’re usually having one of those romantic meals with your boyfriend Adam in that love-nest of yours up the hill. “You’re right, buddy. But you see right now I’m alone for a week. Adam’s flown off to his airline’s head office in Sydney for management meetings, and our boy Nate is spending most of his time with his pal Jamie, working at the beach location of Grady’s lifeguard movie. So I thought I’d come down here, join the gang and sample some of that gourmet food the twins and Will cook up. By the way, Captain, are you having back pain?” Hassan was taken aback. “How the hell did you know that?” Chad chuckled. “When you walked over to the table you were listing to starboard. When a guy leans slightly to the side like that it usually means he’s compensation for pain in the back.” “Damn you’re good, doc.” “I have to be, dude, it’s my job. You getting it treated?” “I went to the medics on the Marine Base and they just recommended alternate cold and hot compresses. That helped a bit temporarily, and my boy Eddie here helped with his own special form of treatment,” Hassan grinned, “but the pain always comes back.” “Did the medics X-ray it?” “No. You think I need that?” “I always recommend it just to eliminate the possibility of disc problems. If it’s muscular, torn ligaments or something, that can be treated with physical therapy. But you can’t mess about with back pain, especially an active guy in your line of work. You don’t wanna aggravate the problem, so first of all you should take a few days off work to rest the back. “I tell you what, Captain. Why don’t you drop by my hospital tomorrow and let us X-ray your back. I’ll prescribe some anti-inflammatories and we can take it from there. I treat a lot of sports injuries, and get referrals from the cops and even the military. I am a surgeon too, but I always try to avoid surgery as an absolute last resort. It can have adverse consequences. So what d’ya think, Hassan?” “Sounds like a plan, Doc. Thanks for the offer. I really can’t afford to have the problem get worse.” He grinned. “Whoever heard of a Marine Captain listing to starboard as you put it?” TREATMENT PLAN The next day at the hospital Hassan was waiting in the X-Ray room for the results. He was still shirtless at the request of the technician in case more X-rays were needed. Doc Chad came in wearing his green scrubs, having recently come out of surgery. The two men eyed each other fleetingly � the soldier’s muscular dark-skinned bare torso and the handsome doctor’s obviously chiseled physique under his V-neck scrubs. Chad smiled. “Well, the good news is there’s no lumbar disc injury or displacement. But you do have some badly sprained ligaments that need to be treated or they could get worse and tear. You mentioned that when Eddie tried to massage you there was considerable pain. I would certainly prescribe regular massage as the best course of treatment, but it should be done by a professional. I suggest you let Eddie relax you only with the method where he has expertise.” The two men smiled knowingly and Chad continued. “I would like to propose the following, but only if you agree. This week I am in surgery each morning early, and I get home in the early afternoon. Home to an empty house,” he shrugged ruefully. “You need to rest for at least a week and, if you could manage it, I would like you to come to my house where I can check you out and give you the careful massage your injury needs. You are OK to drive but only sort distances � sitting in a car is not good for the back. I know you want to fix this as soon as possible, so I would suggest coming each afternoon for the next few days.” Hassan smiled. “You know, doc, I really appreciate your taking all this much trouble. I mean, you don’t know me all that much and yet here you are, a skilled surgeon, devoting so many hours to me.” “First of all, Hassan, the doctor in me sees a man in trouble and feels an impulse to help. Second of all, the man in me is gonna be lonely for the rest of the week. The afternoons are the worst, before I come down to the compound for diner. Maybe when your massage is over you’ll stay for tea and keep me company.” “The least I can do, Chad. OK, it’s a deal. I’ll see you tomorrow around two.” “Great. OK, Captain, you can get dressed. We’re finished here.” He watched as Hassan pulled on his tank top and then the sleeveless denim shirt he always wore over it. MASSAGE PLUS The soldier He was wearing the same outfit the next afternoon when he arrived at Chad and Adam’s house and saw a smiling doctor standing at the open door under the wisteria that hung over it like eyebrows. Hassan strode to the door, and Chad’s clinical eye saw that he still had a slight list to the right. Hassan looked around. “Man, you and Adam have done wonders with this house, Chad. The garden looks straight out of a magazine.” “We owe a lot of that to our boy Nate. He hired a couple of guys and got landscape advice from Mario. Come on in. We should get down to the treatment right away and then you can relax over tea.” Chad was dressed like a masseur, in white pants and a white T-shirt that showed off his muscular build. As Hassan followed him through the house he admired Chad’s broad back, slanting down from wide shoulders to his long sim waist and narrow hips. In any other setting a man like this would have roused him sexually, but he knew that was out of the question with Chad, and he forced himself to concentrate on the treatment, not the doctor. When they got to the bedroom Chad said, “I do have a massage table but you’re such a big brawny guy, Hassan, that I think the bed would be more suitable. I’ve spread a sheet over it so I want you to remove all your clothes and lie on your stomach.” He turned away to make some notes in his laptop while Hassan got ready. As he stripped off his shirt, then his tank top, Chad glanced quickly over the top of his computer and found himself staring at the huge cock that sprang out as the soldier removed his shorts. The doc felt a jolt in his own cock but quickly dismissed it and went back to his notes. Essential to maintain professional doctor/patient decorum. By the time Chad finished his notes and stood up, the Marine was lying naked, face down on the bed, his arms stretched upward. In the regular course of his work Chad saw many naked men but this one was exceptional � the stretched, muscular arms, solid shoulders and flared lats, down past a tight waist to the bulging mounds of his ass. The Arab’s thick black hair covered the nape of his neck, something Chad always found sexy in a man Again he forced himself to focus on the clinical job at hand as he approached the bed. “I’m gonna prod your lower back with my fingers, Hassan, and you tell me when you feel pain.” He proceeded to explore the area, eliciting grunts of pain when Chad pressed on the sore spots. “You are really tight down there, dude. I want you to take some deep breaths when I start the massage. That will increase your blood oxygen and help relax your muscles.” And so the massage began, and Hassan’s deep breaths soon became sighs of pleasure. His face lay sideways on the pillow and he found himself staring at a wall mirror, with the reflection of his own naked body and, bending over it, the handsome doctor whose arms flexed as he pressed down hard. The man really was a knockout � that chiseled Greek-god face with its strong, square jaw, tousled blond hair, and a muscular physique straining under his T-shirt as he worked. “I can feel where the problem is, Hassan, and I warn you, when I go deep it’s gonna hurt.” “No problem, doc. Hurt me all you want.” As he said that his cock got hard underneath him and he bit his tongue, thinking how stupid it had sounded. “Ugh!” There were intermittent grunts of pain as Chad worked on the sprained ligaments, but each stab of pain made the naked soldier’s dick get harder. After much prodding, pressing and squeezing, Chad said, “Well, I think we made a good start on your lower back, but it’s quite a mess down there so I’ll want to see you every afternoon for the next few days. The earlier and more aggressively we treat it the sooner it will heal.” Chad’s hard work had caused sweat patches to dampen his T-shirt, so he casually pulled it off Hassan stifled a gasp as he stared at the shirtless hunk in the mirror. God, he had a beautiful body. It made Hassan’s cock rock hard, pressed on the bed beneath him. “OK, Hassan, now flip over and I’ll do a little work on your stomach and hips.” Hassan hesitated. “Nah, doc, I think the back’s enough. It’s already feeling better.” “Hassan, that’s a mistake many guys make. The core is all connected � back, hips, abs and stomach. The treatment has to be holistic � you can’t treat one part of the core and neglect the others. So flip over.” There was nothing for it, so Hassan slowly turned over … and his cock sprang up proud and sturdy as a flagpole. Hassan blushed, “Sorry about that, doc.” Chad chuckled. “Ah, no sweat, Captain, it happens a lot. Massage often has that effect, it relaxes a guy so much.” He chuckled. “You could say it’s the only muscle that doesn’t relax. We’ll just ignore it.” Easier said than done � in both men. What Chad hadn’t said was that it was very unusual for both patient and doctor to get a boner � that that’s what happened here. Chad hoped that his own bulge didn’t show in his pants. It was totally unprofessional and the doc forced his mind to make it go down � without success. It didn’t help that, as he massaged Hassan’s abs and stomach, his arm kept brushing against the solid shaft. It was so fucking sexy he even felt a wild impulse to wrap his hand round it, his mouth even … He gazed down at the darkly handsome Arab soldier and was on the verge of … but checked himself, a said inwardly, `No, no, no, get a grip, doc’. Part of him concentrated on his work, part on the soldier’s cock, and he fought hard to focus all his attention on the former. Now it was his turn to take deep breaths and by force of will he brought his fantasies under control. Hassan had his eyes closed. Blocking out the homoerotic image of the bare-chested doc was the only way he could stop pre-cum oozing from his cock, which seemed to have taken on a life of its own � permanently rock hard. But eventually, to the relief of both men, Chad said, “OK, captain, I think that’s enough for today.” He wiped his hands on a towel while Hassan hurriedly got off the bed and pulled on his pants. “How’s it feeling, Hassan?” Chad asked, referring solely to the treatment. “Hard to say, doc. Sore, but a better kind of soreness than before, if that makes sense.” “Sure it does, Captain, it’s the effect we aim for. A smile lit Chad’s face and Hassan impulsively flung his arms round him � bare chest to bare chest, bulging crotch against crotch. He held him tight, longer than any casual hug, and said, “I wanna thank you, Chad, for all the time and expertise you put in on this. It made me feel …” Chad pulled gently away and smiled. “No need to go overboard, dude. A simple thank-you will do � a handshake at most.” “Yeah … yeah sure,” Hassan stammered in embarrassment, pulling on his shirt. “I don’t know why I … look, can Didim Escort Bayan we skip tea for today, Chad? I gotta get home to my boy.” “Sure, I understand. Er, same time tomorrow?” “Yeah, of course. Thanks again, doc.” Hassan turned and almost ran from the room, and within seconds Chad heard his jeep start up and speed off. “Damn, damn,” Chad murmured to himself, banging the wall with his fist. “Why the hell did I say that? I insulted the guy. It was just his way of thanking me, and I as good as slapped him in the face, told him he was going overboard, with my prudish `a simple thank you will do’. How fucking stupid is that? I’ll be surprised if he comes back. Fuck … fuck.” Hassan felt similar frustration as he drove down the hill. “Why in god’s name throw my arms round him like that? What a damfool thing to do to my fucking doctor. He must’ve thought I was a raving idiot. But he slapped me down good. He was right, I was totally out of line. And what about that `hurt me all you want, doc’? What the hell did that mean? Fuck … fuck.” FULL RELEASE Chad didn’t have tea after all – tea was the farthest thing from his thoughts. What the hell had happened? He was looking forward to Hassan’s company but somehow he had messed things up. He looked down at the bed where only a few minutes earlier Hassan had lain butt naked. He recalled the touch of his body, that smooth-as-velvet dusky olive flesh he had massaged. He saw again that magnificent body, the thick black hair covering the sexy nape of his neck, and his cock grew even harder in his pants. Without thinking he pulled it out and began stroking it as he recalled the scene. He recalled Hassan turning over and … and that huge cock, hard as a steel rod. Damn, he mused to himself, he should have touched it � he had wanted to. Some massages include that � it’s called full-release. But he was a doctor, didn’t do that sort of thing with a patient, of course not. But this was Hassan, the tough Marine captain he knew well � more than just a patient. Dammit, he should have sucked that cock � he had wanted to, wanted to lean down and taste the pre-cum, then clamp his mouth over it. It would fill his mouth, make him gag, make him cum � aaagh! He saw juice spurt from his own cock and splash down on the crumpled sheet, where a few minutes ago it would have splashed on the Marine captain’s naked muscular body. Having obtained `full release’, Chad snapped back to reality and remembered he was a respectable doctor � and a man with a lover. He stuffed his cock back in his pants, whisked the cum-soaked sheet off the bed and stuffed it in the laundry hamper. He murmured, “Get a grip, doc. The guy’s a patient with a bad back, and you’re treating him. That’s all. That’s all there is to it, dammit.” WORDS OF WISDOM On the short drive home Hassan’s frustration had only increased. When he slammed into the house Eddie looked up startled. “How did it go with the doc, sir? Did he help?” “Kid, my nuts are fit to burst. I gotta bust a load real bad.” Eddie grinned. “You’ve come to the right place, soldier. Get on the bed.” Hassan threw himself on his back on the bed, linked his hands behind his head and looked down at his boy getting to work. Eddie yanked open the captain’s pants and pulled out his cock that was raging hard. “Wow, you really are ready to pop, sir. Give me ten seconds.” Eddie lowered his mouth over the thick rod, locked his throat muscles round it with short jerks up and down, massaging the head in the back of his throat. Hassan’s breathing got heavy, he gave an animal howl and his cock erupted deep in the mouth of his boy who gulped down every last drop of juice. Eddie pulled off and grinned. See, less than ten seconds, sir. Man, you were hot to trot. The doc must have done quite a number on you.” Hassan pulled the boy down on him and folded him in his arms. “Chad’s a doctor, he did what doctor’s do. The massage was great, he’s an expert, but I totally fucked up. When I got off the bed I hugged him � a real long, tight man-hug. Well, you don’t hug your doctor, and he pushed me away, said a simple thank-you would do. I was crazy to do that.” “Oh, I wouldn’t say that, sir. Us boys give each other massages all the time and we always hug afterwards.” He gave an impish grin. “`Course, we give full-release massages � you know what that means. It’s when a guy massages the other guy’s cock too and ….” “Yeah, yeah, I can guess what it means. But you don’t seriously think the doc would do that to a patient?” “But I bet he wanted to, sir. Face it, you are one gorgeous hunk of man and any red-blooded male just touching that hot body would get an erection. Did you get a hard-on, sir?” “Of course I fucking didn’t …” He stopped short. “Sorry, kid, you’re too smart to believe that. Yeah I got a boner � hell, the man looks like a god. You think he got hard too?” “Duh … the man has a pulse don’t he? Of course he did, sir. And I bet it embarrassed him, so when you hugged him and he pushed you away it was because he was scared you would feel the bulge in his pants. He’s probably regretting that right now, thinking you’re thinking he was rude. Just like you regret hugging him.” “You really think so, Eddie?” “Sure I do. Hell, you guys make everything so complicated. You should be like us boys. We wanna massage, we wanna get our rocks off, so our buddy obliges. Simple as that.” “But Chad’s my doc, not my buddy. I’m not sure I can go see him again.” “Are you crazy? Just because the doc turns you on? Sorry, sir, but you gotta go. Look, you’ve got a bad back, he’s an expert and he’s offered to treat you. You should jump at the chance.” That mischievous grin came back. “Besides, sir, I’ll bet Chad can’t wait to see you again.” Hassan smiled and pulled Eddie closer. “Kiddo, you always have a knack of making me feel better. And it don’t have to be a blowjob either � although of course that works in ten seconds flat. Let’s stay here together until dinner. And if Chad comes to the group dinner stay close � I might need your advice again.” “Whatever you need, sir, I’m your boy.” “And I’m real glad you are, Eddie.” ADAM PHONES HOME When Chad was getting ready to go down to dinner with the tribe his phone rang. It was his lover Adam calling from Sydney. “G’day mate,” came his cheerful Aussie drawl. “It’s noon here and we’ve just broken for lunch. I thought of you, of course, as I do most of the time.” “Great to hear your voice Adam. How’s it going there?” “Man these management meetings can be tedious. I’m always happiest working a flight but these things go with the job � it’s why they pay me the big bucks. But one good thing happened. I ran into an old pal of mine, Ted. He was my best buddy when I lived here in Sydney and we hung out together all the time. He’s keeping me company a lot, to relieve the tedium. He’s a great guy, you’d like him. But enough about me. How about you, mate?” “Oh, work, work as usual. Nate spends most of his time at the beach with Jamie working on the movie so I’m pretty much alone in the house. But I go down to the tribe for dinner. Never feel lonely around those guys. Oh, and guess who I’m treating for a sprained back? Hassan.” “Wow, the Marine hunk? Poor guy, is it surgery?” “Nowhere near that bad. It’s a torn ligament and should respond to massage therapy. He comes up to the house here for treatment in the afternoon.” “Good on ya, mate, I’m jealous � sexy Marine captain naked on the bed at your mercy.” Adam chuckled. “You should give him one of those full-release massages they advertise. He’d go for that big-time.” “Adam, I’m his doctor. He’d be outraged if I even suggested that � probably report me. No, you should keep that for your buddy Ted.” “Hmm, now there’s a thought.” They continued kidding around and chatting until Adam said, “Oh, gotta go. They’re calling me into lunch � more rubber chicken. There’s a chance we might be winding up a day or so early, so I’ll try to get out of here as soon as I can and hop on the first plane. And I won’t be working the flight so I’ll be relaxed and rested when I see you � maybe even watch you giving the treatment to your Marine.” After the call ended Chad had a hard-on, though he couldn’t tell if it was hearing Adam’s voice, or all the talk of a naked Marine being at his mercy. When he went down to the compound for dinner it was the usual crowd, including Hassan, and Eddie next to him. Chad sat a few places away and didn’t make much eye contact, except the occasional glance and smile � though what was behind the smiles neither of them could tell. THE DAM BREAKS Next day Hassan spent the morning alone as Eddie went to work at the studio, excited as always to be working with the camera crew. On the doc’s instructions he had taken a week of sick leave from work and now he did stuff around the house, trying to keep his mind off Chad. As a Marine he had strong self-discipline, but even that was pushed to the limit as the vision of the handsome doctor kept intruding. Hassan thought Eddie’s guess that Chad wanted more than just a clinical massage was a bit far-fetched, and he prepared to be the model patient. Nevertheless, when he left the house he was not wearing a tank top under his sleeveless denim shirt that flapped open over his muscled chest. It had been an instinctive choice. The look always turned Eddie on a lot so … When he arrived it was clear that Chad had similar instincts. This time he was already shirtless in white pants. He hadn’t waited for his T-shirt to be wet with sweat before removing it as he had before. Another instinctive choice? Maybe Eddie had been right. “Hey, Captain,” Chad said cheerfully (a little too cheerfully?). “How’s the back feeling today?” “Marginally better, doc, unless it’s my imagination.” “We’ll soon see,” Chad said. He didn’t have to ask Hassan to take his clothes off. He was already stripping quickly (a little too quickly?). Soon he was lying on his stomach as before, his head turned to face the mirror, and Chad’s oily fingers were probing him. “Yeah, a small improvement. Not as tight as yesterday � you’re more relaxed today.” Hassan wasn’t sure relaxed was the right word. His body, maybe, but his mind was racing as he stared in the mirror at the Greek-god shirtless doctor, his sinews rippling as his hands pressed and squeezed. Like yesterday there were the expected jolts of pain, but they only intensified Hassan’s erection that had begun as soon as he lay on the bed. There was a sense of eagerness in both men and Hassan was pretty sure that Chad had a hard-on in those white pants. His own hard-on was pulsing now and he was afraid he would lose his load underneath him just watching Chad work. But with military discipline he resisted the urge until Chad said, “OK, that’s enough for the back. Now for the stomach.” Hassan turned over on his back, with none of yesterday’s reluctance. His cock sprang up rock hard and Chad could swear it was throbbing. “Sorry about that, doc,” Hassan grinned.” “No need to apologize, soldier. Its, er, quite something …” Chad forced himself to focus on his stomach muscles, but this time didn’t worry when his elbow or forearm brushed against the massive shaft. In fact this time he extended the massage to the inner thighs, where his hand brushed against the captain’s balls. Hassan moaned and Chad looked at the mirror and smiled at him. “Trying not to hurt you, dude.” “That’s OK, doc. Do whatever you want to.” There was a growing sense of urgency as Chad massaged the groin, his fingers running through the mass of black pubic hair. Hassan groaned loudly and his inhibitions evaporated. “Do it, doc, for god’s sake. Massage my cock too.” The floodgates of lust opened and Chad curled his hand round the pulsing cock and massaged it lightly, mesmerized by the sight of pre-cum oozing from the top. He sensed that Hassan’s orgasm was close so pulled his hand away. “Damn, I want you so bad, soldier.” Impulsively Chad climbed on the bed and knelt astride Hassan’s legs, leaned forward and pressed his oiled hands on the Marine’s pecs, massaging them and digging his fingers deep in the dusky Escort Didim flesh. “You have a magnificent body, man. It feels so good. Fuck, I wanna tie you up and watch you struggle � the big macho Marine naked at my mercy.” “Fuck, man, you’re gonna make me lose my fucking load. Make me cum, doc. Please.” Chad pulled back from his chest and stared down at the shuddering cock, pre-cum now running down the head. He bent low and slid his mouth over the head, then all the way down the thick shaft. He pulled back, then plunged down again, burying his handsome face in the wiry black pubes damp with sweat. Hassan looked down at the pornographic sight of the hunky blond doctor, his arms and shoulders flexed as he chowed down on the soldier’s cock. “Fuck, that’s gorgeous,” he moaned. “I’m gonna cum, man … I’m gonna shoot in your fucking mouth … fuck …. fuck … yeaahh!” His body arched as he blasted semen deep in the throat of the doctor, who choked as he frantically gulped it down. When he finally pulled back Chad was panting hard, staring wildly down at the Arab soldier. That face … that body. Chad ripped open his pants and pulled out his cock. He leaned forward and braced one hand beside Hassan’s face. The other hand pumped his own cock, pointing straight down at the naked Marine. “Aaagh,” Chad yelled as semen spurted from his cock and splashed on the dusky Arab face and into his wide-open mouth. He stared in disbelief at the pornographic image of the swarthy Marine’s strong square-cut features smothered with cum, in his thick black hair, running down his cheeks, oozing from his mouth and over his stubbled jaw. It was one of the sexiest sights he had ever seen. SLOWING DOWN As their panting subsided so did the fantasy, fading in the bright light of the real world. Chad handed Hassan a towel and they wiped themselves clean and got dressed. After that lusty, cum-soaked scene, tea was out of the question, but they needed a beer. They sat mostly in silence, not even contemplating the ramifications of what had just happened, let alone talk about them or trying to make sense of the looming complications. Chad took refuge in his professional obligations and asked, “How does you your back feel?” They were both walking carefully through a minefield and Hassan fought to sound casual. “Feels OK. No harm done. That massage therapy works real well. Another few rounds of that should do the trick. Only, er, maybe we should slow down and give tomorrow a miss, eh?” “Just what I was thinking, dude,” Chad said, sounding relieved. “Give us time to … well … re-group and … let thing settle,” he added clumsily. “But we’re on for the day after tomorrow, right?” “Oh, yeah definitely,” Chad replied a little too eagerly. “Good, great. Well, I guess I should be getting back. Eddie and everything. So, day after tomorrow � same time.” They stood up and gazed into each other’s eyes, hesitated, then came together in a hungry grinding kiss. When at last they separated Hassan said, “Good � er, day after tomorrow then.” They stared at each other again, then Hassan turned and strode out of the house. As he drove down the hill he smiled to himself as he thought, `The last time I left I was embarrassed about hugging the doctor. He said a simple thank-you would do’. POUNDED INTO SUBMISSION When Hassan got home Eddie had just returned from work and was now hopping from foot to foot, eager for news. “Well, sir?” Hassan smiled. “You were right, kid. But this goes no further, mind you � I don’t want it all over the grapevine.” Eddie made his usual fingertips-across-lips gesture of silence, and Hassan told him what had happened. “I knew it, sir. A hot, naked Marine in the bed, what else was he gonna do but suck your cock. But you’re not going back for two days? How you gonna last that long?” “Eddie, the day after tomorrow I’m going for treatment on my injured back, and that’s it. If I want a blowjob, kid, I know right where to go � the expert.” Eddie grinned proudly. But in fact Eddie was right again. Both doctor and patient tried to empty their minds of each other. And both failed. Hassan found it impossible to hold out against the image of the sexy blond doctor standing over him shirtless. Even when making love to Eddie, he couldn’t get Chad’s face out of his thoughts and fantasies. The tension intensified all through the next day that he spent alone, defying all the distractions he tried. And by the morning of his appointment it was all he could think about. He steeled himself to wait impatiently until early afternoon, then jumped into his jeep and gunned it up the hill. Chad was waiting for him, shirtless again, and had obviously abandoned any pretense of professional reserve. They hugged, each feeling the other’s bulge pressing against him, and Hassan quickly stripped naked and threw himself on the bed � on his back. The doctor made a pretense of massaging his stomach muscles but couldn’t take his eyes off the rock-hard cock, standing rigid, taunting him into action. His hands went down to the soldier’s inner thighs and this time didn’t just brush against them but squeezed them. One hand moved up to the base of the cock, then he grasped the thick shaft, bent down and licked the pre-cum oozing from the head. But still he hesitated, carried by a strong current into uncharted water, unsure what came next. It was Hassan who broke the logjam of lust. Trained by the military to take command, the Marine captain leaped up off the bed, grabbed the doctor’s face and pressed his lips against it in a churning kiss. When he pulled back, his deep brown eyes bored into Chad’s. “Fuck … you want it, stud, I know you do.” Hassan sank to his knees, scraping his hands down Chad’s muscular chest, then ripped open the doc’s white pants. His cock sprang out and Hassan clamped his mouth over it. He grabbed the slim hips and chowed down on the cock, pounding it with his mouth, his face slamming into the blond thicket of pubic hair. In a daze Chad looked down at the Arab’s swarthy face pounding his cock, and the sight of the black hair curling thick at his nape pushed him to the edge of orgasm. But Hassan pulled back, yanked Chad’s pants off and stood up. He grabbed the naked doctor, picked him up bodily and hurled him on the bed, on his back. Chad pulled his legs back and groaned, “Fuck me soldier. Fuck my ass.” Hassan knelt on the bed between his legs, picked up the massage oil and spread it on his cock. He pushed Chad’s legs back and pressed the head off his cock against his ass. His chiseled features broke into a grin. “This is what you wanted all along, eh doc?” “I want it so bad, Captain. I wanna feel that massive cock in my ass. Please, I’m begging you, soldier … fuck me … aaagh!” He threw his head back and howled as the Marine drove his rod deep inside him, pulled back and plunged in again … and again. Hassan leaned forward and pinned the doc’s muscular arms to the bed, holding him captive, at his mercy, and at the mercy of the shaft that pistoned deep inside him. It was the inevitable climax of the duo’s pent-up passion, the rugged Arab Marine, pounding the ass of the handsome blond doctor. Chad instinctively struggled but knew there was no escape. And the realization that he was a helpless prisoner, at the mercy of this powerful Arab soldier, pushed him over the edge. Hassan knew that, and increased the power of his thrust, hurting him, jackhammering his ass, driving him wild with pain and lust, and begging for more. Chad was spinning into a delirium of desire, staring wildly up at the muscular Marine, knowing there was only one escape. Hassan growled, “OK, doc, you know how to end this, end the pain of that rod pile-driving in you. Look at me, doc, look at me and beg me to cum in that shattered ass. I want a submission. I wanna hear you surrender to the soldier torturing your ass. “Fuck, yeah. I wanna cum so bad, sir. OK, you win, I give up, I submit. Cum in my ass, soldier … fuck me … fuck me … aaagh!” His body bucked and his cock erupted with a stream of jizz that shot all the way to his neck and face, and smothered his heaving chest. The Marine grinned in triumph. “I win. Here it comes, doc. You’re so fucking beautiful, man, I’m gonna ream your ass. Here it comes. Yeaahh…!” With one last mighty thrust, the Arab soldier blasted cum deep inside the doc’s ass. It took long seconds for their cocks to drain, their gazes locked on each other, trying to make sense of what had just happened. Slowly Hassan pulled out and the Marine’s swarthy face broke into a smile. He fell forward onto the cum-soaked doctor and they kissed ravenously. And that was the moment Adam walked in. HOW’S THAT FOR IRONY? There was a frozen moment where nobody moved. Then Adam said, “Oh … OK mate.” He turned, left the room and closed the door quietly behind him. Hassan was galvanized into action. He leapt off the bed, pulled on his pants and strode toward the door. “No,” Chad said firmly. “Please don’t go to him, Hassan. Leave it to me.” “I can’t let you face this alone dude. I’m responsible for it, and a Marine never runs from a fight.” “No, that’s just it, there mustn’t be a fight. I need to talk to Adam alone. Please, go out the back way and I’ll call you later.” Hearing the urgency in Chad’s voice Hassan complied. He got dressed and looked at Chad one last time. Chad reached forward and stroked Hassan’s face gently. “So damn beautiful.” Then Hassan was gone, and Chad pulled on his boxers, took a deep breath and went out to the living room. Adam was dressed in smart black pants, his shirt opened down the front, tie hanging loose. He was sitting on the couch drinking a beer. He looked up and smiled. “You OK, mate?” “Adam … I’m sorry about … about what you saw. Me, the one who always insisted on fidelity, and then you see me …” “Wait, hold on, mate. Before you unload all that I’ve got something to tell you. I mentioned that I might get home early … I should have called, but I wanted to surprise you and … I guess I did,” he shrugged with a wry grin. “But all those hours on the flight home I was trying to work out how to tell you … “Dammit, only way is to come right out with it. Chad, I was unfaithful to you in Sydney. That old pal of mine I mentioned, Ted. Well he was more than a pal � an ex-lover from way back when I lived there. Well we, er, took up from where we left off all those years ago. The hotel was boring so I stayed with him and … and we had sex … several times.” Chad frowned. “Adam, I …” “No wait, dude, let me finish. I guess it was the old me came back � the guy who used to hang out at the bars and, well, sleep around. But after I left Ted’s place I had a revelation. I realized what I did with Ted was just reverting to type � muscle-memory. It meant nothing to me, mate. “I thought of you and realized you’re everything to me, buddy, infinitely more than the Teds of the world. And I knew then that you were right when you insisted that monogamy was the only way to go for us. And I saw clear as daylight that I wanted monogamy too. It’s right for us. “So I determined to make a clean breast of what happened. I couldn’t wait to get home to you and give you my god’s-honest word that from now on I was fine with monogamy. I wanted it as much as you did. “I couldn’t tell you all this on the phone, that’s why I didn’t call you, I needed to see you. I caught an early flight and all the way home rehearsed what I was gonna say. But when I got home I saw you and …” Adam smiled through his tears. “How’s that for irony, eh mate? The guy who had a hard time with monogamy now embraces it as the only way. While his lover, who insisted on it, has … has changed his mind.” The tears overflowed and ran down the Aussie’s cheeks. TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” � Chapter 537 Hey guys, this is Rob Williams. I hope that chapter got you off, and I welcome your comments and suggestions, which can be very helpful in planning future chapters. E-mail me in confidence at rw6789@aol. ALSO, I invite you to visit my own Web-site gth. You can read the whole story, with extras including pictures and biographies of all the characters. AND DON’T FORGET � IF YOU ENJOY THESE STORIES, PLEASE DONATE to this site. Nifty needs your donations to provide these thousands of wonderful stories. So please go to fty/donate.html and donate what you can. All the other writers and I thank you.

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