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The last few weeks my mind has been wandering. I keep looking at you and my heart skips a beat. I feel so alive when you are around. I am sad that this ad campaign is just about over and we won’t be working together after this. When I called to request your firm’s services, I never dreamt that they would send someone like you to my company to manage this account.

When you first walked into my office, I was spell bound by the goddess who stood before me. Your long hair was pulled up and neatly placed in a bun, your blue eyes gently framed by your glasses, your full lips painted red and the tan of your skin glowed. The skirt you wore clung to your curves like a glove and accented the dedication you spent in the gym perfecting your body. It was hard for me to concentrate as you went through your presentation.

As the months went by and our hectic pace increased, we spent more and more time together working closely. It seemed like all we did was work. I could not think of anything but getting this project done and launched, and that was no easy feat. In the last few weeks, the proximity of you began to have an affect on me. It seemed like we were always bumping into, or rubbing up against, or reaching over each other. You would stand behind me and point things out as you reached over my shoulder. I could feel your firm breast rub against my shoulder. You cause a flash of desire but then I catch myself and try to concentrate on the job at hand.

Tonight as we finish the final touches, we relax a bit and the pace slows. We are very comfortable with each other and relaxed. I walk over to the bar and pour us a drink. You sit on the couch with your eyes closed. Your blazer is over the back of the couch and I stop to look at you closely. What has happened? Am I falling for you? I start from your feet and work my way up. I see your strong calves and thighs encased in the silk stockings you wear. Your skirt hugs your curves like they did months ago. Your blouse is slightly unbuttoned and I can see part of the lace bra that conceals your firm breast. Your neck is stretched as your head is leaned back. Your arms show the strength hidden under delicate chiseling. Your long fingernails well manicured. I am truly taken back by the sight before me. I never stopped long enough to truly study you until now. I walk to the couch and sit next to you as I hand you your drink. Your full lips caress the brim of the glass as I watch. We talk for a while and for a change it is not about the project. As the time passes, I can not take my eyes off of you. I listen intently to every word as it rolls off of your tongue and through your full lips. You have me spell bound.

You stop for a moment and just look at me. Am I seeing this? A hunger of passion burning in your eyes? You turn a bit and lean towards me as I lean to you. Kıbrıs Escort Our lips meet for the first time as a wave of passion sweeps over me. Our kiss is electric. Our lips gently part and our tongues explore each other. Our arms gently wrap around each other as I pull you to me. You sit on my lap and reach up to remove the clip from your hair. It cascades down and frames your face. I reach up and slowly unbutton your blouse as you lean your head back. Your nipples are hard and begging for release from there prison. You lean forward and kiss me deeply. Our passion grows with each kiss and passing moment.

You sit up and start to unbutton my shirt. I am afraid to speak so I don’t wake up from this dream. You lean down and kiss my lips and work your way down my neck. You gently kiss and nibble on my ears. My hands gently trace lazy patterns on your back and sides. Your lips move to my chest as you kiss the skin as it is exposed. My heart races and my head swims as the electricity of your kisses courses through me.

You slide down my body until you are between my thighs and look up at me with a passion I have never known. Your hands rub my thighs down to my calves. You remove my shoes and socks and rub your hand up my calves under my pant legs, massaging them. You gently nibble at my legs through my pants as I place my hands on your head and run my fingers through your hair. You move to my swollen cock and gently nip at it and blow warm air on it through my pants. Your hands slide up my legs to my belt and undo the buckle as your eyes lock onto mine. You gently massage my cock through my pants and feel my hardness under your hands as you smile. The button opens on my pants. Your fingers travel to my waist and begin to pull my pants and shorts down. You slowly reach for me and gently trace lines over my cock. You lick your lips in anticipation. My breath is short. I feel my heart pounding in my chest.

Your touch sends shivers through my body. Your warm hand wraps around me and you gently begin to stroke my cock with a look of wonder on your face. Slowly, your hand moves up and down as you lower your face to me. You rub me over your face and across your lips. Your tongue gently caresses me and sends a jolt of electricity through me. Slowly, you lick up and down my swollen member. Your tongue slowly touches the head with a maddening slow pace. Around the head you lick sending shock waves through me. A low moan escapes me. My hips slowly thrust up to meet your waiting lips. You slowly take me into your warm mouth. Slowly, your hand slides up and down my cock as your lips follow. Your other hand gently rubs my balls. Your tongue slowly rubs over the head and underside of me as your head slowly goes up and down my length. The sensation is overwhelming to me. Your gentle moans escape you as your Kıbrıs Escort Bayan pace picks up.

Your hand goes to your skirt and lifts it so you can get to your soaked panties. You moan deeper as your fingers discover your wetness. You slowly rub your fingers over your wet panties, gently pushing and stroking your hard clit. Your teasing has brought you to a fevered pitch. You can take it no more as you pull your panties aside and gently rub your fingers between your swollen lips covering them with your wetness. You moan louder as you place a finger inside of yourself. Your fingers begin to slide in and out with the same pace of your mouth sliding over my swollen cock. Your thumb gently rubs your clit in small circles that increase in speed. I see the fine sheen of sweat building on your face as your climax begins its journey to the point of no return. I feel my balls swell as you stroke me faster with your hand and lips. The burn in my stomach builds and begs for release. My mind is reeling as I watch you please yourself.

Our moans get louder as we race to the edge. There is no other existence other than our own in this land of ecstasy. My hands grasp your hair and you moan deeper. Your fingers plunge in and out faster now. The sound coming from between your legs adds to our excitement and intoxication. We can hold on to reality no more as our orgasms rack our bodies in a mind bending experience of bliss. As wave after wave consumes us, our moans of pleasure fill the air. I cum shooting stream after stream of hot cum deep into your throat and mouth. You hungrily swallow it all and continue to milk my cock of each and every last drop you can, careful not to spill a drop. Your body trembles as your own orgasm hits you with the force of a hurricane.

Slowly, we begin to recover. You lay your head down in my lap and gently stroke my cock as I stroke your hair and pull it from your face. Our breathing slows as our hearts settle into a normal beat. I reach down to you and pull you up to the couch. It is my turn to taste your love. I remove your blouse and bra, freeing your breast. Your nipples stand proud upon your firm breast. I slowly kiss your neck and nibble on your collarbone as my fingers trace patterns down your arm to your hand. Your hands are so soft. A low moan escapes your sweet lips. I kiss my way down your shoulder to your arm. Slowly, I kiss my way down your arm to your hand. I gently nibble your wrist and the palm of your hand. Your nipples are so hard. Your breathing deepens and your breast rise and fall with each breath you take. As I kiss my way up your arm, my hand rubs your side and stomach. Your other hand finds my head and guides me back up. I reach your soft full lips, where I taste my cum on your lips and tongue.

I back away after a moment and look deep Escort Kıbrıs into your eyes. The shimmering pools before me invite me to get lost in them. My hands reach out to your hips and you lift up as I unzip your skirt. I gently pull it down to reveal the small thong and silk stockings you wear.

I lean forward and kiss your neck and work my way down to one of your breast. Slowly I kiss and lightly lick it. I get closer and closer to your nipple as your hand guides my head to your waiting nipple. It is so hard. Ever so lightly, my tongue brushes the very tip of your nipple. You groan as the sensation enters your mind and body. With each passing moment, you hold your breath in anticipation of me taking your nipple into my mouth. I lick more of your nipple. Around your nipple. With out warning, I take it into my hungry mouth. You gasp at the sensation as you pull my head to your breast and wrap your legs around me. I flick it with my tongue and nibble at it. I gently take it between my teeth and flick it more. My other hand gently massages your other breast as my fingers roll your other nipple.

After a few minutes have passed, I release your nipple and kiss my way down your stomach. I gently spread your legs wide as I kiss my way to your thighs. I lick, kiss and nibble your groin and kiss around your trimmed mound. Your scent is intoxicating to me. I gently blow on your swollen lips. Slowly, I lick just the edge of your lips, a little more with each stroke of my tongue. Your hips rise to meet my lips and tongue. My tongue parts your lips as I lick between them with long slow strokes, careful to avoid your clit. Your hands feel good on the back of my head. I slowly slide my tongue deep inside you and drink your honey. Your hips thrust up to me. Deeper my tongue slides to reach your inner depths. You taste so good to me. In and out my tongue slides from your depths, drinking from you like a humming bird drinks the nectar from a delicate flower. I slide my tongue back up between your lips and back down again. Your honey flows freely from the breaking dam deep within you.

Suddenly, I take you into my mouth as my tongue circles your clit. You scream in ecstasy as the sensation overwhelms you. Your hips buck up to meet me as you pull me closer to you. You spread your legs wider trying to get me closer. My tongue flicks your hard clit back and forth. I slide a finger inside you. As I do, I feel your muscles grip me and pull me deeper inside. I slide it in and out with the rhythm of my tongue on your clit. Your breathing is labored as your orgasm builds. Your moans turn to screams and fill the air within the office. You race to the edge of the abyss, chasing your orgasm. Your legs shake and your toes curl as it hits you with the force of a tidal wave. You see spots as the explosions echo in your mind.

Your body settles and your breathing slows as I gently blow on your sweat covered body. I lean on your leg as your hand rubs my head, playing with my hair. I look up at you from between your legs. Your eyes are closed and a warm smile gently rest upon your beautiful face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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