A Trip To The Dentist

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A Trip To The DentistAt The Dentist’s OfficeMy new wife and I had been living in this mid-west town for over 11 years. This was my second marriage and my wife’s second also. My name is George, and my wife’s name is Vonna. Recently, about 6 months ago, our “up in years” dentist retired. We had been seeing him since we moved here. His son, a dentist also, had taken over the business. We had seen him in the office a few times helping out his dad. He was around 35 years old and a very nice looking man. My wife had said, a few times before, how she thought he was a real ladies man. I have had this sexual kink for quit a long time, even with my x-wife Debbie. Debbie liked me to tie her to the bed naked and blindfolded, and have my way with her. I got a male friend of mine to come over to my house when Debbie and I were going to “PLAY” and, without Debbie knowing it, had him join me in playing with my naked, tied wife. It was a real thrill for me to watch another man do my unsuspecting wife. Although Vonna and I had done the bed tying thing lots of times, I had not yet let another man touch her. One day, about a week ago, Vonna started to complain about a tooth ach. I got worse and worse and finally she asked me to make her an appointment at our dentist office. I did and they told her to come in that afternoon at 1 pm. By now, Vonna was in major pain, and could hardly talk. I took her to the dentist’s and stayed with her in the exam room. Our new dentist’s name was Tim and as Vonna lay in the chair, I told Tim of the problems Vonna was having. He examined her and told us her wisdom teeth were impacted and needed to come out. I looked at her and she just nodded her head “YES”. Before we got here, at home, Vonna was in so much pain, she had still been in her nightgown from this morning. I helped her remove the gown and got her into a pair of shorts and a zipper-up blouse before heading to the dentist office. We both were in such a hurry, neither of us realized she wasn’t wearing panties or bra, and as I watched Tim administer the gas, to put her under for the surgery, I noticed her 38DD breasts laying along her sides under her blouse. As I gazed down her body, I also saw that her shorts had ridden up and she was displaying a wonderful looking and pronounced “camel-toe” between her legs. With-in a minute, Vonna was out cold. I saw her body relax and slump into the chair. Tim began working on her mouth and had the tooth pulled within a few minutes. “That’s it!” he said. “She’s all done.” Then Tim looked at me. “Vonna has a wonderful body, doesn’t she?” “Yes” I said. “I’m very satisfied with it” As he said this, I felt my dick türbanlı kocaeli escort jump. This younger man was interested in my wife’s body. Those feelings of letting another man do my wife, came flooding back to me. “About how long will she be out?” I asked. Tim looked at the clock on the wall. “Oh… About another 5 minutes.” he said. I nodded to Tim and as I looked at Vonna, I noticed her blouse had twisted somewhat around her chest. That’s when I got the idea. I reached down to her and as I tugged on her blouse to straighten it, the zipper opened about an inch. As Tim was doing something over in the corner of the room, I pulled the zipper down another 6 inches, exposing a lot of her breasts. When I stood back up, Tim was next to me, staring at my wife’s tits. “I guess you want me to see her tits, don’t you?” Tim asked. I guess I blushed, because I could feel the heat in my ears. “Well, yea, I don’t mind” I stammered. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see a slight bulge in the front of Tim’s pants. “She’ll be awakening in a few minutes.” Tim explained. “Can you keep her out for a while?” I asked. “Sure!” Tim said, as he gave her another dose of the gas. “She’ll be out for at least 30 minutes now.” Tim said, adjusting his hardening cock through his pants. He knew what I wanted him to do, and my cock was half hard now too. Just to be sure Tim knew it was alright with me, I told him to do as he pleased with her. Tim smiled and went over to the door and locked it. Tim stood along side Vonna’s limp body and un-zipped her blouse all the way, opening the loose sides, exposing all of both her big tits. “Wow! Those are fantastic tits!” Tim exclaimed. He reached down and took one of her wrists and lifted her limp arm rubbing her hand over his cock. I could actually see his cock grow to it’s full length while he massaged it with my wife’s hand. Tim put her arm back at her side and reached out with both hands, and began rolling Vonna’s melons over her chest. She moaned once or twice, and I watched as her fat, pudgy nipples hardened and wrinkled while Tim played with them. I sat down in Tim’s chair and u*********sly began rubbing my dick through my pants. Tim grabbed both her now hard nipples and began to gently pull and twist them. His advances got more aggressive and he was now lifting both her tits off her chest by the nipples. I had always wanted to do that, but only went so far as to not hurt her, but she was out cold and couldn’t feel a thing. I knew when she finally came around, she would wonder why her nipples were so sore. But right now I didn’t care. I wanted türbanlı kocaeli escort bayan to watch another man take advantage of my wife and was willing to let him do as he pleased. Tim let go of her nipples and I watched as her tits fell back on her rib cage, bouncing and jiggling like large balls of jello. Tim then reached down and lightly traced the deep camel-tow in Vonna’s shorts. Vonna moaned again, her hips responding to his touch by lifting up, trying to get more of the sensation he was giving her. He then cupped her whole cunt over the shorts and rubbed it much more aggressively. In her un-conscious state, she spread her legs wider, wanting more. Tim removed his hand and stood up straight, and began removing his pants. Soon he was naked from the waist down, his large, hard cock pointing up towards the ceiling. It must have been 8 inches long and as round as the cardboard in a roll of toilet paper. It’s head stood out hard and shinny, oozing a clear drop of pre-cum at the tip. I followed suit, removing my pants and underwear and sat back down, watching and masturbating in his chair. Again Tim took her wrist and manually wrapped her fist around his cock, moving her arm as her jacked off with her hand. He slowly crept closer and closer to her face with his hips until his cock was just inches from her mouth. Tim put her arm back at her side and gently turned her head to face him, then touched the pre-cum soaked head of his cock to her lips. I watched, amazed, as Vonna parted her lips slightly. Tim took advantage of this and pushed the head of his cock into her mouth. Her mouth was spread wide and accepted the wide girth but Tim was only able to get about 4 inches of his dick into it. He pumped it in and out for about a minute before he wanted to stop. I could tell he quit because he didn’t want to cum yet his balls sucked up tight against his groin, ready to blast a load of hot cum. He slipped his cock from her mouth and reached down to her waist, un-buttoned her shorts and moved to her feet, pulling her shorts all the way off. Vonna moaned again and in her un-conscious state, helped him by lifting her rump to let him undress her. Tim grabbed both her ankles and spread her legs wide letting them dangle from both sides of the chair. Her hairless pussy glistened with her juices as the lips slowly parted exposing her clit, the hole of her urethra and the quarter size hole of her vaginal opening. I could small her excitement from where I was sitting. Tim then knelt down on the floor and with both hands on her upper thighs, moved his face between her legs. türbanlı escort kocaeli He began licking and sucking the outer lips of her cunt before smashing his face deep between the wrinkled folds of her wet pussy. I could hear his tongue jabbing it way in and out of her wet hole then he sucked her clit hard, pulling it away from her body. Again Vonna’s hips bucked with pleasure and she moaned. “Come here.” Tim said, pulling his wet face from my wife’s cunt and looking at me. I got up and stood beside Tim. “Here, hold this.” He said as he grabbed Vonna’s left ankle, raised her leg up high and wide and handed it to me. “Hold her open for me. I’ve got to fuck this!” I held my wife’s leg out while he held the other leg out and positioned himself between her legs. “Wider!” Tim said as his cock touched Vonna’s cunt.I pulled her leg out farther and Tim took hold of his cock with his free hand and pushed it into Vonna’s hole. Vonna moaned again as his fat cock stretched her lips wide. Tim took it easy on her and finally had his dick up her to his balls. He began banging away and I could hear his balls smacking her ass with every stroke. It only took a minute and Tim let out a long moan as he filled Vonna’s cunt with his hot cream. Finally her withdrew after his cock had shrunk back to it’s limp size. I popped out, wet and shinny and he backed away, sitting down in his chair trying to catch his breath. I put her leg down and watched as his gooey cum oozed from between her cunt-lips and dripped down between her ass cheeks. Tim stood up and came over to me, looking at her cunt too. “I think you should clean her up, don’t you?” He said. I nodded yes, and began looking for some tissue or something. “No….not WITH something….use your mouth.” Tim said. I looked at him. “You know you want to….go ahead…lick it all out.” He was right, I did want to lick it out. I wanted to clean all his cum from her cunt with my mouth. Tim gently pushed me to my knees and pushed my head between her legs. It was wonderful! I loved eating another mans cum from my wife’s cunt. It’s something I always wanted to do. After I cleaned her real good, I felt Tim’s hand on my shoulder. I turned my head to see what he wanted and my cheek ran into hi soft, wet cock. “You may as well clean my dick while your at it.” I was about to complain but as I opened my mouth to say something, Tim forced his limp dick between my lips. I had sucked cock before and liked it, and I guess I wanted to now too. I felt his dick twitch a few times as I ran my tongue around it and sucked it clean. Finally he pulled back and told me I was a good little cock sucker. We both put Vonna’s clothes back on her and she began to awaken as we finished putting on our own clothes. A few minutes later Vonna and I were in the car on our way home. That evening, after we got in bed, Vonna was exceptionally horny. As we began to play, I started with her tits. She told me to be gentle with them because for some reason her nipples were sore. I almost laughed.

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