Advanced Sexual Education Ch. 04

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A few classes had passed since the class on the human anatomy. The next few topics were less interesting, but still very informative.

First, we paired up in the same groups as before, and studied each other’s bodies closely, one on one. While interesting, if I wrote about that, it would be somewhat repetitive, so I’ll skip it.

After that, we covered various measurement techniques, including shirt-sizes, pant-sizes, and especially bra-sizes. I found out during that class that I had been wearing the wrong bra-size for years. I thought I was a 34A or 32B, but really I’m more like a 28D. Bra sizes are confusing!

We also covered some other important, but boring topics, such as reproduction and STDs. For a homework assignment, we were all required to get an tested for a variety of STDs, as a prerequisite for the rest of the course. That was due in three class periods.

So, today’s story is about day seven of class.

I was getting more comfortable with the class, so I didn’t arrive quite as early anymore, but I always arrive a bit before class, and today was no exception. I got there about five minutes before.

Just like the past couple of classes, everyone that was already there had stripped to their birthday suits. I quickly found my seat, stripped off my clothes, put them in my bag, and sat down. I didn’t bother covering up anymore, because there was no real reason to. Everyone there had already seen it all, and nobody else was covering up. Thinking back on it, I’m actually somewhat surprised at how little time it took for each of us to get so comfortable in our nudity.

At 7:01, Ms Sharon walked in, with the same amount of clothes as the rest of us. I kind of wondered how early she got nude. Did she strip right before walking over to the class, or was she naked all morning? I hadn’t seen her with clothes on in so long, that I could no longer picture her wearing them.

“Hello class,” she said, as she placed her bag in it’s usual spot on the table. “I’m glad to see you’re all comfortable being nude with your fellow classmates, because you will all be getting much more familiar with each other today. Our topic is masturbation, sex toys, and the orgasm.

“To start today’s class, we will discuss masturbation. Who here has masturbated before?” Almost everyone raised their hands. “Good. Those of you who say you haven’t, I don’t believe you. But in case you really haven’t, today will be the end of that.

“Everyone, please get in your normal masturbation positions. For those of you that say you haven’t ever done it: males generally grab their shaft and stroke it, and females either rub their clitoris or stick their fingers inside their vaginas, aka finger themselves.”

We all did as Ms Sharon said, placing our hands on our genitals, and we started to rub and stroke ourselves. I as a little hesitant at this, but once I’d seen many of my classmates (especially the boys) start in on themselves, I relaxed. I spread my legs, leaned back, put the first two fingers of my right hand on my clit, and started rubbing it in a small circle.

“Good. I want you all to continue masturbating, but please save your orgams until later. Now, I’m going to show you all several sex toys. For each toy, I will need one volunteer to demonstrate how it is used. In some cases, I will need two volunteers.”

Ms Sharon then reached into her bag, and pulled the first toy out. It was a simple, flesh-colored dildo, about 5.5 inches long, and 1.5 inches wide, with balls on the end. It looked much like some of the cocks I saw the boys holding in their hands. “This is a dildo. It is designed to simulate a male penis. Dildos come in many shapes, and sizes, and have a variety of features. This one is a simple one. Generally dildos are used by females, but some males use them as well.

“Now, who would like to demonstrate how this dildo is used?” Of course, nobody raised their hands. “Come on, people. This is the most basic toy I have. It only gets more complex from here.” After another moment, Sofia raised her hand.

“Good, Sofia. Please come up here.” Sofia stood, walked to the front, and took a seat on the table. “Alright, Sofia. Have you used a dildo before?” She nodded. “Okay, then you know what to do. I’ve also brought some lubricant if anyone needs it. Everyone watch closely.”

Sofia squirted a little lube on the dildo, opened her legs, and slid the dildo inside of her pussy. As she slid it in, she closed her eyes. She slowly slid it in and out. From her facial expressions, I could tell she was enjoying the feeling, but she was a bit embarrassed by being singled out like that. A moment later, we all heard her start moaning.

After about a minute or so of Sofia fucking herself with the dildo, Ms Sharon said, “Good, Sofia, that’s exactly right. Thank you for the demonstration. You may take your seat now.” Sofia pulled the dildo out of her pussy, and stood up. She offered it to Ms Sharon, but she refused. “Oh, no. Please, keep it almanbahis for the rest of class. That goes for everyone else who volunteers as well.”

Sofia walked back to her seat, reinserted the dildo, and continued fucking herself.

“Alright, next up, we have the vibrator,” said Ms Sharon, as she pulled another dildo from her bag. This one was larger than the last; maybe 6 inches long and 2 inches wide. “This toy requires batteries, because when it’s switched on, it created a vibration throughout the rubber shaft, which most females enjoy. Additionally, this dildo has piece known as a rabbit ear, which rubs against a woman’s clitoris. Who would like to demonstrate the usage of this toy?”

After a couple seconds, Latoya’s hand went up. Ms Sharon nodded, and Latoya came to the front, taking a seat on the table.

“Thank you Latoya,” said Ms Sharon, as she passed the vibrator to Latoya. Latoya didn’t bother with the lube, since she was already quite wet on her own. She easily slid the large dildo inside her pussy. When it was all the way in, she turned a knob on it, and we all heard a buzzing sound, and saw Latoya’s head tilt back in pleasure.

“Good, Latoya,” said Ms Sharon, “Make sure you also rub the rabbit ear against your clitoris. Yes, just like that. Doesn’t that feel good?”

Latoya nodded.

“Alright, Latoya, you may take your seat.”

Latoya took her seat, and Ms Sharon continued, pulling the next toy out of her bag. It was about 7 inches long, with what looked like a pussy on one end. “Now, I don’t want the men in the room to feel left out, so next we have the fleshlight. This toy is designed to simulate the female vagina. Who would like to demonstrate it’s usage?”

Tony Baker didn’t hesitate to stick his hand in the air.

“Alright, Mr Baker,” said Ms Sharon. Tony walked to the front, and took the fleshlight from Ms Sharon. He then placed it at the tip of his large cock, and slid himself inside it. He then jacked himself off with it, fucking the rubber vagina.

“Excellent, Tony,” said Ms Sharon. “This fleshlight also has a vibration feature. Let me switch that on for you.” She reached down, grabbing the fleshlight (and thus Tony’s cock), in her hand. She slid the toy up and down a couple times, before flipping a switch on the side of it. Instantly, Tony leaned back and started writhing in pleasure. Then she flipped it off.

“Good, Tony. You may take your seat.” He did, as Ms Sharon continued, pulling the next toy out of the bag. “This is sometimes called a magic wand. The tip of it vibrates with a much higher intensity than the dildos, and can be controlled by a switch on the handle. It is generally used by women to rub their clitoris. Who would like to volunteer to demonstrate the wand?”

Nobody raised their hand, at first, but eventually Barbara volunteered. She stood, took the usual spot on the table, and spread her legs. Ms Sharon handed her the wand, and Barbara turned it on and started rubbing it against her pussy. Ms Sharon gave her a few tips before sending her back to her seat.

“Next, we have our first two-person toy.” said Ms Sharon, as she pulled two small, metal objects, about 2 inches long, out of her bag. “These are remote controlled vibrators. A girl inserts it into her vagina, and the remote controls the intensity of the vibration. It can be used by a single person, but today we will use it in pairs. I have two of them, so we need two females. Since our last toy also needs two females, I will ask for one female volunteer, and two males, please. I will be the other female.”

Most of the boy’s hands shot up, but none of the girls. Ms Sharon picked Filipe and Ken. After another moment, I decided to volunteer. I’d rather have this toy, than be forced into whatever the next one was.

“Alright, Samantha, take a seat up here. We’ll both insert them at the same time.”

I sat on the edge of the table, and spread my legs apart. Then, Ms Sharon and I pushed the small metal devices completely into our pussies. Then we stood up.

“How does that feel, Samantha?” asked Ms Sharon.

“A little cold, but fine otherwise,” I replied.

“Good. Alright, Ken, you get my remote, and Filipe, you get Samantha’s.” She handed them to the students. “For the rest of today’s class, feel free to switch our toys on and off, and increase the intensity, whenever you’d like, but please refrain from making us orgasm until the end of class.”

I started walking back to my seat. Both the boys looked at their remotes. Filipe asked, “Does this knob increase the intensity?” as he turned it all the way up.

I lost my balance, and leaned on the table, as a loud moan escaped from my mouth. The vibration was very intense. “Yes, Ken,” I heard Ms Sharon say, “that’s the intensity. You can see that at full blast, it’s hard for the receiver to do much of anything else.”

“I see,” said Ken as he turned it down to about halfway. “Sorry about the surprise, Samantha. I just wanted almanbahis adres to test it out.”

I stood back up, and walked back to my seat, as I replied, “It’s alright.”

Ms Sharon said, “That’s exactly how it should be used: at random times, to surprise the receiver. However, please don’t disrupt the class.” She pulled the last toy from her bag. “As I said earlier, this last toy is designed to be used by two females. Since we only have two remaining, I’ll ask that Nicole and Amy please come up here now.”

They were both a bit hesitant, but they didn’t have much choice. It had to be demo’d, and there were only two pussies left that weren’t already full or being rubbed: Nicole’s and Amy’s. They both walked to the front, and waited for Ms Sharon to give them instructions.

“Thank you, both,” she said, holding up the final toy, “This is a double dildo. At either end, there is a cock-shaped rubber shaft, and in the middle there is a handle. Generally, this is used by two females, but you can use it alone as well. Both of you, please lie on the table, with your heads facing away from each other.”

They did as Ms Sharon said. The table was a bit small, so both of their heads were hanging off the ends. Once they were in position, Ms Sharon continued.

“Good. Now, please spread your legs, and scoot a little closer to each other.” They did so. “Thank you. I’ll start with Amy, and then Nicole.”

Amy looked down and saw Ms Sharon put some lube on the tip of one end, then put the tip of the dildo at the entrance of her pussy. Ms Sharon slowly slid it inside of her.

“Good. Now, I’m going to need to slide it all the way in, so I can get it to the entrance of Nicole’s hole.”

I saw the dildo slide further and further into Amy’s pussy, and finally it stopped. Then Ms Sharon put some lube on the other end, and slowly slid it into Nicole’s pussy. I heard both of them moan as it slid inside Nicole, and out of Amy.

“Good.” said Ms Sharon, “Thank you both. Now we’re ready to demonstrate. Everyone, please stand and-Ohhhhhh!!.” Ms Sharon collapsed into the chair next to the desk.

I looked over and Ken had a grin on his face. Then I felt my vibrator start up as well. It slowly increased, until I couldn’t take it. I started moaning again. The moans of Ms Sharon and I continued, as Ken and Filipe both kept the vibrators at full intensity.

Ken then stood and walked to the front of the class, and said, “I’ll take over for a moment, Ms Sharon, if you don’t mind.” Ms Sharon nodded, and put her hand on her pussy and started rubbing. “Good. I’ll turn it down a bit, so you don’t disrupt me.” He turned the knob down, but Filipe kept his at full-blast for the time-being.

“Alright, everyone,” Ken continued, “I believe I know where Ms Sharon was going with this. Everyone please stand and come to the front of the class. Obviously, Ms Sharon and Samantha are exceptions for now. I want each of you to slide the double-dildo in and out of Amy and Nicole for 30 seconds each. Since I don’t want to leave Samantha out, she can go last.”

I couldn’t believe Ken had taken over the class. Ms Sharon wasn’t resisting at all, not that I could blame her. Ken might have turned the intensity down on hers, but if it was anything like mine, a small decrease intensity wasn’t going to do much. I could barely keep my eyes open, it was so distracting, and I definitely couldn’t keep from moaning. However, it wasn’t quite enough to push me over the edge into orgasm.

For the next six minutes or so, each student grabbed the handle of the double dildo and moved it back and forth between Amy and Nicole. Each time it slid, the girl it went into let out a moan.

“Alright, Samantha,” said Ken, when everyone else had gone. “Your turn. Filipe, please turn her vibrator down.” Filipe did as he said, and finally the vibration was tolerable. I took a moment to catch my breath, then stood and wobbled to the front of the class. I grabbed the handle between Nicole and Amy and slid it toward Amy, hearing her moan. Then I slid it towards Nicole, and heard a moan from her. Back and forth I went, fucking each of them with the dildo, and watching as their pussies leaked a lot of fluids onto the table. The entire time, I felt the constant buzz of the vibrator inside me, and I noticed some of my own fluid running down my leg.

When my time was up, Ken turned Ms Sharon’s vibrator down, and gave control of the class back to her. After a moment to catch her breath, she stood, and leaned against the wall.

“Wow. Good job, Ken,” she said. ” You were exactly right with what I wanted the class to do. Also, excellent timing with the vibrator. I didn’t anticipate it at all.

“Now, Amy and Nicole, please stay on the table. We’re almost at the last activity, and you’ll need to be there, but in the meantime, you may have a break.

“Today’s last topic is orgasm, also known as cumming. This is the most exciting part of sex. How many of almanbahis giriş you have experienced an orgasm before?” Every one of the boy’s hands went up, as well as most of the girls. “Good. Well, for those that haven’t, you’re in for a treat. Each of you, get with the partner, or pair of partners, from the first class. Kent and Roberto, come to the front to join your partners.”

It took everyone a moment to get with their partner. Tony and Alex retrieved my remote from Filipe, and came to join me, and John and Eric got Ms Sharon’s remote from Ken, and joined her.

“Good. Now that everyone is with their partner or group, I want each of you to bring the other to orgasm. This will be an excellent hands-on activity; no pun intended. Since Samantha and I have two partners, we will each cum twice, and make each of our boys cum once. I think Samantha and I can manage that.” She winked at me. I smiled back. “Alright, everyone. Have fun. There are some paper towels at the front to clean up with, once you’re done.”

Once Ms Sharon was finished speaking, everyone immediately began touching their partner. Tony and Alex seemed hesitant, like they didn’t want to gang up on me, so I started the action by reaching forward and grabbing both of their cocks, and I started jacking them off. Once they saw I was willing, Tony reached forward and grabbed my breasts, as Alex turned the knob on the remote up to medium-high. Once he did that, he reached down and started rubbing my pussy.

I looked around and saw many couples rubbing each other in various ways. I looked over to Ms Sharon, and saw she was in much of a similar position as I, with two cocks in her hands, and four hands rubbing her tits and pussy. Looking to the front, I saw Nicole and Amy had Kent and Roberto’s cocks in their hands. Each boy had one hand on their girls breast, and the other on the double dildo, moving it in unison between the two girls.

As I continued to watch all the action in the room, I quickly got very horny, and had my first orgasm within the first couple minutes. I was the first girl in the classroom, but not the first person; I could tell Ken beat me to that, because Latoya had cum all over her dark chest.

Once I was done, I decided to concentrate on the boys. I rubbed them faster and faster. Since I was right-handed, and Alex was in my right hand, he was first to blow his load. Since I was in control, I decided where it would go, so I pointed it right at my chest. The first glob landed on my right tit, and the second landed on my belly.

Now that Alex was finished, Tony and I concentrated on each other. We seemed to be in a race to see who would come first. I had two advantages: Tony was a guy, and I knew they took less time than girls; and I had already cum, so I was further away from cumming again. It seemed Tony was aware of this fact, because he reached over and turned up the intensity on my vibrator to full-blast, before return his hand to my pussy and inserting three fingers.

It took all my effort not to lean back and let go of Tony, but I was determined to finish him before he finished me. I was jerking him so fast, and he was fingering me at about the same speed. All around the room, I heard moans and saw cum flying, as well as bodies in the throes of orgasm. I knew Tony and I would be joining them soon.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore, and I let go of Tony, giving into the amazing orgasm. I leaned back, closed my eyes, and let out a loud moan. However, Tony was apparently at the end of his rope too, because as soon as I opened my mouth to moan, a load of cum landed directly inside of it. The next couple loads landed all over my face. The surprise cumload just excited me even more, and made my orgasm that much more intense.

About 30 seconds later my orgasm had finished. I was still in a very high state of arousal, due to the vibrator buzzing away inside of me. Alex had turned it down, but it was still purring away. I opened my eyes and looked at Tony and Alex. They had both grabbed paper towels and were cleaning themselves off. Tony offered me one, and I took it. I started with my face, doing my best to get it all. Then I looked down and started on the load on my chest, which had dripped down to my belly.

Once I was satisfied with being clean enough, I looked around. Most of the guys had finished, and several of the girls. I saw Amy and Nicole had switched positions. They were both on their knees, facing away from each other. With the dildo still between them, they were doing each other doggy style. I knew they were close to finishing. However, it appeared Ken was having some trouble finishing Latoya. I decided I’d help him out.

I stood and walked over to the couple. Latoya was leaning back, with her ass on the edge of the seat, and her legs wide open. Ken was sitting on the floor between her legs, and had the vibrator in his hand. He was fucking Latoya with it, but not very quickly. It seemed his arm was getting tired.

“Do you want some help, Ken?” I asked as I approached.

Ken looked up at me, and said, “Sure, if you don’t mind. I never realized how much work it takes to get a girl off.”

I laughed. “Yep, it takes quite a bit more for us than it does for you guys.”

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