Accommodating the Rugby Men Ch. 04

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It was the strangest thing to try to resume where I had left off in my work the previous day. Since about 6 pm the day before my whole life had changed and here I was at 9 am the following morning trying to organise my mind around work!

It wasn’t as if it was first thing in the morning and I could think of yesterday as just some fantastic dream. Barry and I had just fucked each other’s asses in the shower less than an hour ago!

When I settled my account with the B&B lady she had casually remarked that we seemed to have had a `good time’ last night. What a total understatement that was!!

Try as I did, doing the interviews was difficult. The previous evening was not just a psychological outing into gay sex. My ass had been fucked by almost a complete rugby team and this now made me feel self conscious in a certain way which was quite physical. There I was interviewing middle aged business men about their working practices when even the deep sound of their voices seemed to be affecting my anus! My mind kept drifting to the absurd idea that the guy was about to proposition me. I am sure it was making me react in a feminine way in conversation and I now felt even more conscious of my bum as I walked around.

Rescheduling a couple of interviews in the afternoon had gone well so I knew I could get to watch the match. This was the one thing on which I could focus my mind and I longed for the prospect of meeting up with the guys later on.

I know it sounds silly but I was in love with the whole team and very excited about seeing them on the pitch. My only worry was that they might feel that things had gone a bit too far last night and wouldn’t want to see me again.

There was no large grandstand as you might imagine of a cash flush football team. Mostly spectators stood along the touch line but there was a small wooden structure with a stepped standing area. I was a bit early for the start but noticed half a dozen or so guys in there. At first they seemed to ignore me as I stood alone in front on the bottom terrace.

“On your own then? Not seen you before but welcome anyway! It’s great to see new faces! Are you a Red Hunters supporter?” This guy had leapt down from the top in about one second. So here was another well built guy as sexy as any I had met the previous night. “Why not come and join us, my name’s Max by the way”

He had not waited for me to confirm my loyalty to the team. The embarrassing thing was that after all that had happened I was not aware of the team name except that of their opponents.

“So er we’re playing the Mariners then?” I wanted to impart what little knowledge I had!

“Right first time!” came a brief reply from one of the others while looking straight ahead at the empty pitch. I got a feeling they were trying to work out who I was but were a little reluctant to ask leading questions.

“Hey help yourself to a beer we’ve got a few cans round the back here. What’s your name, by the way?” Max continued in his welcoming tone.

“Oh my name’s Carl. Good to meet you all!” I said shaking their hands rather formally.

“So how long have you been a supporter then? I go to most matches and events and I’m sure I would have noticed you”

“Yea, sorry I should have explained. I only met up with the team yesterday evening when they had a bit of a pre-match party and got talked into coming along. I really like the game although I was never any good at it at school” I thought that would probably be all they would expect by way of explanation. But the fact that no one said anything immediately in reply gave me the feeling that it had perhaps only deepened the mystery!

Soon the game got under way and I was struck by the quality of play. It was far higher than anything I had seen before in school or college matches. Throughout the game the score line reflected how evenly matched they were. But despite all the bravado last night this was no push over. All these muscular players who I knew so intimately had collected great mud patches over their legs as they wrestled with each other. I watched their flexing thighs in the set piece scrums as they each tried to push the other side in order to gain possession of the ball. Several times I nearly came to orgasm in my pants as I thought of how I might take the place of the ball afterwards in the showers. Then when Barry had made a dash for the try line and Gus was heading straight for him, he passed the ball to Danny who had powered past several Mariners to score right under the posts. His huge muscular frame and broad shoulders had simply pushed his opponents to one side. Suddenly I got this feeling as if he was inside me again like when his huge thrusts into my bum had forced me forward over the toilet cistern. Unknowingly Max saved me embarrassment with an untimely question.

“Tell me I’m intrigued by this; how come you were at a pre-match party with the team? I mean I was in the team for six years before I retired last summer and to my knowledge these pre-match dinners are pretty much exclusive büyükesat escort to players only.”

It was an odd moment for Max to raise this question considering there was plenty of time to ask before the match began and this an exciting moment when you would have thought his attention was on the game. “I know it probably was all a bit exceptional, well I mean what happened was they had some kind of problem with accommodation as their hotel had cancelled their reservation at the last minute so they all came to this B&B where I was the only other guest.”

“So they invited you to the dinner then? But how did you get to know them? Did this place have a bar or something?” He made these questions sound almost joking as if my story didn’t really make a lot of sense and I also got the impression he had sensed some spicy explanation. “I know one thing; rugby nights out can be a little wild” he added with measured understatement.

“Er yes well it was actually I think er, well you see I had helped them out a bit. Um well what I mean is that there was a shortage as it were of one place as I was occupying a double room, no actually it was a twin” Max was smiling at me as he stared into my face while I stumbled for words.

“And??” he asked but then with a measure insincerity added quickly “So that explains it; you offered to share” This left me wondering just what it explained to him especially when he resumed excitement with the game and proffered no further questions.

The match ended with the score 36 / 33 to the Mariners after a final drop goal tipped the balance just before the referees final whistle. It had been a good game but a hard one.

As we all began to leave the little stand I was beginning to wonder how I might meet up with the players. I didn’t need to wonder for long!

“You’re coming with me to the shower block right now this very minute Sunshine!” It was Gus who had come to claim me as a victor claims his spoil.

“What the hell do you think you’re on about? Carl’s one of our supporters, you’re not dragging him off to be abused amongst your thugs. Forget it man! leave him alone he’s ours! and Fuck off!!” I was surprised at how protective Max had become towards me, seeing as I hardly knew him.

Gus retreated with his `tale between his legs’ towards the players pavilion and we sauntered over the pitch towards an exit on the far side. Max was asking if I would be going to the party afterwards and looking me up and down suggested I might need an escort.

The next thing was Ian came up to us, hailed Max as an old friend and explained that I was needed to help in the showers. Max had replied something on the lines that he `got the picture’. Anyway if anyone thought they could keep secrets in the rugby community they were obviously wrong!

It was Ian of course who had propelled me into a toilet cubicle and fucked me the evening before. There were few words as he hustled me into the showers where all eyes were on me at once.

“Off! Off!! Off!!!” they shouted as Ian and Danny stripped me naked in front of a huge number of big men some covered in mud and others with soap but all totally nude and with adorable physiques. Both teams were sharing this primitive shower block and that meant 36 guys (including reserves)

They were all round me now and in a couple of seconds every cock in the place had swollen and tightened into the most fabulous array of phallic weaponry you can imagine. Every penis in the block seemed to be pointing my way and advancing rapidly. Gus and Colin were competing to be first at me. It was chaotic everyone wanted to fuck me at once. Gus made a desperate lunge at me as Danny tried to help Colin get in first. “Winner takes all!!” shouted Gus triumphantly as I felt his cock jabbing at my ass crack.. “Get some soap into him you Dick Head” he shouted at the guy next to him. “I’m gonna fuck you’re dandy little ass you Sissy boy. You’re gonna get a real man now. Oh Fuck! Ahh!” Gus had gained entry and I felt his hot cock overcome my sphincter as he drove it deep inside my rectum. I was bending over and holding a nearby rail as Gus was getting really brutal inside me. I heard him say to Colin, “I’ll see you next mate, right?” His dick was not exceptional for a man of his size but it was quite long and very hard indeed. He seemed particularly good at directing it to where he wanted inside my bottom even though he was doing me from behind. As he rammed me harder and harder it felt like I was being fucked by a wild animal but then, as in all men, it all changed as he started to orgasm. I sensed immediately what was happening as I felt the warm flush of his semen inside my bum. Gus was panting for breath now and his manly expletives were reduced almost to childish whimpers. All his remaining energy was focused on his prick as he pumped his spunk right up my rectum. Then I felt the power of this huge man ebbing inside me as his lovely cock softened as he withdrew only to allow Colin to ram in cebeci escort his superbly beautiful fuck pole. Oh if I could only paint! my first work of art would be Colin’s cock, but now to feel him coming right up inside was just driving me crazy. I had wanted these guys all day and now this was it, better than ever. More of them than ever. And I wanted them all so much.

Colin was blasting into me within seconds and I was reduced to my plaintive `Oh thank you Colin!’ which caused so much amusement. He dosed me with his dick so much I thought he would never stop. In reality it was just seconds. Everyone was in a state of huge excitement as they watched each other drive their hot shafts between my smooth sexy buns and deep into my slit as they glided up my hole. I got more slimy and sticky after each fucking so they found it easier and easier to get up me. Each guy was taking less than thirty seconds from penetration to blast off and as each slimy dick withdrew it was replaced by another raging hot fuck pole ready to spurt me with another dose of rugby virilty. All the time I could feel my bum filling up with their rich semen fluids.

But this was not all. Despite the rapid rate at which I was taking them many of the guys just couldn’t wait. There was hardly a moment when I didn’t have at least one cock in my mouth as well as one up my ass. Guys were offering my the most wonderful selection of stiffies you could imagine. I was licking, sucking and swallowing cum for a lot of the time. I only had time to identify a few of the guys with whom I was in sexual contact. It all happened so quickly and I can only guess that I took about ten loads of spunk down my throat and the remainder up my bottom. And even in this short space of time some guys managed to do me twice. You would have thought that after a hard game they would not have had the energy but these are powerful and virile men and that is why I love them all!

Colin came over when the last guy had finished fucking me and he had a tape measure in his hand. I jokingly said it was a bit late to start measuring their cocks. He said he wanted to measure me up for a dress for the evening.

“A dress? you don’t mean that literally do you?” I said feeling a bit alarmed.

“Everyone wants to see you being as feminine as possible because, well, Carl you are quite girlie aren’t you? You see you’ve got to remember hardly any of us are really gay in the normal sense, we wouldn’t want to fuck a real guy. Well! not normally!!” he added with some amusement almost as if to contradict what he had just said. “I hope you won’t object too much if we put a nice little dress on you for tonight. It will look nice I promise, and you will feel ever so sexy in it!” Colin was already noting down my vital statistics as he spoke and I knew it was hopeless to resist. It is a thing you just don’t contemplate when in the hands of rugby men.

“So I am taking you over to the hotel where Danny and Ian will look after you until this evening. The party starts as 8 pm and I’ll be round to fit you up just before. Oh… and by the way, the rumour is that Sarah, a friend of Suzy, you remember I told you last night, she had called in sick; well Sarah has decided, as only Sarah does, to come along anyway! to `help out’ judging our asses.” Colin hesitated a moment then continued. “Sarah a bit of a law unto herself to put it mildly. Um, she is I suppose the perfect guest on a rugby night out. Believe me nothing on this earth gets near to shocking Sarah! But when all is said and done she does make herself available to all in whatever capacity!! If you don’t know what I mean you’ll soon find out!” Colin concluded unhelpfully. I felt completely passive about it all. I just wanted to lie back and let it all happen!

The hour or so I spent at the hotel was really nice because it was a time when we actually talked to each other rather than having sex and I really got to know them much better as friends. We talked about how they saw me sexually and they confirmed what Colin had said about preferring to see me as female. I said I quite liked the idea but didn’t really know if I wanted to go in for a sex change. We all agreed there was actually a lot manliness left in me and they were very impressed by the way I had fucked Gus the previous evening.

It was at about 7.30 that Colin arrived with this large plastic bag and accompanied by a petit redheaded girl. “May I introduce Sarah, well we all know Sarah so I suppose it is you Carl who needs to be introduced.” he said rather unnecessarily. I felt Colin was a bit uneasy in Sarah’s presence.

“Well Wow!! I say! you really do look like a Dandy Boy don’t you Carl. Bit a change from this lot aye??! Here come on let’s have a good look at you!” Sarah took my shirt off me as if she was my sister.

“Oh what a smoothy! Wow look at him!! all he needs is to fill those titties out a bit and he’d be a Gal! wouldn’t you pretty! Oh yes! I’m gonna have some fun with you!!”

“Right Colin let’s kolej escort have that dress then and we’ll get him ready for the party” she giggled a lot and added. “Oh boy this is going to be something aye?! Right Carly darling get you’re pants off or do you want me to do it for you. You see you can’t wear panties under this dress, it is against club rules isn’t it guys?!” Everyone cheered obediently. Sarah grabbed my pants before I could do anything and pulled them right down to my knees at which point she got so interested in my genitals and bottom that she forgot to pull them down any further.

“Well what do you say?! Puny yes but not non-existent!” she said examining my cock and groping my balls in front of everyone. “I can see why you like his ass though. If I had a cock I’d be up there in a flash!! Now lets get this dress on you Darling it’s got something in front so you won’t look too flat chested!”

She slipped it on over my head and it seemed to fit very well. I asked how they had managed to buy something like this off the shelf so easily.

“Don’t ask questions when you don’t need to know the answers Sweetie. Just mark my words, Sarah is a girl of many talents!”

It was pink and frilly around the sleeves which were short but not as short as the dress itself which barely covered my bottom and genitals. If this was all I would be wearing in the Rugby club that evening I would certainly feel extremely vulnerable.

“There we are, you look smashing!” she said kissing me on the cheek. “Now come on someone do the honours! You know what I mean. I made it and know I want to see some action.”

It was Brian who stepped forward completely unintimidated by Sarah he took down his pants to reveal a massive cock, lifted up my dress and very deliberately worked his finger in my asshole allowing some of the semen in my very full bottom to ooze out into my cleft. When I say he had really big dick and I mean really BIG!! Just as well I was prepared but it felt massive as he drove it very deliberately into my asshole.

“Save some of that spunk for me darling!” Sarah liked to tease guys to try to put them off.

“No way!! he’s have having the fucking lot aren’t you Carl, you girlie pansy I don’t care who says what; you’re about to get such a … AHHH!!! AHHHH!!!!” I felt several strong squirts of hot stuff somewhere really deep inside me. Brian’s cock was long as well as thick. I felt I was being utterly and completely fucked and overwhelmed by him. I know he wanted to make an example of his manliness in front of Sarah.

Sarah decided I would go to the club that evening with her as one the girls. There was no arguing as she took me by the arm, lead me into main bar and started introducing me to everyone. I noticed Max and the other guys who had been watching the match.

It was a matter of less than seconds before my frilly skirt was raised and I felt hands fondling my bare buttocks. Soon fingers were investigating my crack. Ever since I had left the shower block I felt aware of having a very full bum. Now the excitement of being felt was making my anus relax and I was having difficulty holding up the huge amount of spunk inside me. So I felt sticky cum starting to run down the inside of my thighs.

Colin was back on form as host and team captain. “May I have your attention please! In view of the highly provocative state of some of our guests tonight I suggest we get on with the main event of the evening before we become distracted! So I call on all team players to get up on stage after first taking our kit off for the start of the Ass Judging Competition. The judges are Carl and Sarah here who will award first second and third prizes for the most manly and muscular asses displayed. Thank you!!”

Sarah insisted that we went on stage with them as she said we had to feel their asses thoroughly to make a proper judgement.

“Right before we start we get our kit off too because it’s not fare on them having to bare up if we’re fully clothed”. Sarah stripped almost in one second without any attempts at tease then she stripped me again before I had time to do it myself. She had a really good figure and big firm breasts.

“We’ll go over them all briefly and pick out the best then we’ll judge them in more detail” Sarah was like a different person now. She had gone all business like all of a sudden. But we both took our time as we felt each guys ass by grabbing his buttocks and feeling how muscular they were.

“Hey why are you pulling their cheeks apart and peering at their assholes? That’s not in our remit you know!” Sarah whispered to me.

“Well I think it is because a good manly bum must have a good hole, it’s the most important part surely. Or I think so anyway”

“What do you say Colin? Sarah asked as she started examining his bum.”

“If Carl wants to judge us on our assholes then that’s OK by me” Colin replied.

When we got to the end of the line Sarah had short listed five guys one of whom was Barry! But I remembered saying to Barry in the shower that morning that I would not pick him although he would be my first choice as I might be accused of being biased. The trouble was that he really was one of the very best. He had beautifully big rounded and muscular buttocks some hairiness in his dark slit and a most luscious asshole which I had licked before fucking him.

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