Adventures of an Unassuming Man

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This is my true story. I never would have imagined that this would happen to me; not even in a billion years, and under no circumstances.

I am a middle aged man of bad physical appearance. I am at least thirty-five pounds overweight and very uninteresting! I might have been pleasant looking about twenty years ago but now I am a shadow of what I once was. I have lines under my eyes, my hair is slightly thinning and I rarely smile. I am however six-foot three inches tall. I am also Muslim and quite religious and seem to treat everything pleasurable with a feeling of guilt!

I never had any sexual adventures in my life. In fact, I lost my virginity to the woman I am currently married to, one night after our wedding. I never looked outside our marriage and never even thought about it.

But then two years ago, our life started becoming very boring. Since we married very early in our lives, our children were all grown and left our home for work abroad. My twenty-four year old son moved to America while our twenty-two year old moved to England.

Although my wife always treated me with respect, there was never affection in our wedding and after our kids moved out she began being a little abusive, as well. She would often argue with me for the sake of arguing until it was starting to become unbearable. Then at one point, I lost my job and that was when things started to get really bad. Her attitude became almost violent, so something had to be done.

Luckily I found a job in Dubai a couple of months after losing my job so I moved out. I asked her to come with me but she had a government job, here in Cairo, with a very good position so she declined with the logic that a separation may be healthy for our marriage. I did not attempt to argue with her and just left off to Dubai from Egypt.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my work had arranged for very nice accommodation for me in a beautiful high-rise building on Dubai’s most prominent road; Sheikh Zayed Road. The apartment was on the twenty-ninth floor and enjoyed a spectacular view of Burj Khalifa; the world’s tallest building — although it was yet to have been completed. The apartment had three balconies, three bathrooms and two giant bedrooms and a huge living area. I was relieved, to say the least! Best of all, this was probably one of the very few high-rises in Dubai with a Mosque right behind it — wow — I could perform my prayers in the mosque, daily.

Those who have been to Dubai will know what I mean when I say that Dubai turned out to be an adult’s playground! Hotels, nightclubs, bars, massage parlors; you name it, they have it, in total abundance. But I was a good man; home to work and back and that was it with the occasional trip to the movie theatre and that was it.

I was having trouble keeping the apartment clean so a friend of mine, from Egypt, that I met by coincidence in a mall suggested hiring a house maid. He told me that he was returning to Egypt and that his maid will have two vacant days in her week and needed work. I agreed and we set a time for her to come and meet me.

She came to my house on a Saturday morning. Her name was Sara and she was southern Indian. She was very short, very dark and quite ugly; at first sight. She was the kind of person that you would never notice, whatever happened. She was shy and looked down at the floor as she spoke to me. I was glad she came because my flat needed work so I told her to go about her job and she did. And over the next few months, she came to my apartment on Tuesdays and Saturdays only.

One day I came home to find her sitting on the floor, crying. I asked her what had happened and she told me that she had just received a phone call telling her that her husband had just died a few minutes ago. And over the past few months of her employment with me I had noticed that she would often be bruised when she came over. I would ask her what happened and she would often just say “I slipped,” or “I had an accident”, or “I bumped onto something.” But then once she really looked hurt and she finally admitted to me that her husband beat her up almost every day. As it turned out, he wasn’t working and was an alcoholic and always took whatever money she had and bought booze with it. So, that day she told me that she will have to go back to India to bury him. She also told me that she had two daughters in university in India that she would need to check up upon and make sure they were ok. They were apparently staying with her mother and she was the one providing for them. At least now she could provide properly for them, I thought to myself.

The very next Thursday night after Sarah had left, I decided to go out for a meal, alone. I then when to visit a jazz-bar and came home very late, sober as I did not dare have a drink! Friday and Saturday was the weekend in Dubai so things were still very much in swing at around four in the morning. I decided I will not sleep but would wait for the dawn prayers and go to the mosque.

As I headed back into my building’s entrance, I saw a beautiful English neighbor of mine, that I had seen once or almanbahis adres twice before, stumbling into the building and heading for the elevator just at the same time I was. I held a step back and allowed her into the building first. She wobbled badly towards the elevators and walked right into the only one of the buildings four elevators, that was already available. I followed her in, thinking to myself that she had a few more drinks than she could handle; a common sight on a Thursday night in Dubai.

“Twenty-eighth, please,” she painfully requested, in a nice, clean English accent.

“Sure,” I replied, pressing on the button for the twenty-eighth. I then asked “Are you OK?”

She nodded then replied, “I have a cold and took some antihistamine and had a couple of glasses of red wine,” she said, “I know it was stupid but I’ve done it before and nothing happened. Tonight it just went all wrong for me.”

I nodded and remained silent. The elevator reached the twenty-eighth floor and as she was getting out, her high-heel slipped between the very narrow slit between the elevator and the floor of the building. Her heel must have been at least four inches high and very, very narrow at the base to have slipped through that crack. She stumbled heavily and let out a loud groan of pain and anguish as the heel snapped and she began to fall backwards towards me. I moved up a step and caught her from behind as she fell backwards into me. I held her for a second and then slowly guided her out of the elevator. She then stood herself up and turned to me to thank me but lost her balance again and began to fall. Again I caught her.

“Where is your flat?” I asked.

“It’s 2805,” she said.

I knew where that was because I was in 2905. So I guided her towards it and when we got there she opened her purse and looked for her keys. She didn’t find them! She then took out her mobile phone and called a friend and asked him to pass by her house with her keys but it was obvious that he refused. After making a couple more calls with the same outcome, she looked at me and said “Well then, that’s friends for you!” I offered to drive her to her friend’s place where she had forgotten her keys but she declined saying that she was too tired.

I told her she could come and stay in an extra room I have until the morning when she could try and find her keys. She agreed so she leaned over, took her sandals off and entwined her arm into my arm and held my hand and apologized for needing to be supported. I led her to my apartment thinking how pleasurable holding her hand felt. If fact, it was so pleasurable I started feeling a slight tingle in my groins! Then she rested her head on my shoulder and we both stumbled along until we reached my place. I walked her in and led her to the extra bedroom and told her she could stay as long as she wanted. She asked if she could just sleep on my couch in front of the giant 56″ TV and I said she could do whatever she wanted. I then got her a bag of Alca Seltzers and poured it onto half a glass of water and jokingly fed it to her against her will but she drank it. I then made her a cup of Nescafe and asked her if she needed anything else, but she said no and I went off to bed unable to take my mind off the feeling of pleasure I had felt as I held her hand and her tall, lean and very sexy body, in that skimpy and revealing aquamarine blue dress, press against mine.

I had been in Dubai for a year now and that night was the first night I had had a wet dream. I woke up two hours after I went to bed in a frenzy of orgasm and ejaculation. So I immediately ran to the bathroom, had a quick shower and went to see my temporary flat-mate! She was gone.

Then for the next two or three days, all I could think about was her! I went out and bought an electric massager and frantically masturbated with it until I had nothing left inside me!

On Monday night, about 8pm I had just returned from work and had my cold shower and had ordered Chinese take-out and was just about to start eating when my bell rang. I opened up and she stood there like a vision. She held a bottle of red wine in her left hand and extended her right hand to me. I softly took it and she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and simply walked in without my permission.

“Someone hasn’t learned her lesson, I see,” I weakly attempted to be humorous.

“Well,” she span around, extending her arms out as to show herself off to me, “someone doesn’t have a cold anymore,” she chuckled. “Sorry to barge in on you like this but I have to thank you. Can I sit down?”

“Sure you can, but I stopped drinking twenty years ago so you’ll have to indulge alone. Are you hungry?”

“No, ate an hour ago. Us Brits have our dinner early, you know?” she said.

“You drink, I’ll eat. Is that ok with you?” I asked.

“Perfect. Eat away.”

She got up and without taking my permission she went into the kitchen found a glass and poured a drink and came back. We talked for hours and she became giggly towards the end of the night and around midnight she decided that she had already overstayed almanbahis adres her welcome and left; again kissing me on the cheek on her way out. I shut the door and ran for my electric massager!

The next morning as I was leaving the building off to work, I found her in the lobby talking to the doormen. She was genuinely pleased to see me.

“Can you believe it,” she complained, “I have a flat tire and no one of these men wants to help. I’ve been pleading with them for the last ten minutes and it seems that now I’ll be late for work.”

“You said you worked in the Media City, and that’s where I work too. Want to hitch a ride with me?”

We went to work together that day and I agreed to pick her up after work so we could go home together. And as I parked in the garaged I asked her where her car was. She led me to it and I changed the tire for her and advised her to go and get it fixed immediately; another kiss on the check and another session with the massager!

Then came Thursday night and as I sat to enjoy my favorite movie, the doorbell rang and, in great anticipation, I opened the door and it was her in the skimpiest of dresses.

“Want to go for a dinner, my treat?” she asked.

“Yes,” I did not hesitate and went straight to my room and found what I believed to be the attire that made me look that sharpest. However, my sharpest was nowhere near the sharp that anyone has in mind. I did try to conceal my bulging gut by wearing a jacket and a pair of jeans that hung high to cover the belly and shirt hanging outside the jeans to further conceal my shame. All-in-all it was a bit better. I came out of the room and she looked at me and smiled.

“Now you’re talking,” she said and pulled me by the hand and we left.

We went to a fancy restaurant where we had a great meal. She then took me bar hopping whereby she drank and I watched her get drunk and giggly. We stumbled upon a male friend of hers who drunkenly stumbled over to our table.

“Beth!” he noisily exclaimed.

“Peter,” she coldly replied.

“And who is this,” he aggravatingly said as he looked at me.

“This is Hisham, my friend from Egypt,” she said with affection.

“Whatever,” he arrogantly said, not even bothering to look at me. “Beth, do you…” he grabbed her arm and pulled when she shoved him off.

“Liz, let’s go,” I interfered.

“LIZ!” he laughed out loud, “it’s Beth,” he continued obnoxiously.

“I like Beth,” she said with a sweet smile.

“Beth it is!” he laughed.

“It’s Liz to you. Only he can call me Beth,” she said as she looked at me and then gave him a disgusted look.

“Then I’ll call you Elizabeth; is that better?” he laughed.

“Actually that would be better,” She said. She turned took me by the hand and walked me away explaining that that was the person she asked to help her with the keys the night we first met. I had already figured that out before she told me.

At around 4am we went home and she wanted to join me but I told her I had to go for the prayers. She laughed and kissed me goodnight. Then at noon on Saturday she rang my bell again and asked if we could have lunch together. This time she was wearing a sarong and a skimpy swim top and flip flops as she had obviously been to the pool up on the roof. She was all round reddish tanned and looked like a vision. I couldn’t help noticing how sexy her toes were. Indeed she had beautiful feet, legs, arms, body and everything. I opened the door up further and she walked by me giving me my usual peck on the cheek; or so I thought! This time she planted a real kiss on my cheek and her lips rested on my check for a few seconds as if right as she kissed me she was considering saying something and got frozen in that position. I moved my cheek away and looked at her. She was smiling. She was teasing me.

“Have a drink or two, did we?” I joked as I a faint smell of beer hit my nostrils.

“I needed to gather up my courage,” she chuckled.

“What for?” I asked.

“For this,” she said and came closer to me and planted a huge kiss to my lips.

“You really don’t have to,” I objected weakly, then let myself melt into a sense of pleasure I had not felt before in my life.

I pulled back and looked at her. She was smiling softly waiting for my hilarious response that always drove her into a frenzy of laughter. She loved the fact that I was the one to resist. Yes, me, the ugly old man with nothing to offer; the man with the bulging gut and fifty years of a dull life behind him.

“Why me?” I seriously asked.

“Don’t you know?” she smiled.

“No.” I replied.

“You are so kind and generous. You have a sense of dignity that people don’t have these days. The way you carry yourself is so …, ” she paused as she stumbled for the correct word, “so manly and elegant. You didn’t drool after me. You didn’t chase after me. In fact, you respect me regardless of the fact that I go against everything you believe. You really are a great person.”

I found myself struggling to keep my eyes from dampening. No one had ever said those words to almanbahis adres me before. And to hear them from her; this, this gorgeous, sensuous, woman that I wouldn’t have ever dared of dreaming of was just overwhelming.

“Thank you so much, but I am neither elegant nor so manly,” I said, hoping to be corrected!

“That is not for you to say,” she said, “I see you so differently than you see yourself.”

“Thank you.”

“I am not complimenting you; I am stating a fact. You make me feel safe. You make me feel happy to be with you. You make me feel that I want to give you everything without holding back. I can hardly resist touching you; you must have noticed.”

I shyly looked down, “Yes,” I sheepishly said.

“Then just let go and enjoy me!” she said with genuine sincerity that I found touching yet so sexy. “Take me and do whatever you want with me. Kiss me, stroke me,” she took my hand and placed it on her breast. She then took off the top of her bikini and her sarong and pulled the bottom down and softly pushed me guiding me to my couch where she sat me down and took my T shirt and shorts off and sat herself on my lap and adjusted her slit on my penis and took me in, in one very swift movement. She was dripping wet and so warm it was hard to believe. The feeling of me inside her was unbearable, to say the least. She didn’t move up or down but simply held my face in her hands and looked at me deeply and said, “I’m going to cum.”

“So am I,” I said as I began to ejaculate with a violence I had never known existed.

She too began to shake violently but did not scream or make any noise. I hugged her to the point that she must have been struggling to breathe as waves of orgasm just overtook my whole existence. She shook more. And as we both shuddered violently, I sensed a sound coming from the door of my apartment so I looked up at the door to find Sara, my maid, standing there looking in disbelief at the sight she walked in on. She had my key, it was Saturday but I thought she was still in India.

“Oh God, I’m so, so , sorry,” Sarah blurted in her Indian accent, but did not attempt to retreat. She was transfixed at the sight of our orgasm.

It was only then that Beth realized that there was someone at the door, but she was too weak to do or say anything. She looked at Sara who was still standing there and that back into my eyes. “Please tell her something,” Beth whispered into my ears, “I need more of this,” she said as she got off of me and got up and went to the sleeping quarters of the apartment. I, completely unintentionally, got up and walked towards Sara, my penis exposed and still dripping. I noticed that she glanced at my penis then looked away in shame. “Oh, Sir, I am so sorry.”

“No, no,” I said, stupidly covering my penis with my hands. “Can you come on Tuesday?”

“Yes,” she said and turned and walked away quickly.

I went to my bedroom to find Elizabeth lying on her face, still breathing heavily. I mounted her then entered her and pumped in a frenzy leading to another ejaculation that happened only after a minute or two. This time I grunted loudly as I came. After I finished I licked her back all the ways down, slowly until I reached her as where I licked her buttocks. I then turned her over and went down on her pussy. And although her pussy had smells of her juice and mine, it tasted so good. I licked, flicked, teased and penetrated with my tongue until a heavy thickish gushed out of her pussy and a violent wave of contractions overtook her entire body. She, too, was loud this time for a good twenty seconds before she quieted down. Meanwhile I was observing her facial expressions during her orgasm. They were so sexy to the point I discovered I had another erection. I mounted her again and pumped and pumped and pumped for about twenty minutes until I exploded in pleasure and simply passed out.

When I woke up it was dark outside and we were entangled and intertwined together. It was amazing as she naturally smelt like a baby would — without perfumes, deodorant or anything; she just smelt good. She opened her eyes sensing that I had woken up and kissed me on the lips.

“I have never cum three times in row in my entire life,” I said. “I didn’t think it was possible for me. In fact, this is the first time I have ever enjoyed sex. I think that only now I understand why people make such a big deal out of it.”

She smiled. “Your wife doesn’t please you?” she asked as I had told her I was married and separated.

“I have never, in my entire life, imagined that pleasure of this intensity was possible. Did you enjoy it too,” I asked.

“I am still trembling,” she said.

And with that, my penis rose to full attention in a split second. But this time we kissed. And unlike her initial soft kisses, she began to kiss me with hunger and lust sucking out the juices from my mouth and tonguing me viciously. I then went down on her again and licked her pussy slowly at first but worked up a pace. She then aligned herself to suck my dick and we indulged to the point I no longer knew where I was. She sucked me hard; not just inserting my dick in her mouth for friction only, but she sucked hard and I felt my cum would be ejaculated into her throat and it was. Again I came with a violence I did not believe possible. Then a couple of minutes later she came.

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