Acceptance of my new role

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Acceptance of my new roleSo he let her down….Couldn’t get free he said.My girlfriend called on me. I met her in her car.She allowed me touch her pussy only through her jeans at first and then only through her panties whilst she sat and started texting him. Even with him bumping her for the night, she was chasing him..With a sigh and after my pleading, She relented, and allowed me to bend down to plant soft kisses on her mound for a short while, while she told me my cock wasnt good enough for her pussy,, eagerly looking into her phone checking if her message had been opened yet.She didn’t touch my cock once.Instead she eventually, almost reluctantly, encouraged me.. It had felt like an age since the last time she had.”Well come on then… wank”, continuing to finger her phone, flicking through pics she had previously been sent by the object of her desire, occasionally turning her phone towards my direction, making me acknowledge the hard cock that she was lusting over.. “much bigger than what you have between your fingers”She left me to wank furiously hoping for her attention and touch which never came. Her attention was truly in her phone, and she waited till i was making noises confirming to get that I was almost at the point of climaxing.She kaçak iddaa timed her words perfectly saying coldly “you’d better better not make any mess in my car you filthy boy….. You will either cum into your hand, or you will put it away back into those tight panties right now…”I winced and groaned I couldn’t put it away… I was too lost in my ever building need to cum.I struggled in my head instantly sensing the inevitable conclusion…… And Yet, I agreed. I caved sooo quickly and i found myself hearing my voice thanking her for giving me a green light to cum.And it didn’t take long at all..Pointing my cock down wards, i was soon squeezing out a Seemingly endless spurt of slick semen into my hand, while she sat and continued to humiliate me, teasing me about being so keen to avoid spilling my cum onto her upholstery, and where it was now going to be going ….Wincing and groaning and twitching, eventually i lifted my filled hand up to my mouth and tipped the warm contents in while she sat grinning like a cheshire cat..It felt like I was in the palm of her hand.She had allowed me wank quietly while she called her boyfriend to say she’d been delayed. She had allowed and passively encouraged my slide into cockdriven craving for kaçak bahis an explosion of cum.She even had taken a short video of me wanking furiously in her passenger seat eyes rolling in humiliated submission as she smiled away, narrating her video with one solitary line…”Look at this little wanker”..God knows where it might end up.. i have my fears it will be on the screens of her friends and the stud she had been texting throughout our meeting.”Sent” was all I had heard as my orgasm had been building.Now I felt destroyed internally. My stomach was all over the place, as I felt the salty taste of my own seed sliding down my throat in front of her smiling face.”All of it, come on now….. Bitchboy”The words almost spat out .at meHer little bitch boy….. There was no denying it now. Forever a cum eating whore to entertain at her whim.Knowing it too, sitting in a little thong soaked in precum and my cock wet from the powerful orgasm she had let me have into my own hand.I could hardly look in her gleaming eyes.We both knew it..My fate had been sealed, as she turned back to pick up her phone to check on her messages and see if her stud had been back in touch to tell her to get her pussy ready for his cock”A real little bitch boy aren’t you” she illegal bahis smirked looking into her phone, Not even caring to glance at my softening wet cock,just a little eye flick down to my cum covered lips”the state of you” …As I winced at her harsh disparaging words”Tidy yourself up. Fucks sake.””I’ve got places to be you know, can’t be wasting my time on your pathetic little dick”.The words scorched my ears and burned an indelible mark on my brain, never to be forgottenI knew it, and she knew it..I had been drafted in solely for entertainment purposes after her anticipated fuck from a real big cock had fallen through. She had been weeks arranging it, messages getting more and more explicit as the anticipated first time he entered her had gotten close to reality, before falling through for the nightI was verbally pushed out of her sight.. Back onto the street, only this time with the taste of cum in my mouth, and my little panties damp and cold as the remants of my dripping salty seed dried onto the cotton in the chilling autumn airI looked on as she drove off. Amused and entertained, without a second look back at the cum eating whore she left on the street.As I composed myself and I wrestled with the enormity of what had just happened, my phone pinged…”Bitchboy” was the message, and when I opened it, It was the video she has taken, embedded in a reply message back from one of her friends, with no words, just the crying laughing emoji…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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