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It was almost one in the morning when I returned to work. The last people finish their shift at 11:00 PM and then with shutting stuff down and turning things off the final person probably leaves by about 11:30 PM. The Security guard wonders around for another half hour before they too leave. So at 1:00 AM my workplace was deserted. I swiped my badge and quietly pried the doors open. Not sure why I was being quiet, guess I felt like I was doing something wrong and needed to be sneaky. That was kind of the plan anyway.

I was going to decorate someone’s desk for their birthday, but I didn’t want anyone to know it was me, especially them. They hated me, not sure why, but they did. The fact that ‘they’ were a she, beautiful and funny with everyone else except me, was in a weird way, the motivation for doing this. She would never believe I would do this which made it all the more perfect thinking about her trying to figure out who had.

So here I was with a bag of decorations and crap doing something totally illogical. I know, weird, but to me it was amusing. I made my way into the darkened building, put the stuff on my desk and headed to her desk to check everything out. I get to her cubical and look over the wall to see if I need to bring a chair or something to stand on and she’s there!

She is leaning back in her chair with her eyes closed, her feet up on her desk either side of her keyboard with her hand up her skirt obviously fingering her pussy. Her other hand is inside the plunging neckline of the top she’s wearing, massaging her right boob and pinching on the nipple. She probably figured on keeping enough clothes on just in case someone did come back that she could easily recover and look innocent. All that took me but a second to take in and I quickly ducked back down.

OMG! This was the erotic twilight zone! As quietly as I could I ducked down and crept around to the entrance to her cubical. Before I made my entrance I unzipped my pants and got my cock out. Praying to whatever god was listening that this worked out as I hoped it would, I stepped into her cubical and watched her. She still had her eyes closed and her hand was moving feverishly under her skirt obviously building to a strong climax by that point. I started stroking my cock in almanbahis adresi time with her movements. I guess she finally sensed my movement and her eyes blinked open. Given that her head was tilted back, she saw me… upside down. She frantically got her feet off her desk, kicking the keyboard and her phone in the process, and spun around in her chair to face me pushing her skirt down as she did so. I saw several emotions expressed on her face one after another. She was embarrassed at being caught like this, shocked at not having heard anyone approach and finally, recognition, that it was me, the person she didn’t like, the one she avoided, didn’t talk to and wanted nothing to do with. Then she saw my hard cock. My very thick hard cock, sticking out of my pants. For my part, I just stood there with a bemused smile on my face and waited to see how things would play out.

“No one will ever believe you if you tell them you saw me doing this. They will think you made it up.” I smiled and stroked my cock a couple of times. She paused for a moment more and looked at my thick cock again. “They would never believe you fucked me either.” I took that as my queue and moved towards her. She came up out of her chair and I grabbed her and she grabbed me. We didn’t kiss, instead, I attacked her neck, lightly biting and sucking, which caused her to hiss, “You better not leave any marks!” She now had a hand on my rock hard cock and was realizing that her fingers couldn’t go all the way around it as she stroked it back and forth. I held her shoulder with my left hand while I started massaging her DD tits with my right. I pushed her top off of her shoulders. The plunging neckline made it easy. It just dropped off her shoulders and gathered at her waist above her skirt. She must have been out partying and decided to come into the office to have her own naughty birthday celebration. Now I had her nipple between my fingers, pinching and pulling in between massaging her fabulous tits.

She dropped down in from of me and stuffed as much of my cock in her mouth as she could. She started sucking noisily and licking the head with her tongue and pumping my shaft with her right hand while holding her desk for balance with her left. I grabbed a hand full of her blonde hair and started fucking almanbahis adres her mouth. I wasn’t being too gentle about it either. What the hell, she wasn’t nice to me, I was returning the favor. If anything this just made her hotter and her actions weren’t to resist but instead to try and get more of my cock into her mouth. A difficult thing to do, only one has managed it that I can recall. Still, she was trying and doing it enthusiastically too. GOD, THAT IS SEXY!

I used her hair to pull her off my cock and up so I could then push her back into her chair. My turn. I pushed the skirt up to her waist and hooked my arms under her legs as I gazed at her obviously wet pussy. I dived in like an animal and went straight after her clit figuring she had already done all the ‘prep work’ for me. Her pussy was soaked and got even wetter if that was possible. My face was totally covered in her juice and I was loving it. She had her hands in my hair and was shoving my face into her pussy. I could feel her movements becoming more frantic. I stopped. “You bastard!”

I stood up, roughly pulled her up out of the chair, turned her around and pushed her so that she was bent over the desktop. I yanked her skirt up with my left hand, and with my cock in my right, found her wet opening and pushed my cock into her. She grunted at the size, and I gave her a moment and a few short strokes, to get used to my size. I pushed her skirt up to her waist on both sides with my hands so that her smooth white ass was exposed completely and then, holding onto her hips, I started slamming the full length of my cock into her as hard as I could. Her whole cubical was shaking with each thrust and any loose objects on her desk were rattling as well. I wasn’t happy, I started spanking her ass in between thrusts into her slick hole. She was moaning and thrashing her head around and she had started pushing back into me as I pounded into her.

I still wasn’t happy. Grabbing her hair, I pulled back until her head and upper torso was arched back towards me. The whole time slamming my hard cock into her. She, for her part, was just going crazy. Her grunting and moaning were increasing and she was really backing into my thrusts harder than ever. I adjusted my grip on her hair so that I could almanbahis adres grab her swinging tit with the other hand and started pinching and pulling on the nipple. She lost it. Her body started shaking and she was now grinding her pussy onto my cock. She put her hand in her mouth and was biting down hard to keep from screaming. I let go her hair, grabbed her hips and used the last of my energy to force my cock into her as fast and as hard as I could.

I pulled out of her pussy at the last possible moment and I started cumming so hard it was like my whole body was coming through my cock. I gripped my cock with my right hand and pumped rapidly until all the cum was out of me. It was everywhere. All over her ass, her desk, some on the floor. There was even some on the wall of the cubical. She had collapsed on her desk still shaking slightly and was breathing rapidly trying to catch her breath. I leaned up against the wall opposite her and tried to get my own breathing under control. She finally straightened up and grabbed some handy tissues from the box on her desk and cleaned up her ass, the desk, and the floor. She missed the spot on the wall. I didn’t tell her. She gave me the dirtiest look I have ever seen and then, in a way, her expression changed to I underestimated you. I stared back and gave her a smile like I just scored a first place at the rodeo.

She was about to toss the “used” tissues in the trash when I said, “That would be hard to explain.” She thought better of her initial choice and left in the direction of the bathroom, adjusting her clothes as she went. I adjusted my still wet cock back into my pants and then noticed her thong panties, to the side of her chair, under her desk. I grabbed them and put them in my pocket. I walked out of her cubical and started heading back to mine. I passed her on the way as she was exiting the ladies bathroom. She stopped, I stopped. “That was a great present, keep it secret.” I nodded and went back to my desk in the back corner.

I heard her leave through the doors not long after that and saw her walk down the outside stairs from my window and out into the parking lot. I brief flash of headlights and she was gone. When I next saw her at work she was again acting the same way she always had. Treating me like I wasn’t there, avoiding me, hating me, except that she sent me an email saying, “Thanks for the birthday decorations, and for ‘decorating’ my wall.” I smiled to myself and checked her panties in my desk drawer. Sometimes it’s good to be hated.

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