A Whiskey and a Smoke Part II – The Theater

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Convincing Megan to stay for the weekend and longer, I have invited her to have dinner with me and then head off to the theater.  What she doesn’t know is that she is to be my wonton sex slave, lover, and play thing for five days.  This is the first night of our lustful few days.  What is in store for her, only Jay will know as the days progress.I arrived at the restaurant early and grabbed a seat at the bar to have a few drinks and to calm my nerves. While watching the fish swim around the large tank, my nerves began to settle. The sound of the water flowing over the waterfall made me lose track of time and I didn’t notice that I received another text from Megan.“I am running late. Salon trip took longer than expected.”I grinned, “This is going to cost you.”“What do you mean by that?”I sent an emoji of a hand, “Hurry up and you will find out.”“Ok, I am walking as fast as I can.”I put the phone down and ordered another drink and a glass of wine for Megan. I had a feeling she would be thirsty by the time she walked in. Adjusting my seat, I faced my body towards the TV in the bar to take in the news and the sports talk.I felt a slight tap on my shoulder and looked in the bar mirror to see who may be disturbing me. A stunning blond was standing next to my chair. After a few seconds, I realized it was Megan. She was wearing a dark green silk dress that hugged her body and left no doubt about the size of her bust. She was bulging out of the dress and her cleavage was on full display. A long slit ran up her legs on both sides up to her hips, exposing her stockings. A choker of pearls surrounded her neck with a matching set of single pearls dangling from her ear lobes. Her thick lips were drenched in deep red lipstick and her green eyes were gleaming.Sliding off of my bar chair, I wrapped my arm around Megan’s waist and brought her into me. My lips met hers. She was hesitant at first but then pressed hard up against me. My hand roamed over her ass and up her back to the nape of her neck. Our tongues probed each other’s mouths until I broke the kiss.“You look utterly stunning,” I told Megan as I placed my hand back onto her ass and gave it a squeeze.“Thank you. You don’t look too bad yourself. That was one hell of a welcome,” Megan replied giving me another small kiss.I handed her the glass of wine waiting for her on the bar and we did a small clink of our glasses and looked into each other’s eyes. Megan took a sip of her wine and took my hand into hers and gave it a squeeze.“Shall we finish our drink at the bar or take a seat at the table in our private room. They have been holding it since I told them you would be late,” I said as I ran my hand inside the slit of her dress.“Why don’t we finish our drinks here and then sit down. No sense in rushing things,” Megan replied.“We are only a two-minute walk to the theater,” I reminded her.“And, we have our own box at the theater. We won’t be bothering anyone if we show up late,” as Megan ran her hand up the inside of my leg.“Indeed my dear. But, you do owe me something for being late.”“And what do I owe you? It isn’t my fault the salon took so long in getting me ready.”“You did mention that. But, I do expect promptness,” I stated as I swatted Megan on the ass rather hard.“What else do you expect?”“Megan, I expect you to live out the erotica story I have in my head. And, most importantly, your mind, body, and soul are to be mine until you leave,” and I kissed her once again.Megan broke the kiss, “How am I supposed to live out the story if I don’t know anything about it?”“That is the beauty of this Megan. You will know nothing until I tell you what to do next.”“You expect me to do whatever you tell me to do?”“Yes, Megan. Whatever I tell you to do. You will be my erotica, my sex toy, my lover, my plaything, my slave. You will obey me at all times.” I pulled Megan into me again and kissed her deeply. She didn’t resist.As I let Megan go from our embrace, I noticed a hostess was walking towards us.“Excuse me Mr. Warren. The table for you and your wife is ready. If you would follow me please.”Megan elbowed me in the ribs. “Yes, Mr. Warren. Take your wife to the table before she runs away.”I put my arm around Megan’s waist and guided her to our table. Which I had specifically placed in a back corner of a private room so we would have some privacy. As we neared the table, my hand slid up her back to the zipper on her dress. I slid it down exposing the clasp of her bra. With a quick pinch, I undid the hooks and unzipped her dress a bit more. The spaghetti straps on her dress barely kept her breasts from falling out of her dress.Whispering in Megan’s ear, “Sit against the wall. After the waiter takes our drinks, you will fold down your dress and give me your bra. Only after you hand me your bra will you zip up your dress.”I pulled out Megan’s chair and pushed her into the table and sat down. The waiter came and took our drink order and Megan just sat there.“I don’t think I can do this Jay. This is moving way too fast. I hardly know you.”“Megan. Pull down your dress and give me your bra.”“But.””No buts Megan. You wouldn’t be here right now if you weren’t serious. If you are just looking for someone like Bob from last night then you should call him now and invite him to the show.”“I don’t want Bob.”“What do you want Megan?”“I don’t know.”“Yes, you do Megan. You told me in that video bahis şirketleri last night. You want me to take you like no man has ever taken you. You need for me to release you from your humdrum life. You want me to control you.”“I never said that in the video.”“You didn’t have to. The look on your face. The lust in your eyes. The way you touched yourself. The way you undressed and stripped for me on the video. You laid back on your bed with your legs spread open, rubbing your swollen clit like a girl who hasn’t had an orgasm in years.”“Jay, I was drunk.”“Drunken feelings bring out your innermost wants and desires.”“No, your stories did that,” Megan pouted and twirled her hair in her fingers.“My stories stoked your smoldering desires. You just brought the flame to light. If you want this to continue then bring yourself into the fire.”The waiter arrived with our drinks and asked to take our order. Not having time to look at the menu, I ordered shrimp cocktail and a dozen oysters for an appetizer and told the waiter we would be ready to order in a few minutes.After the waiter had turned his back, Megan slid the straps of her dress off of her shoulders and continued sliding the dress down below her breasts. Her bra fell forward onto the table.“You happy now?” Megan said as she handed me her bra. Her bewitching smile beamed at me.“Not as happy as you will be later this evening,” I said as I put the bra next to my silverware on the table.Megan pulled her dress back up but left the straps hanging down her sides just as the waiter arrived to check on for our main course. She wasn’t able to zip up her dress as she had wanted.“And what will the lovely couple be having for dinner this evening?” The waiter inquired staring at Megan’s breasts the whole time.“My stunning wife will have the lobster tail and the small filet done medium-rare. I will have the same, only with the large cut filet. A side of scalloped potatoes, sautéed mushrooms, and your vegetable medley for our sides. And, we will both have a side caesar after our appetizers are completed.”“Any other drinks for dinner?” asked the waiter.“A bottle of your Merlot with dinner and I will have another Red Breast at this time,” I said looking at Megan.“Anything to drink for your lovely wife before dinner?”“Yes, I believe I will join my husband in having a Red Breast as well,” Megan chimed in softly. Her foot running up the middle of my leg.The waiter spun off as Megan’s toes found the center of my pants. She ran her big toe up and down my zipper.“Well, my little tart of a wife. What do you think you are doing with that foot and toe of yours?”“Just playing. I need to see what kind of toys my husband will bring to the playground.”“If you insist, continue playing with my bat and balls. But if you do continue, then you need to let me see your toys. Pull down your top and let me see those fabulous mounds of yours.”“My…My…My. Is my lustful husband craving to see anything else besides my delicious mounds?” Megan took her breasts out of her dress and began to pinch on her nipples.My gaze and the sultry conversation was quickly interrupted by the sound of glasses and appetizers being set down on the table. Megan grinned a sly smile. Our food and drink had arrived just as Megan placed her breasts back into her dress. She was teasing me. Her view let her know when the waiter was coming with our food and drink.“So, my lovely wife. What brought you to this fair city?” I said as Megan continued to rub her foot up and down my crotch.Megan took an oyster and let it slide down her throat, “I am here on personal business.”“Care to elaborate on that personal business?” I retorted as I let an oyster slide down my throat.“Do you really want to know or are you just making conversation?”“Actually my sweet-tart. I do want to know. I do care about what my wife is doing here.”Megan took a shrimp and dipped it in cocktail sauce. Leaning over she fed me the shrimp, giving me even more of a glance down her dress.“Your wife wants to get pregnant. Her current lover is sterile and I am here to go get a procedure done at a clinic.”“So that is why Bob was there last night. He was to be your clinic,” I said as I fed Megan another oyster.“Yes, and he was free compared to the real clinic,” Megan said as she fed me an oyster.“But, he didn’t do it for you?” I said as I took a sip of my whiskey.“Not at all, he couldn’t hold a candle to you. Your wit and charm had me the moment I set eyes on you. I want you to be the father of my children.”“What makes you think I can be the father of your children? Or even want to be a father for that matter?”“Why wouldn’t you want to get me pregnant? No strings attached,” Megan said.“How do you know I don’t have any now with my mistress?” I said as I leaned back in my chair.”I am not worried about your mistress, just us Jay.”“How many kids do you want to bear for me?” I said taking another sip of whiskey.“As many as you want,” Megan purred as she pulled and pinched her nipples.I smiled and took a long gaze at Megan. She was quite irresistible, “It looks like we will be quite busy. I don’t expect you to be at a want for my toys at any time. You may be running around barefoot and pregnant for the rest of your childbearing years.”“If you insist. Just don’t leave me if I get thick and fat.” Megan said in a pouty voice.“I wouldn’t dream of it because you will work bahis firmaları off that baby fat making more babies with me,” I said grinning from ear to ear. “Every chance I get you will be on your back, riding me, or bending over. That includes in my office, on my Harley, in my back yard, or where ever I want you.”Megan spit a bit of wine out as I finished. Surprised at my comment.“It seems I will have to find a place close to you in your city.” Megan’s lips wrapped around a piece of shrimp as she sucked it into her mouth. A slow sip on her whiskey washed down the remaining cocktail sauce.I felt a cool wisp of wind go by me and an arm extended across the table. Megan’s gaze did not leave mine as the busboy cleared off our dishes from the table. Her mounds still exposed for them to gawk at.“Would the lovely lady need anything else before I bring out the salads?” The waiter now approached and stared wide-eyed at Megan.Megan sipped her whiskey and kept her gaze on me. Not even looking at the waiter. “I believe my stud of a husband needs another whiskey. Would you be so kind as to bring him another with my bottle of wine?”“Of course my lady,” The waiter replied and walked off.“You are such a vixen, my love. I bet he goes back and discharges himself before bringing out our drinks and salads,” I said with a chuckle.Megan smiled, “I bet the bus-boy helps him or they both go out in the alleyway. Shall we time their return?”We toasted and finished off our drinks. About ten minutes passed before the waiter appeared with our drinks and salads. His face was flushed and his hand was shaking a bit as he set everything down on the table. He kept staring at Megan’s exposed breasts and erect nipples.“Is there anything else I can get you before the main course comes out?” The waiter asked in a nervous tone.I spoke up a bit. “Why yes, could you do me a huge favor and put my wife’s tits back into her dress and zip her up. It seems she is causing a wild distraction for some people. Plus, I would hate for her to spill anything on those delicious nipples of hers.”“Oh, that is all right my love. I am sure our waiter doesn’t want to be bothered with such things,” Megan said patting our waiter on the crotch.“Umm, I would be happy to assist your wife with her… uh…breasts,” the waiter stuttered.“Are you sure my love, I know how much you enjoy gazing at them while you eat.” Megan cooed at me as she circled her fingers around her nipples.“You do have a point, my love, I do enjoy seeing those lovely mounds while I eat. But, I would hate for you to spill hot butter on them tonight before the show.”The waiter chimed excitedly in, “We do have a bib that your wife could wear so that the butter wouldn’t drip on them.”“What a wonderful idea…I am sorry, what is your name again?” Megan asked the waiter.“William my dear.” The waiter replied.“Yes William, please do bring that bib when you come back with our main course. I will have you put these tits of mine back into my dress when you return. I have changed my mind. No sense in possibly getting them all messed up for my husband. And William, only my husband calls me ‘my dear’ and please do go release that bulge in your pants before coming back. If you don’t I just may have to release it for you. I hate to see you suffer so much on account of me and my breasts.”William nodded and left us alone.“You played that wonderfully my dear. Now, let’s finish our salad and continue on our baby-making plans.”After a few bites, Megan softly and with a little hesitation said, “Jay, how are we going to make this work? If I am in Nebraska and you are here.”I interrupted her, “My dear Megan, are you serious about having my children?”“Yes, I am. Without a doubt. As many as you want,” Megan said without hesitation.“What will your lover do and how will he take the news that you will have to move here so you can continue being my wife and bear my children?” I said sipping on my whiskey.“And I should ask the same of you, my dear husband. How will your mistress take the news?”“My mistress will know nothing of my exploits with you. We will have to be discreet and make the best of our limited time together. But, if you are serious about this, then we will make it work.”“Then there will be nothing to worry about then. I will move to be closer to you. If my lover doesn’t want to follow me, then so be it.” Megan said this with confidence and determination.My soon to be pseudo wife and real mistress arose from her seat and came towards me. She bent down and kissed me. Her luscious mounds dangling for me to massage and grope. But, instead of massaging them, I circled her nipples and tickled them a bit.A slight gasp and giggle came from Megan. “That tickles.”“You shouldn’t tease me like this,” I said as I groped her breasts.“I would never tease you, my love. I just wish you could be my real husband instead of my little side secret. It would make this arrangement so much easier.”“You truly are serious about this,” I said kissing her on the lips.Megan put a finger over my lips as her eyes softly gazed into mine. “I am. There is no turning back now. You convinced me of that.” Then she leaned down and kissed me again.I heard our waiter approach and released our kiss. Megan heard it as well and stood up.“Your main course is about ready, would you like anything else before I bring out your dinner and drinks?” William softly said.Megan kaçak bahis siteleri turned and faced him, her tits staring him in the face. “Why William, could you please reseat me, pull up my dress and readjust my tits in this dress, zip me up, and place a bib on me before our food arrives?”“I would be happy to fulfil your needs,” William said smiling.William seated Megan, pulled up her dress around her tits, zipped her up, and placed the bib around her neck. Draping the long portion over Megan’s breasts as he reached around and readjusted her tits so her nipples were not poking out. Megan smiled as William slid his hands back under the bib, gave her breasts a nice firm squeeze and tug to make sure they wouldn’t fall back out of her dress.Our food and drinks arrived shortly. Megan and I continued with our witty banter and made light humor about what we were going to call our children. My hearty laugh, intellectual conversation and jovial personality kept her at ease the rest of the dinner. After our plates were empty, William arrived back at our table.“Any dessert for the lovely couple?” William inquired.Megan shook her head no and said, “I am completely stuffed, William. Everything was absolutely delicious.”Quickly I chimed in, “Actually William, could you please bring me out a bowl of sliced strawberries, some ice cream, and a can of whip cream.”“Of course, would you like an after dinner aperitif to add to your strawberries and whip cream?”“I do believe we will both have a bit of coffee and baileys if you don’t mind William.”After William left, Megan looked at me questioningly. “What on earth do you have up your sleeve?”“Nothing up my sleeve, but you will be desert this evening.”Megan looked at her watch, “Remember, the show starts in thirty minutes.”I grinned, “We might be late.”Megan drummed her fingers on the table as we finished our dinner drinks and waited for William to arrive. She was fidgeting in her chair in anticipation of what was to come. “What are going to do to me?”“It wouldn’t be fair telling you all that is going through my mind. It would spoil the surprise.”“Come on my love, tell me before I seduce it out of you,” Megan said standing up heading towards me.“Your dessert is served, sir. Where would you like me to put the tray?” William boomed as he entered the room.“Just place it on that empty round table.”William set the tray down and turned towards us, “Anything else at this time?”“If you would, please remove my wife’s bib from her and close the door on the way out,” I instructed William.Megan froze in her tracks and smiled at me. As William approached her, she turned around to face him. Reaching behind her neck, she undid the knot and let the bib slide down her chest. William was able to catch the bib as it cleared her stomach. He hesitated staring at Megan’s mounds for a moment before turning and walking out, shutting the door behind him.Megan turned back towards me and said in a sexy sultry voice. “What to do now? All alone in a closed room.”“Come over here my vixen and turn around.”Megan strode forward with her mounds slightly bouncing until she reached me. But, she didn’t turn around. Instead, she wrapped me in a hug and kissed me deeply. We stayed in our embrace for quite some time. My hands roaming her body. Slowly I pushed her away and gave her a swat on the ass.“Turn around,” I commanded Megan.She pouted for a minute but ended up turning around.I gave her a swat on her ass and said, “Bend over and give me your panties.”Megan heaved a sigh and did as she was told.I took my bowl of ice cream and covered it with whip cream. I gazed back at Megan as she stood with her back facing me as I took a bite of my dessert.“Now, strip my little tramp, just like you did last night in your video. Nice and slow.”Megan turned her head to me. Her eyes were lustful as she began to slowly sway her hips. She lifted her hands and ran them through her long blond hair as she bent lower. Her ass staring me in the face as I continued to eat my dessert. Slowly rising up again, she let her hair down and backed into me. She nodded indicating for me to unzip her.I unzipped her and pushed the straps off of her shoulders. Gently running my hand up and down her exposed back and arms. Goosebumps began to form on her shoulders. Megan sat down and ground her ass into my crotch. Leaning back into my chest, she unpeeled her dress, exposing her breasts again. Her hands caressing them and pulling at her nipples. Her lips kissing my ear lobes and neck.With a flick of her hair, she stood up, her back still to me. Bending over, she unpeeled the rest of her dress over her ass, letting the dress fall to the floor. Turning around, she covered her tits with her hair and hands, squeezing them and licking her lips. My cock was twitching as I continued to watch her seductively move.Her hands fell to her sides, slowly she raised them, pulling her hair back, exposing her full breasts to me. Seductively she walked over to me and faced me, licking and puckering up her lips. Bending down, she licked the corners of my mouth, cleaning off a bit of whip cream from their corners.Wrapping her arms around me, she sat on my lap, grinding her body into mine. Her lips traveled all over my face and neck, finally with her lips meeting mine. Our tongues intertwined and she kissed me passionately, her breasts heaving as I caressed them with my open hand.  I could feel the heat coming from her bare pussy grinding into my crotch.Her hand squeezed my crotch as she whispered in my ear, “Seems like your toys want to come out and play right now. Care to play hide and seek my stud?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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