A Vision of Pure Beauty Pt 1

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A Vision of Pure Beauty Pt 1So it’s Saturday night and I decide to stay in doors, its late and I’m about too go to bed when I start feeling horny. I decide to take a cold shower too relax myself, once finished, it seems to have done the trick. I got into bed, usually I sleep in my boxers they’re more comfortable than briefs it allows more room for movement if you know what I mean. Sometimes I sleep naked, no special reason apart from it makes me feel unrestricted. Anyway, I drift off to sleep thinking about the conversation we had and whether it was the right idea in letting you know how I felt about you. My eyes finally close with the image of you in your sexy outfits. It turned out to be a hot night, I kicked off the covers and felt a cool breeze rush over my body from the open window in my bedroom. Goose bumps appear all over my hot brown flesh. I shiver slighter, I suddenly feel a hand on my ankle I look down and there you are staring back up at me with those beautiful hypnotic hazel eyes. I couldn’t believe it, how is this possible?!. I ask you, ‘How did you get here?’ you replied, ‘you brought me here.’ I said “how?’ your reply was ‘It’s the connection you have with me, so lets make the most of it whilst we can.’ You are wearing the red outfit this time. Your boobs are showing out of the sides of your sexy outfit, they’re beautiful, soft, perfect and smooth, their rubbing against the inner side of my feet then ankles then my shins as you move on up towards my already stiff hard cock. I could feel your nipples getting harder as the silky hairs on my legs tickle your sensitive pink nipples. istanbul escort You grab onto my cock gently pushing it forwards exposing my cum filled balls. You start playing with it by kissing them, then licking them using your tongue at the same time stroking my thick black cock up and down slowly twisting your wrist from left to right. As this is going on, we remain in eye contact. I rub my fingers through your hair. You slide the tip of your tongue up and down the thick vein beneath my cock. The sensation is making the blood pump harder through my man hood. My dick is now throbbing and beating in your hand like a racing heart. You pull my dick back towards you. I can feel the warmth of your sweet smelling breath as you bring my cock closer and closer to your mouth. You take the dark pink area of my cock head into your mouth and start too suck on it, your saliva is making my cock more sensitive to the touch. Your mouth is so hot! your hair has fallen over your face from your head moving up and down. I move your hair to one side so that I can see you lovely face. You move up a bit more and slide my cock down your chin past your throat placing it between your awesome milky white breast. You secure my rock hard cock in place by holding it steady with each breast. Moving my waist up and down. I begin too tit fuck you, with each thrusts the head of my cock appears, you give it a quick lick. You move once again kissing my stomach then chest. You begin to play with yourself using two fingers our eyes meet again. Your pussy is avcılar escort soaking wet with pussy juice. Pulling out your wet fingers you put one into my mouth, I suck it dry, you taste so delicious, you suck the other finger licking off any remaining pussy juices.There is a slight pause, its completely silent as we stare at each other, you ask me in a gentle voice ‘will you fuck me, fuck me please?!’ I turned you over onto your back, you begin too massage your beautiful white breast I start too suck on your pink erect nipples. We begin to French kiss our tongues exploring each others mouth. While we our kissing I use my dick and start rubbing it up against your pink hard clit then pussy lips you gasp with pleasure, you realise I’m teasing you, and with a smirk on your face you call me a naughty boy! You lift up and open your legs, they span the width of my double bed. I insert the head of my cock into your pink pussy then the shaft. I can hear the sound your pussy is making because it is so wet .You grab onto me wrapping your soft arms around my neck I begin to build up a rhythm. Your eyes are half closed. In and out, in and out Harder! Deeper! You bite the bottom of your lip as I slip my tongue into your ear sliding it down to your neck. I begin to nibble and give you a love bite. My cock feels so good inside you! I begin to slow down, you say ‘sick it in my arse now.’ You turn over and raise your bum up. I use both hands and spread apart your lovely round arse cheeks. I begin to rim your little pink arsehole with my tongue making it nice and wet. Your breathing şirinevler escort begins to become erratic with pleasure. With a moan you say ‘stick it in, stick it in me now!’ I hold the base of my hard cock and push it in slowly, you are so tight!. You bury your face into the pillow and scream in pleasure. ‘Right there right there, don’t stop, please don’t stop!’ I grab your hair and pull your head back. You let out an uncontrollable moan as I’m pounding your sweet tight backside. I notice you start too quiver, you scream ‘I’m cumming ,I’m cumming, Arghhhhh!’ You turn over blushing bright red. You whisper ‘Your turn, I’m going to ride you now’ with a twinkle in you eyes. As you straddle me I notice that you have some pussy juice running out of your swollen vagina and down your inner thigh, ‘damn that looks soo hot!’ I say to myself. I grab onto your thighs as you slide down onto my thick long black cock. You grab your breast and squeeze your nipples, Madonna’s song ‘Like a virgin’ comes to mind as you feel every inch of my black member filling up your sweet pussy. Up and down up and down sweat from off your body glitters as if they were little small diamonds they reflex in the moon light shinning through the lace curtains. Balls deep you start to grind on me. You throw your head back in pleasure. ‘Yes! Yes! fuck me! fuck me! Mmmmm Right there right there!’I’ve got one hand on your clit rubbing it franticly. I can’t hold back any more and cum deep inside you. I’m still playing with your clit and with a loud moan you squirt all over my cock. You fall forwards on top of me, with us both smelling of sex. I look into your beautiful eyes and whisper ‘I love you!’ You reply ‘I know baby and I’ll always be here for you.’ You begin to fade away slowly disappearing altogether. I woke up that Sunday morning with my bed sheets feeling damp to the touch. I wander, was it all just a dream? To be continued…

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