A Woman called Justyna

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Age Difference

She totters over to the fridge in the small kitchenette set into the corner of the flats living room. She takes her shoes off as she goes demonstrating considerable dexterity considering how drunk she is. I lean against the doorframe and watch her navigate the room, drinking in every inch of her figure.

Her legs stand out in the gloom, long, pale and inviting, and her short black skirt gives me a tantalizing view of almost their entire length. The skirt itself is tight and stretched around Justynas ass, as though painted on. The fabric clings to her firm cheeks forming a perfect apple shaped bum when she bends over. As she straitens up she peers over her shoulder, catching me staring, and grins. I look her in the eye and do my best not to redden and grin back, trying to appear suave and debonair. She opens the fridge and is illuminated by the light coming from within; I get a spectacular view of her in profile. Her simple cream sleeveless blouse flows over her upper body, accentuating her chest. As it’s buttoned up to her neck it reveals nothing of her cleavage, but the fabric clinging to the bulge of her breasts fuels my imagination.

She leans into the fridge and grabs a bottle from the freezer box. As she stands she pushes the door too with her foot, wiggles a half empty bottle of polish vodka at me and then holds her finger to her lips as though to shush me. After discarding her shoes on the sofa she heads toward a door to my right, gesturing for me to follow. I manage to resist the urge to run across the room and ravage her against the doorframe, and follow her through into her bedroom.

Inside Justyna has all her worldly possessions stacked on shelves or in cupboards and every surface is cluttered with trinkets, photos, make-up and all manor of other bits and bobs. Justyna moves straight to a small cushioned seat on the other side of her small bed and sits cross-legged, teasing me with her thighs. She pours herself a drink into a chipped and worn Royal wedding commemorative mug and sips at it while staring at me with her incredible blue eyes. My cock is straining against my trousers as though trying to pull me across the room to her but I keep my calm, determined make the most of this delicious teasing game.

“Not one for organization are you blondie,” I quip trying to sound gravelly and rugged, unfortunately I just sound like I have a frog on my throat.

Justyna does not appear to have noticed and continues to watch me over the rim of her mug, staring quite blatantly at the bulge of my penis. I smile and continue my purposeful exploration of her room, moving clockwise around its edge in her direction. I peer at her photos, pause to open ornate little boxes and try very hard not to sweep items off with my protruding Manavgat Escort Bayan member.

Justyna coughs to get my attention and I see, out of the corner of my eye, her re-cross her legs and I’m gifted with the flash of white underwear. She begins to draw her shirt further up her thigh with her left hand and I lose all resistance immediately. I walk purposefully up to her chair, looking her straight in the eye as I go, and pluck the drink from her hand. Standing close in front of her I drain the mug, the ice cold bite of Vodka a welcome shock, and place it on the side table beside Justyna. As I lean over her I feel Justynas hand grasp at the bulge of my cock and smile, eager to get started.

“We mustn’t wake my flat mate,” Justyna purrs and she begins to undo my fly, “so we have to try and be quiet.”

“I’m not sure I can make that promise,” I reply gasping as Justyna breaches my clothes and grasps my dick in her hand.

It stiffens even more as she pulls it free, sticking out like a flagpole from my pelvis. Justynas attention is on my cock now and I focus on steadying my breathing and keeping control as she starts to slide her hand up and down its length. She glances up at me and grins wickedly before she leans in and envelops my dick with her mouth.

“Fuckin’ ell!” I cry as the Justynas hot wet mouth slides slowly down the length of me, her hard tongue pushing my cock against the roof of her mouth.

She begins to slide back and forth over the first few inches of my dick, slurping noisily as she withdraws. I reach down and push her hair back so as to get a clear view of her hungrily sucking me. Justyna chooses this moment to gently grip me with her teeth as she withdraws, this new sensation causes me to grunt through gritted teeth and grab a handful of Justynas hair.

My dick pops out of Justynas mouth and she peers up at me giggling, wiping saliva from her lips with her hand. I pull her head back slightly by the hair and am rewarded by an excited moan.

“If you keep that up this is not going to last very long,” I scold her playfully.

“Pour me another drink I’ve barely started,” she replies smiling mischievously. I comply, having an idea what Justyna has in mind, and pour a splash of the still cold vodka into the mug.

“You are a wonderful, wonderful woman,” I say as I pass the mug down to her. She takes a swig and holds it in her mouth before leaning forward and sliding the head of my penis in too.

The icy cold sends a shiver up the length of my whole body, and I can do little but gasp and swear as Justyna swirls the liquid and her tongue around the tip of my penis. I can take no more and pull Justynas head away by her hair. She gulps down her mouthful and sits Manavgat Escort back in the chair smiling triumphantly, I fight hard to regain control and suppress my urge to cum while looking down at Justyna hungrily.

She looks up at me with her bright eyes, framed in smoky dark makeup, and begins to undo the buttons on her blouse, when she’s done she leans forward slightly and slips it off throwing it over her shoulder. Her white plain bra follows, and she leans back into her seat. Her breasts are beautiful pale mounds, pink nipples stiff and excited, and the flesh smooth and inviting. She cups her left breast with her hand and gently strokes and tweaks the nipple while her right hand reaches down and slides her skirt upward, she bites her lip and opens her legs invitingly.

I quickly undo the buttons of my shirt and pull it off, letting it drop, Impatient to begin I leave my trousers as they are with my eager member poking from the fly. I drop my hands to Justynas knees and slide up her thighs and under her skirt, grasping her knickers. As I pull her panties down Justyna brings her knees up allowing me to slip them off easily, I take the opportunity to grasp her legs under the knees and spread her legs wide, exposing her naked sex. I kneel down in front of her and she pushes her pelvis upward slightly, presenting her wet lips to me. She’s waxed completely bare, and for a moment I’m dumbfounded by the beauty of her, her smooth midriff swoops down to the bare mound of her pelvis, and the fleshy pink folds of her vagina glisten, slightly parted.

I lean forward and kiss the soft flesh at the top of her thigh; she shivers and gasps as her pelvis squirms beneath me. I push my tongue out reaching it as far around toward her ass as I can go before running it back up the left lip of Justynas pussy toward the nubbin of her clitoris. Justyna growls noisily in appreciation as I repeat the wet maneuver over the other side of her sex, and then gasps as I start lapping gently at the underside of her clit, probing the fleshy hood for the hardness beneath. Each lick makes her buck and squeak, so I clamp my mouth over the whole area and start grinding my tongue against her. She grabs the back of my head, and I hear muffled screams and curses as she tries to stifle her exclamations with a cushion.

When I push my tongue deeper into her silky folds, Justynas excitement is clear. She is incredibly wet and her pussy burns hot with passion, I can’t wait any longer. I stand and take Justynas hand pulling her to her feet and lean in for a long, hard and wet kiss holding her in a tight embrace. When we drop down to the bed Justyna helps me remove the rest of my clothes before maneuvering me onto my back. She swings a leg over me, her little Escort Manavgat black skirt now nothing more than a decorative belt, and reaches down between her legs to guide my penis into her.

I feel the wetness and heat of her pussy against the tip of my cock and push my hips upward to meet her. My dick, rock solid and eager, slides into her as she pushes herself downward and is taken to the hilt, gripped by her slick and tight sheath.

“Oh fuck yes!” Justyna yells through gritted teeth, abandoning her attempts at stealth.

She grinds her pelvis in small circles, keeping me as deep inside her as she can, moaning and groaning with each rotation. Planting her hands on either side of my head she looks down at me, rosy cheeked and smiling, then leans in for a kiss. Her lips brush against mine lightly and our tongues flick between parted lips, as we kiss she begins to roll her pelvis back and forth making me slide gently in and out of her.

She straitens back up and concentrates on her movement, each time she slides me back into her she exhales noisily and contracts around my cock. I stare up at her as she absentmindedly plays with her breasts, her face is a mask of joy and a sheen of sweat makes her body appear to glisten and shine.

Justyna increases her pace, sliding herself up and down my shaft, her breathing quickening and becoming heavier as her excitement builds. Before long she’s bouncing up and down, each thrust bringing a yelp of pleasure, her eyes are closed and her mouth open as she rides toward her orgasm. The display is mesmerizing and I do all I can to help bring her to climax, pushing up to meet her down thrusts, while I watch this beautiful angel drive herself wild above me.

One arm tightly restrains her breasts while the other rests on my chest for balance, her head is thrown back and her back is arched. Each forceful down thrust is coupled with a well timed roll of her hips, she has seemingly found an ideal rhythm, and I feel her vagina tighten around me as she rushes toward orgasm. She starts to scream and shout in pleasure and seems unable to keep her careful rhythm so I grasp her thighs and take over the pace, thrusting up hard into her trying to pump as fast as I can. Her head falls forward and she throws her arms around my neck, locking me in a vice like embrace, her orgasm is consuming her and she shouts, screams and curses into the mattress beside my head.

We rapidly reach the limit of my endurance and my own orgasm charges toward my groin, my thrusts become erratic and urgent, and I call out as I cum. Justyna pushes down hard onto me and clamps her pussy around every inch as I empty inside of her, she twitches and squirms on top of me squeals of pleasure breaking into giggles as her orgasm subsides.

“I really needed that,” Justyna whispers breathlessly into my ear.

“I’m glad I could oblige,” I wheeze, “but I think I got at least as much out of that, you’re incredible!”

I wait for a moment for a reply, before I realize she’s fallen fast asleep.

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