A Wolf’s Rage Ch. 05

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This is a work of fiction written solely to entertain.

All characters in sexual situations are 18 years or older.

The situations described in this story are for the sole purpose of entertaining the reader. Events and Characters in the story are completely fictional and any resemblance to real world persons or events are purely coincidental.


I’d like to thank my editor, markf52.



When Matt came home only his mother was home. He went over and hugged her and her intoxicating scent aroused him.

“Mom, she said yes, Mom. Dani said yes. She said that she’ll help me during the full moon.”

“That’s great news, Matt.”

“There was one problem though.”

“What was it?”

“I kind of converted her sister into a “mate”.”


“Mom, don’t shout.”

“Sorry, but what?”

“I’m sorry, but Dani has an identical twin. She overheard me and Dani talking about werewolves and she wanted to become a “mate”. So, I transformed her into one.”

“Matt, you need to be careful when you talk about these things.”

“Sorry, Mom, but I also need to ask you something else.”

“What is it?”

“I started growing more body hair ever since I got bitten. I just noticed it today.”

“That should be obvious, Matt. This is your first full moon since you got bitten, so of course, you’re gonna grow more body hair.”

“Is this permanent, or will I lose the body hair after the full moon?”

“This is permanent.”

“I won’t be a wolf forever, right?”

“No, Matt. You’ll turn back to human, you’ll just have more body hair than others.”

“Mom, will it hurt? Changing into a wolf.”

“I don’t know, Matt, I’m not a werewolf. Your biological father never told me anything about that.”

A shadow of fear spread over Matt’s face. He didn’t know how painful the transformation into a werewolf was going to be, so he had no idea what he was in for.

Diana saw that her son was worried, “Matt, it’s ok. No matter what happens, I’ll always be there with you.”

“What do you mean, Mom?”

“During a full moon, I’ll be there with you and your girlfriend.”

“But, Mom. If you’re there, Dani will know about us.”

“It’s ok, this is a special situation, she’ll understand.”

“Thanks, Mom.”

Matt’s eyes met with his mother’s and he leaned in and kissed her. The kiss soon turned into something so intense that after a few minutes, Diana pulled away. She was catching her breath.

“I haven’t been kissed like that ever before. The feeling of your lips on mine, it’s excruciatingly pleasurable.”

Mother and son kissed again and Matt’s hand snaked its way up to Diana’s breasts. He grabbed and squeezed her breasts through her green shirt, so Diana started unbuttoning her shirt.

Matt controlled himself, “Mom, what about Dad?”

“No, no, he’s not coming home. He’s working late.”

That was all Matt needed to know, so Matt pulled her shirt up and her magnanimous teats were constrained by a black bra. He pounced at her breasts like a starving baby, he grabbed them, kneaded them and kissed them. Diana took off her shirt.

“OOOHH! That feels soo good!”

Diana took off his shirt. “Wow, Matt. Ever since you got bitten, your body has become much more pleasing to the eye. You have such a nice body.”

“So do you, Mom.”

“My handsome little baby.”

Matt kissed her again and mother and son were lost in the kiss. Diana took her bra off as Matt kissed her neck and then kissed his way down to her breasts. He wanted to drink her milk, so he squeezed her tits while sucking on her nipples. Diana understood what he wanted and relaxed her breasts and milk flowed into his mouth. He drank her milk as if he hadn’t drunk anything for weeks. Diana felt the act of feeding her son was something magical. It was a sacred act between a mother and her son, who was also her lover.

After Matt had had his fill, he kissed her entire naked upper body, her neck, her ear and her lips. Once again, he controlled himself.

“Mom, I don’t think the couch in our living room is the best place for this. Why don’t we go upstairs?”

“We have the house to ourselves, and I’m not expecting anyone to drop by, so, shut up and take your cock out.”

She took his pants off and released his monster cock and then she slowly stroked it with her hands.

“Does it feel good?”

“Yes, Mom.”

“I’ll make you feel better.”

She took his cock in her mouth and slowly swallowed it, inch by inch, until it was inside her mouth in its entirety.

Matt felt on top of the world when his mother was sucking him off. “Oh, Mom. You’re so good at this. Do you have a lot of experience at this from when you were younger? Were you a wild child?”

“No, I grew up in a very conservative household. In fact, I had slept with only two guys before your father.”

She went back to sucking his dick and her hands snaked their way back and grabbed his butt.

“It feels so good, Mom.”

“I bet Dani, her sister or Kaitlyn didn’t give you blowjobs like that.”

“They Didim Escort did suck me off, but no one compares to you, Mom. Can I grab your hair?”

Diana’s mouth was full of his cock, so she just looked up at him and nodded. Matt grabbed her hair and started pumping his cock in and out of her mouth.

After some time, Diana took her son’s cock out of her mouth and got up. She took off her pants and her panties and she walked over to the couch and sat on it. She spread her legs exposing her cunt to him and she gestured towards him to come near.

“It’s time for you to return the favour. Come here and kneel down.”

Matt kneeled down on the ground and started kissing her clit. Diana was in heaven as she placed her legs over his shoulders and enjoyed the sensations he was giving her.

“Oh, my goodness. Yes! Right there!”

She grabbed the back of his head and pushed his face deeper into her cunt and he moved his tongue over her clit in a circular pattern.


Matt caught her clit between his two lips and sucked on it.


Diana felt herself experience one of the best orgasms of her life.

“Matt, you’re very naturally gifted at that.”

“You think?” Matt asked enthusiastically.


She kissed him as he massaged her breasts and they lost themselves in the kiss. He bent down and drank some more milk from her breasts.

“You’re so handsome, Matt.”

She pulled him up and massaged his balls a bit and then she let her hands roam all over his body. She made him sit on the couch and straddled him. She lined up his cock towards the entrance of her pussy and she slowly lowered herself on his cock.

She rode him slowly till his cock was inside her and then started picking up the pace. Matt kept kissing her tits as she fucked him and her hair flailed all over the place as she rode him. He grabbed her ass and squeezed them.

“Does that feel good, Matt?”

“Yeah, Mom. It feels great.”

Matt kissed her breasts again and then he grabbed her breasts and twisted her nipples. He kissed the valley between her breasts. She increased her pace and rode him like a woman possessed. Soon, she experienced another orgasm.


She was exhausted from riding her son, so she sat down on the couch beside Matt and caught her breath. Her breasts rose and fell as she breathed and this sight aroused Matt. The wolf inside him had woken up, so he grabbed her and pushed her on the ground. She was on all fours and he got behind her and rammed his cock into her cunt.

He reached down and rubbed her clit as he fucked her from behind.


After her orgasm, she took a couple of minutes to catch her breath, but Matt kept ramming his cock into her cunt. After a few minutes, she began to match her son’s thrusts.


He reached down and pinched her nipples.

“Matt! Matt! STOP!”

Matt stopped fucking her and pulled his cock out of her. She laid down on the floor on her back and spread her legs.

“Now, fuck me. While you’re fucking me, also kiss me.”

Matt smiled at his mother and got on his knees. He inserted his cock into her pussy and pushed it completely inside her. He kissed her and started to fuck her while kissing her. Mother and son fucked like that for some time. Matt felt like he was going to cum soon, so he started fucking her hard and fast. He kissed her like there was no tomorrow and both lovers hugged each other like they wanted their bodies to merge into one. Matt finally pumped his load into her cunt making her experience another mind-blowing orgasm. He pulled his cock out of her and laid down beside her on the floor. Both mother and son laid down on the ground, naked, beside each other. They just laid there for some time and caught their breath.

“Matt, honey, that was wonderful.”

“Thanks, Mom.”

“You completely exhausted me. If you fuck like this when you’re human, then I’m scared to even think about how you’ll fuck when you’re a werewolf. Me, Dani and her sister won’t suffice, so you’ll have to convince Kaitlyn too and I’ll get started on Jackie tomorrow.”

“OK, Mom. I’ll also talk with Kaitlyn tomorrow.”

“Hurry dear, because the full moon is approaching and we need their help to keep you in control.”

“I’ll do it, Mom.”


The next evening, after school, Matt made his way to the hospital. He went inside and approached the receptionist’s desk.

“Hello, how may I help you?”

“Hi. I want to talk to Dr. Kaitlyn Jones.”

“Do you have an appointment?”

“No, no, I’m not a patient.” Matt thought up an excuse to tell the receptionist, “I’m actually her neighbour and we could smell gas leaking out of her house. We’ve already called the fire department, but I just wanted to let her know.”

“Oh, ok. Let me call her immediately.”

Matt Didim Escort Bayan waited for a few seconds before Kaitlyn came to the receptionist’s desk.

Kaitlyn was shocked to see Matt at her hospital. Seeing him again caused so many feelings she had suppressed to burst out of their constraints. She grabbed him by his hand and led him to a vacant room.

“What are you doing here?”

“Kaitlyn, please, listen to me. I just want to talk to you.”

“I told you to never talk to me or come near me again.”

“I know, but please, this is important. Have you noticed that your strength has increased ever since we, um, you know, did it?”

Kaitlyn was intrigued. How did he know about that?


“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. Can we please just talk?”

“Ok, but not here. My husband won’t be home the day after tomorrow night. Give me your number and I’ll text you the address. Be there and we’ll talk.”


The next day, Matt found himself in front of Kaitlyn’s home after school. He parked his bike in front of her house and went to the door. He rang the doorbell and waited. A few moments later, Kaitlyn opened the door and as soon as she saw that it was Matt at the door, she pulled him in and closed the door shut behind him.

“Did anyone see you come in?”

“No. I don’t think so.”

“Good. Now tell me why am I physically so much stronger than before?”

“That’s what I wanted to talk about.”

“Ok, tell me.”

“Maybe it would be better if we sat down.”

Kaitlyn thought about it for a second and she then led him to the couch and they both sat down.

“Do you want something to drink?”

“Yeah, a glass of water.”

“Just give me a sec.”

Kaitlyn went into the kitchen and came back with a glass of water and Matt drank the glass of water.

“Kaitlyn, what I’m about to say might be unbelievable, but I’m telling you, that it’s the truth. Do you remember when I got admitted to the hospital for an animal bite?”


“Well, it wasn’t exactly an animal. It was a werewolf.”


“A werewolf bit me and I turned into a werewolf.”

“That’s it! Get out!”

She grabbed him by his arm and dragged him to the door. With her increased strength it was too easy for her.

“Kaitlyn, wait! Please listen to me.”

Kaitlyn wasn’t listening and Matt wanted to make her believe. He closed his eyes and concentrated on an older image of himself. When he opened his eyes, he was staring into the horrified face of Kaitlyn. He looked at his hand and the skin was wrinkled. He had succeeded in doing what he had intended.

“What? What happened? I was holding Matt’s hand. Who are you?”

“Kaitlyn, I am Matt.”

He turned young again.

“What the fuck is going on? You grew old and went back to being young again. It happened right in front of my eyes.”

“Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn, calm down.”

Matt grabbed her shoulders and guided her back to the couch. He made her sit and went to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. He came back and gave the water to Kaitlyn. She drank the water, but she was still shocked. Matt didn’t really want to do it, but he had to, to make her believe.

“Are you some kind of a shapeshifter?”

“No, like I told you, I’m a werewolf.”

“So, when I had sex with you, did I turn into a werewolf too?”

“No. When you had sex with me, you turned into my “mate”.”

“What? I turned into your mate? Does that mean I’m bonded to you or something?”

“No, no. “Mate” is just a word for women who have had unprotected sex with werewolves. You don’t have to be monogamous and you are not “bonded” to me.”

“Oh, thank God.”

“But there is a catch.”

“What is it?”

“You know how I turned old and changed back? You can do that too. You can turn yourself old or young, but not younger than the age in which you were transformed into a “mate”. Because you’ve been turned into a “mate”, you are now immortal, you won’t age. You’ll have to use the aging technique to age yourself to give normal people the illusion that you’re aging, or your eternal youth will cause questions.”

“Wait, I can do the aging thing too?”

“Yeah. Just close your eyes and imagine yourself as old and visualize on the image.”

Kaitlyn closed her eyes and imagined herself as an old lady. She opened her eyes and went to the nearest mirror and an older version of herself was staring back at her.

“How do I turn back?”

“Same technique. But don’t imagine yourself as younger than when you were “transformed”, it won’t work.”

Kaitlyn closed her eyes and did as he said. She opened her eyes and found herself back to normal.

“You will also be very strong, even stronger than a werewolf, but you already know that. You can also lactate at will and you also have optional ovulation. You can ovulate when you want and not ovulate if you don’t want to.”

Kaitlyn sat down on the couch and Escort Didim tried to process all the information he had just dumped on her.

“I just can’t come to terms with the fact that I’m immortal now. You did this, you caused this, you were the one who seduced me.”

“Kaitlyn, I didn’t seduce you. Werewolves emit pheromones that attract human females. I can’t control it and I didn’t know all these things when I had sex with you.”

“If you didn’t know, it’s not really your fault.”

“There’s also one more thing.”

“What is it?”

“The coming full moon is the first full moon ever since I got bit.”

“Oh God! Please don’t tell me you’re gonna go on a rampage and kill everyone in this town.”

“No, I won’t, but I need your help for that.”

“How can I help you?”

“Werewolves, even when they’re in their human form, are much stronger than normal humans. When they’re in their wolf form, they’re stronger than they are in their human form. But the “mates” are stronger than the werewolves, even when they’re in their wolf form. I want you to stay with me during the full moon and make sure that I don’t hurt people.”

“You want me to stay with you when you transform into a werewolf? No, thank you.”

“Kaitlyn, please. When I turn into a werewolf my strength will increase manyfold. Only my “mates” will have enough strength to control me. If you don’t control me, I might hurt someone else. But since you will have greater strength than me, you can keep me in control and prevent anyone else from getting hurt.”

“Mates? You have turned other women?”

Matt kicked himself, since he really didn’t need to make this sound weirder than it already is.

“Yeah. You, my friend’s mother, my girlfriend and her sister.”

He intentionally left out his mother so as to not spook Kaitlyn.

“You’ve been busy, haven’t you?” Kaitlyn said coldly. The fact that he had had sex with three other women hurt her for some reason.

“I didn’t do it intentionally, Kaitlyn. Just like it was with you, it all happened before I even knew I was a werewolf. I can’t really control the pheromones.”

“Well, if that’s the case, then it’s ok, I guess.”

“So, tell me, will you help me during the full moon?”

“I don’t know, Matt. I don’t want to get hurt.”

“You won’t get hurt.”

“What exactly will I be doing during the full moon?”

Well … when werewolves transform during a full moon, they kind of go into a sexual rage. You and the other mates will have to, well, mate with me and make sure that I’m isolated from civilization for the entire night.”

“Right, so I have to sleep with you during the full moon,” Kaitlyn said with a naughty smile.


“Ok, I’ll do it.”

“Thank you so much, Kaitlyn.”

“But I have a condition.”

“What is it?”

“If you want me to have sex with you during the full moon, we have to rehearse for that now.”

She grabbed the back of his head and crushed her lips against his and their tongues intertwined in a dance of passion.

“I’ve been waiting for this since the first time we fucked, I love your cock.”

She started kissing him again and neither wanted to separate themselves from the other. They wanted to spend as much time as they could kissing each other. Kaitlyn took off all her clothes and became naked, Matt grabbed her breasts and pinched her nipples.

Kaitlyn bent down and pulled Matt’s pants and underwear off, releasing his hard cock from its restraints. “Wow, look at you. It’s as magnificent as the day you first fucked me.”

She licked the entire length of the cock before she took it in her mouth. She enthusiastically started to suck him off, slowly at first, to get all of his cock into her mouth. Once his entire cock was in her mouth, she increased her tempo and sucked his cock.

Matt grabbed the back of her head with both of his hands and started thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth. He fucked her mouth mercilessly, thinking little about her pleasure and with the sole purpose of pleasuring himself. She didn’t mind this since she was incredibly aroused. She had missed his cock ever since the first time they had fucked and she was glad that she was getting another chance to fuck him.

Matt relaxed his grip on her head and she took his cock out. She licked his balls and then she took his balls in her mouth and sucked them. After playing with his balls for a few minutes, she went back to sucking his cock.

Matt took off his shirt while she tasted his pre–cum. It was delicious and she had half a mind to ask him to cum in her mouth, but the need to have his cum in her cunt overpowered her impulses.

“Matt, let’s go upstairs, to my bedroom.”

She took Matt by his hand and led him upstairs to her bedroom. She made him lie down on the bed on his back as she got on the bed on her knees and bent down to take his cock in her mouth. Matt enjoyed the view of Kaitlyn’s head bobbing up and down his cock.

Matt pulled her off his cock and made her lie down on the bed. He massaged her breasts as he took turns sucking both her nipples. As he sucked her tits, he reached down with his hand and found her clit, rubbing her clit in a circular motion. He spread her legs and got in between them. He kissed her clit and he used his tongue to brush over her clit. He took her clit between his lips and sucked on it.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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