A Wild Ride to Vegas

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A Wild Ride to VegasWe set out going north from Phoenix in the late morning. It was already hot enough to be uncomfortable. My car had air conditioning, but I preferred the ‘natural’ version of just rolling down the windows. Heidi wasn’t a big fan, but she put up with it anyway. She says I’m cheap, but I like to think it’s easier on the engine. She’d planned ahead for it, dressing in few clothes for the ride and bringing a change of clothes for once we got into Vegas. It was a rough start, but once we got out onto the open road we blasted the music and relaxed a little. I’d noticed she was adjusting herself a lot, particularly her bra and underwear. “Something wrong?” I asked. “It’s fucking hot, my boobs are sweaty and my shorts are riding up my ass.” I just stared blankly at her for a little bit, raised an eyebrow and smiled. “Sorry,” she said, “I’m just stressed and I fidget when I worry about things.””We’re getting out of town for a night so you can relax. We left everything behind us. It’s all taken care of and the world won’t fall apart without in a day, lright?” I told her. “Yeah, I know. This is good, thank you for getting me out of there.” She replied while airing herself out by pulling her bra away from her chest. “You know,” I said, “You could probably fix that pretty easily if you just got rid of a layer.” I figured I had a fifty percent chance of success. If she declined I’d just ask her again in twenty minutes. As luck would have it, she nodded, reached behind herself and unsnapped her bra, releasing her tits into her tank top. I’m a big guy, about six and a half feet tall and as such, I have big hands. One of her boobs fits perfectly in my hand, and I have big hands. They’re a really great size, and a great size just barely covered by a tank top. She relaxed a bit, reaching back into the cooler for a can of soda to cool herself, but eventually she began to squirm in her seat again. “What is it now?” I asked. “I told you, they keep riding up.” She was pulling the legs of her shorts down. “I’m going to give you the same advice I gave you ten minutes ago. Lose ’em.” I said, looking down at her shorts, attempting to will them off. “Sit here in my underwear?” “Well, yeah. At least at first.” I replied. “At first? What happens second?” She asked. Again I stared at her blankly, raising my eyebrow. She smiled and said, “Whatever.” A few more minutes passed accompanied by about a dozen short adjustments. “Don’t crash.” She ordered and un-clicked her seat belt. She pulled her shorts down by the waistband and deposited them in the backseat. She was wearing one of my favorite pairs of underwear, the baby blue lace thong. It accentuated her ass perfectly, rounding off her cheeks and making a really irresistible picture. Sure, there was cloth covering her up, but I knew underneath the blue panties was a recently waxed paradise. She laid back in the seat and closed her eyes. I couldn’t help but to keep checking her out every few minutes, every minute, then more and more often. “Stay on the road, wouldja?” She asked when she busted me checking her out. “Hey, I’m a rock, I’ll stay on the road no matter what.” “No matter what?” She asked, raising her eyebrow this time. “Yeah. I can take whatever you got, woman.” I said, eying her up and down. “We’ll see about that.” She warned. She laid back and closed her eyes again and sat there for a time. Pretty soon, her hand started drifting up to her breasts, she traced around them, lightly feeling herself up. I kept a good eye on the road, but definitely split my attention with her hands. She slipped a hand under her shirt, dragging it across her belly and bringing it up to cup one of her tits in her hand, rolling her nipple in her finger. She played for a time like that, until she opened her eyes, and after making sure I was staying on the road so far, she asked, “What if I do this?” And slipped a finger, then another under her panties. “If you do that, I’m still going to stay on the road.” I told her. She smiled, closing her eyes again and she began to slowly roll her hips back and forth as she played with her clit. She was still playing with her tits with her other hand and kept pushing her shirt out of the way. “Maybe you should lose that, too.” I suggested. She looked at me with genuine surprise. “Really? What if somebody sees?” “Well, I certainly won’t mind, and being as beautiful as you are, I don’t think they will, either. There isn’t a lot of traffic out here, so I think we’ll be fine, except for a random trucker here and there.” She waited for a bit, staring at me as if she was inspecting me for truth. It seemed I passed, because she whipped the tank top right off, so she was sitting there next to me in just a tiny pair of blue underwear. “Christ, you’re hot.” I told her, almost drooling at her creamy, white legs. “I know.” she said, yawning and thrusting her chest out dramatically. I laughed with her and she started to play with herself again. “You really wouldn’t mind other guys ogling me?” She asked. “As long as they mind their own business and stay out of my way, then I’m totally okay with it.” “Stay out of your way?” She asked, “Stay out of your way when?” “When I pull over to fuck the shit out of you.” I told her in all seriousness. “I like the sound of that.” She said. “When does that happen?” “That happens when I can’t drive anymore, when you become too distracting.” I said, challenging her. “Sounds like a win-win for both of us,” she said, “assuming we don’t crash.” “I like to think of it more as a win-when.” I added. “We’ll see about that.” She said. There was a tractor trailer ahead of us, maybe a quarter mile. He wasn’t going very fast, so were on pace to overtake him in about thirty seconds. I cleared my throat to make her aware of it. “Yeah, what?” She retorted, and I opened my eyes wide to simulate shock and I slowly, barely noticeably, released my foot from the gas pedal. She was going at herself under her panties that by the time she noticed we were almost on level with the cab. I slowed up enough to give her a chance to back out. She looked out the window, noted where we were, looked back at me and smiled. I pressed that gas down and passed him very slowly. Over the road truckers are hawks about spotting cleavage, a skirt riding up or anything out of the ordinary, and this guy was no exception. He picked up on it pretty quick and was enthusiastic at the site of this blonde bombshell going at herself. As we passed him, I waved and he dikmen escort honked back, leaving him with a huge smile as we drove on. She began to masturbate in earnest now, her hand moving more rapidly, pinching her nipples and rolling them between her thumb and forefinger. “Why don’t we just get rid of these?” She said, shimmying her way out of her little blue undies. She flung them at me and I hung them up on the rear view mirror. Her hips were bucking a little faster as she brought her other hand down and pushed finger inside herself. She spread her legs out wide as the car would allow so I could get a good view of the show, too. We approached another semi. Again I cleared my throat, and she just nodded as she played with herself. I brought us up alongside the truck and slowed up as we got next to the cab. He was another hawk. One second he was driving down the road, minding his own business and then suddenly there was a naked blond girl rubbing her bald pussy with a fury. His jaw dropped and he somehow managed to keep driving straight while not paying a lick of attention to the road. I accelerated away and was thanking with a quick couple pops from his horn. She was moaning more consistently now, playing herself with both hands. “Did you like that?” I asked, “Do you like rubbing your pussy for strangers?” She moaned, “Uh huh,” and rubbed the hell out of her clit. She retracted a hand from her pussy and found her way across the console to my belt, which she undid, unbuttoned my jeans and groped around until she had my now rock hard cock in her hand. “Mmmm,” she uttered and she leaned over the middle console and pulled my cock out of my pants. I was fully erect as she wrapped a hand around the base of my cock and her lips around the head, but it seemed to get even bigger once I was in her mouth. It was almost too much, she was lying down across the middle of the car, her head bobbing up and down, occasionally turning her head so I can see her work the head of my cock with her tongue, wrapping her lips around me and turning back to bob up and down again. As she lay on her side, I rest my hand on her head, moving with her head motions, then reach down to a breast and pinched a nipple softly in my hand. She moaned and it felt great. I moved my hand down her body to her ass, where I drifted my fingers around the curves of her ass, dropping down a little each time around until my hand ran down her crack, across her little asshole and lightly across her lips. As soon as my hand met thigh, I circle back around again. I began to press a little harder each time around and soon, as I drifted my hand across her pussy I felt her lips part and my fingers glided through her lips easily as she was very wet. “You like this don’t you?” She turned her head and gave me a questioning look, not wanting to take away from her task. “You like being naked in the car, being exposed to the world, don’t you?” She smiled with her eyes. I smiled back and said, “It makes you hot, doesn’t it?” She said “Mmm-hmm” in response and the sensation nearly sent me off the road. Luckily she didn’t seem to catch on and kept sucking my cock. Either the angle wasn’t right, or she was ready for the next step of exhibitionism, because she turned her body and got up on her knees so her ass was facing the passenger window, her mouth staying on my cock. I reached across and planted a hand behind her ass, finding my way to her pussy. I slipped a finger inside, just the tip, and got my finger wet, then moved it down, stretching to her clit and softly rubbed it in little circles. She went at my cock with a vengeance after that, her head bobbing more rapidly, jerking me off faster and cupping my balls with her other hand. I pulled back to calm things down and slipped a finger inside of her and started working her in and out. She settled back into a slower rhythm as well, as we crossed a hill and I saw a group of three semi trucks coming up. I wondered if I should tell her, because I thought since there’s three, and since they’re all on the same radio channel, that she could count on an audience. I decided not to let her know. If she finds out, she’ll find out. In about a minute we came up on the first truck. Again I gently let off the gas pedal to within a few mph of the truck. A hawk will never miss his prey, and a trucker will never, ever miss an ass up in the air, pussy being worked by the driver, rhythmically working up and down. This guy was no exception. He drifted away for a moment, then corrected himself. Through the sunroof I could seem him wide eyed, open mouthed reach for the CB and alert his fellow truckers. We drifted on up towards the second trucker. He was already looking back as we approached, trying to keep his rig on the road and get a good look at the same time. As we drew even with this cab, I matched his speed and gave him a little present by spreading her lips with my fingers so he could see her full pussy. He knew what was coming, yet we were able to shock and awe him into a gaping open mouth, stuttering into his CB to the next driver. As we pulled alongside him, it was obvious that the other drivers had been building him up, and that he was expecting a show. I rubber her pussy for him, giving him a similar show. I looked up and it was obvious he was participating in his own way, as I could see his left shoulder shaking from jerking himself off.”Hey..?” I said.”Mmm?” She replied.”This guy wants to say hi.” I told her. She pulled her head off my cock and, without moving her ass, turned her head to see what was going on with him. She very quickly figured out what was going on with him.”He jerking off.” She said.”True,” I told her, “but he’s jerking off for you.” “Aww,” she said, “how sweet.” She pulled my hand from her and began to shift.”What are you doing?” I asked.”I’m giving him a show.” She flipped over, spread her legs wide and began to work her clit with one hand and grabbed a handful of tit with the other. With the sunroof he had a full view of her body as she worked herself, including her face. So when she smiled up at him, he smiled back as he continued to work himself. This apparently got her off as she rubbed her pussy and, staring him in the eye, fed her nipple into her mouth and sucked on it lustily. He wasn’t able to hold out for long after this, as the wave of orgasm swept across his face as the shaking of his shoulder sped up to a frenzy, slowed way down and stopped. He reached eryaman escort up with his righthand and tipped his hat to her. She smiled her gorgeous smile and waved as we pulled away.”Did you like that?” I asked her. She moaned and smiled as she continued to play with her pussy on her back. I smiled back and set a hand on her tit and began to rub it in soft circles. The sun was high in the sky by now and I looked over her creamy skin, basking in the sun. She reached up and without looking located my cock, then ran her hand gently up and down my shaft.”Theres a van up ahead.” I told her. “Could be a family…” I hinted. She moaned a disappointed moan and began to look around for clothing. I grabbed a blanket from the backseat and threw it over her. As we approached theminovan I could see short hair on the drivers side, long hair on the right. Mom and dad. We pulled up alongside it and I saw junior with the headphones on in the backseat. He looked over, then back down at a book, or more likely psp. Then he did a double take because Heidi’s feet and calves were still up and hanging out the window. He couldn’t see much, just up to the knee, but he saw that they were bare. I pretended not to notice an hung with him for a second.”There is a young teenage boy eyeing your feet. I think he’s interested in what’s attached to them.” I told her.”Oh yeah?” She said. “”Think I should show him?””I would like to let him see, but I don’t think it would feel quite right. He could be like thirteen for all we know.” I said.”Let me see.” She said and sat up, taking care to keep the blanket tucked across her tits. As soon as she sat up his eyes, like the truckers, turned to saucers. “Oh yeah,” she agreed, “he’s just a baby.” She gave home a smile and wave and his face went beet red and he looked away very quickly. She laid back down and we pulled on ahead, passing the parents engaged in what looked to be an argument. They didn’t notice the feet. Hell, they didn’t even notice their son crawl half into the front seat to try and get a good last look.Just as the minivan disappeared behind us, another one appeared a ways ahead. I pulled the blanket off Heidi and put it back behind the seat. She was still playing with herself.”Another van ahead.” I told her.”Blanket?” She asked.”Not yet.” I wanted to get a better look first. This was a conversion van, not a minivan, so I figured that improved our chances. It was older, and swerved slightly going down the straight highway. I saw something fly out of the window. As we approached it I saw it was a can. As I rolled by, even at 70 mph, I could identify the unmistakable markings of a Budweiser can. This, to me, means dudes. Dudes put for a joy ride. “Dudes ahead.” I told her and she continued to play with herself.Another empty shot out of the passenger side of the van.”This could get interesting.” I told her with a hint of warning. I got into the left lane to pull alongside the van and see what was going on in there. The whole left side was a window, but there was only a couple little openings for windows. The bright light on the other side of the van gave a pretty clear outline of a couple guys lounging in the back. Soon a face appeared at the little opening.”Whatcha got there?” His eyes, like the last ones, were transfixed on the feet, and the hair around my lap. I smiled back. A second face appeared at the back window. “Legs!” The second face shouted. This alerted the driver and passenger up front, and the van slowed up so they could see what all the fuss was about. I’m not sure how much he could see, but he was straining to keep on the road to find out. “Hey!” He shouted over the wind. “Hi!” I yelled back.”I’m not talking to you!” He shouted. I laughed and nudged her.”You’re being paged.” I told her. She sighed and pulled in her feet. I could see the disappointment in his face, and while I couldn’t hear, I didn’t need to to know he was saying, “Aww.” Then he sat up, handfuls of breasts and all, hair wispy around her, smiling, “Hey there!” she yelled. His face lit right up.”Holy shit! Naked chick off the port bow!” there was obvious commotion in the van as everybody struggled and fought for a good view. She didn’t cover herself, she didn’t shy away, she just stuck her tits out.”If you crash,” she screamed, “you’re gonna miss put on all the fun! Slow down so we can hear each other!”He raised an eyebrow. “What’d you have in mind?” he yelled back. She leaned out the window and let her tits hang over the edge. “Fun like this!” she said and she grabbed a handful of tit with one hand. Cheers erupted from the van. Fortunately, this position put her ass up close to me and her hot, wet pussy well within my grasp.”What’re you boys drinkin?” She asked. “Bud!” They answered, almost in unison.”You got an extra one of those?” She asked. “Sure! Here!” The driver said as he reached down and pulled a beer up, then deftly tossed it to Heidi. I grabbed a hold of her hip as she reached out and grabbed it. They cheered when she caught it, then she opened it and spilled about half of it because of the wind in bringing it up to her mouth. The beer sprayed all down her chest, dripping off her tits dangling out the car window. She took a long pull from the can and handed it in to me. I pulled out the cup holder and, thinking better of it, took the cold can and pressed it between her legs. She yelped, turned in and glared at me. I rubbed the can up and down and she couldn’t resist. She began rubbing herself up against it. The dudes in the van quickly caught on and started cheering us on. She turned back out of the window grinning. “Oh, you like that?’ She teased.”Hell yeah!” Answered the driver, and his passenger nodded. The two heads in the back were plastered against the little windows, struggling for a good view. I took the can away from her and replaced it with my finger, probing deeper and deeper into her pussy until my finger was buried inside her. She began to flirt with the driver, as I worked her with my finger. The driver of the van complimented her on her tits and she thanked him, grabbing them up in her hands and giving them a good rub for him. I inserted a second finger and she gasped as I drove the two into her. She turned back to me, and moaned for me, working her ass back against my hand in short bursts. She turned back to them and continued their playful banter. “What’s he doing to you?” The driver asked with a smile. She just laughed back at him until etimesgut escort I drove my hand all the way into her and began to work her with my long fingers.”Oh!” She moaned. “Fuck!””Fuckin’ a right!” He cheered. I worked her pussy in long, strong strokes, finishing off all the way inside, rubbing at her g-spot with the tips of my fingers. The banter all but stopped as the driver watched open mouthed, taking an occasional pull of the can of beer in his hand. “You like this, don’t you? You like watching me- OH! Fuck me!” She was getting close. She gathered her composure. “You like watching me get off, don’t you?” The van cheered. I took that cue and added a third finger. She really worked against my hand. I could feel her tighten up, then loosed, then tighten again. She was getting close and fast.”Come for us, baby!” He yelled. I worked her faster and faster and her moans grew longer and louder. She held one of her tits in her hand, and held onto the door with the other. She spread her legs a little wider so I could get even deeper inside. My hand was at a furious pace, thrusting in and out of her wet pussy. She tightened more and more until my hand could barely move, and I kept on driving it in and out. She was screaming out the car window, holding onto the door with both hands now, and the guys just ogled silently, slack-jawed. She gasped loudly one last time, then I knew that they were seeing her ‘o-face,’ and started to clap and cheer her on. Eventually she could breathe again and I slowed down my pace and retracting a finger. She rested on her elbows and bowed her head. “Here you go! You look like you need it!” He said and tossed over another beer. She caught it again, this time one handed and they applauded. This one she tossed back into the car without opening it. “I’m afraid that’s it for us, boys.” They groaned and mock-whined, but then smiled as I sped up and we pulled away. I retracted my hand from her and she sat down. “Oh! Look at you!” She said as she saw my fully erect cock still sticking out of my pants. “What do we do with that?” I looked down at it, then back at her.”I have a few ideas.” I said, and signaled for the next exit. “Where are we going?” She asked. “Away from our audience.” I told her as we turned right down a road that soon turned to gravel. We drove on for a mile or so and I pulled off onto a turnout. “Get out.” I directed. “So forceful.” She responded. “I like it.” then opened the door and stepped out into full view with no clothes on. I got out, walked around the car and met her at the front. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her to me. I leaned down and kissed her, hard and deep on the mouth. My hands found their way down to her ass and I cupped a cheek in each hand and pulled her to me again. She pressed herself away and dropped to her knees to work on my cock. She started at my balls, took each one at a time in her mouth, sucked gently and worked her tongue along the bottom of my cock all the way up to the tip and took it inside her mouth. She worked the tip with her lips and her tongue, jacking me off with one hand and cupping my balls with the other. It felt amazing as she worked more and more of me into her mouth, until her head was bobbing on my cock again. I couldn’t take it anymore and I pulled my cock out of her mouth, pulled her up to standing and set her up on the hood of the car. I pushed her back to lay down, spread her legs apart and kissed my way from the back of her knee, to her inner thigh down to her waiting pussy. Starting at her asshole, I licked all the way to her clit in one solid stroke and she shuddered. She grabbed her legs and held them wide open as I worked on her clit with my tongue, tracing small circles around it, occasionally flicking at it lightly. I worked my index finger inside and made come hither movements, working her pussy and she started to moan loudly. “Fuck me,” she said, “I want you to fuck me!” I’m not one to give in easily, but I’d been watching her get off and get others off for a long time, and I was ready to go. I stood up, dropped my pants and placed the head of my cock at her entrance.”You want my cock inside you?” I asked.”Yes!” She yelled as she tried to pull me into her. “Beg me for it.” I demanded.”Oh just fuck me!” I stayed where I was. “Please?” She asked. Again, I gave nothing but an expectant look. “Fuck me, baby. Fuck me now. I want your cock in me, fill me up with your hard cock, just fuck me, please. Please fuck me. Fuck me, now. Fuck me, Fuck me!” I figured she’d had enough and plunged my cock into her. I glided in easily and slammed my cock all the way in. She cried out and I just let it sit there, throbbing inside her. “Like that?” I asked.”Like that, baby.” She responded and I fucked her long and slow, pulling my cock all the way out to the tip and thrusting all the way back in.”Oh, faster, harder.” She begged and I obliged, speeding up, still taking my cock out to the tip, then thrusting forcefully into her. I built up faster and harder until my balls were slapping against her every time I thrust into her. Her gasps and moans were building up again into a steady stream of an impending orgasm. I pulled out and flipped her over, then pulled her up to her hands and knees. It was a perfect level for me as I grabbed her hips and pushed my cock back into her. I used her hips to pull myself into her harder, slapping against her ass. I reached down with one hand and grabbed onto a tit, rubbing it and pinching her nipple. She gasped a bit, then moaned with pleasure. With the same hand I reached back, still fucking away and slapped it against her ass cheek. She yelled, “Oh!” and I felt her pussy clench around me. “Oh, fuck, spank me, spank me!” She demanded and I brought my hand down again and spanked her ass cheek. There was an immediate red hand print on her ass cheek. I reached up with my other hand and grabbed onto her shoulder, and using it for leverage began fucking her with all my strength and she cried out. I slapped her ass and she clenched down onto me again, this time holding on longer. I drove my cock into her, slapping against her and continued to spank. her wet, tight pussy was driving me right to the edge and she screamed, “I’m coming! I’m coming…” trailing off into heavy breathing, then shorter, quick breaths. I watched all her muscles tense up and felt her pussy clench around me and I couldn’t take it any more. “Oh!” Was all I could manage to get out as my cock exploded inside her. “Come inside me! Fill me up, fuck me!” She yelled as her pussy milked the come out of my throbbing cock. I slowed down, bit by bit, and eventually thrust all the way in and stayed there, laying down on her back with my hands next to hers on the hood.”You like that, don’t you?” She said.

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