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Suzy bumbled out her front door, hoping she hadn’t missed the bus yet. She took a little extra time getting ready today. It was THE day. Her heart thumped nervously in her ears all through the ride to school, and she tried to ignore it by chatting with her friends and listening to her Discman. Would she lose her nerve? Would she really go through with it?


Mr. Dowell’s third period class wasn’t paying attention. The boys were passing around some magazines, a girl was painting her nails, another girl was brushing her hair, looking around blankly. He sighed, sat down, and decided to give the Spanish-American war a rest for the day. No one noticed. No one, that is, but Suzy. She had been watching him like a hawk for the entire class. Ah, Suzy. As a teacher, he tried not to play favorites, but he couldn’t help it: Suzy was his favorite student. Besides being bright and attentive, he was ashamed to admit he had a bit of a crush on her. She was a bit on the shorter side of average – about 5’4 or so, and she was stacked.

Mr. Dowell estimated her measurements at 38-24-38. Whatever her measurements were, she was gorgeous. She had long wavy brown hair and clear, bright blue eyes. As hot as she was, he was surprised she wasn’t more popular – but then, he had heard how strict her parents were, not to mention the fact that she was also kind of shy. Yes, she was certainly the kind of girl he could’ve gone for in high school. Hell, she was the kind of girl he could go for right now.

He watched her now, sitting in the back of class. The sunlight from the window made her hair gleam red. She was wearing a short, simple, blue cotton dress that showed off her legs – shapely and firm, like a runner’s.

His mind was beginning to run into the gutter when he was shaken from his fantasies by the bell. The students began to leap from their seats and suddenly he remembered something.

“Oh Suzy…Could you come here for a minute?” Suzy trotted back to his desk and smiled shyly. “Yes, sir?” His loins jumped a bit. He always got a flush of excitement when she called him “Sir”.

He cleared his throat. “Suzy…you were absent last Wednesday. We took a quiz in class and you need to make it up soon. Can you stay after school today?” Blood rushed to Suzy’s face. This was easier than she thought it was going to be! “Certainly, yes, sir. I’ll be here at 3.” She grinned at him again and turned to go, leaving him gritting his teeth.


At fifteen til 3, Suzy was nervously pacing the bathroom in the same section of the school as Mr. Dowell’s classroom. This was IT. She had wanted Mr. Dowell for years, since she was a freshman. She had saved herself for him and vowed that as soon as she turned 18, she would try to seduce him. Although she had turned 18 a few weeks ago, she just now mustered up the nerve to carry out her plan.

She looked in the mirror and reapplied some lipgloss. She smoothed out her hair and adjusted her stockings. “Mr. Dowell, ready or not, here I come!” she thought to herself.


Mr. Dowell was grading papers when he heard his door slowly open. He looked up and smiled at Suzy, shuffling in. “Hiya Suzy…Just sit down and I’ll get your quiz in a minute. I just need to finish grading these papers.” Suzy obediently sat down and stared at her prey. Mr. Dowell was incredibly handsome for a teacher – for anyone, really. He was about 27 years old, she guessed, and close to 6 feet tall, with short dark hair and sexy brown eyes. “Bedroom eyes” is what her mother would call them. From what she could tell, he was built pretty nicely, and always seemed to have a bit of stubble on his chin. She realized it was now or never, and after a few minutes got up and walked over to his desk.

Suzy plopped down on the edge of his desk, knowing her dress would ride up a little and allow him a flash of her thigh. He looked up and she smiled down at him. “So Mr. Dowell…I was wondering. Are you married?” The question seemed to catch him off guard. “Well, no Suzy, it just so happens I’m not”. Suzy grinned at him and leaned a little closer. “Really, sir? That’s surprising. I mean, you’re so young and goodlooking. Surely the ladies love you?” She leaned even closer. “And it must get awfully lonely… a man your age, so young and everything…”

Mr. Dowell could feel his face turning red. He was getting uncomfortable. He couldn’t keep his eyes off Suzy’s luscious thigh, which had somehow presented itself right on his desk, and he wasn’t sure he followed her line of questioning.

“Suzy, um…*ahem*…why don’t you go to my cabinet over there and get the blue folder for me? It has your quiz in it.” Suzy slid off the desk and yawned, arching her back and calling attention to her already jutting breasts. “No problem, sir”. She walked over to his cabinet almanbahis adresi and fidgeted around with his folders. It was right next to the chair she had set her backpack in. She looked and noticed Mr. Dowell had turned his chair the other way, so that he wasn’t facing her. He leaned back and placed his hands behind his head, as if stretching. Thinking quick, Suzy snatched the handcuffs from her backpack. She grabbed Mr. Dowell’s hands and snapped the cuffs on them. Flabbergasted, he whirled around in his chair, trying to figure out what had just happened. Suzy giggled. She had the upper hand now, she was in control. Still not giving him an explanation, she walked around the room, closing blinds and locking doors. Mr. Dowell found his voice. “Suzy? Suzy…This isn’t funny!” Suzy walked over and sat on the edge of his desk, right in front of him in his chair, still handcuffed. She began.

“Mr. Dowell…before you get mad, I want to tell you something. This isn’t a joke, and I’m not trying to hurt or embarrass you. But from the time I was just a freshman, I’ve been so hot for you. I had crushes before, but as soon as I set my mind on you, I didn’t bother with anyone else. I could’ve been doing what other girls my age do – dating, necking, screwing. But no, I saved myself for you. I’m 18 now, and I’m done saving myself”. Suzy propped one of her feet onto the arm of his chair. He almost got a glimpse up her skirt. He caught her smell – musky, aroused, womanly, yet still virginal and clean. She stared at him for a second to see what his reaction was. He met her gaze with his intense bedroom eyes, and his breathing had become different. “But why the handcuffs? You could’ve just…” Suzy laughed. “I know you’re a good teacher, and you wouldn’t do anything that would jeopardize your standing here. Including fucking your students. I thought this was the only way.”

Suddenly reality set in. “Oh Christ! You’re right! What if someone finds out..? I’ll lose my job…I’ll never teach again!” Suzy laughed again. “See? I was right. No one will find out. You might as well stop your worrying and enjoy it, because this is going to happen. Here. Now.” She stopped laughing and her face became more serious. Suzy had rehearsed this moment in her mind trillions of times, but now she had no idea what to do! What if she did something wrong? What if she did something he didn’t like? She had virtually no experience with boys. Slowly, she slid off his desk again. With her hands shaking, she grabbed the edge of her short blue dress and peeled it off her body. Mr. Dowell sucked in his breath sharply. He could hardly believe what was happening. Underneath she wore nothing but a white lace bra and thigh-high stockings. She had thought about wearing panties, but decided that morning while she was dressing that they’d only get in the way. Mr. Dowell stared at her firm, smooth young figure. Yes, his guessed measurements for her must be right, or close. Her breasts, which looked to be close to a D cup, nearly spilled over her demure white bra. Her waist was sharply nipped in, and hips formed a smooth, full, sexy curve. Mr. Dowell noticed her nether-region was completely shaved. Wow, he thought to himself, a shaved AND virginal twat! Stop that, he thought immediately, this is wrong and you know it!

Suzy strode over to him and slowly straddled him. She was face to face with him, but didn’t kiss him yet. Mr. Dowell was the first to break the silence. “Oh no Suzy…Don’t do this… please. You have no idea what kind of deep shit this could get us into! Both of us!” Suzy put her finger up to his lips to shush him, and began to grind her crotch against his. She had been wet all day just thinking about what was before her, and now she was sure she was dripping. Mr. Dowell groaned and gritted his teeth. He knew this was wrong, wrong, WRONG, but she did have a point – she was going to do it anyway, so why not enjoy it? Besides, it was hard to think logically with that little cocktease gyrating on him like that. His already swollen prick strained against his pants, and he felt a wetness seeping through from Suzy’s box. Suzy suddenly began kissing her teacher, frantically, passionately. She sucked on his tongue and nibbled on his lips. She grabbed the back of his neck and his shoulders, digging her nails in. Mr. Dowell was making muffled groaning noises, mixed with the occasional “oh God”. It was like a dream come true. How many times had he sat in this very chair and thought about fucking this girl, or jacked off in the shower while thinking of this very Lolita with her short dresses and long hair. Suzy pulled away for a minute and unhooked her bra from the front. Her large breasts bobbed out, and they were so firm he wondered why she even bothered with a bra. She raised herself up a bit and pushed his face into them. He strained against almanbahis adres his handcuffs. He wanted out, dammit, he wanted to grab this girl’s tits, feel the weight of them in his hands, twist the rock-hard nipples. Instead he let his tongue do the exploring, as she teased him and pushed them in his face and drew them away, he lapped eagerly at them. “Oh, i see you like them, don’t you Sir?” She purred. Sir! There it was again, and his cocked jumped. Suzy pulled away for good. “Nah…we’ve got plenty of time for that later”. She began unbuttoning his shirt, running her long French-manicured nails over his chest, through his soft chest hair, occasionally tweaking his nipples. She rubbed her breasts all over his naked chest, and the image of his chest against hers thrilled her. Just as she suspected, he did have a great body. She kissed all over his hard chest and six-pack, stopping to suck on his nipples. He was a bit alarmed at the sensation – of all the girls he had slept with before, none of them had done that. It was unexpectedly pleasurable though, and he let her know with a sharp gasp. She kept her mouth on one of his nipples, sucking, biting, teasing, and let her hand work its way down to his crotch. She rubbed it through the fabric and was both excited and terrified. It was huge! And she was a virgin! Was it going to hurt when he entered her, if it would even fit? Suzy unzipped his fly and her hand fumbled about a bit until she found his cock, and pulled it out. She got off his lap and got down on her knees in front of the chair. She looked up at him. His chiseled face was caught in the midst of a lustful euphoria. He was breathing hard now, and his bedroom eyes were wild and primal. He gazed down at her. She knew what he wanted, but first she had to play with his cock a bit. She had never seen one in real life and was fascinated by it. It stood at nearly 9 inches, and was dark and purplish. She ran her hand along the length of it, marvelling at the smoothness of the skin. She rubbed her thumb around the ridge of the head. She raked her nails lightly along the underside. This made him shudder with delight. Suzy noticed drops of clear liquid oozing out, and ventured to lick them off. She lapped a bit at the end of his cock, and looked up at him again. “Oh, God Suzy…Do it…” He managed to grunt. Suzy grinned up at him. “Yes, sir”. She obediently slid her mouth over his cock, and took the entire thing in one sweep. She had been practicing for this – not on other boys, but on cucumbers, popcicles, whatever – because she was determined to be the best head he ever had. And she was. For someone so inexperienced, Mr. Dowell was shocked at her skill. She was deep-throating him effortlessly, swirling her tongue about him and sucking lightly, barely, slowly at first, and increasing to an intensity that

nearly made him cum. Suzy sensed he was close and slowed down, finally stopping. She didn’t want him spent yet, there was still so much to do!

“Suzy…” Mr. Dowell tried to gain control of himself. He needed out of these handcuffs, he couldn’t take it anymore. “Suzy, these cuffs are beginning to hurt. Look, I promise we can continue this if you uncuff me! It’s just that, I really can’t enjoy this like I want to because the cuffs are killing me”. It was a lie, the cuffs felt fine, and besides, with your hot, virginal, nude 18 year old student kneeling in front of you, who gives a damn about pain? Still, it worked. Suzy considered it for a moment. “Do you promise? I mean, that if I take the cuffs off we can continue…?” Mr. Dowell smiled his best Mr. Nice Guy smile. “Of course Suzy!” Convinced, Suzy scampered over to her backpack to fish out the key. Mr. Dowell noticed how sexy she looked from behind too – the firm flesh of her heart-shaped ass, the long shapely legs. Suzy returned and unlocked the handcuffs as she promised. The second he was free, Mr. Dowell spun around and grabbed her roughly by the wrists. Suzy stared at him in horror, terrified that he was angry with her and was going to turn her in to the principal. Mr. Dowell glared at her and growled, “So… you thought you could just tease me day in and day out in class and then one day expect me to be your little sexual plaything, huh? Keeping me handcuffed up like some slave…” He spat in her face. “That’s not how it works, honey! In fact, you’re going to get a lesson right now in subordination!” All the reserve of the polite gentleman he normally was had completely disappeared. Now he was a sex crazed, horny maniac. Suzy shuddered with delight. She had never considered the possibility before, but Mr. Dowell dominating her was driving her wild – adding fresh moisture to her already soaked cunt. Mr. Dowell had both of her slim wrists in the firm grip of one of his hands. He pushed her back on his desk. His shirt was still unbuttoned, and his almanbahis adres cock was still free, swaying out in front of him, stiff and menacing. He grinned at her. Roughly, he began exploring her body with his free hand with her still pinned down, not affording her any of the gentleness a virgin expects. He grabbed at her pert breasts and twisted the nipples so hard she winced in pain. He probed her wet little box with his thick fingers, pulling at her lips, tapping her clit, dipping into her entrance. All the while he had his face against hers, his ragged, empassioned breath all over her face. His cock strained and jumped and he took it in his grip. Slowly he ran it up and down the sticky crevices of her girlhood, enjoying her squeals and gasps of delight. “Oh…Mr. Dowell! Sir!” That did it. He led his cock to her doorway. “Are you ready for this, you little slut? This is what you wanted, right? To be split in half with your teacher’s cock?” His full weight was on her now, and her lips throbbed with the need. She gasped merely, “Yes, sir”. She was so slippery and wet that at first he got in easily, pushing the purplish knob into her tender yielding flesh. She cooed and purred with delight. “Oh, it feels so good!” She had heard girls talk about sex, but never any mention of this – the sheer pleasure of being filled, your flesh being invaded by someone elses. It was a snug fit, her slick velvet gripped him tightly. He had never deflowered a virgin before, and relished in the feeling. He continued sliding his cock into her until he came to her barrier. He pulled out completely, paused, and rammed himself into her, all 9 inches. She shrieked at the sharp, piercing pain of having her maidenhead torn to bits. Mr. Dowell held his cock there for a second, and after a moment her pain passed. He withdrew his cock again and pushed it into her slick opening again, and again. Slowly at first and building up, until he was sawing into her at full speed. He was still holding her down at the wrists, and she was bucking and arching her back and moaning. “Let me go…Please…Sir”. He released her now bruised wrists and she clamped onto him immediately, clawing at his back. He grabbed both of her knees and pushed her legs completely apart and up, still fucking her hard. He was plowing into her now, and she was completely broken in. Her body was jumping like a livewire. She was pulling at her own hair, rubbing her own breasts, clawing still at Mr. Dowell’s back. He stopped suddenly and pulled out. “Get on all fours”, he said gruffly. She did as he asked. She arched her back as he slid into her from behind, delighting in the new sensations. He grabbed onto her hips and began directing her body, pulling and pushing her off his cock. He felt invincible. He was living out two of his fantasies in one – fucking his pet student, Suzy, and deflowering a virgin. His orgasm was building up, and he could tell it was going to be massive. He reached around and began to tap Suzy’s clit. She began thrashing around, and he rubbed it harder, and with his other hand he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. “Oh Mr. Dowell…Oh sir…” Bits and pieces of sentences came out of her mouth. She was sweating now and concentrating only on her orgasm, pumping back and forth on Mr. Dowell’s cock. Finally she could take it no longer, the orgasm that had been welling up inside her exploded. She nearly blacked out, the feeling was so powerful. She cried out and slammed down on Mr. Dowell’s cock, her box gripping at him with orgasmic spasms. The feeling of her pulsating cunt sent him over the edge too, and he felt himself shoot deep and hard inside her freshly devirginized flesh, and they came together, kneeling and sweaty and fucking like dogs on top of Mr. Dowell’s desk.

They stayed in the position for a minute, catching their breath and coming to their senses. Finally he withdrew his shrinking cock and a mixture of his seed and her juice came dribbling out of her pussy, landing right on the papers Mr. Dowell was supposed to be grading. They both laughed a bit, and looked at each other uneasily. Suddenly Suzy was a sweet young schoolgirl instead of a plotting, scheming Lolita, and Mr. Dowell was a well-mannered gentleman instead of a rough brute. Suzy jumped down from the desk and began to gather her clothes, and she got dressed. Mr. Dowell tucked his cock back into his pants and sat down in his chair, exhausted. Suzy slung her backpack over her arm and turned to her teacher, unsure of what to say. She smiled and finally said, “We’ll have to do this again sometime”. Mr. Dowell chuckled and and smiled back. “I’d definitely love that Suzy. Maybe next time we can take a little more time…There’s so much left for you to experience.”

“And I’d like for you to be the one to show it all to me…Sir”, Suzy said, rather sheepishly. She straightened her dress out and walked to the door. Just before she left, she turned back to Mr. Dowell. “Oh, by the way, Sir, what about the quiz I missed? I still haven’t taken it, you know”. Mr. Dowell laughed. “Suzy, don’t you worry about it. I think you passed.”

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