A Trio In Paradise

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I knew he was watching. I could sense his excitement too and this only added to my own. He gave me his word that he would be good, and not reveal himself. I would have to trust him. I looked over to the closet door and smiled to myself.

It was open just a crack, enough for him to see out, but small enough that no one would see in. I felt the warmth of her body suddenly press up against my back and her warm lips kiss my neck. A shudder went through my loins and I was suddenly aware of how much nervous energy I had. This only added to my excitement and I could feel the moisture between my legs already. Her arms reached around my shoulders and with trembling fingers she slowly started to unbutton my blouse.

Again her lips grazed my neck and I let out a deep sigh. I was almost relieved that she was as nervous as I was and for some reason it gave me a little more confidence. She reached the last button and then reached her hands into my blouse and gently caressed my breasts over my bra. I bit my lip to stifle a moan and inhaled deeply. I couldn’t believe this was finally happening.

It seems as though I had been waiting my whole life for this moment and I wanted to savor every delicious moment. I turned around to face her and as I did our eyes locked. I felt such a rush of emotion at that moment that I could barely contain my tears. This was my friend and my soul-sister; a woman that new my heart better than anyone else, including my husband. Her blue eyes were filling with tears and I new that she felt the same intense joy that I myself felt. She brought her beautiful lips to mine and in an instant I felt my body respond to her touch.

I felt as though I would cum in only a few seconds if I didn’t try to control my passion. I parted my lips just slightly and invited her warm tongue into my mouth. She kissed me so gently but could not hold back her fervor. Her lips traveled to my ears and she softly and playfully nibbled on my ear lobes, something that drives me wild. She of course new this from our many hot and intimate conversations about sex. I slipped my blouse off and let it drop to the floor, and I pulled her closer to me. I reached up for her face and gently pulled her face towards mine and once again I kissed her lips, this time which much more eagerness.

She responded with increased enthusiasm. I felt my pussy begin to swell and the moisture soak my panties. I reached around her back and I unzipped her dress. It fell to the floor, revealing to me that she was only wearing a little black thong. My eyes greedily stared at her nakedness and my excitement was multiplied when I realized that he was probably so turned on by now that he was probably sporting a huge and rather invasive erection. I imagined him watching us and stroking his huge cock.

I felt electricity surge through my loins like voltage. The thought of his pleasure always stimulated me, but as of this moment I could barely contain my excitement. I brought my mouth to her nipple and took that beautiful bud into my mouth. The sensation was almost breath taking! Many times I had imagined this scene, but nothing was as sweet as actually feeling her nipple harden against my tongue. My hands began to travel over her flesh and I could almost feel the electricity emanating from her pores. What surprised me the most was how responsive she was to me. She encouraged me to explore further by gently pressing herself up against my hands.

This made me so incredibly hot. My mouth explored her exposed flesh and I felt so incredibly turned on I thought I might faint if I soon didn’t lie down. I pulled her gently towards the bed and sat down on the edge. She stood in front of me, and I once again began to lick her nipples. She rolled her head back and closed her eyes, focusing intently on every move my tongue made. I knew she too was trying not to cum too quickly. My hands eagerly ran down her torso to her hips and I gently pulled her towards me. I could feel the heat from her pussy against me and I looked down to see that her panties were completely soaked through. The sight of this made me cream myself even more. I reached my hand out and I touched her crotch, the wetness of the fabric warming my fingers. milf porno I could feel her respond immediately as she pushed herself into my hand. I knew she was anxious, I knew she wanted to cum. She reached down and unhooked my bra and pulled it away from me exposing my already hard nipples.

She smiled at me and said, “My turn, lay back.” I did as she said and she crawled on to the bed, straddling my thigh with her knees. I could feel her hot cunt on my leg as she slowly began to lick my breasts. I thought that this alone was going to give me an orgasm. My breathing began to increase and a let out a soft moan. I knew this delicious noise would travel through those closet doors and make him shudder. She reached her hands down and began to unbutton my jeans eagerly. When she unzipped them I raised my hips so she could peel them off my body.

My little white panties were soaked. She began to stroke my cunt through the cloth making my hips rise to her touch. She felt my hardening clit through the fabric and put just the right amount of pressure there. I began to buck my cunt up against her hand but she held it there firm. I knew the instant she started to do this that I would orgasm. I didn’t stop her or hold back. I just allowed that wave to take over and I succumbed to the pleasure. My hips writhed as her hand stimulated my clit. She new exactly how to touch me. As I came, I let out a deep, soft, primal moan.

The orgasm seemed to last forever. I knew he would probably be ready to cum himself by now but the show was not over yet. She brought her mouth down to mine again and deeply kissed me. I let out a soft laugh, as I just could not contain my joy for even one more second. She giggled with me and stroked my hair. The musky scent of sex perfumed the air. I knew I just had to taste her as that scent was almost making my mouth water. She was lying beside me now and I reached over and pulled her thong down over her thighs, down her long beautiful legs and over her feet. To my surprise she was clean shaven. This I did not expect. Her pussy looked so incredible with those sexy little lips exposed. I had to have a taste.

I placed my hands on her inner thighs and gently spread her legs apart, exposing her lovely lips. She pulled her breath in sharply and let out a little nervous laugh. This gave me the courage to continue as I realized that she was just as new at this as I was and even if I didn’t know what I was doing it wouldn’t matter because we would take care of one another and talk each other through it. I rested between her legs and began to explore her cunt with my fingers. Those delicious folds were wet with her nectar and my fingers easily slipped into her hole. I could not believe how soft and velvety she felt and once again I felt my own excitement rise. I have often given myself pleasure but she felt completely different.

My fingers, in unknown territory, began to explore deep inside her. She responded by lifting her hips and sliding her pussy up and down on my fingers. Her moans were melodic and encouraging. I already had two fingers inside and I slipped in a third one. She easily accepted them and I began to fuck her a little more aggressively. Her passions rose quickly and I could feel her creaming on my hand. This sent shivers through me. I brought my trembling mouth down to her pussy and kissed her clit. My fingers were still thrusting inside of her as I took my first taste. I explored her button and delicious little folds. She could barely control her excitement. She dug her heels into the mattress and raised her hips up grinding her cunt into my face.

When she did this I could feel my loins ache with desire. I wanted so much for him to come out of the closet right now and fuck me from behind as I ate her out. Just thinking about this made me completely hot and I focused even more energy on her pleasure. She came so forcefully I could barely keep my mouth on her. My fingers ached but nothing would stop me from giving her this gift.

She held nothing back and screamed out of passion. I knew that he would probably be breathless with excitement and I knew it was time to let him participate. She lay back on the mobil porno pillows and smiled sweetly, enjoying the warmth of her orgasm and I slowly began to kiss up her torso, laying myself on top of her.

“I need to be fucked,” I whispered.

She nodded and kissed me softly. “Come to us.” I said loud enough for him to hear. He opened the closet door and stepped into the room. The smile on his face made us giggle and we welcomed him on to the bed.

“Well, are you enjoying your birthday so far?” She asked him.

“So far I am.” He said, but with a sly grin he added, “I hope it gets much better!” He leaned over and kissed me and with a whisper said, “You naughty, horny little bitch, do you have any idea how tortured I felt in that closet?”

I nodded and said “Yes, that is part of the reason why I am so fucking hot right now!” He kissed me hard then, his tongue filling my mouth. I looked at her and she smiled at me with devilish wickedness. I pulled away from him and gave her a quick kiss. This was going to be fun. It was liberating being so free with our sexuality and I was ready for anything. He reached over to her, put his hand behind her head and pulled her into his kiss. She responded with a soft moan. It was strangely erotic watching my man touch another woman. I felt compelled to watch. He began to kiss her neck, trailing down towards her breasts. He took one of her nipples into his mouth, his tongue tangoing with the beautiful bud. The sight of this sent a fresh wave of excitement through me and I began to touch myself. The raw heat of my pussy penetrated the thin material of my panties. I was a little surprised at my own boldness. He looked at me and saw me playing with myself and smiled.

“I think it is time we took these off, don’t you?” He said with a sly grin. He slowly peeled off my panties exposing my swollen cunt. I lay back and invited him to taste my salty spice. He did not disappoint me but, to my surprise, she too wanted to please me. They took turns lapping at my tender pink slit and bringing me waves of pleasure. Her tongue caressed my swollen clit while he tongue fucked my hole and used his fingers to stimulate me further. I could hardly catch my breath as they brought me to climax. I bucked and writhed under their touch and I came with incredible intensity. His face was covered with my juices as he kissed my lips. The sweet smell of my own sex was intoxicating. We all kissed each other softly, breathing in the scent and tasting my spices on each other’s lips. Living the fantasy was more erotic and exciting than I even imagined. He must have agreed too because his cock was swollen and as I felt him through his slacks I knew he was ready to cum himself. I undid his pants and pulled them down and as I did his cock emerged harder than I had ever seen him before. I wanted him in my mouth. I took his penis in my mouth and slowly began to deep-throat him. He let out a moan and rolled his head back. I could taste the salty beads of pre-cum and I greedily lapped them up.

“I think I’d like to be in on this,” she said as she kneeled on the other side of him. I pulled my mouth off and kissed her, sharing the taste of him with her. Her tongue teased my own. Together we went down on him, taking turns sucking his huge cock. She was much better at taking the whole shaft in than I was and I enjoyed watching his expressions as she did. He was experiencing Nirvana I am sure. Wasn’t this every man’s dream?

“Do you want to cum?” I asked him between turns. He nodded but was too breathless to speak. We increased our pace and intensity and when he began to shudder and let out a primal moan I knew he was ready to cum. She took the whole cock into her mouth right down to the base and as he came he held her head in place, fucking her mouth with great intensity. She did not miss a beat and kept rhythm with his bucking hips. It was an amazing sight to watch her swallow every delicious drop of his spunk. The whole scene was incredible erotic and my pussy was so swollen it almost ached. I needed to be fucked and I knew she must have felt the same way. I knew that it was going to be awhile for him to rejuvenate and that he wouldn’t olgun porno mind watching us for a while.

“Do you want to play with some toys?” I asked her with a sly smile. She nodded eagerly. I reached over to my bedside drawer and opened it, pulling out a brand new dildo, double headed.

“Oh, yeah!” He said already showing signs that it wouldn’t take long to get him back in the game.

“You like this?” I asked him. He nodded and took it from my hands.

“Lie down beside each other, okay?” I nodded and slid into place beside my Sweetie. She giggled and said,

“Oh my God, that thing is amazing!” He encouraged me to spread my legs by gently placing his hands on my inner thighs. I opened my knees and welcomed him. He started to fuck me with the toy, slowly at first but gradually picked up the pace as he sensed my urgency. I was ready to be fucked, long and hard! I rocked my hips back and forth, sliding my pussy up and down taking the dildo deeper and deeper into me.

“Time to share,” he said as he pulled it out, deliberately and agonizingly slow. He was teasing me. I smiled at him and he gave me a wink.

“I’ll be back, don’t go anywhere!” She was ready for him and he began to press that toy cock into her eager slit. She moaned as he slid it in and out. It was very erotic watching him please her and I was anxious to see him fuck her with his own cock. Over the next few minutes he alternated the dildo between the two of us, obviously enjoying himself. His huge cock had grown to full size again.

“I want to see what this dildo can really do!” She said changing her position on the bed. She slid herself between my legs in a scissor position and inserted the cock into her pussy. Our cunts were so close I could feel the heat between us. I took my end of the toy and pushed it into me. It felt amazing as she began to rock back and forth. My own body kept rhythm with hers as we fucked up and down and the toy. Our hands were clasped together and our legs were intertwined. The pace picked up and as it did I could feel the build up of my orgasm. I knew she was almost there too. He knelt between us and began massaging our clits. This was enough to send me over the edge and I came with unbelievable intensity. My cunt was still pulsating from the orgasm when she slowly pulled the toy out.

“I want to fuck your man,” she in a low, sexy voice. I nodded, as I was very anxious to watch. He smiled and kissed me, his tongue grazing mine.

“Make me proud.” I said with a giggle. They were both kneeling as they faced one another and began to kiss, mouths opened and tongues intertwined. One hand was stroking her hair as the other hand explored her body. I felt breathless watching them. I knew he was a good lover and it was amazing watching him in action. His cock was fully erect and was rubbing between her thighs. She took it in her hand and lifted it to her slit rubbing it against her clit. He let out a soft moan and I knew he was anxious to fuck her. “Take me from behind,” She said, “Doggy style.” He grinned at me slyly and bent her over. She knelt down on all fours, spreading her legs for him. He gently screwed his cock into her and began to rock his hips back and forth.

She let out a deep sigh and began to keep pace with him. I could not sit back and watch them. I had to be a part of this sensual act. I slid underneath her, in a sixty-nine, and began to lick her clit. She was dripping her honey all over my face and I was getting drunk on her scent. She began moaning faster and I could feel her grinding herself into my mouth with each forward motion. He was trying to control his own orgasm as I teased and played with his scrotum. It was all too much. Suddenly I felt her face on my own pussy and it immediately sent a strong volt of energy racing through my loins. She began to suck on my clit and finger me with her free hand.

Within minutes I came again, almost at the exact second she did. We were both crying out with pleasure like two jungle cats in heat. He let his own orgasm go with a primal moan and ejaculated on her ass. I rolled on to my back, pulled her down beside me, and lovingly cleaned her off with a towel. With her back to me I snuggled up and spooned her with my own exhausted body, kissing her neck. He lay down behind me and curled his body around mine. It was blissful being naked and exhausted with the two people I loved the most.

“Happy Birthday, Love.” I said as I drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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