Ailis is Sold to His Lordship Ch. 01

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Ailis Fionn Graham of Sutton, Ali for short, had been given by her parents to their landlord, his Lordship, the Ninth Duke of Sutton, one of the wealthiest land owners in the county, in exchange for their farm. She didn’t mind. She was old enough to be out of the family home, and the money and land her family gained meant they wouldn’t have to work so hard anymore, and her brothers could have an education.

She was well read enough, having spent the better portion of your young years reading from her benefactor’s library when she wasn’t helping her mother. She had lead a very sheltered life though and at 19 had never even lain with a man or kissed a boy. She had been told by her Lordship that this fact, in addition to her rare beauty, was why he had been willing to pay so much for her to her parents.

Her lack of lineage worked wildly in his favor as he neither had to explain himself nor marry her. He planned to take care of her for her lifetime however, and was quite fond of her, having watched her, from a paternal and landlord position, grow from a little girl into a stunning young woman. Her visits to his chateau had been regular for her reading materials, and he made sure that she always had access to the books for he saw no reason she should not enjoy some education in her life.

Their age was not so very far apart at he being 15 years her senior, and they had been fairly good friends all her life, so Ali was actually pleased that her family had been able to secure such a beneficial agreement for them all. She was unsure as yet what her position in the household was to be, but she was sure she could manage well no matter what as her mother had trained her well in the ways of cooking and cleaning, knowing that her future would entail some sort of work.

This being her mindset, she was taken aback when, upon her arrival at the chateau, she was taken not to the servant’s quarters, but to a modest little cottage on the back acreage of the property. Set into the side of a mountain, with a lovely running stream beside it, the cottage was something from her dreams. She looked quizzically at the driver Duncan, who also knew her very well, and he said, “Aye lass, that’d be your new home.”

The cottage was made of stone, with a small herb garden and flowers in front of it. A larger patch of land stood off to the left, and was already tilled for a vegetable garden, and a well sat off to the rear of that, almost against the mountainside. Duncan stepped down from the coach and helped Ali with her bags. When they walked in the front door, she saw a large stone fireplace that took up almost the entire interior wall of the room she was in. She also saw that the entire house was made of stone, not just the outside. The floors were of stone, but of a much smoother kind, and were washed clean with warm wool and fur rugs scattered about. There was a small fire burning, and when she looked she could see through to the next room where there was a kitchen that shared the hearth.

To the right of the entrance was a sitting room and a small flight of stairs which Duncan was climbing and told her to follow. The stairs opened out into the entire top floor of the cottage which was a large and well furnished, charming bedroom, with another fireplace set into the stone on the mountain side of the room.

Duncan then took her back downstairs and through the kitchen, out a rear pantry door inside the house, and into a root and wine cellar that had been carved right out of the side of the mountain. The floor was wide plank wood and the walls were stone as well.

Ali was in awe of her surroundings. Kartal Escort Her parent’s farmhouse was not as grand and cozy as this her little cottage in the mountains, and she could barely contain her glee at the prospect of living here for all her days.

Duncan told her that she would be visited that afternoon by his Lordship, who would bring a lady’s maid to her tonight, and on certain occasions to help her when necessary. Ali was confused and not sure why she would need a ladies maid to prepare, but she was so caught up in the joy of her new situation that she never thought to ask. Duncan left closing the door quietly behind him and telling her she should expect his Lordship the Duke in one hour.

She set to unpacking and settling her belongings into her new home and whiled away the hour faster than any she had ever remembered.

At 4pm precisely, his Lordship Blake Macleod, the Ninth Duke of Sutton presented himself formally to Ailis Fionn Graham. Following close behind his Lordship was a young girl. Although older than Ali by a bit, and much larger boned, she was stern looking but very pretty, and she smiled at Ali genuinely. Ali assumed this girl was to be her maid, and liked her instantly, smiling in return.

Ali curtsied deeply to his Lordship in greeting, as was usual.

Macleod looked at her and said, “Welcome cairn, to your new home. I hope you like it, and it will meet all of your needs adequately.”

He sat down and gestured that she do the same before he continued, “This is Lara, your ladies maid. She will attend you periodically as I feel you likely have no need of a maid consistently.”

Ali nodded to Lara, who nodded back, and then disappeared into the kitchen and the root cellar. Ali forgot about her and looked at the Duke, giving him her full attention, “I am very happy your Lordship. I could not have imagined something so lovely for me.”

The Duke smiled at her warmly before continuing, “I’m glad you are comfortable Ali. We have known one another for a long time, and I consider you a good friend. I was happy that I was in a place to be able to offer your father so much in return for your placement here, as I had been basing my future on just such an arrangement between you and I.”

When she looked confused he continued, “Don’t worry Ali, everything will become very clear soon, and I know that you and I will get along famously for many years to come.”

He stood up and said, “Now, you will meet with Lara for awhile next, and she will take very good care of you peata, though I have told her that she is limited in what she can answer, she will be able to at least give you some idea of what will be expected of you in your new life here.”

He walked over to where she stood and kissed her on the top of her head, “I will see you soon.”

And then he was gone, leaving her to search for her new ladies maid in the house herself.

She didn’t need to search long, as Lara was in the kitchen filling a very large tub with boiling hot water. On the table were various tools and implements, some of them familiar to Ali, some of them not. She knew that the bath however, was for her and was greatly relieved at the chance to bathe herself.

Lara looked her up and down and smiled, “Yes, I can see why he is interested,” she muttered. “Though why he isn’t occupying himself with someone older and wiser is beyond me. Ah well, tis not for me to dwell on, come, let me look at you.”

And with that Lara began to help Ali disrobe from her dress. She wore only a thin muslin shift beneath it and went to get into the Kartal Escort Bayan steamy inviting waters still wearing it out of modesty, but Lara stopped her gently.

“Oh no lass, we remove all of our clothing to bathe here. You’ll only keep the dirt in the clothing on your skin otherwise. Off with it, that’s it,” as she helped her pull the thin material over her head.

Ali was shivering, and covering herself, as she had never been naked in front of anyone, much less a strange woman. But Lara was firm, though gentle, and said, “Well lass, you’ll need to get used to it I’ll have to tell you, bloody shame no one thought to tell you what you were in for is all I can say. Come, get in the water, we’ve lots to do.”

Ali was perplexed by all of the secretive talk, but she was so grateful for the bath that she forgot about her modesty and sank fully into the waters, dunking her head easily underneath to get her long dark hair good and wet for washing. Lara wasted no time even though a large fire blazed in the giant hearth and the room and water were completely toasty warm, leaving Ali wondering what her hurry was.

She was very attentive but diligently scrubbed away at Ali’s hair and body with wonderful smelling exotic soap as though she were on a schedule. When Ali was completely clean, Lara told her they were not done and that the next part might be difficult for her but it must be done. She told Ali that she was to be shaved in her intimate areas, completely.

Ali sucked in her breath and her eyes grew wide as she carefully asked, “But why?”

Lara looked at her not without compassion, but with little patience for questions, and replied, “Because that is what his Lordship has requested, and what his Lordship wants, his Lordship certainly gets.” The latter being said with no animosity, for Lara truly respected and liked her employer, though this was the first time she had ever been given such a duty for him. Most of the time, it was a one time affair, and Lara would clean the waifs up, they would do their duty, and off they would go back home slightly richer and none the worse for the wear.

Ali was to be different though, she would reside here and eliminate the need for his having to travel elsewhere. If she were inclined, she might even find that she truly enjoyed the life and the benefits that went with it. Though, if she were not, it wouldn’t really matter as this was to be her life, lock, stock and barrel.

Lara continued with the preparations, instructing Ali to sit at the edge of the tub, where a stool had been placed, and wrap her shoulders in the cloth while placing her legs on either side of the tub. Ali hesitated and blushed profusely, but acquiesced to Lara’s instructions.

“There’s a good girl,” she cooed. “It won’t hurt even a bit, might even feel nice to you, and it will be over before you know it.”

With that Lara lathered up the area between Ailis’ thighs and began to shave the girl’s thick pubic hair away, dipping the razor into the water with each stroke and being very careful near her lips not to cut her in any way. When she was done, she told her to stand in the water and bend over until her chest rested on the same stool. Ailis was visibly shaking, but did as she was told. The shaving sensation had done something to her insides and she felt very wobbly. She also felt a strange moisture between her thighs that was not water.

When she was fully bent over, Lara parted the cheeks of her bottom by way of inspection almost, and continued to the area she had just shaved and went over it again, making sure Escort Kartal she didn’t miss anything, opening Ailis’ small, firm, lips and making sure they too were free of all hair.

She noted the girl’s moisture and smiled secretly, knowing that part of her task was to fully prepare her young charge, and grew excited herself at the prospect of sliding her tongue through this beauty’s tight hairless slit.

“There is one more task I must perform, and I dare say you will not enjoy this one, but it will be done none-the-less, as it is both good for you, and a way to keep very clean,” said Lara as she picked up a sheepskin bag with a 5 inch long, thin, tapered attachment on the end of it. “His Lordship has installed an indoor outhouse here off the root cellar that you will use instead of one out of doors. The plumbing and drainage is good, but there is no running water. Hence our need to use the indoor tub.”

“This is very warm, and you will need to hold it in for a bit,” Lara said. “Please remain still and it will take less time and be less uncomfortable overall for you. In time, you will get used to these. In fact, you might even begin to like them as they do provide you with a feeling of being very clean and light.”

Ailis was nearly terrified with dread at what was about to happen next. She could not imagine what Lara was talking about, but found out soon enough when she felt Lara opening her cheeks again, and then a feeling of something warm and slippery, and pressure, terrible pressure against her bottom.

“Oh please miss, not there, you’re hurting me now, please stop,” Ailis asked, her breathing becoming shallow.

“Now now Ali,” Lara scolded a bit, “It won’t hurt, it’s just different and uncomfortable a bit at first. Just breathe deeply and slowly, and try to relax. We must finish this, and you have made it this far, you can do this next part easily. It’s only the first time it’s this much discomfort, I promise.”

Lara had been pushing the nozzle slowly into Ali’s rear while she was talking to the girl to try to distract her. Ali was moaning uncomfortably and asking her to please stop the whole time, but Lara had to finish the preparations and would not be persuaded.

“Ow, oh, please Lara, oh, it’s pulling on my insides so much,” Ali cried.

“It’s okay pet,” Lara assured her, “the nozzle is all the way in now so it won’t pull anymore. I am going to start squeezing the bag now though and you will feel warmth inside of you. It’s warm water Ali, that is all, but I will need to massage your belly as I do this to make sure it gets well inside you and cleans you out completely.”

Ali could not believe it could get any worse and focused on her breathing instead of the growing wetness between her thighs, while the older girl began to squeeze the bag whose nozzle was now lodged quite deeply, fully, and firmly into Ali’s tight rectum. Lara’s hand worked on the girl’s firm abdomen, kneading the skin and muscles, while Ailis struggled to remain in her position as her legs began to shake.

“That’s it pet,” Lara comforted as she continued to gently squeeze the bag and knead Ali’s growing belly, “You’re doing wonderfully. We’re almost there.”

Ailis was nearly crying from the discomfort now, but held her composure as the older girl told her that she was done and going to remove the nozzle now. “You must tighten your muscles though and hold the water in,” she instructed.

It felt like it would never be out of her, but finally the thin nozzle left her anus and Ailis tightened her muscles as Lara had told her. She immediately felt the water and cramped a bit, but breathed through it in order to stand and get out of the tub.

Lara wrapped her in several cloths and lead her through the passage into the root cellar and showed her the door where the indoor outhouse was located, and told her to empty out completely and then come back to the kitchen.

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