After The Club

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Anna Bell

We had met last week at the same dance club and this week John had given me a call and we had a nice meal first, wandered the uptown and back to the club.

It was still fairly early and not too crowded so we had a cozy corner table for ourselves. A few drinks and we hit the dance floor. Fast thumping music and a light buzz encouraged me to flirt with him on the dance floor. A touch here, a hand there, a body caress and I knew I was turning him on.

Back at the table we kissed, the slight taste of salt on our upper lips. His hair is short and dark and my fingers slide through it easily. I feel his hand on my thigh, just below the hem of my skirt. His touch is strong and firm. I feel his fingers play under the skirt hem and I moan into his mouth.

Another drink, more dancing and as the crowd begins to pack in, I tell him I want to go home. We had left his car at my place, a renovated old home in the downtown. We decided to walk as the alcohol and flirting had us heated up. We touched, kissed, played all the way there. John wraps his arms under me from behind as I insert the key into the lock, pressing his body against me and I can feel his need pressing into my back (John is nearly six feet while I’m five’ six”). I press back, wiggling my butt.

I tossed open the door, turned, dragged him inside, slammed the door and pushed him up against it. I wiggled all over his body, pressing hard against him, my mouth open to his tongue, his hands sliding over my back, arms and shoulders.

I took his hands and walked backwards till I spun him around and pushed him down into down into my canvas, iron framed chair. This older home had these two electric candle lights on either side of the non-operating fireplace and they would give off just the right amount of subdued lighting I wanted. Then I found the stereo, checked the disk in the cd and pressed play. Ricky Martin’s voice filled the room and I lowered the volume. The Latin grinding sound was perfect as I began to dance for John, my body swaying, my hips gyrating, my hands sliding over my own body, pulling skirt and sweater up to reveal my black satin undies.

John tells me how gorgeous I am. He can’t help bad reach down and arrange himself so that he doesn’t hurt. I continue to dance. The knit top goes over my head. The skirt gets wiggled down my legs. I turn my back to him, my legs slightly spread. I each behind me, undo my bra and watch him nearly drool as I slide the straps off each shoulder. Still dancing to the music, I turn quickly, not hiding my breasts but rather lifting my arms over my head displaying them better.

I advance him, straddling his lap and kissing him deeply, pushing my tongue into his mouth, rising and falling across his chest. “Oh poor baby, does it hurt?” I ask, reaching down between us and massaging his bulge through his pants.

I wiggle off his lap, his hands briefly making contact with each breast and then I am kneeling between his legs, undoing buckle, button and zipper. We laugh as I wiggle his pants off, first sliding his shoes off, pants and then socks. In the subdued light I can see the outline of his cock pushing against the fabric of his shorts. John is wearing a sexy tartan pair of briefs and I reach out and touch the shape, squeezing gaziantep escortları the shaft through the material.

I waste no time and find the opening of the shorts, freeing his thick shaft which points up to his chest. It isn’t very thick but it is long. I wrap my hand around it, sliding slowly upward, and I judge the length to be about 9 or 10 inches. Suddenly my mouth is all over him. John jumps at my first touch, gasps at my swiftness and then moans as I work him hard and fast, using lips, tongue, teeth and hands.

The music crashes behind us, the beat seems to influence my mouth and I match the rhythm to my sucking and licking. “Wait, wait!” John begs. But I smile and tell him its okay, he needs to take some pressure off if he’s going to last later. John leans back and let’s me work him now, his breathing coming louder now, his moans and “Oh God Shannon’s” coming more frequent until he trembles under me and explodes! Its’ too much to swallow and I release him from my mouth, the last of hot sperm shooting onto my face. I spread it over my lips and face with his throbbing cock head which continues to jump and pump slowly.

John finally relaxes, his ass settling back into the chair. I lick him clean as best I can and then excuse myself to clean up. I bring back a warm cloth in a minute and kneel once more to clean him off. John pulls me up and straddle his now bare lap. We kiss. “Mmm peppermint.” He mumbles in my mouth because I used some Scope in the bathroom.

“Didn’t think you wanted to taste your own cum.” I answered. He smiled. His hands were firm, as they glided over my bare back, squeezing both ass cheeks as well as sliding between us to lift each breast. I rose up until he could kiss and lick each nipple. I ran my fingers through his hair and guided him from one tit to the other.

John struggled out of the chair and gently laid me out on the carpet. He knelt over me, kissing me deeply while I pulled his shirt off. Now naked, he slid down my body, kissing and licking each pink nipple till they were hard and rosy. I felt his free hand slide along my belly and tease its way under the elastic of my panties. His fingers glided over my wet sex, parting the lips and sliding a finger up to its second knuckle into my pussy. I moaned and wiggled under him.

John’s kisses went lower, he turned on his knees so that he was beside me, his head dipping down my legs, his hands pulling my thighs apart. He puled the fabric of my panties off to one side with his teeth and then began to make oral love to me. On and on he went, using lips, tongue, sucking and licking motions. I was trembling and playing with my own nipples when I realized I could reach out and touch his ass there beside me.

John nearly jumped on his knees when my fingers first touch his ass but then he wiggled closer to me and my hand slid between his legs, massaging, cupping his hanging balls and then onwards to find a semi erect penis. It was hard to concentrate on touching him when he was making me crazy down below with his mouth and fingers.

John began to finger fuck my cunt, his tongue playing with my swollen clit. I reached for his nearest leg and without saying anything I tugged on it, making my intentions clear enough that he straddled my head and paused in his oral efforts while I licked and sucked his own hard cock. But I wanted him to continue his efforts so I released his head and pulled his hips down so that I could suck his balls and he could continue licking me.

I had my legs up over his shoulders now and I felt a wet finger begin to circle my now exposed anus. I shivered with delight. In fact, I wet my own finger and laid it across his and I almost laughed out loud as he puckered up his bum cheeks. He relaxed and let me gently push against his tight muscles, while his finger found its way into my and was wiggling and pushing against the tight walls.

I was unprepared for the climax that hit me. One minute I’m licking his hairy balls and the next I’m gasping for air and my body is shivering under his tongue.

I told John I wanted to feel him inside me and we got up off the floor and I took his hand, guiding him into the bedroom. I like a little light on when love making and so I lit some candles I had arranged around the room. We embraced at the foot of the bed, kissed and I asked to wear protection. He agreed and even started to say he had one but I put my finger to his lips and opened my top dresser drawer, bringing out a small box of ribbed condoms. I sat on the edge of the bed and slowly unrolled it unto his hard cock and then I lay back on the cover, crawling backwards and invited John to come to me. He crawled up onto the bed and began nibbling and licking his way up my leg until he came to my wet delta and he started to lick and suck me all over again. But I was already sensitive and I curled my fingers into his short hair and gently pulled him up onto me.

I reached down between us and guided him into me. He held himself up, teasing my opening with his thick head but I wrapped my legs around the back of his and with my hands reaching for his ass, I pulled him hard into me. I don’t know who gasped louder, John or me!

He started to withdraw, perhaps to start a rhythm but I wouldn’t let him and I tightened my legs around him, holding him tight against me. I stared into his eyes and told him to relax, that I wanted to feel him. John held himself up on his arms and I watched as his face twitched with concentration as I slowly moved under him, wiggling up and down slowly, back and forth, burying him deep himside. I whimpered and bit my lip. John went down on one elbow, freeing his other hand to massage and mold one breast, to guide the nipple into his mouth.

He tried to hump me but again I clamped him tight inside me, using my muscles to inside me to try and caress him. Now our movements were more like grinding, and I loved it! I called to him, begged to get deeper, harder. I know he wanted to be sliding in and out but this knowledge only made me hotter until I nearly screamed as my orgasm crashed over me and I lay panting under him.

Of course that wasn’t as stimulating to John as it was for me and as I began to relax my legs around him, John began to hump me in an almost careless fashion. I opened my legs wide and John went back up onto his arms. He fucked me like that for a while but I told him to wait. He slowed and then withdrew as I scrambled out from under him. I pushed over and onto his back. I starddled his hips and guided his slick cock into my wet hole again.

John reached out and weighed into breast in his hands, rolling his thumbs over my sensitive nipples. I began to slide up and down and then rock back and forth. The bed squeeked and John began to bounce too much under me. I cried out that the bed was too soft and I asked to lie down on the carpet. John was eager to oblige and we resumed our positions. Ah, much better! John was able to resist my downwards motion better and I was able to slam down onto him harder. I would stop my up and down motion to grind myself back and forth. I was getting wet just watching his face as I changed rhythms and directions.

There’s one great advantage to a guy wearing a condom, especially having taken the pressure off him orally already, and that is he is not so sensitive, and I can take more pleasure from him. And so it was that as I leaned forward, my hands over his shoulders, my hair spilling over his chest, his fingers digging into my hips, that I trembled once more from a milder orgasm. God! What was that? Three times? How long did it take? I tossed my hair over to one side and glanced at my alarm clock; God, only 50 minutes!

John was pushing his hips up, trying to reach his own pleasure and so I decided to let him take control now. I smiled mischeviously and began to get off him. John looked so disappointed but said nothing as he watched me crawl back onto the bed but I stayed in that position, my ass staring back at him. I closed my eyes with anticipation and it wasn’t long before I felt him kneel behind me, felt him guide his hard cock between my legs into my warm snatch. He gripped my waist and hauled himself into me. Long hard stroked followed. He told me how nice an ass I had, how hot he was, how close he was to cuming.

I told him to shut up and fuck me!

John began to work me harder and faster, swearing and grunting in the same breath. I looked back over my shoulder and watched him stare at himself sliding into me. Faster, harder, faster, harder… till he reached out, gathered a fist full oh hair and yanked my neck backwards. He was in control now and he needed to explode. His other hand massaged an ass cheek, the fingers digging in just a little. He pulled harder on my hair till I yelped. “You like it this way?” he asked.


“Tell me you like it!”

“Yes, I love it like this.”

“Like what?” he asked

“I like it when you fuck me from behind like this!”

I think we exchange a few more words and that must have been just what John needed because he increased his tempo but shorter strokes, his fingers digging deeper, his hand pulling my hair harder and then he froze! His cock buried inside me and I swear I could feel it pump and jump inside me.

Finally he breathed, a big gasping breath, his body relaxing behind me. “Oh God, that was hot!” he whispered. Slowly he withdrew from and I turned and knelt in front of him, hugging him and thanking him. We kissed, we touched. He asked if he had been too rough and I giggled when I said not rough enough. He laughed.

I sent him into the washroom and I slipped into a silk camisole. I asked if he wanted a drink but he mumbled something about having to leave. Typical but not unexpected. At least he sat with me for a while, cuddled and kissed. I saw him to the door. I wonder if he’ll call?

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