Abigail’s Assignment

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Abigail was a photographer with a growing reputation for landscape photographs, particularly of the mountains and desert of Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Texas. However economic times being hard, she still found herself accepting other bread and butter photographic work, and today was no exception.

Abigail felt a tingle of excitement as she readied her photography equipment for today’s job. Her assignment was to take some photos of models for a renowned wood sculptor, whose work sold for thousands of dollars around the world.

He had contacted her a week ago, explaining that during a recent break-in at his studio, all his photographic equipment had been stolen. He had three models booked and the insurance would take an age to come through to replace his equipment, so he needed someone to take the photos for him until he had had a chance to replace everything. He had heard wonderful things about her work and her professionalism, so he hoped she would be able to take the project. She had looked up the location of the studio and was pleased it was only a short drive away from her home. In the back of Abigail’s mind was the hope that if he needed any more photographs in the future, this would be repeat business.

Arriving at the studio a few minutes before their appointment, Abigail knocked on the door, and once meeting the sculptor, began to bring her equipment inside with his help. He led her into a large glass roofed room flooded with natural light. In the center of the floor was a round platform, which he warned Abigail to be careful not to step on as it would rotate.

As Abigail began setting up her lights and reflectors, they heard another knock on the door. ‘Must be the first of the model, I’ll just go to see’, he said, smiling at Abigail. She heard voices as he greeted someone, and he returned with a stunning redhead in a loose fitting dress, which did nothing to hide her fantastically toned body.

He introduced Abigail to the model, explaining as he did that Abigail would be taking today’s photos, due to his equipment being stolen, then led the model away to another room so she could freshen up and get ready. While they were away, Abigail heard another knock on the door and wondered if the sculptor has heard it too. She gave it a few moments, until she heard the door being knocked again. Deciding to be helpful, she stopped setting up and went through to the door to answer it.

When Abigail opened the door, the woman on the other side was not what Abigail had been expecting after meeting the first model, as the woman was quite clearly heavily pregnant. Asking if she could help her, she replied ‘Yes I am here to have some pictures taken for a sculpture my husband has commissioned’, Abigail offered her hand and smiled brightly explaining she would be taking the photos and would show her through to the main studio.

When they arrived, they found the sculptor working with the first model, who was now totally nude. The sculptor was positioning the model on the rotating platform in the center of the room. Turning he greeted the new woman warmly, asking after her husband and saying how thrilled he was by the challenge of the commission. He explained it was a totally new form which brought forth some interesting challenges ahead. He fetched a comfortable chair for her and settled her off to one side, explaining if she would watch how they worked with the first model, she would be able to understand what lay ahead.

He returned to Abigail and the first model, by which time had her camera and slave units all tested and was just using a light meter to check her camera’s white levels. Abigail then set up her laptop and connected it up to her camera as well, so they could view and review the shots as she took them. When she was finished and had taken a couple of test shots, the sculptor came over to look and agreed that everything looked great. He then had the model move into the pose he needed, and after Abigail had taken a few shots, he rotated the platform a few degrees, and Abigail snapped two more shots, and then he rotated the platform a bit more. They continued in this way until the model had returned to her starting position. The sculptor then asked Abigail to take a few close up shots of various areas of the redhead, some of her neck, a few of her armpits and to Abigail’s embarrassment, the model’s vulva. An area Abigail had not seen on another woman since the changing room back at the school locker room, and the glimpse then had been shy and furtive.

Her next task saw her climbing a step ladder to take some shots from above, looking down on the model. The sculptor and Abigail then reviewed the photos on Abigail’s laptop. He was very pleased with all the shots, picked up a clipboard that had been lying to one side, and asked if Abigail would mind noting the measurements he would tell her on the chart. She agreed and he moved to the model using a tape measure and some other devices, began taking measurements of the model’s bursa escort bayan body, calling out the numbers to Abigail as she marked them on the chart. Finally, he seemed satisfied and told the model she could go to get changed, and if she did not mind, could she show the other lady to the changing area.

When they had departed he looked at his watch, and tutting, he pulled out his mobile phone to place a call. Abigail could hear him leaving a message on the other end, telling whomever it was that they were now very late for the shoot, that they had ten minutes to get to the studio, or he would want his deposit for the session back. Turning to Abigail he apologised, explaining that the third model was late, and he was upset as she was to model for another commission which was a rush job and he needed the shots before he could start work on the wood he had.

Noting that neither of the other women had returned, he asked Abigail if she would like a brief look at his workshop area. It was on the way to the kitchen, where they could pick up some drinks from the fridge. Nodding in agreement, Abigail followed in his wake through a doorway, this was obviously the other side of the building from the studio area, with a similar roof letting the sunlight flood in. The first thing Abigail noticed upon entering was the sweet smell of freshly worked wood, something she found quite pleasant. As she looked round the room, she could see the evolution of carved figures before her. The first one was just a rough shape of a standing man, the next piece showed a bit more detail as the female shape was more defined, and on through six other sculptures. The final one, shining in the sunlight from above was so smooth and complete, it was a perfect representation of a male torso from the waist up, almost life size and in a honey coloured wood.

In a haze Abigail walked across and looked at the detailed anatomy of the chest and shoulders, her hand involuntarily reaching out to feel the wood. In the moment of a heartbeat she stopped herself before her hand made contact. Looking back at the beaming face of the sculptor, she asked if it was alright to feel it. With his eyes alight he said yes, it was the reaction he liked most of all about his work, seeing how people could touch it.

‘It is absolutely beautiful’, she breathed. The sculptor smiled, raising his hand to his chest in a gracious gesture. Abigail let her fingers explore the sculpture, feeling the warmth and smoothness of the wood, amazed at how lifelike the sculpture was. Her hands traced the curve of the shoulders and down across the chest and abdominal muscles, all clearly defined, but not overly developed like a bodybuilder, but smooth and corded like a dancer. She walked round the sculpture, letting her hands follow the muscles round to the back of the sculpture, taking in the definition of the back muscles as she did so.

As if in a daze she realised the sculptor had his arms full of bottled water as he returned through a door at the far end of the workshop. She walked over to join him, offering to help carry the bottles. As she walked with him she saw a white board on the wall divided into a chart, at one end giving the title of a carving, and at the other end a column headed with a delivery date. Commenting on how busy he looked while indicating the whiteboard, he stated he found it easier to work to fixed deadlines. Gesturing towards the bottom line with a bottle of water, he said that was the killer, he had just over a month to complete it from start to finish. The row was labeled ‘All woman’ with a note underneath stating ‘not slender, but natural and mature’, she could see the date in the column headed photos was today’s date with a delivery date less than four weeks away.

By this time they heard voices from the other side of the door, left the workshop side of the building and re-entered the studio space. The two ladies were waiting for them, with the pregnant woman wearing a white robe and the redhead fully dressed once more. Thanking the models for waiting for us, he escorted the first model from the room in the direction of the exit.

Abigail made small talk with the second model, asking questions like how long before the baby was due, and did she and her husband know what sex they were expecting. Once the sculptor had returned, he asked the model to join him and he set about posing her ready for the photos. To help her stay still and be safe while the platform rotated, he fitted a pole into the center of the platform and requested she be sure she held on. They then went through the same routine they had followed with the first model, with him first rotating platform, and asking for close-up of certain areas. This time he concentrated on how her rounded belly protruded from her torso. He then asked Abigail to set up so she could take close ups of the model’s head, as this carving was to also have her face and hair included. Once this was done, and he had taken görükle escort his measurements, he asked if Abigail minded if he escorted her back to get changed. Abigail said she was fine with that, and while he was gone she would batch up the first set of photos for him.

He returned a short time later his own, with his phone to his ear, and from what Abigail could hear, he was still trying to raise the third model. Finally he put his phone away, said he would be right back and went into the workshop side of the building, leaving Abigail to finish batching the photos.

The pregnant woman appeared from the rear of the building and asked where the sculptor was. Abigail replied that he just gone into his workshop area, but he had said he would be right back. Together they waited for him, but after about five more minutes Abigail walked across to the door and gave it a knock. After getting no reply, she gently eased the door open and called his name. Hearing a mumbled ‘Yes’, from the direction he had appeared with the water from, she headed across the workshop to the far door, knocking and opening it, calling his name as she did so. She found him seated at a large table in a kitchen area, the top of the table spread with contact sheets of women.

He looked up and said, ‘I cannot find any of my older photos that fit for this next commission. I cannot stand being let down’. Asking what sort of figure he was looking for? Mentally wondering if she dare ask one of her friends if they fitted the bill, he looked at her as if undressing her, and smiling said, ‘Well to be honest, your figure would be perfect. I can pay you twice our agreed price for shooting if you agree, and I guess I could have you help me in future for some of my photos’. Stunned yet a bit excited by the thought of posing naked, she reminded him that the pregnant lady was waiting for them in the hope of distracting him and giving the other model time to arrive. He thanked her for reminding him and lead the way back through to the studio where he finished chatting with the last model.

After escorting the lady back to her car, he returned once more, this time with his phone in his hand. He looked up at Abigail and said ‘Just got a text from the model. She is not going to make it as her boyfriend has been hurt in a car accident and she was waiting with him at the hospital’.

Unsure what would happen next, Abigail distracted herself by tidying some of her camera accessories in her camera bag, until he cleared his throat and began to speak. ‘Here is where I am at’, he stated, ‘I need some pictures now so I can start this commission today, I had planned on working until late this evening so I could have a bit of a head-start. The gentleman who commissioned this piece buys loads of art, and he could be a really big client’, taking a deep breath he continued, ‘I am paying you well for today as it is, but I shall increase my offer and I will sign a contract with you to do all my photos for the next six months, which is worth a fair amount as I need photos every five or six weeks’, with a pleading look he finished, ‘Please say you will do this for me’?

Stunned once again by the offer, and blushing slightly, Abigail struggled internally with the thought of taking her clothes off in front of a total stranger and him seeing her nude, as only two men had seen her naked in the last twenty years. She had never been that confident about her shape, and had struggled with her weight off and on for years. As these thoughts swirled around in her head, she was also aware how much money was at stake. Money was short, this would be a massive injection of cash and the promise of a contract for more work.

Finally Abigail decided. ‘I’ve never done anything like this before, so I shall need your guidance’. He smiled warmly at her and said ‘Thank you. You just made my day’. She shyly began to remove her blouse to reveal her white lacy bra beneath, then closing her eyes, she unclasped her skirt and slid it off to reveal the matching lace panties. Folding the clothes neatly, she placed them on a chair. Taking a long look at the sculptor, she removed the bra and panties and laid them on top.

Moving to the platform she stood, feeling goosebumps of nerves rising across her nude body. She waited as the sculptor approached to position her and removed the pole from the center. Taking a tape measure he positioned Abigail on her back with the small of her back over the hole. Asking her to wait a second, he moved off the platform and slowly began to rotate it, asking her to shuffle up a fraction. Seeming satisfied, he stated she was now centered on the platform perfectly. It would take a moment more to get her in the right pose and then he would start taking the photos. As soon as he was satisfied with the pose, he took up her camera and began taking pictures and rotating the platform. As Abigail lay there, she felt her body begin to relax and began to feel more comfortable with what was happening. bursa escort bayan Realising she has stopped rotating, she saw the sculptor out of the corner of her eye moving the step ladder closer, and then fetch a second set, positioning them opposite the first set, and then slipped a plank between them. He explained he just wanted to get some shots from directly above her.

He went up the steps and onto the plank, appearing directly above her he began to some more shots. As she lay beneath him, she realised he was pausing between shots and was examining her as she lay there. She felt his gaze drinking her in, looking at her breasts as they lay naked before him, then his gaze moving as he turned his attention to her thighs and exposed lower lips. As she watched him above her, Abigail felt her pulse beginning to race slightly. She realised she was enjoying the feeling of his eyes upon her, wanting to know how he felt about her naked body, but unable to speak for fear of breaking what she could see was an intense concentration.

Finally he descended the ladder and moved to the platform, telling her he was nearly done. He just wanted a few more close ups and then he would take some measurements to finish up. He began taking more shots of her nakedness from up close, homing in on her breasts. He seemed intrigued by her large areolas and the nipples themselves, clicking several shots of each one from several angles before stopping. Abigail realised with a shock that her nipples were becoming unconsciously erect under his intense scrutiny. At the same time, as Abigail realised her nipples were responding without her consent, she also realised that a tiny hint of dew had formed on her lower lips. Unable to believe that her body was responding in this way, a blush crept up her cheeks. She hoped the drop of dew was not visible and that he would soon finish with the close ups.

He pulled his gaze away from her breasts and nipples, and hurriedly began taking other photos of her body. Abigail desperately wanted to see where and what he was taking pictures of, but dared not move her head. He had told her during positioning that if she moved her head even a fraction, it would change everything about how her body lay and they would need to start over.

She became aware of a silence, as she could no longer hear him moving or the camera taking shots. Trying not to move her mouth, Abigail tried to speak without moving her lips, asking if they were done. As if breaking his trance and embarrassing him at the same time, he said just about, just some measurements and she could move.

Aware of how he measured and where from the previous two models, she was surprised to see him approach out of the corner holding a large white cube, uncoiling a power lead as he came. He turned the cube and Abigail realised it was a heater as he explained, ‘I think you are getting a bit cold, so I’ve put this on while I finish taking the measurements’. She then saw him with the clipboard and measuring devices, but unlike before, where with the first two models he had started at the head or neck, he started on her thighs.

To her surprise he spoke, ‘You can talk now if you like, as I am taking measurements, but if you can make sure to keep your head as still as possible, I would be really grateful’. ‘Thank you, can I ask why you have started on my legs, when before you always started at the head or neck?’ Abigail asked.

‘Well!’ he began before pausing, ‘I noticed earlier that your nipples had started to change, which meant it changed the shape and size of the areolas as well, so I figured you must be getting cold. I put the heater there to warm you up in the hope they will relax, and I’ve begun measuring here to give them time’.

Abigail realised that he had not guessed that the reason for the change was not her being cold, but rather the opposite. She wondered what he would think when he saw how wet she was becoming. She felt an increasing erotic thrill from being naked and exposed before what was, in reality a complete stranger. She closed her eyes, tracking his movements by feeling him measuring her. As she lay there, she could feel the gentle touch of his measuring instruments as he moved up her body. He had started at her knees and had worked up first one thigh before measuring the other. Next she became aware of him taking measurements of her hips and buttocks, then in shock she felt him measuring the length and width of her vulva. Realising that the position of her leg left her fully exposed to his gaze. However, he made no comment on what she was sure was clearly apparent wetness.

The sculptor continued taking measurements of her body, measuring her belly and chest, then her breasts. Thankfully her nipples had lost some of their erectness. As he measured her areolas and nipples, she could feel them starting to stiffen with lust once again. He quickly moved up and measured her shoulders and neck.

His smiling face appeared above her as she dreamily opened her eyes. In a soft voice that seemed almost to carry a hint of regret he told her, ‘We’re all done with this part now. Come, let me help you up’, as his hand reached for one of hers. They stood facing each other, her naked and exposed, he fully dressed with warm, strong hand still holding hers.

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