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A Woman’s First Time Encounter Without Her HuAfter a time of suitable correspondence, a middle aged lady from a small town in Ohio decided to actually meet to determine the chemistry we may have for each other. She, a very nice looking 5’4″ tall, with a very attractive firm stocky figure, green eyes, flaming red hair, and beautiful full firm breasts at least a 40DD size. During our prior correspondence she had mention that she had never been intimate with anyone else than her husband, and for the past five years or more her husband had been taking less and less interest in any intimacy with her. She felt as if she was not desired, no matter how much she would try to gain his attention. So she decided to contact other males to determine if there was something undesirable about her, or whether her husband was just ignoring her very sexy body for some other reason.We decided to meet for dinner at a chain restaurant where we were able to get to know each other a bit and determine the type of chemistry we may have with each other. She was very nervous during the nice dinner and the conversation tended to lead to why each of us wanted some additional intimacy within their lives. She told me that she had never been with any other man than her husband and that he felt intimacy was solely satisfying himself and maybe satisfying her sometimes afterwards. She was a bit dismayed about how far their relationship had fallen into the dumpster, but she was determined to try to have some very needed intimacy with another man, then she would know whether it was her husband bilecik escort who just wasn’t satisfying her or whether she was just that difficult to satisfy as a more mature woman. After we left the restaurant she wanted me to meet her at a local hotel where she had just prior to our arrival secured a suitable accommodation. Upon arriving at the designated room I made myself comfortable taking off my shoes and shirt and sitting down in a side chair. My encounter partner took off her shoes and blouse and laid down on the firm but gentle bed in the room. I put on some nice music to set the mood in the room and approached my encounter partner and started just caressing her back with my finger tips , round and round and up and down her entire back as well as the back portion of each of her legs. During the caressing, I gently unsnapped her bra and just let the straps lay on either side of her body on the bed. My strong hands then started gently massaging her back, neck and the back of her legs, from her head all the way down to her feet, strong and firm massaging her back over and over again, paying particular attention, as she separated her legs, to the inner side of each of her thighs. After I completed her back massage she inquire of me whether I wanted her to turn over and I eagerly said yes. Again I started at her neck and caressed with my finger tips from her neck to the tips of her feet, making her body tremble from excitement and pleasure. I then started again to massage gently but firmly the front of her body bolu escort paying particular attention to her firm beautiful breasts and nipples standing very erect from each breast. I continued down her body as it trembled again under my touch, massaging the inner portions of her thighs again and the rest of her legs all the way to the tips of her toes . At this point she was very relaxed and excited as well, that she spread her legs slightly placing my hands at each side of her panties urging me to pull them down and take them off of her which I accommodated her quite nicely. I continued to caress her body and my tongue made it way to her very erect nipples where I licked and nibbled on each, as my hands continued to caress and massaged the rest of her body. Her breathing at this point was becoming a bit faster and a little labored as her hips began to undulate up and down from the shear pleasure she was receiving . My tongue at this point started traveling down licking her stomach and navel area, making itself all the way down to her rich wet womanhood between her very nice sexy legs. My tongue traveled up and down her womanhood over and over again paying very special attention to this woman’s clitoris and vaginal areas. I would lick and lick round and round, up and down over and over. I felt her separate her thighs even further placing her legs over my shoulders having my tongue and mouth squarely against her extremely moist womanhood at this point. I continued to lick feverishly against her clitoris and vaginal lips as aydın escort I continued to feel her hips undulate and buck in time with my tongue and mouth. At this point I felt my partner’s body start to tense up with from the pleasure it was constantly receiving. She grabbed my head firmly with her hands, holding it firmly and still against her womanhood, as my tongue and mouth continued to feverishly lick away at her. All of the sudden I hear her start to moan over and over very lightly and her body totally stiffen up as the moans became one continuous gasp for air and outstandingly loud orgasmic scream which continued over and over as her body threw itself from side to side, holding my head firmly between her legs as she continued her orgasmic vocal response until her body’s undulating ceased and my head was released from between her firmly gripping legs. At this point she said to me that she had never climaxed with anyone else than with her husband’s touch, this was a first for her, proving that she could be a very sensual and sexy woman to more than just her husband.This was the type of experience she was desiring, this was the type of experience she thought she would enjoy and she wanted to experience it first hand. The encounter continued with her achieving several additional orgasmic frenzies, both from digital stimulation, firm thrusting penetration from my 8.5″ very thick manhood driving into her over and over again in various positions, and additional oral stimulation using various positions, some which she was unfamiliar with originally. She enjoyed herself greatly that evening and we corresponded for some time after that, but we never met again. She was totally satisfied by the encounter, knowing that she could enjoy an intimate sexual life without her husband and was grateful for the time and the pleasure we had together.

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